‘Hard Candy’: Will You Be Buying?

Published: Tuesday 29th Apr 2008 by Sam
Madonna - 'Hard Candy': Will You Be Buying? Today sees the release of Madonna’s 11th studio album ‘Hard Candy’. Boasting contributions from Urban heavyweights Timbaland, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, the record is the superstar’s first full-scale foray into the world of Urban music.
That Grape Juice wants to know if you’re sold on Madonna’s latest musical effort. Is it believable or contrived? Will you be buying? Drop your views in the comments section…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mo’ April 29, 2008

    In Dubaï, The album was released in the 25th !
    And I got my 2 copies, one for me and one for my brother !
    See ya…

  2. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    nopes im not feeling it ..

  3. Wayne April 29, 2008

    Yeah I may go out and cop that. The album is really hot!

  4. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    no I will not buy that garbage.

  5. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    me neither

  6. Wayne April 29, 2008

    Actually it is a really good album. Here is my review.

    With “Hard Candy” Madonna gives you a sugar rush so sweet, it’ll leave you on high for days. As she takes you on a journey through her 12 track candy factory, she makes you want to “get up outta yo seat” as she calls out in the album opener and banger, “Candy Shop”. Even tho Madonna may be pushing 50 she shows that she still has it as she sings that her candy is “raw, sticky and sweet” as she says it’s so “good you’ll be beggin’ for more”. If she had one thing in mind while recording this album, it’s that she wanted to dance. The 12 Timbaland and Neptunes produced tracks are full of “club bangers” and potential singles. There’s the band backed “4 Minutes” produced by Tim which features Justin Timberlake. While singing about only having 4 minutes to save the world from what ever problem, Madonna seems laid back and cool, relaxed. Nothing to worry about. Madonna keeps it on the dancefloor as the album pounds on. Then there’s her ode to ‘long distance love’ in “Miles Away”, in which Madonna tells her lover that “you always love me more, when you’re miles away”. She makes “so far away” love so pleasing. If you never thought long distance relationships would work, Madonna showcases that even though it’s not her forte, it does work. Then there’s her shout out to all her wannabe’s and mini me’s, “She’s Not Me” where she sings, “she started reading my books and stealing my looks and lingerie”. Maybe they aren’t doing it right? She sings that even though they may be imitating, they will never duplicate, and there will never be another Madonna. “Incredible” pays homage to having “one of those days” and “life being great”. Madonna flows on the Neptune’s track and makes it her own with her signature sound. You many not think she has the best voice, but it’s no doubt that she knows how to use what she has and use it well. Janet contines to get her groove on and back, (if she ever lost it) with “Beat Goes On” in which she calls on Kanye West to drop a quick 16. The bar’s are not Kanye’s best ever, but he does give Madonna a little to add to her mix. “Spanish Lessons” finds Madonna speaking spanish. It’s a good track, but it doesn’t have that factor. One of the standout tracks on the album would be “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You”, where Madonna let’s her lover know the deal. She says that even though the devil wouldn’t recognize the games that he”s playing, she does and she knows whats going on. She sings “It’s like over and over you keep pushing me back down to the floor”, but yet she still keeps coming back for more. Justin Timberlake then comes back in for the third time, of four, for a nice breakdown filled with choir-like “oh’s”. Madonna’s addicted, she’s intoxicated. She can’t let go. The album is really good. Something to dance too. Madonna show’s that she can still hang. Although some tracks go on way to long than they should, it’s still a great album for any Madonna fan to add to their collection. So get ready to take a bite, but be careful, it’s “raw, sticky and sweet”. Oh yeah, and “HARD”.

    Recommend: “Candy Shop” “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You” “Heartbeat” “Miles Away” “Incredible” “4 Minutes” “She’s Not Me”

  7. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    any way why????? would you buy two copies of a cd
    Hell I buy a cd it goes SRAIGHT to the my files
    GAS too damn high to have to buy another CD LOL
    OH but I am NOT feeling Madonna to buy that CD not even bootlegged (can use that $5 for gas) lol

  8. Social Citizen April 29, 2008

    I agree with Wayne’s comments and review. At first listen the album might seem trite, but it actually is a really fantastic album. It’s fresh, even though Madonna’s chosen to work with some of music’s most oversaturated and overrated producers/musicians.

