That Grape Juice Interviews Michelle Williams

Published: Wednesday 7th May 2008 by Sam
That Grape Juice Interviews Michelle WilliamsHaving been a member of the biggest selling female group of all time Destiny’s Child for more than eight years, Michelle Williams is re-embarking on her solo career. With a single out and a hotly anticipated album on the way, Williams is preparing to silence the naysayers
In this exclusive interview, the 27 year old star opens up to That Grape Juice about several issues including her Gospel critics, the constant comparisons to her band mates Beyonce and Kelly as well as serving up the ‘Unexpected’ with her new record. A great, revealing read if I must say so myself. Enjoy 🙂
Michelle Williams Shouts-Out That Grape Juice


Sam: Michelle, how are you?

Michelle: I’m doing great, fabulous. How are you?

Sam: I’m fine. It really is an honour to finally be able speak with you!

Michelle: Yes, it’s an honour to be able to speak with you. I just want to say Sam that I thank YOU for your love and support towards myself and, actually, all three of the ladies (of Destiny’s Child). Individually, I just want to thank you for being so supportive from day one, I really appreciate it.

Sam: Aww. You’re welcome

With the single ‘We Break The Dawn’ having been released recently, there’s no doubt that you’ve been very busy as of late. Tell me a little about what you’ve been up to.

Michelle: Well, I’ve preparing for the release of my new album, which is titled ‘Unexpected’. Like you said, the single is titled ‘We Break The Dawn’; I shot the video for that last week. Y’all should be seeing the video by May 12th.

Sam: That’s great. What was the experience like (filming the video), how was the day?

Michelle: I loved it. We had a ball. Everything worked out so smoothly; no drama, everyone on the set did what they were supposed to do. We really had a lot of fun. I learned so much about myself, that I could do more than I thought I could do. I think this will shock a lot of people. Michelle can do more than what we know of her to do. When you’re in a group, sometimes, you’re not always able to do what you want to do. But that works out, because as a group, everyone has to be a team player. There are different references and things like that that I’ve looked at and held for a few years (while in Destiny’s Child) thinking ‘when I get the chance, I’m gonna do that’. So all that I’ve wanted to do is now coming to pass.

Sam: That’s great. Where are you actually situated at the moment?

Michelle: I’m actually home right now, just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Sam: So this is like one of your days off, I’m assuming?

Michelle: Yeah, kind of.

Sam: Good good. You did mention before that your new album is titled ‘Unexpected’ (due on August 12th). The album has a distinct Pop/Dance sounding direction and obviously your new image is a lot more edgy, a lot more current too. This isn’t something many people anticipated from you. Was this deliberate or something that organically happened?

Michelle: Well I found that I wanted to do something that would set myself apart from what people have seen (of me) in the last eight years. I’ve always wondered ‘what would my hair be like short’. Now I’ve got the chance to do that; you know,, create some individuality.

Sam: Tell me a little about what we can expect to hear on the album, in terms of its sound, concept, producers etc. I know it’s a lot in one question, but as much as you can detail on the album would be great.

Michelle: Yes, yes. This album…oh my goodness. You know what I do? Purposely, I won’t listen to my album for a few days because I want to make sure that in another three or four days, I still like it. I’m telling you, when I put that album on, it’s like my first time hearing it. Honestly, sometimes I forget that I’m listening to myself singing and I’m getting into it so much – the words, the everything. Rico Love, who produced the bulk of my album, is an AMAZING writer; he gets you sucked in, so much so, you think you’re actually there in the moment. Sometimes I forget that I’m the one singing on the album; I’ll get to thinking about things that I’ve gone through (that’s related to a song), people that I know etc. I think it’s a great thing; this album makes you feel good. I don’t care what you’ve gone through in your day or your life, this album makes you forget about all your problems and makes you focus on your future and makes you happy. With all that’s going on in the world, I mean even here in the United States with the recession, this album really helps you escape from all of that for a little while.

Sam: Great. I’m assuming that the album is completed?

Michelle: The album is done.

Sam: Have any personal favourites emerged from record, if so what are they and why?

