Tiffany Evans’ Debut Sells 4,700 Copies

Published: Thursday 8th May 2008 by Sam
Tiffany Evans' Debut Sells 4,700 Copies Lack of promotion? A changing industry? Bad material? All of those questions sprung to mind upon being informed that Tiffany Evans shifted an embarrassing 4, 700 copies of her debut album last week. The 15 year old’s first week showing landed her at #134 on the Billboard 200.

Though I admittedly have yet to hear the record, it’s still a shame to see such a talent – one, I consider to be a potential big star of tomorrow – fare so badly. This really goes to show that the industry is on unstable ground at the moment. That Grape Juice wants to know your take on this all and what you think it signifies in its wider context…

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Hey first of all Sam u r doin an AMAZING job…so congrats…

    Then about Tiffany…The chick is mad talented…but in our music industry it doesn’t count any more…

    What people are looking for is a s*** doll who looks good in photographs or videos, a fashin icon with Pop or crossover hits, people quite edgy but not THAT original…

    Tiffany is too young…her music is not mainstream enough…too much R&B for the new EUROPOP era..and she has nothing edgy…

    that’s very sad, but Rihanna is the perfect exemple of the artists people want to see…that’s y she is so succesful..

    Poor talented people!!

  2. teteit May 8, 2008

    i would have to say its the lack of promotion and bad material…i heard a few song off the album and i have to say that the songs are jus messy and all over the place…its jus BAD i only like one song of the album and thats Promise Ring

  3. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Well…the album is really good i think…it has awesome songs like “Girl Gone Wild” & “Can’t Walk Away” but it hadn’t enough promotion…n “I’m Grown” didn’t help since it was a mess on charts…maybe if she releases a new single n gets it promoted her album will sell some more records…i hope so…

  4. MAJESTY May 8, 2008

    i agree with teteit because I didnt even know she had an album coming out. I didnt hear or read any interviews she had. I never even saw her any ads.
    So I would have to say it a wack of promotion. But she shouldnt get to mad. Because even Rihanna flop with her first album.

  5. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    lack of promotion

    i think the thing that really hurt her is that they took soooooo long to drop her album after “promise ring”

    i didnt even know her album came out either. like i dont watch videos and they dont play her songs on the radio… so idk.

    bad state of music that we’re in nowadays

  6. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Well think about the demographic that Tiffany Evans is appealing to…

    15 year old kids…..Do they usually buy records? Unless they save up their lunch money….

    Maybe if Tiffany was promoted through the disney channel, SHe would become more familiar to the general public & the viewing audience that pertains to the demographic she’s appealing to.

  7. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    rihanna first album didnt flop. it went gold.

    Umm Tiffany Evans is 15 and talkin about she grown now..aint no body checkin for her. plus promise ring came out summer 07 why would u come out wit the album summer 08. plus her second single did nothing. i mean she has talent but its not her time. she should of saved im grown now for 2012 when she would be atleast 21

  8. T May 8, 2008

    LACK OF PROMO, promise ring, i’m grown, girl done wild, decent sogns that could have done bette,r hats goo diwt her on trl, gma, today show, posters, commercials, radio play, WTF

  9. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Bad promotion and honestly I think “I’m Grown” kind of killed it for her. I took the time to watch the video the other nite and it was kind of awkard to see this young girl singing she’s grown, neck rolling, and dancing a little too “grown.” I was like wow….ummmm I’ll pass.

  10. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Same fate a s KeKe Palmer… 🙁

    Berry Gordy where ARE you!!!??? WE NEED YOU!!

  11. Phabian May 8, 2008

    Lack of promotion and bad material!
    The album just wasn’t a good one and I’m glad I didn’t buy it. And it is a shame because Tiff is sooooo talented…..

  12. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Tiffany evans is a really talented girl with strong vocals, and her album debuts very poorly

    I believe this is due to poor promotin. No interviews , magazines radio or tv interviews.

    Her im grown single was lackluster , dint get promotion and also shes not grown as of yet and maybe the public didnt like that.

    Her album after a couple listens is very poor and didnt bring the best of of her at all I guess she needs to go back to the drawing board

    we should say that because the music industry is changing that she didnt sell well , but do people buy upderpar music! no they dont

    tiffany needs to grow back to the drawing board.

    All the young stars dont seem to be gettin promoted in the ryte way e.g tiffany , keke palmer sammie

    they need to take a leaf outta rihanna and chris browns book.