    The only drawback to the album: Kanye West. I think he’s an arrogant jerk, and I was definitely disappointed to hear Madonna would be collaborating with him. But the track he appears on is good.

    By the way, Madonna has ALWAYS been urban. It’s the foundation of her music. Full-on urban: take a listen to the “Bedtime Stories” album.

  9. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    Madonna has never been even close to Urban. Nothing she has done in the past can be titled urban. Urban is in now and she’s trying to get in on it but it’s not natural. Madonna is made for the gays and thats it.

  10. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    Not this time. I’ll leave the dance music to Madonna and the R&B to Mariah.

    Madonnas album is mostly monotone. One voice. She doesn’t belt or whisper. Take away all the music, her vocals are boring or in Simons case ‘forgetable’.

  11. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    discipline, E=MC2 etc etc… hard candy is waaaay better. am sorry but this is such a solid album and any1 who says otherwise is def. its crap for people to say she’s going urban because its ‘in’ – she always does whats current & constantly reinvents herself. i wouldnt say its her 1st movement into urban music babyface done much of the material on Bedtime Stories. & 4 those who are slaggin hard candy off, have u actually listened to the record? no… because the timbaland and neptunes traks are so not hip hop, their more dance/pop – there’s some very fresh sounding songs on this album. look at the number of units madonna has sold in europe and the east over her career compared to the likes of mariah and janet etc, she towers them. she is a true INTERNATIONAL star!

  12. Brad April 29, 2008

    madonna sucks. she jumps on whatever is hott at the moment. plus, the songs suck. i could stomach about 10 second of each before i had to X the box.

    plus i think its funny people think she will be able to outsell Mariah in the long run. maybe in first week sales but this year belongs to Mariah

  13. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    I agree with Brad, Madonna jumps on every damn bandwagon to stay relevant and try to get some type of attention. i heard a few tracks and she has no vocals LOL its sad. she should just stick to dance music lol. I don’t like her new material and will not support her. i don’t even think she’ll beat Mariah in 1st week sales she didn’t with confessions and i don’t think she’ll do it with this lame attempt.

  14. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    First and foremost Madonna started her career in the urban/freestyle genre. Songs like “Holiday”,”Lucky Star”, “Borderline”, “Burning Up”, etc. all have a urban dance base. She went with a more international sound as her career grew. Madonna has always keep one foot out and one foot in. The woman grew up poor white trash in New York City, you can’t help but be a part of the urban jungle. If she is contrived then so is Justin and Cristina. Madonna is who she is…one of the best entertainers in the biz!

  15. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    I can say I like the pop/dance Madonna. This hip hop/ R&B effort I am not feeling it at all. It doesn’t seem real it seems very forced this time around opposed to the Bedtime stories effort. It seems like she is looking for sales this time around IMO rather than focusing on the music.

  16. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    i’ve bought it. It was nice. liked spesially the song “miles away” and “voices”

  17. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    Oh this album is GARBAGE!!!.. A total MESS!! The only good son on it is “4 Minutes”… So no.. I’m NOT getting that GARBAGE!
    What was she thinkin’?? It’s not even close to good!!!
    The only reason why it’s gonna seel bcoz it’s madonna!!! *ugh*!!!

    I’ll buy 2 copies of Mariah’s album instead of buying Madonna’s!!
    Now that album is the bomb!!! Album of the year in my opinion!!!.. Coz i believe that no one will release an album better than that!!

  18. Junii0r April 29, 2008

    lol no SERIOUSLY !

  19. qrich84 April 29, 2008

    The album is tight, point blank. If you like Timbaland and/or Pharrell to any extent, you’ll love it. If you like Madonna to any extent, you’ll love it. Both the artist and producers stand their ground as far as keeping and maintaining their unique sounds, and it meshes pretty well actually. Listen to it! Don’t judge something you havent heard, and first singles are NOT always the album’s best representation. O yeah, and to those who are talking like they’ve followed Madonna’s entire discography, like someone has stated previously, take a listen to “Bedtime Stories” – ‘Take A Bow’ was CLEARLY urban, produced by the one and only Babyface!. . .’Secret’ and ‘Sanctuary’ – productions by the one and only Dallas Austin! So, who said Madonna has never ever been urban? Do your research…please.

  20. Anonymous April 29, 2008


  21. Anonymous April 29, 2008


  22. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    To Social Citizen: I hope you’re not speaking of Timaband in that pile of “overrated producers”. You’ve got to be kidding me if you are. I don’t even need to say anymore on that one…

  23. Mateo April 29, 2008

    I just bought it today. I love it!

