Soulja Boy Responds To Ice T Attack

Published: Friday 20th Jun 2008 by Sam

Soulja Boy has responded to rapper Ice T’s comments that he ‘killed Hip-Hop’. The 17 year old evidently didn’t hold back lol…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ND June 20, 2008

    Both Artists need to shut up.. This post aint even entertaining me…

  2. Soufian June 20, 2008

    lame, he’s telling Ice T he made himself look bad…while he just did the same

  3. Jordan A. June 20, 2008

    Hip-Hop was already dying; Souja Boy just drove the dagger through it’s heart. It’s pretty much time for him to just go away. Seriously; fade away into obscurity Souja Boy. We all beg of you.

  4. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    Soulja boy sounds like a complete idiot there. Ice T is right (although soulja boy didn’t do it single handedly). At the risk of sounding old myself, 17 year olds like soulja boy calling ice t “old” are exactly what’s wrong with hip hop.

  5. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    does soulja boy think he’s a good artist? what an illiterate fool.

  6. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    How can Soulja Boy single handidly kill hip-hop. Last time i checked, Soulja Boy was not a hip-hop debate talking about the message his music brings out. Although, there were reports that his lyrics in “Crank Dat Soulja Boy” did have sexual meanings 2 them. But even then, no one cud tell me wat they were. If u listen to one of Ice T’s songs, u wud automatically kno where the sexual content in the song wud b… Honestly, i dnt like Soulja Boy’s music, he is whack, he only came out wit dat one hit song (which made him rich), but so wat. To me its better to b 17 years-old & have a one hit song than 2 b 17 with a baby, selling drugs, in a gang, or dead. Like most of the young boys that are. So Ice T needs to check himself. If he really wants Soulja Boy to help bring Hip-hop back on its needs then how about try to give him some points Ice? Or, how about u come out with another hit album? O i 4got, his time is up, so nobody will be checkin 4 his music anyway! O & Soulja Boy, dont feed in2 someone’s negative comments about u, especially some of these bloggers who wud a agree with Ice-T tellin you to “eat a d***” (LOL! Hahahahahaha!… Sorry that was too funny). Jus keep doin wat u do. Even if the majority of ppl dnt like ur music, at least somebody will. I kno a few ppl who do like ur music… And yes, i mite b young & some of u mite think its wrong for me to attack Ice-T… But jus becuz u were once a rapper @ the top of the game, does not mean that once ur not on top u can criticize someone else for the type of music they make. Ice-T ur music disrespects women & u disrespected urself by sleepin wit Superhead. Lol!

  7. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    soulja boy wasnt the worst but it was deff stupid. its was catchy tho. but the tragedy that was ‘yahh’ he deff killed hiphop there. its is the worst hip hip song of all time. he is wat is rong with the youth these days. I cant believe he got a record deal. iCe T shouldnt of sed nothin but soulja boy looks more stupid then him for making a 10 minute video wasting his time talknig about ice t and he looks even more stupid for admitting that he looked up every possible detail there is about ice T. isnt he a musician shouldnt he be too busy to be looking up has beens on the internet. blah

  8. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    To the comment posted 2 spaces above me… Duh, arent half of the rappers in it 4 da money & fame… Tell wen was da last time u heard Lil Wayne not rappin about money & how much of it he got?

  9. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    oh yeah and it aint ICe T’s problem to “revive” hip-hop. he did his thing and it aint his responisibility no more. its the youths but the youth is garbage. he says that hes doing what he gotta do to feed his mom. well i bet u ur mom is ashamed of you for doing a song called “yah b**** yah” and saying n**** after every sentence. That why i only listen to underground R&B/soul. because its the only music that is still alive and healthy. look up alice smith, now she is a tru artist. her album is one of the best ive ever heard. Hip-Hop is dead but it aint the artists fault. its the fans who keep listenin to this artificial crap that are killin it. there are still some artist out there who “could” keep hip-hop alive but they aint gettting the time of day.

  10. Kendra June 20, 2008

    This dude sounds so damn dumb.