    I hope karian pasian album does well that girl has banging vocals also

  13. Luke May 8, 2008

    The album is awesome I imported it to the UK cos its not out here. So its not talent or material, unfortunately as with most projects these days its BAD PROMOTION. Labels just aren’t spending money promoting records when they could be making a whole lot more money than they do bringing them out with no promotion. I don’t get the logic…

  14. Walley May 8, 2008

    its definetly lack of promotion. i didnt even know the album was released, and i always know so that wierd. With that said, I dont think she got star potential. Shes blah. I didnt evne like that promise ring song. Just becuase u could sing dont mean you gonna be a succesfull musician, especially in this age.

  15. vmars08 May 8, 2008

    It took a ton of research last week for me to find a chart position & sales numbers for Tiffany & when I found out, I was dumbfounded. For such a talented artist to finally get her chance & sell so little is really scary. With Lil’ Mama selling only 19,000 after 2 top 10 hits & Estelle selling just 14,800 copies this week, I am frightened to see what is going to happen to urban music.

    It’s also very frustrating living in America & being the only person I can literally find who likes urban music. All the radio plays is vocoded crap by T-Pain & Akon over & over & over again. I don’t understand it!

    I also think the people behind-the-scenes aren’t doing their jobs correctly because there is no excuse to promote so little that you only get 4-figure results week one. Unbelievable.

  16. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Stop blaming her..industy is changing. We all know black people dont support eachother. If you want mega sales you need to do some rock, or country, or hip hop…stuff white people will buy. Most black people wouldn’t waste the energy, it’s about “what’s in for me” with us. If you disagree..shut up! Cuz I’m right! If not, she would have sold more than 400 copies if she was so “talented”.

  17. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    of course it has something to do with promo…but nobody really needs great material to sell…some of the people out there are turning out trash and still manage to sell.

    its image for me, teens nowadays are so obsessed with being older, fashion statements, being over-sexed those are the images they buy into…like our rihanna’s etc. Sorry to mention her but she’s an example of what teens are aspiring to be…visually beautiful if they don’t see that in the artist they dont take time to hear them out…..sad but true.

    nowadays its not about talent…
    its about image/marketing and what makes u ‘different’ u can be a style icon but not a singer and still sell bucket loads cuz people buy into the image not the music…

    its kinda sad, she seemed like a good role model.

  18. Anonymous May 8, 2008

    Wanna get back at your ex for doing you wrong? Send his or her ass the Gotcha Gram. Choose your weapon of choice and email to them and they’ll never do it again!

    The Declaration in stores June 3rd go cop it!

  19. Necy May 9, 2008

    I would say lack of promotion and then you know how the music business is today they dont look at talent no more they look at how people look and dress which is ashame. I’ve seen a lot of talented artists suffer. SMH @ the music industry thats why its getting lame now.

  20. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    Columbia did it wrong, when promise ring was banging the charts the album should have been released. And the I’m grown single was not the move, it should of been “lay back and chill”…

  21. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    Keep it real ya’ll young artists aren’t doing nothing anymore! Tiffany didn’t sell because are songs were wack and she doesn’t have the package. Look at Lil’ Mama I knew she wasn’t gonna sell because she’s not appealing, her songs weren’t that hot and when u have songs that are good the album will turn out to be wack.

    I have an ear for music and I see why Tiffany, Lil’ Mama, Estelle and etc albums aren’t selling…its all about the package. Promotion is must too!

    Wait until Ashanti, and Nelly albums comes out…I wouldn’t be surprise if they don’t sell over 130,000 copies. People are now realizing that most of these artists are not like what they use to be when they came out 5-7 years ago!

  22. Jermaine May 9, 2008

    Tiffany is not what people are looking for in this generation. Artist that were hot (Bow Wow, Omarion, Lil’ Mama, Estelle and etc) are not selling nothing. Record labels can do so much…its all about the artists managers and how they will show off their artists.

    These artists and new ones coming out will have a hard time especially new artists because if u were to come out back in 2000…u would had it made. I’m shock Loeona Lewis album is selling, but that’s the only song that will get her far and that’s “Bleeding Love”! The rest of her album is wack and too much damn slow-ballads.

  23. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    1. Hardly anyone knows who she is.
    2. The people who have heard of her didn’t even know her album came out.
    3. Her songs don’t get played on the radio.