  24. vmars08 April 29, 2008

    No! She can’t even get a hit anymore without people like Justin Timberlake. She’s just riding the popular wave to sell records because it’s the only way she will.

  25. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    I will be picking it up tomorrow.

  26. Willis! April 29, 2008

    I bought it.
    Actually, I bought 5.
    One for me,
    one for my giveaway on my website,
    and 3 for my friends.
    I love it.

  27. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    Madonna is NOT just “jumping on the band wagon” cause its the only way she can sell albums….she is staying relevant. She reinvents herself with each album, which is amazing! Not many artists can do that. Her Confessions album (which is incredible) is totally different than Hard Candy, and its refreshing to me. I think Hard Candy is a great album, and I already bought my copy.

    And Mariah’s album SUCKS! There are only a few good songs, Emancipation was WAY better.

    Discipline is still the best album of the year tho! 🙂

  28. Anonymous April 29, 2008

    On the real I will not be buying this cd. I use to be a fan but no more I do like 4 minutes but thats about it. She cant sing on hip hop/r&b tracks sorry. As far as comparing this cd COME ON NOW WE ALL KNOW JANET’S CD IS BETTER.(And I’m not even a fan like that but the cd is good except for one song-one song! And I don’t like nothing!)Stop playing, Mariah’s cd is even better than Madonna’s no offense but it’s just not as good as I was expecting. I wanted it to be the heat bcause of the Timbo track but no dice. The fans are going to buy it and say that’s its good because they are fans…dah but i will not spend the money. I’m sure she will do good and sell cause her “folks” buy they don’t burn and bootleg so she should debut at the top. She may outsell Mariah but we’ll see.

  29. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    that b**** will NOT outsell mariah she’ll be luck y to pull in 200k in her 1st week in the US. worldwide? meh TEOM outsold confessions and e=mc2 is outperforming TEOM so we’ll see, i doubt madonna will do big business like confessions did. MC on the other hand is doing numbers like its 1997 i don’t think madge can pull off numbers like she did 10 years ago. dumb woman jus keeps riding the bandwagon and its not reinvention whoever said that cause she’s already tested r’nb waters back in 94-95. so dunno wtf people are all over this wannabe washed up granny for. she needs to hang up her s*** and take care of her damn kids before they get f***** up, i wouldn’t be surprised if they already are.

  30. caxposed April 30, 2008

    I bought 2 copies of the standard version of the album and WILL eventually get the Deluxe/Special Edition as well…. What can I say, Justin, Kanye & The Neptunes are featured on it, PLUS “She’s Not Me” and “Beat Goes On” really grew on me, lol.

  31. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    that album is pure garbage. I agree with what a few others have said in this thread that she jumps on bandwagons. all the stuff on her album other people have done. she also sounds terrible. I’m tired of seeing her ugly face too.

  32. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    i heard some of the album and it sucks. she is finished. time to retire. I would not buy one copy of that let alone two. i think it’s the same person posting serveral times that they are buying the album twice and that stupid review. which album were you listing to when you copied and pasted that? couldn’t be the bad madonna album i heard.

  33. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    ” she needs to hang up her s*** and take care of her damn kids before they get f***** up, i wouldn’t be surprised if they already are.”

    her daughter looks crazy with the unibrow, mustache, yellow teeth, big eyes, wide forehead and horse nose. she stares everywhere like someone just scared her. madonna’s son looks like he has down syndrome. she needs to spend more time with them instead of showing everybody her v*****. close your legs old woman.

  34. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    lol ya’ll really don’t like that album! neither do i.

  35. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    I think the album is good but I don’t know why it’s being compared to Mariah’s. They are 2 different types of artists with different styles of music. Mariah’s music is hip-hop influenced Rnb. Madonna on the other hand is a dance-pop artist whose new album contains a few dance songs with hip-pop beats. They cannot be in the same category.
    Now Janet’s cd is the one that should be compared to Madonna’s since they are both dance-pop artists.

  36. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    Go cop “HARD CANDY” it is hot ass hell, i’m rockin the hell out of “BEAT GOES ON” feat. Kanye West right now!!!

  37. Anonymous April 30, 2008

    “Incredible” is off the chain, damn this track is hot!!!

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