Michelle: Wow, that’s a hard question. You know what, I’m so satisfied with the project; there isn’t one song I have to skip or that I cringe when hearing. In terms of favourites, of course my single ‘We Break The Dawn’, ‘Hello Heartbreak’. There’s a song called ‘Lucky Girl’; it’s just so cute. Everyone that has heard that song loves it, men, and women. This album is for everybody, it’s for men too, not just the ladies. There’s one more song I love called ‘The Greatest’; that’s the song that, when I listen to it, I forget that it’s me singing it – it’s such a beautiful song.

Sam: There’s quite a buzz about ‘Stop This Car’ among fans, general listeners

Michelle: Yes, ‘Stop This Car’, that’s an awesome track. Stargate really did their thing on the song…

Sam: It is a personal favourite of mine. The feedback on the track has been amazing. People want to know if it’ll be a future single.

Michelle: It’s definitely a contender for a single

Sam: Judging by the material heard thus far, the album has a distinct up-tempo, dance-heavy heavy sound. Will the record feature any ballads, as many feel your voice really excels on such tracks also?

Michelle: ‘The Greatest’ is a power ballad. I have a song on there called ‘Too Young For Love’, which is definitely another power ballad. So yeah, you’ll be able to slow it down a little bit too.

Sam: We need to talk about the fact that this is your first solo foray into the secular market, having already released two Gospel albums (‘Heart To Yours’ and ‘Do You Know’). What’s your response to the naysayers and critics that will undoubtedly have something to say about you now releasing a secular record?

Michelle: Screw the naysayers. The critics, that’s cool. Naysayers, I can’t get with, because everybody is going to do something you don’t agree with. If I had to worry about what everybody didn’t agree with, I wouldn’t be doing nothing right now, you wouldn’t be doing nothing right now. I mean I love all types of music. Before my Gospel albums, I was an R&B artist. I never proclaimed to be a Gospel artist. There are so many people that were before me, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke and even my favourite singer of all-time Whitney Houston, they’ve all done Gospel. Yet they all maintained being an R&B artist. Now, it seems like after me, everybody’s doing a Gospel album, which is great, it’s cool – do your thing. I love all types of music and I don’t want to be pigeon-holed. Me doing this music, I know what I’m doing; and if anything that I do takes me away from God, I won’t do it. Scripture says ‘Let nothing separate you from the love of God’…

Sam: Amen!

Michelle: this ain’t separating me. In fact, being in this industry has made me much closer God, because there are times when I feel by myself and it’s just me and God. I know what I’m doing. God is with me. This album, this project, God is in this. It’s worked out so smoothly. If there are doors He doesn’t want me to go through, He won’t open them, nor will He let me walk through them. I don’t mind if God shuts the door, that’s protection for me. To the naysayers, keep naysaying.

Sam: (laughs). On the topic of Christianity, do you still regularly attend church?

Michelle: Yes, I do. If I’m home on a Sunday, then I will attend service.

Sam: That’s cool. While your new sound, image etc are radically different to what people expected, it’s your performance of ‘Do You Know’ on the Destiny’s Fulfilled tour that really caught people off guard. I remember being at the London stop of the show and people were in awe saying ‘is that Michelle?’ Did you see performing this song on the tour as a coming out of sorts or…

Michelle: I didn’t really see it as a ‘coming out’. It’s definitely a song that is dear to my heart, so I guess it showed. I will say, on that ‘Destiny Fulfilled’ album I think I was just coming into my own. I was comfortable, I was settled, I was like ‘ok, I know this, I got this’.

Sam: I know a lot of people took on the same view. Being in the biggest selling female group of all time, the main comparisons are often to each other. What do you feel separates you all individually?

Michelle: We all have our own style and our own taste in music and how we want to express that; and people need to respect that. I may just want to express my music standing in front of a microphone. Beyonce, on the other hand, she likes to come in upside down (in reference to Beyonce’s 2003 MTV VMA performance). I mean, who knows, I might get the chance to get on a trapeze and spring across Radio City Music Hall. We like to express ourselves differently. I will never be Beyonce Knowles, Beyonce Knowles will never be Michelle Williams, Kelendria Rowland will never be Michelle Williams and I will never be Kelly. I’m Michelle Williams, my mama calls me T; I’m gonna be me. What some people fail to see is that, as three ladies coming out of such amazing group success, we are all (continuing to be) successful in our solo endeavours. Before now, that was unheard of. With every group, there’s no reason why each member can’t be out there doing their own thing.