  11. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    hahahah soulja cracks me up. poor thing so fugly and irrelevant. superman that ho mother of yours boy

  12. rd4750 June 20, 2008

    honestly he does have a point….. Ice T is to old to be talkin about a 17 year old boy and on top of that you cant blame soulja boy for so called distroying hip hop because we are the ones who made his songs a hit so why point the finger at him…puls like he said he was poor at one point life and he had to do what he had do so im not faulting him at all

  13. Phabian June 20, 2008

    Soulja Boy is dead 2 me…Always has and always will be! He is just another ignorant boy tryna make it big…
    Although he didnt kill hip hop by himself…others contributed 2
    but I will have to agree with Ice T on this one

  14. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    souljah boy ETHERED HIM and he made a great point. that kid makes a certain type of rap. not everyone can be contious or gangsta…he makes the kids dance leave him alone

  15. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    i would have to agree with souljah boy on this one because he is doing something positive in his life he is not selling drugs killing people or in a gang he is not letting things like these whack ass old people affect him Ice T was dead wrong to say these comments about this young brother he just trying to provide for his family just like ice t is doing im pretty sure people dont like the fact that ice t wife coco is a s*** but they dont tell her to eat a d*** mainly because she probably has one in her mouth now lol my bad that was wrong but any way i dont think souljah is ugly either he is very cute and his music is funny it makes young people feel good so keep doing yourthing and by the way i know everyone that said something negitive about him was doing his dance dont lie

  16. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    souljah boy is so damn ignorant her is an idiot so stupid ugh he stuck da final nail in hip hops coffin man i dnt even listen to it please souljah boy just drop off the earth you will not be missed.

  17. LoveyDovey June 20, 2008

    Who is Soulja Boy again? That’s how irrelevant he is. Carry ya a** back 2 high school and get an education cause you can’t live off the sale of ringtones for much longer.

  18. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    Soulja Boy is SO RIGHT.
    An old guy like that should be more wise then to be picking at a 17 year old guy who’s working hard.
    He should be happy he’s doing something positive for himself, and not out on the streets doing the negative.
    See, old people can be some hatin ass lames too.
    Unfortunately age doesn’t always bring wisdom I see.
    Soulja boy did contribute into a new hip hop movement. One where we take the focus off of violence and hate, and turn it in to fun..
    his song did an amazing thing.. it crossed over to all races and unified a lot of different types of people through a song.

    THAT is amazing.

  19. Killa Kam June 20, 2008

    Soulja Boy is right, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, i hate when people talk just to be heard..if a person feels so strong about a certain thing, maybe they should do what they can to fix it and not just bad mouth someone for what they are doing to feed their families and survive…

  20. Anonymous June 20, 2008

    Besides the adolescent jokes, Souljah Boy is right, and his response is actually what you would expect from a child.

    His music is exactly what you would expect from someone his age. What does Ice-T expect him to rap about, pimps, h*** and gangsters? No thanks, Ice-T has that garbage covered.

    Anytime a grown, OLD man comes at a child with the language he used, he is wrong, period.

  21. xnonxs3ns3x June 20, 2008

    first off, soulja boy obviously needs to use the word n**** in his sentences. He was trying to make a point, and instead of doing that, he made himself look like s***. Ice T shouldnt have made the comment either, i mean soulja boy does make stupid tracks, but dont dis an “artist,”it shows a lack of maturity as both parts. Ice T seems insecure, and Soulja Boy seems to be trying to hard. Another thing, upcoming artists usually spend a couple years, a year at least, working on music, so i know for a fact soulja boy probably wasn’t that underprivileged, coming out the hood b*******. Anyway theyre both already in good positions as it stands, both being names in the “hip-hop” game. Both are dead in hip-hop in a certain tense.

    P.S.- Soulja Boy ate d*** a long time ago…

  22. missnikk June 21, 2008

    They’re both wrong. And that soulja talks too much. lol

  23. Anonymous June 21, 2008

    If you take all the ebonics and listen to what he is saying Soulja Boy states giid facts:
    Fact. Ice-T was wrong for what he said to a 17year old child.
    Fact. Ice-T should respect the fact that at 17 Soulja boy independently pushed units and made money to support his family.
    Fact. Ice-T is angry.
    Fact. If you dont like something, change it.
    Fact. Ice-T should be proud that todays youth are trying to do something with their life other than drugs, gangs and violence.
    Fact. Ice-T is way too old to be starting beef with a child, thats really childish of him.
    Fact. This makes Ice-T look really bad he has to have something better to do than worry about someone Soulja Boys age is doing.

  24. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag June 21, 2008

    i agree with the post directly above me.. I would like to also add that Soulja Boy is right, ICE T, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND STOP BITCHING! Hip Hop has been on it’s death bed for ages, and instead of trying to keep life in it like NAS & Jay Z try to do, “old ass” rappers like Ice T pump more & more hate into it.

