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Published: Tuesday 3rd Jun 2008 by Sam
No, this isn’t anything ‘Urban’ related, but I couldn’t resist. Peep this clip from Dr. Phil’s show that’s making the rounds on the net:

I actually squirmed a lil bit watching that. What my mother would have done to me if…SMH…

Your thoughts?

*Back to your regularly scheduled programming lol*

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  1. Alauno (Lyrique) Porter June 3, 2008

    My Kid would have been dead right then and there. You don’t let your kid hit you. got me messed up.

  2. Jelena June 3, 2008

    poor woman…imagine how she felt…
    he hit her real hard too!!!!
    how can he even talk to her like that nonetheless hit her…SMH

  3. Anonymous June 3, 2008

    Hitting the woman who gave birth to you is despicable…

  4. That Ish June 3, 2008

    Wow, that made we laugh so hard it hurt. xD No, but seriously, if he was my kid I would have beat him till his a** fell off. :B

  5. Travs June 3, 2008

    Someone tell me where dat FAt ASS kid is, cuz he know better, HIs MOM, She needs her ass whoooped for lettin him slap her like dat…My folks would’ve have put me under the floor and much more…but thats where these generations are headed now a days..all i have to say is not my child…

  6. Anonymous June 3, 2008


  7. Rashid June 3, 2008

    Man, I hate to just say what everyone else is saying, but yeah its the truth, my momma would have beat me like…like i don’t even know what for real lol probably wouldn’ta survived that ish. Let’s hope everyone didnt forget what would happen when pops got home from work and heard what you did too, deffinetely not surviving that one.

  8. Anonymous June 3, 2008

    Mayne my mom would beat my a** and drag me up and down that room even if I thought about cutting her off while she’s talking. He needs his a** whooped! She just sitting there I would’ve been done yanked that lil boy up out his seat lol. first of all he wouldnt even think about hitting me or talking to me like that. What is wrong with her?

  9. jonnyhco June 3, 2008

    my mom is from queenz.she would tear my ass up.black moms dont play on the real.that would never happen

  10. T June 3, 2008

    IT HAS TO BE SCRIPTED CUZ WHITE, BLACK, GREEN, YELLOW, a woman who RAISED her child, RESPECTFULLY, not a hooker, w****, druggie and he/she HITs her, DOA, no trial, no nothing that’s justified, smack me and your ass just found your f***** way into a casket!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE!

  11. La La Lemonn June 3, 2008


  12. zulkarnain sadali is a superstar June 3, 2008


    the kid is not as bad as you think he is! stop jumping to conclusions!

    okay; slapping his mother is a NO NO.

    but i do undesrstand how he felt about his mum being mean to him and not listening him out.

    i feel his pain. it sucks when after you apologise, someone throws another tantrum at you.

    he’s a good kid, you can tell cos he always apologises. but that slapping thing is a no-no. still.

    lol @ you guys. stop being so biased.

  13. Anonymous June 4, 2008

    Oh God ! I live in France but my origins is North Africa, and in my family you can’t even imagine to respond that way to parents, because of respect and … fear lol I sure know that my mom would throw through the window if I ever do that, and I’m 20

  14. Anonymous June 4, 2008

    oh helllllllllll nooooooooooo! i would have told them to turn the cameras off and shown him a proper beating. This is getting me angry i wanna beat him for her!

  15. Really June 4, 2008

    zulkarnain sadali is a superstar,

    you must be white cuz hitting or talking back to any adult is straight disrespect.
    Dude is a stupid lil f*** boi…

    Bein mean to him???
    She the parent if he wasn’t acting like a lil f***** she wouldn’t have been “mean” to him.

    If a child m******* apologizes after he molests you is he a good person????

    lol@ you bein naive
    Or maybe you were raised that way

    If I see dude it’ll be a problem

  16. Anonymous June 4, 2008

    ^^^ I was thinking the same thing. A no no? That’s it? “Being mean to him”? GTHO of here with that. He was speaking to her with his fat finger in her face and had the audacity to actually strike her. Nothing gives this mere child the right to think and dare to have the nerve to slap his mother. Nothing!!!!Apparently, his mother has allowed him to get away with things before or just placed him in “time out”, which is a joke. You keep your hands to yourselves point blank and to actually put your hands on your mother is beyond disrespectful. His ass should have been beaten. In most families, he would have just signed his own death certificate. Shame on him!!!

  17. magnificentmeka June 4, 2008

    If I did that my mama would of knocked the hell out of me. I would have been parted of that bedroom set. She just sat there like “Well bobby, i’m sorry you feel that way”.

    Hell No!!!

  18. Anonymous June 4, 2008

    If that was my kid I woulda beat the baby Jesus outta him! O.o

  19. Anonymous June 5, 2008

    I wish either of my sons would raise their hand at me…She should of had those cameras turned off and beat his a$$.

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