Sam: You’ve been in the industry for more than eight years, in which you’ve experienced both the highs and the lows. What have been you most fulfilling moment with your fame and most discouraging?

Michelle: The most fulfilling? Wow. The fact that I have been able to travel the world. Before the age of 25, I can say that I’ve visited pretty much everywhere. Also, meeting so many beautiful people. I mean, from London to Dubai to Australia, (as well as) back home here in the States. What’s most fulfilling is knowing that, by (listening to) our music, people’s lives have been changed. You have people that have listened to ‘Survivor’ that have decided not to end their life and that they are standing here today doing well.

The most discouraging is when you want the whole world to understand and like you and they just won’t. Also it’s the assumptions and judgements that are made before someone knows you that are disappointing. Anything else, I’m like ‘it’s a business, dust your shoulders off’.

Sam: The industry has changed radically, even when compared to a few years ago. What is your advice to the potential stars of tomorrow to be successful in the industry?

Michelle: Well considering that labels now have slashed budgets, you’re not getting all this money (funding), you’ve got to love it. When I came in, you had to love it, but now you r-e-a-l-l-y have to love it to make it in the industry. To be sustained, to be happy, you’ve got to love what you do. If you don’t get the level of success that you wish, any level of success today is still great success. You sell some records, people know your name. That alone is satisfying.

Sam: In terms of the new record, what are your hopes? Obviously the industry is currently very unstable…

Michelle: My hopes for the record? I just pray that I make music that everybody will want to purchase. I’m not gonna sit up here and lie and say that I don’t want to sell a million records – I want to sell three million! I’m humble, but I’m not going to say ‘well I don’t mind selling one or two records’ (laughs). I want number one records, number one singles. My hopes are that I can tour, I want to tour around the world with this album. I want to sing my songs.

Sam: Moving on from the music side of things, you starred in the Broadway version of the Color Purple as Shug Avery for nearly a year. Will you be starring reprising your role in the upcoming film adaptation (which Fantasia has signed on to do)?

Michelle: I haven’t been approached yet. I don’t know, it’s not something I’m chasing right now because my album is out.

Sam: Ok. Should the opportunity present itself, would it be something you’d consider?

Michelle: Absolutely.

Sam: I did see that you received rave reviews for your performance as Shug Avery.

Michelle: Thank you. I was excited about that.

Sam: You’re part owner of a female basketball team…

Michelle: Yes, the Chicago Skies…

Sam: Do you have any other ventures outside of music that you are currently pursuing or wish to in the future?

Michelle: Absolutely. I am currently working on a bath and body line, that people will be seeing one way or the other. I am working on that now. Actually, a lot of them are hand-made products that I am creating.

Sam: I did actually see that you gave the site a shout-out a few months ago (on your MySpace blog). Do you go on websites, blogs etc to see what they are saying about Michelle Williams as well as general music news?

Michelle: I will admit that ‘yes I do’ – especially since I have an album coming out. I want to know what the headlines are saying; I don’t necessarily want to know the comments, but I definitely like to know what news Sam posted today. So I do frequent a lot of the more positive websites and I love!

Sam: Thank you very much. It’s much appreciated. We love Michelle too.

If you weren’t famous, if you weren’t Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, what do you feel you would be doing now?

Michelle: I’d probably be working in the field of Law. Probably a lawyer.

Sam: Ok. A few of our readers wanted to know if you are dating anybody at the moment. The name Henry Simmons came up quite a few times, is there any truth to that?

Michelle: Actually there is absolutely no truth to the Henry Simmons rumours. In a way, I’d wish these rumours would stop popping up because it’s messing up my opportunities…

Sam: (Laughs!)

Michelle: Me and Henry Simmons have never even been out on a date. I think he attends the same church as me.

Sam: In terms of the future, do you have aspirations to start your own family, get married and things of that nature?

Michelle: Absolutely. I was talking to a friend about that; she said she didn’t have that fantasy growing up as a little girl, but I did. I do have those dreams and aspirations. You have to share what you have with somebody else. I’m the type of person that wants that in my life. Some people don’t have to have it…but I do.

Sam: (laughs) On a typical day off what do you do?