    1) Drop an album and show people how its done

    2) Have your people call his people and do like Soulja Boy suggested– GIVE HIM FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS

    2)You used to be a role model, tell a young rapper to go “eat a d***” and essentially encourage him to not go after his dreams is not setting a positive example whatsoever and only supports all of those negative stereotypes that the Hip Hop industry had to fight through in the beginning of time. You might as well be a right wing republican from Idaho

    3) Hip Hop is an expression & a form of art. You Ice T & Souja Boy are both artists expressing yourselves in your own unique ways. If Da Vinci were alive today, would you approach him and tell him to “Eat a d***” just because he didn’t finish The Mona Lisa; just because it’s an incomplete work of art??

    Ice T SHUT THE F*** UP AND CRAWL BACK IN YOUR HOLE.. No one was look lookin for you, waiting for you and even thinking about you. Keep your comments to yourself unless you’d like to influence a positive change in life.

    ps. I don’t even like Soulja, but after watching this, he has my upmost respect and I wish the best for him in his career. I felt where he was coming from, and I appreciate Soulja Boy for trying to shed light on a simple truth. There are people out there that wish they were in your spots, that can’t even find a job. This came from the mouth of a 17 year old and you can tell that it came from the heart. Ice T, stop killing hip hop your damn self.

  25. Sweetie Pie June 21, 2008

    I don’t agree with what Ice-T or Soulja Boy said! In my opinion hip-hop was dead long before Ice-T enterd the game. Ice-T was the forefather of gansta rap and that’s what got everybody hyped. Now that’s all rappers do! No one does music with a messeage anymore!It’s a shame what music has come to…

  26. Anonymous June 22, 2008

    I don’t think that any of you realize what hip hop is…and what it was created for. While I don’t follow Souljah Boy’s music, from the one song I did hear he is revitalizing what hip hop used to be: FUN! I’m quite tired of shooting n*****, selling drugs, flossing whips, and speaking for the ghetto baby mamas in the hood who didn’t have a father growing up(#15 on pretty much every rap cd! LOL). I would rather “supa man dat h**” in the club! Real talk. That lil’ boy got 60 year old white women doing his dance. Plus he is 17! What the hell yall want him to rap about? Genocide? Democratic Primaries? Enriched plutonium? Damn!

  27. Anonymous June 22, 2008

    Honestly Ice-T is out of hand…Soulja Boy should have not even fed into that nonsense but at the end of the day Hip-Hop is evolving into so many things, if your a true fan you can appreciate what artist do to bring something new to the game. I enjoy all types of music but I feel like Hip-Hop ultimately is the most influential, inspirational, entertaining,listened too music in the world. So, in defense to Soulja Boy, he is doing something major for Hip-Hop (Originality). Ice-T should lay off and not put him-self out there like that, he didn’t look like a mentor or someone who is supposed to guide our youth. This entire thing is rediculous. Lastly, the boy is from the HOOD. Real n***** should know we fought to much adversity to be putting another n**** down. Why would Ice-T do something like that to an up-coming artist….I just dont understand

  28. Anonymous June 23, 2008

    first of all hi y’all n second i aint dat deep in dis b**** like y’all dudes in da see ima dude from from a small country called bulgaria is real f***** up in here,but uhm we all trynna pop out in dis world n deserve errbody’s respect cuz fo a man fo a young dude in dis case soulja boy,now he’s a straught dough fa sho n i am 100% fa soulja boy n i definitly think he’s da right,cuz he’s young famause got rich by work his ass up like errbody who wanna do some in dis bussines n he did plenty so no t ice or who da hell can disrespect in a way like dat dude did.he should be not helpin cuz maybe soulja boy will steal his job but have a have some kinda respect fo dis young strugglin dude right here,soulja boy.i dont tolerate dis kinda attitude from dis old legenderin see dis speaks verry bad fo dis maafuckin n**** n he is stupid to act in a way like dat.

  29. Anonymous June 27, 2008

    I’m going to just say this. When Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, Tupac and other old-time rappers were getting started, the real old-timers(people who listened to James Brown and Sam Cooke for example) were trying to have the music banned even back then because of “obsenity” and now that they’ve made it they are doing the exact same thing.

    They have had their time to shine. Everyone deserves a chance at success. Give young people a chance. Peace.

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