Mariah & Nick Cannon Make First Appearance

Mariah & Nick Cannon Make First AppearanceNewlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon (cannot believe I just typed that), made their first public appearance as a married couple in New York yesterday at in the Waverly Inn. Wonders never cease…

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  1. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    i think we should allow anybody who love someone to love them. Too often we try to destroy another person’s love because we dont have it. Leave them alone. Only they know if it real love.

  2. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    I still can’t believe this isn’t a publicity stunt! It just seems crazy to me…Its slowly sinking in though…
    She looks great though. Really happy.

  3. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    Mariah makes me tired. If this is an actual marriage, then I hope it all works out for them. But, Mariah just seems so incredibly fake to me.

  4. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    I hope this works out for them. They look great together, Mariah looks SO s***! At least they are open about their relationship so rumours dont fly around for months (like with Jay Z and Beyonce, I mean who knows if THEY are ACTUALLY married?!) They make a nice couple.

  5. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    i hope there mariiage last forever and look at nick cannon’s face he doesnt look so happy

  6. Anonymous May 9, 2008

    They look happy and it’s nice to see him touching her (so I don’t agree with the Nick doesn’t look happy comment.) And she is beeming. I will say this though:
    b) At least they are being someone more adult about it than other couples who take the “we want our privacy thing” too far. At some point, when you keep denying a relationship, I just don’t think that is healthy.
    All the best and hope it works out for them!

  7. Anonymous May 10, 2008

    All I can say Is “I bet some of you dudes are mad out here that Nick got her!!!!!!!” L.O.L. When did she start dating him anyway? What da???????????? Whatever it won’t last.

  8. Anonymous May 11, 2008

    damn nick cannons a lucky dude
    he was with christna milian
    n now mariah

  9. Anonymous May 12, 2008

    No disrespect or anything, but i dnt kno y this seems so awkward to me. I hope they work out. Wudnt it b a shocker if Mariah turned up pregnant. LOL!

  10. Anonymous May 23, 2008

    sum1z jus flashin a ring… ALL 4 pics!!… lol bt boi if i had dt many diamonds on 1 finger id mke sure the light cud ctch them @ all times tooo loool

    LOVE her dress!! Sam whose it by???

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