The Best You Never Heard: Diva Edition

Published: Wednesday 7th May 2008 by Sam
The Best You Never Heard: Diva EditionWe’re doing things a little differently with this week’s instalment of ‘The Best You Never Heard’. Little known gems by Beyonce, Whitney, Janet and Mariah all feature in this special Diva Edition. Have any suggestions for future instalments? Drop me an email at


Beyonce – Back Up


The Darkchild produced ‘Back Up’ served as a bonus track on select versions Beyonce’s sophomore LP ‘B’Day’. One of the best club-destined cuts the singer has done to-date IMO, I was initially surprised why it was left off the album – after all, it was better than most of the album’s material. However considering its thumping bass-line, and ‘in your face’ lyrics, the song didn’t really fit the overall Tina Turner-esque sound of record. Still, one hell of song.


Listen: Back Up



Whitney Houston – Love That Man

Lifted from Whitney’s 2002 effort ‘Just Whitney’, ‘Love That Man’ is one of several great tracks on the criminally underrated album. Somewhat echoing the Pop-inspired sound of some Whitney’s 80’s hits, the track’s light, easy-on-the-ear appeal is just right for the rapidly approaching summer period.


Listen: Love That Man




Janet Jackson – RollWitChu



It would appear Janet’s 2006 ’20 Y.O’ project wasn’t just marred by poor single choices; judging by the fact ‘RollWitChu’ was reduced to a Japanese-only bonus track, it seems the choosing of album tracks was also mishandled. The Jermaine Dupri produced cut, with its lush harmonies and trademark ‘knock’, is arguably one of Janet’s most solid slower offerings in years.

Listen: RollWitChu


Mariah Carey – Bringing On The Heartbreak

Despite achieving Platinum success, Mariah Carey’s 2002 Def Jam debut ‘Charmbracelet’ (ironically the start of her return to prominence) largely went ignored by the masses. Though released in the US (to little response), ‘Bringing On The Heartbreak’ never hit this side of the globe. Unfortunate as Mimi’s take on the Def Leppard original, is awesome. Well composed and inclusive of ‘The Voice’ we used to know and love, this is hands-down one of my favourite Mariah tracks from recent years.

Listen: Bringing On The Heartbreak


Your thoughts: Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

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  1. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    these are all awesome songs!!! u have great taste!! btw when is that michelle williams interview going 2 be posted?

  2. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    That Mariah Carey song was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!


  3. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    The Janet song is awesome!

  4. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    did jay z write that beyonce song? cause that hatchu i spew is a line that foxy used before. he be recycling rhymes for people

  5. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    i luv beyonce’s best!!!

  6. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    back up is amazing, i can’t believe it wasn’t on the album far better than freakin’ kitty kat.

  7. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    She is s***.I have searched her photo on ” Marry Mill ionair e.C om ” which is a celeb dating site. It is said that she is dating with a rich man but i do not believe that!

  8. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    Back Up would have been so out of place on B’day but it was still a pretty good song Beyonce knew what she was doin not puttin that song on B’day
    B’day was more 60’s -70’s themed Back Up would have just been weird on that album
    there’s another song she left of of B’day called “If” and to this day i still don’t know why she didn’t include it on the album
    chick could have got a grammy for that song yall should check it out on youtube if you haven’t allready heard it

  9. Jelena May 7, 2008

    i remember playing BACK UP in the car, and my grandma said WHAT IS ALL THIS SCREAMIN N HOLLERIN, CHANGE THE STATION FOR THE LOVE OF GOD hahahaa but I love the song:)
    I also remember playing the game-wouldn’t get far, and she thought the record was broke:) not that it has anything to do with this, but gotta love the grandma :)))
    and yeah…bringing on the heartbreak is the only mariah song from the recent years that i often get back to…

  10. Quick May 7, 2008

    That Janet song is FIRE!!! What the heck were they thinking?

  11. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    yea back up despite being an amazing record wouldn’t fit into b’day… but she should have saved it then for a future album, or release it as a soundtrack from some movie or something like that…it’s so stupid such an amazing tune has been wasted… other chicks would f*** for a song like that!!

  12. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    Beyonce the best!!

  13. Anonymous May 7, 2008



    Oh well, I guess “Love Story” makes a lot more sense now, LOL!!!

  14. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    back up! Too bad it didnt make it on the CD.

  15. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    i love when you do these posts! listening to the beyonce one now, it’s definitely a banger.

  16. vmars08 May 7, 2008

    The Janet one is nice! Finally something I’ve never actually heard. lol

    I love “Back Up” & the Mariah one as well. And you’re right–the ‘Just Whitney’ album is good!

  17. Anonymous May 7, 2008


  18. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    I didn’t understand the first 30 seconds of what Beyonce was saying but afterwards I got into it, it was a good song she should have put it on B Day maybe the album wouldn’t have sucked so much all i got from that on my ipod is Upgrade U Kitty Kat and Check On It and Back Up is the tune, but B Day was a disappointment to me after Dangerously In Love which in my opinion was pure fire B day hot garbage,

    Love the Mariah track Janet OK not asked to listen to Whitney

  19. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    ^^I thought it was just me yeah i agree think Mariah’s is the best followed by B once i realised what she was saying the beat is crazy

  20. Anonymous May 7, 2008


  21. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    yea i looked up most of the songs that didnt make b-day and i added them to the regular album on my computer so i had back up and anothe good one creole and u must have just lost your mind! go beee!

  22. Melissa May 8, 2008

    “Back Up” was only on a few selected B’Day albums. I love that song so much. I have it as one of my ringtones!

  23. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    yea that beyonce song sounds like all her others same with mariah. not too sure bout the whitney was really feeling the janet one. i have to say it she’s the only one who tries different sounds all the others do the same music

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