Whitney Performs ‘I Will Always Love You’ In Tobago

Published: Tuesday 29th Apr 2008 by Sam
As reported yesterday, Whitney Houston performed at Tobago’s Plymouth Jazz Festival on Sunday. Reports have been suggesting the 44 year old disappointed with her set, however you can judge for yourself by watching her rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’ at the show below:

Hmm. Not as bad as I thought, yet still left a lot to be desired. On the one hand, it’s great to see her sing with a clear, polished tone; however ‘The Voice’ was largely absent from this overly safe performance – showing itself sporadically between the ‘talky’ majority. Still, watching this offers hope that Whitney could very well crank out a successful well-sung ‘Studio LP’ (See: Mariah Carey). Whether her unmatched live vocal ability returns to past glories will be interesting to see. Whitney’s much-anticipated new album is tentatively slated for a November release.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    What the hell, how can you say that this isn’t terrible and say that Mariah’s performance was? Jeez, this just stank.

  2. Jermaine April 29, 2008

    How i feel about the performance it was not that bad she still can hold the notes i see that the you you verse or whatever she need lil more time but whitney is the best she looks good we know she is best shape of her life what we can see i think she should do somethin live at the BET awards this year with the album for nov release !

  3. jermaine April 29, 2008

    i love all these as well they had they bad days and moments to janet mariah modonna ! whitney can do it to !

  4. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    It’s kind of difficult to tell how she really sound in this poor quality video. Considering, I think she sounds pretty okay.

  5. JustCuz April 29, 2008

    Don’t sound right to me.. what’s happening to all the diiivaaas? Where oh where have their voices gone. lol

  6. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    I really hope Whitney comes back with a bang…

    OK she might not be at her peak, but that doesnt mean she wont be able to come back strong with a stellar album.

    Even if her live performances arent flawless, im sure a studio recorded whitney will sound bang on form.

    It’ll be a fine day in the music industry when we see Mariah, Whitney and Jacko all putting doing their thing again.

  7. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    Sorry that did not leave anything to be desired not even a new album . Whitney needs to keep practicing until the confidence and power is there. That was not a step in the right direction. That was terrible to say the least.

  8. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    I keep this big high hope for Whitney, and every time she performs live…I get cut deep.

    Most of that performance was talked thru. She only sung the parts she KNEW she could hit and hold. Whit’s voice is gone, gone, gone……..

  9. T April 29, 2008

    ook listen you all KNOW WHITNEY WAS ON DRUGS AND THAT F**** UP THE VOICE, BE SERIOUS, mariah’s voice just left, her’s is drug related, her fault, we saw it coming, do i hope they do vocal relaxation, exercise, training, YES!!! but as of yet, glad to see her working and healthy

  10. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    is it me or she sounds like this had been sung by MICHELLE WILLIAMS?

  11. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    She just needs to get a coach and get back into the game. As they get older, they tend to tone it down a bit. I love Stephanie Mills, but even when she sings “Home” it’s in a lower key than in days past. Whitney is a live singer just like Stephanie. You will really never see them doing a live show and lip synching, even if they are having a bad day. Whit will do her thing. She can start touring even if she doesn’t release a cd. Stephanie Mills is doing it!

  12. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    i think we all need to accept that whitney isn’t the same as she used to be and shes never gonna get there. once we accept that then when we see performances like this we wont be dissapointed when we hear the album. To be honest id prefere if she just didn’t put out any more cd’s and just left her voice as a memory…

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