Foxy Brown Talks Jay-Z

Published: Thursday 24th Jul 2008 by Sam
Foxy Brown Talks Jay-Z In the latest issue of XXL Magazine Foxy Brown tearfully opened up about the current status of her relationship with long-time friend and collaborator Jay-Z:

“A lot of things have happened over the years between Jay and I,” she says of the man who signed her to a multimillion-dollar deal at Def Jam in 2005, nine years after their classic duet “Ain’t No Nigga” gave him his first radio hit.

“But there’s an unbreakable bond that will never die. 50 wanted me to be part of his team so bad. He was like, ‘Look, I’ll do it with Jay, half and half.’ And, of course, Jay said no. At one point, 50 asked, ‘Why do you have so much loyalty to this Nigga?’ Jay and I have history. There are things that he could have done better, as far as his loyalty to me, and I’m sure I’ve made mistakes that he felt he could’ve prevented.” Foxy chokes up. “When I lost my hearing, Jay gave me the respect to go heal myself. He stuck with me along the way. But there are times when I just really needed him, and it wasn’t even about Foxy Brown and Jay-Z. It was just like, ‘I need you to help me save my life,’ and he just wasn’t there.”

The tears are streaming down her cheeks. “I would never denounce him in public. That’s just how I feel. But I’ve been incarcerated for eight months, and Jay’s been everywhere, and he hasn’t mentioned one thing about, ‘Tell her I love her. Tell her to be strong.’ That broke my heart more than anything. When they sent me to jail, I just knew he would be there-everyone came. But he never showed up… My mother always says, Jay also said this, in the tru life freestyle ‘Inga, when a person shows you who they are, believe them. Been showing me all through the years and you just don’t wanna believe it.’” {Source}

Though I’m a firm believer in there being 3 sides to every story (her side, his side and the truth), I can’t help but kinda sympathize with Foxy. Here’s hoping she gets herself together (which is seeming to be the case already) and remind us all why she is who she is – her talent.

Do you agree with Foxy?

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  1. tia July 24, 2008

    Yeah i mean i guess i feel a lil sorry for her but you can’t help but wonder what else in going on (or went on) between them,when i read nas’s baby mama book (carmen) i had read some things about foxy and her loyalty to jay so i mean its kinda crazy that her feelings are that strong,i guess they could be that strong over a friend but then again it just doesnt add up.

    more power to her though…i hope she has learned from all the crazy ish that has happened to her in her life

  2. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    Sam didnt post her whole interview on jay-z. In the begining she had described when she first me jay-z and 4rm that moment on they were bonnnie & clyde. so I think they did have sumthin goin on-more then friends

  3. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    and she said from the point on her and jay-Z became bonnie and clyde.

    srry 4 typos

  4. Anonymous July 24, 2008


  5. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    Hov was f****** Foxy, everyone knew that from Brooklyn….She was on JayZ d***..I remember when she came out with “styling burberry” she had a line in that song dissing Beyonce….for wearing Burr Berry in Jay and Beyonce Bonnie and Clyde video…This emotion break down is more than just some music, it about her not really getting over Jay…She get at Kim for still tearing up about Big, but at least Kim have the guts to admit she loved that niga Big mentally, pshyically, spiritually and a whole lot of things sexually,…lol..But I feel for her, I know how it feels to want someone back but its over…

  6. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    I don’t really feel that bad for her, all the crazy stuff that has happened to her is her own fault, beating up random people is not cool. I think something did go on between her and Jay, but that was a long time ago so she needs to let it go and move on.

  7. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    Hell no I don’t feel sorry for her. Jay gave her a chance but she messed it up. Would you want a out of control jailbird who needs anger management and a new weave or a beautiful woman that works just as hard as you and stays out of the drama. Foxy needs to fall back and learn how to make it on her own and stop riding other peoles coat tails.

  8. Anonymous July 25, 2008



  9. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    I kind of feel sorry too. I hope she can get back on her feet. She needs to stop the b******* and get in the studio and do what she does best.

    For those who ain’t to familiar with Fox or don’t know her skills. Try to download “Fever”, her on released album. Tracks like “Why”(which was later released on Don Diva) show shes real.

  10. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    he is beyonces b****….

  11. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    I Feel for foxy because she helped jay-z just like he helped her believe it or not when it came down to her 3rd album he was no where to be found, i remember her saying that in a old interview, that not him or r kelly or anybody else she did duets in the past with would return her calls.but Brokern Silence still went platinum with hardly no promotion and without jay….holla

  12. Big C July 26, 2008

    Yea it was something more than them being friends and doing business together. Jay didn’t want his conscious to catch up with him dealing with Foxy and other female artist that he put out. The fact now that he has Beyonce in his life, Jay is not planning to bring out anymore female artist under his wings. Foxy was hot when she came out with her first LP “Ill NA NA” mainly produced and wrote by Jay. Now she is on her own. Thats messed up how he didn’t bother to check up on here while she was in jail. I think Foxy need to find some hot a producers who know how to put some good beats for her style and come hard with some tight lyrics. I promise her she can do better with Jay. Go for what’s best for you, FOXY!

  13. Big C July 26, 2008

    correction on the last part….She can do better WITHOUT Jay

  14. Cee September 2, 2008

    Foxy’s best album is Broken Silence, which she made WITHOUT Jay. I know it’s hard for women in the industry. It’s like they need a dude to back them or they are screwed. I got nothin against Jay, but he is no good for her. His presence in her life has been inconistant…..probably at his convenience. She needs to move on. Sometime’s you just have to let people go and do you.

  15. Beingme May 10, 2013

    Lord Know Izza love me some foxy.. My girl need to just put that s*** aside and get back to her music… Can we get some music from foxy and let Jay be ( who I love too).. The man is married so things are different when ur marry.. He had to let all that go.. This is something married people do.. nothing personal but required..

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