Michelle: I am such a homebody. I’d be at home watching TV; I’d be out with my family, somewhere at a restaurant. Just regular stuff. Like, I’m at home now and have been cleaning up, taking out the garbage – doing those things I don’t get to do, but enjoy doing. As I said earlier, I recently started doing a bath and body line. Doing that is very therapeutic to me.

Sam: Aside from your own project that you have coming out, which I’m sure you’re excited about – as are we, are there any other releases/artists that you are currently listening to and/or anticipating?

Michelle: Wow. Of course I’ve got to say my girl Solange Knowles. Her single ‘I Decided’ is in my head. Before you know it, I found myself singing (sings “I Decided”). I love Emily King, I know her album is out already – I think she is great. I’ve got to give the UK some love with Estelle, she is absolutely the business – I love her. As far as guys out now, I love what Kanye’s done and what he has out. I love so much music, it’s crazy.

Sam: Favourite Destiny’s Child song?

Michelle: Erm, ‘Free’ from the ‘Destiny Fulfilled’ album.

Sam: Favourite Kelly Rowland song?

Michelle: ‘Flashback’

Sam: Favourite Beyonce song?

Michelle: ‘Me, Myself & I’

Sam: Speaking of Beyonce, how was the wedding?

Michelle: I have..


Sam: (Laughs!) Ok. Speaking on the record, ‘Unexpected’ has an International sound, will we be seeing you in the UK/Europe anytime soon?

Michelle: I will be in the UK at the end of May. I will be coming to London. I’m so excited; I can’t wait to get my Topshop on. Love Topshop…

Sam: Just like my sisters (laughs). As we’re about to round up, do have any message for your fans?

Michelle: Of course; my fans, you guys know that I love you very very very much. I thank God every day because I feel good knowing that y’all love the project that I have delivered. I’m so thankful that y’all have embraced the project with such open arms.

Sam: Michelle, thank you so much for your time…

Michelle: Thank you Sam. Thank you for the support. Much success to That Grape Juice.

Michelle’s fantastic new single ‘We Break The Dawn’ is available on iTunes now. Do be sure to download a copy.

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  1. Pee-Drough May 7, 2008

    why can’t i see it?

  2. k May 7, 2008

    Where is the interview? lol

  3. Phabian May 7, 2008

    I’m ready to read or look ar whateva…But where is it?

  4. Anonymous May 7, 2008


  5. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    I am looking forward to reading it.

  6. Phabian May 7, 2008

    Michelle is so amazin’…This interview was so interesting and the questions were on topic and fun and Sam did a great job…So much love and Michelle W.
    1,000,000 Starz from above

  7. MaZ May 7, 2008

    Great interview! You did a good job Sam!

    Much love to Michelle! I wish her the best for her new album! We hope to see you in Paris soon. France loves you Michelle! Stay as you are!

    MaZ from Paris

  8. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    This interview was one of Sam’s worst. What happen to the questions about management and how she plans to actually get her music heard unlike Kelly!! What about already hearing 5 of the ten tracks on the album and its not out until August??!!! I mean Come On!! Nobody cares about her advice 2 upcoming artists! Michelle fans wanna know whats really goin on!! He never even made her elaborate on the producers besides Stargate and Rico Love. This was simply wack and I usually love Sam’s interviews!!

  9. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    These can not be the questions that were submitted. The interview was boring and gave me the same information that I’ve heard months ago

  10. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    im sorry to have ti say that but anonymous is absolutely…i was expecting something else,maybe better,there not said anything newww…but good job though and michelle I LOVE YA,cant really waitttttttttttttt for the album to come out and everything,tv shows,interviews…….

  11. Mark May 7, 2008

    What’s wrong with you people?

    Interview was great as always, it’s really good to see Sam ‘connected’ with Michelle…

    Can’t wait for Michelle’s album to drop, I think it’s going to be one of the years real surprise hits..


  12. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    yayyy michelle i see yOu girl

  13. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    get em’ michelle. she’s so cool and positive. i hope she sells millions too lol/

  14. dc34ever May 7, 2008

    good…but I was expecting something els too…nothing new here…
    Love u michelle, you are so humble and true. I hope u will sell more than 3 millions too, you realy deserve it!!!

    Can’t wait to see you in france, you have a lot of love here too..

  15. Pay-Dro! May 7, 2008

    i can honestly say that its a refreshment.

    oh and i LOVE FLASHBACK!!!
    we on that same page of the songs she likes from the girls.