    So OVERALL lack of promotion. She need exposure.

  24. LadyV May 9, 2008

    I’ve read all the post and I think that everyone has one thing in common and that’s promotion.Listen if the artist doesn’t get promoted, they don’t sell records. Period. I don’t care how many people tell you different.I think the fact of the matter is promotion was bad, and they waited too late for the album. Diddy said it best. The music industry has changed so drastically in the past 10 years that people who are selling 10’s of millions of records 5 or even 6 years ago ain’t selling s*** now and that’s the truth. Records are not being sold like they use to.

    As far as the sound is concerned I actually don’t have a problem with it. What else is she going to talk about?She is 15 or 16 years old! Maybe she came on a little bit strong with the I’m Grown song but at the same time that song was coming out regardless. It just would have had a different name or dressed up in different lyrics but the song was going to come out sooner or later. Any child that is growing up the music industry is going to have a song like I’m Grown. That is a given. They all have the need to declare the fact that they are not young and ignorant but at the same time not old enough to take on responsibilities such as raising a child or paying taxes. It’s common sense.

    I think that she is a very talented young woman.At the same time,record companies are not going to put money where there mouths are. Now a days they need guaranteed hits with new artist. And it’s going to be like this until there is money being generated by the music industry. I hate to say that but that’s just the way that it’s going to have to be. No matter who you are,Mariah, Madonna,Janet it doesn’t matter. IF THE FIRST SINGLE IS NOT A HIT, THE RECORD COMPANY IS NOT GOING TO BOTHER WITH PROMOTING IT. That’s just how it is. Now that was my sh peal and I’m going to shut up now.

  25. Anonymous May 10, 2008


    Listen to her album. It is a great high-school pop album. I’m not listening to E=MC2 but I’ve been listening to Tiffany’s CD. The songs, “Thinking About,”
    “I Can’t Walk Away,” “Lay Back And Chill,” “My Favorite Brokenheart” are great. Her album has great production.

    So even if you just download it. TRUST ME – You’ll like it.

  26. Anonymous May 12, 2008

    The songs on the album were horrible and her vocals need to be developed more all that screaming aint neccessary. karina pasian sounds like tiffany but her voice is more developed and polished plus her songs are much beter imo

  27. Anonymous May 22, 2008

    Hey everyone, I love Tiffany, she is very talented, the problem is that her record label, the management they don’t know what they’re doing. They did not pick the right songs, the right image, right marketing, and so on.
    I think Tiffany should fire her management team, and anybody in her label who worked on her project should be fired too. I believe this young lady deserves another opportunity.
    KARINA PASIAN of ISLAND/DEFJAM is going to help Tiffany a lot, because she has, besides her unique talent and youth, the best man in music industry behind her L.A. REID. They are putting together an amazing album with all the right ingredients that Tiffany lacks. It’s unfair to compare Tiffany to Karina, because Karina has talents and skills well beyond Tiffany’s. The fact that Karina is 16 years old will give an idea to other emerging t*** singers what to do right.

  28. Anonymous June 7, 2008

    i think its cuz shes so young and she cant be that “s***” at only 15. maybe when shes older. right now its about how revealing you can be.

  29. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    in 2012, tiffany will be 20. her album didn’t do well because people like y’all wanna hate. she’s working on her second album and trust me, she will do better.

  30. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    No, Her album didn’t do well because it was wack. I saw her on BET and she was so full of herself and ANNOYING. She couldn’t even get the audience to engage like they wanted to.

    Now she is very talented…one of the few left. what she needs to do is get rid of this hip-hopish image and do HER. Her voice was not made for the hip-hop music style. Her voice is made for something more soulful. I didn’t waste my time buying the album because it wasn’t worth my money. All it was worth for me was a limewire download. I’m sorry but I will not buy an album that is only worth a limewire download. Not when she can do much better.

    Her is my advice to you Miss Evans because I KNOW you read these. Change genres. Try to be more soulful and less hip-hopish….its wack and its getting old in the industry, thats why people refuse to buy it. Find your OWN style and stick with it. If you do YOU and not what the industry WANTS you to do you will do so much better. You will appeal to a wider audience with soul based music rather than this old garbage that is plaguing the radios today. Your voice was MADE for soulful music. Dont let that go to waste.

    Bounce back, sweetie, i KNOW you will.

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