Tha Carter III: Will You Be Buying?

Published: Tuesday 10th Jun 2008 by Sam
Tha Cater III: Will You Be Buying? Lil’ Wayne’s much anticipated LP ‘Tha Carter III’ finally hit stores today. That Grape Juice wants to know…
Will you be buying ‘Tha Carter III’?

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  1. Breonte June 10, 2008

    i already did
    it happens to be very good.

  2. Damien June 10, 2008

    Great album…its not as amazing as i thought it would be, but it still great…my friend just bought it and we listened to it…i might buy mines later or tomorrow

  3. ND June 10, 2008

    Already have…

    Sick beats, shame about the t-pain singing…

  4. Jay3091 June 10, 2008

    What for? It already leaked, lol!

  5. Katey June 10, 2008

    Yes I will. I’m sure.

  6. Anonymous June 10, 2008

    bought it, love it.

  7. Anonymous June 10, 2008

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  8. Anonymous June 10, 2008


  9. Anonymous June 10, 2008

    I wont buy the album is lame

  10. tia June 10, 2008

    i fa damn sure will be buying it.i been waiting too long.

  11. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    Lil Wayne’s lyrical game is SICK and nobody can touch him on that! He is one of those people either you’re a fan or you’re not. If memory serves me, the critics said that Jay-Z’s last 2 albums were garbage but the man sold out his 7 city tour within seconds of the tickets going on sale. Lil Wayne definitely deserves his time in the spotlight, so SHINE on my brother . . . . . . . . .

  12. Tanya June 11, 2008

    No way. A mili is cool; but, everything else is average to me. He is not on Kanye’s, Jay-z or Nas’s level. People need to stop gassing up this guy like he’s so HOTT & he’s a legend. He needs help because he has a serious drug problem. Folks want to ignore that like it’s nothing. He can die from the syrup drug. He even sounds high on some of those songs.

  13. Bresheena June 11, 2008


  14. Anonymous June 11, 2008

    lil wayne has the ability to say things that other artist can’t say. I respect kanye and jay-z, but they need to stop making old school beats. Lil Wayne makes so many songs that he doesn’t care how Tha Carter 3 sales because he’s still making revenue from other songs, all the fans that are hating on Lil Wayne need to stop being difficult and come to the realization that this man has god givin talent and give him his respect.

  15. Anonymous June 12, 2008

    So now that the cd has almost went GOLD it’s first day out the gate . . . . What are you haters going to say now? Mr. Carter and You Ain’t Got Nuthin are the business. The lyrics are SICK !!!

  16. Anonymous June 13, 2008

    this album is not an instant classic by no means, HOWEVER it is the best album Weezy had put out so far. his delivery is all over the board, which can be seen as a bad or good thing! he shows a mad amount of diversity in this album and proves how in his own style he can still hang with the legends (i.e. Mr Carter, listne to this s*** and make your own comparisons!) This by far is the best album of 2008, or at least until Dr. Dre drops Detox but that dont seem to be happening any time soon…

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