  16. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    Not my favorite ineterview but it was still good. My favorite part was when she talked about her favorite songs.

  17. David May 7, 2008

    Great Interview!

    Sam knows better than to ask some ignorant questions like y’all are suggesting.

    “How are you gonna get your music heard, unlike Kelly?” How rude and unprofessional!

    Michelle would’ve either laughed or hung up in his face, or both! And I’m sure she’s aware of the songs that have leaked – who cares?? The album is gonna come out regardless. She’ll deal with it like every other artist of today does when material leaks.

    I learned some new stuff about Michelle through this interview and it gave an even clearer picture of who she is as a person. She seems very grateful for all of her blessings.

    I love her spirit. I LOVED how she addressed the haters. “Screw the naysayers.” CLASSIC! She remains humble and yet she keeps in real. I love her!

    Again, great interview. Good job, Sam! Can’t wait for her album to drop.

  18. Bruno May 7, 2008

    I loved the interview. She gave us a bit more details about “Unexpected” and showed things that I didn’t expect to hear, like the difference between the three ladies. Of course I would like to know a bit more things about the marketing plan for this project, but every kid know she’s not able to talk about it.
    Congrats to u SAM! If I were u, I’d be glad to do the thing u do. Your blog is my favourite one. I love the support u give for my favourites artists.

  19. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    I really wanted to know about what she is doing for promo and her management…and why in the hell we havent heard we break the dawn on the radio yet……????…..this site is called that grape juice…and there was nothing juicy about that interview…

  20. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    This interview was great for those ppl who don’t know much about Michelle…UNFORTUNATELY, for her real fans this interview had nothing new besides what were her favorite songs (who cares)…… You didn’t ask any hard questions like about her promotion plans and what direction she is going marketing wise…..There was alot of bread but no meat…Personally I’m dissapointed as a Michelle fan…just being honest

  21. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    Like others Have said there wasN’T really nothing new…and I’ve been looking forward to this since I found out you were INTERVIEWING Michelle…kinda of let down :(……BUT I LOVE ME SOME MICHELLE WILLIAMS THOUGH…U GONNA GO PLATINUM WHETHER ITS IN THE U.S. OR U.K.!!!!!!

  22. k May 7, 2008

    The interview was great. Some of you guys need to stop hating as usual. Why should he ask those negative questions? Michelle is a positive person she don’t need none of that drama. Cussing down her management ain’t gonna help her sell records. One thing though that album better have more than 1o songs. I don’t buy albums with less than 13.

  23. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    whatever happened to the Chris Brown interview? Did I miss that?

  24. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    Great Interview!
    Love Michelle to BITS!
    Can’t wait for the album!


  25. LexyB May 7, 2008

    Great interview!!!! I will be posting a link to this over at my site… check me out!!!

  26. Leon May 7, 2008

    I loved the interview!

    Michelle… I love your confidence, and you’re such a great person!

    I can’t wait too see Unexpected on Brazilian shelves and buy it! You deserve all the success in your career.

    Also, if you’re reading this, thank you for always answer our myspace comments and messages; I loved when I saw you reply on my myspace! haha

  27. Tizzone8 May 7, 2008

    Michelle is the queen of my heart. If I wasn’t gay and already married I would marry her LOL.
    I have already told here that she is a great inspiration to me on myspace. I am waiting for the album very impatiently. I am already singing We Break the Dawn all the time.

    Oh yeah, by the way, the Color Purple, I saw it and loooooooooovvvvvved it. It was actually by chance. I Flew back to the US in March to see my mother in Phoenix, and I wanted to show my Mom the youtube clip of Push the button, then I looked it up online, just to see the tour dates. And what did I see right before my very eyes? Opening in Tempe AZ just two days later. I bought tickets IMMEDIATELY. My parents, husband and I loved her performance. That song is quite shocking “push the button, you gotta push it if you wanna come in”. And her dancing… Mamma Mia che femmina! What a woman sweet and spicy all at once.

    Future Star – God Willing,

  28. Anonymous May 7, 2008

    I hate to say it, but ain’t NOBODY lookin’ for her bath and body line. Michelle, you need to learn your place in the celebrity food chain, you’re a Z-lister at this point!!!

  29. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Great interview!!!!

  30. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    3Fundamental Points!

    1.The interview wasn’t really that fantastic as I’d anticipated. Everything she said, I’d already heard or read! The only interesting point was her take on the description of the members of DC3. Nonetheless, promo and marketing is key to success regardless of how gr8 the album maybe. I mean am not trying to hate here but ‘Touch my body’ by Mariah was absolute rubbish cause I felt the singer could have done better but then her marketing team was right on point with the marketing strategy. Sam u should’ve sampled Chelle’s thots on promo & marketing ’cause every1 knows that being +ve doesn’t guarantee success!!

    2.Chelle needs to do more promotion for the album. I mean if you have hungry fans eagerly anticipating your album, it is imperative that you provide them with something that consistently gets their attention. In that regard, she needs a lot of PR especially in the right direction. Girl u need to be a bit more aggressive in getting ur music out there. Why hasn’t the single being sent out to radio yet?If no, what’s the delay? Why is YouTube etc your major source of getting die hard fans and prospective fans attention? I haven’t seen anything yet from the Billboard RNB,POP,DANCE chart chanting Chelle’s praises. Sweetheart, don’t get me wrong, am actually routing for you right now but impress us more……This is actually constructive criticism.

    3.You are either a fan or you are not. It smacks of questionable behaviour when an individual makes a statement like ” but ain’t NOBODY lookin’ for bath and body line. Michelle, you need to learn your place in the celebrity food chain, you’re a Z-lister at this point…”. Which begs the question,WTF is that individual comin’here and being so trashy for? Why couldn’t the individual be constructive? And by the way, chew on this, what do you know about celebrity status? Chelle is doing her OWN thing! It’s either you like it or you don’t and there are polite ways of stating your displeasure. I don’t even know what you are doin’ here nhow! Go b**** somewhere else.

    Peace Y’all!
    Chelle, I luv u 2 death!!!

  31. Oggie May 8, 2008

    Michelle My Bell, this is Oggie from the UK. Sam this was a fantastic interview Michelle is a Golden talent with an amazing individual voice that I pray gets the right recognition she deserves. I have both gospel albums and i always felt she had a knack for writing really melodic and catchy songs, and i m so happy with all of the songs i have heard from the Unexpected, they are real songs with great beats that will appeal to everyone, i wish her all the luck love and blessings that god can give!


  32. Anonymous May 8, 2008



  33. ìnk May 8, 2008

    fab interview. i really do think u r supportive of artists, and thats why i like ur blog.all the best!

  34. Sam May 8, 2008

    I don’t know why we had to wait that long to read this interview, i was so excited because I thought it’s going to be the video version 🙁 … Michelle needs to promote her Album ASAP .. all the best, she is a great singer!

  35. jenny May 8, 2008

    aww well done samon the interview! and michelle i’ll definately be checkin out ur album soon! much love xx1xx jenny x

  36. taz May 8, 2008

    Love it! Thanks Sam! I cant wait to hear ‘hello heatbreak’ in full!
    Much success to Michelle! x

  37. Thiago May 8, 2008

    She is ready baby! go michelle!!! take the world girl! I loved the interview, it was amazing knowing more about one of my favourites singers. Thank you ThatGrapeJuice.

  38. LADY G May 8, 2008

    Michelle, i LOVE YOU. You’re soooo free spirited and have an amazing personality. Definitely grabbing ‘Unexpected’ in August. Well done Sammy, great job.

  39. Rich May 8, 2008

    Wow, I hate long interviews, but I READ EVERY WORD.

    I just wanna say that I support Michelle, and shall defintley be in HMV buying her album. I really cant wait to hear the album!

    I hope she is as popular here as Kelly is, We Break The Dawn will just be great to dance to in the clubs! It makes me feel so happy! 🙂

    Good luck Michelle, interesting interview.

  40. Random J May 9, 2008

    SNAP!! Sam, were you at the Earl’s court gig of Destiny fulfilled & lovin’ it? I was there too and I was also blown away by “Do you know”. She got a standing ovation for that s***, B and Kels got no such reception. It’s crazy, because I hate that song on the CD. Her voice doesn’t sound all that great. But live – she sounded amazing.

    Great interview!! 😀

  41. tim May 11, 2008

    thasnks for posting it, looking forward to buying the CD!

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