Timbaland Enlists Beyonce, Rihanna & Co For ‘Shock Value 2’

Published: Thursday 24th Jul 2008 by Sam
Timbaland Enlists Beyonce, Rihanna & Co For 'Shock Value 2' Hit-maker Timbaland recently sat down with MTV to speak about the follow up to his 2007 LP ‘Shock Value’, which is aptly titled ‘Shock Value 2’. Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay-Z are just some of the big names the super-producer has lined up to appear on the album:

“Shock Value is really like the Now [That’s What I Call Music!] compilation,” he said. “That’s my goal for this — not [to showcase] me as an artist. Of course I’ll do my little part, introduce some people. It gives me room to go tour across the world. People request me. I put on a show. I put on a musical show.

“Right now, I have a song with Madonna that I didn’t put on her album. I saved [it] in case I wanna do one for me,” he revealed. “Of course I’mma do one with Beyoncé. Of course I’mma do one with Jordin Sparks, Rihanna. It’s a lot of people. I’mma do one with Jonas Brothers. I’mma try to have 10 major ones.”

On the hip-hop side, Timbo said he’s looking at T.I., already has T-Pain and expects Jay-Z. “Jay was really on the last one, but he wanted to change [the song],” he said. “I said, ‘Look, man, I gotta put out an album. You’re killing me.’ “

This, most definitely, is already shaping up to be better than its predecessor.

Randomness, I know, but wouldn’t it be something if Timbo had Beyonce and Rihanna on the same track ala ‘Scream’ with Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger? Cheesy I know, but that really would be ‘shocking’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    I think I’ll pass on his album.. I don’t like half the artists he just mentioned except for Madonna….

  2. jonnyhco July 24, 2008

    the Jonas brothers.what is this world coming to.Beyonce,jayz and Madonna are the only good people in the line-up.I think i’ll skip this one timbo

  3. D2PvP July 24, 2008

    Not my music this time.

  4. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    No sam. IMO that would just give haters another reason to argue and circulate and cause more drama. I h8 timbaland personally and feel his production sounds recycled. intresting to see what he does for Beyonce’s album still.

  5. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    yay madonna and rihanna! hope keri is on it too.

  6. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    I’ll pass. Keri Hilson and Beyonce can vocally make the album. I’d rather see Madonna dance than sing, and Rihanna? Well, she can just walk/model throughout the video!

  7. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    i agree keri hilsin and beyonce are beast….they both can blow!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    damn keri hilson shyt….lol…..damn keys….lol

  9. Young One July 24, 2008

    WOW, Shock Value 2, Black Eyed Peas Reunion, New Eminem Album, Dr. Dre's Detox(FINALLY), New Beyonce, New Christina Aguilera, New Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado, Uh Oh! We gonna leave 08-& Enter 09 WITH A BANG! Caint Wait Till The Fourth Quater!!!

  10. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    ^^^Yes the end of the year will end with a blast…the beginning sucked hard…

  11. King July 24, 2008

    Cant wait.
    Speaking of “Scream” – why wasn’t it a huge hit?? I don’t even think it was sent to radio. The song could’ve been massive.

  12. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    i hope Kiley Dean makes it on the album, her & tim go back, "Simple Girl" would have been a huge, if only Interscope Records promote the gurl right.

  13. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    For some reason I feel like he don’t want to work with Ciara! Simply because he probably feel she’s trying to be like Aaliyah!Ciara said,”she want to work with him but she’s scared because of the comparisons!If you notice Tim never talks about Ciara!

  14. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    yea it's true what you're saying about the whole ciara & tim

  15. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    Timbo working with BEYONCE, T.I, T-Pain, Madonna, Rihanna im excited about it can’t wait i love the first shock value cannot wait for this one, please timbo skip jonas brothers HATE THEM

  16. Anonymous July 26, 2008

    I think Timbo is going to do something hotter for this Shock Value 2. With some of these collabos i think this album somewhat reminds me of Missy Elliott “Da Real World” album. That album was a BEAST. The collaboration she had on their was crazy. Redman, Method Man, Eminem, Juvenile, BG, Beyonce, Lil Mo, Nicole Ray, Lady Saw, Lil Kim, Big Boi, Aaliyah and Da Brat. All-stars collabo. Nothing can’t top that album. Timbo need to do something similar or better

  17. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    list of people who should be on shock value 2
    in paratheses are the types of songs they should do and examples of those types
    beyonce (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Crazy in Love and Dangerously In Love)
    t.i. (UPTEMPO; Whatever You Like)
    michelle williams (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; We Break the Dawn and Stop This Car)
    solange (OLD SCHOOL JAM; T.O.N.Y.)
    kelly rowland (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Comeback and Bad Habit)
    monica (SLOW JAM; Angel Of Mine)
    brandy (SLOW JAM; Have You Ever)
    chris brown (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Kiss Kiss and Superhuman)
    young jeezy (UPTEMPO; Put On)
    lil wayne (UPTEMPO; Got Money)
    nelly fertado (UPTEMPO; Do It)
    justin timberlake (UPTEMPO; My Love)
    rihanna (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Umbrella and Rehab)
    nelly (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Party People and Dilemma)
    jay-z (UPTEMPO; Big Pimpin’)
    keri hilson (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Energy and Superhuman)
    mariah carey (SLOW JAM; We Belong Together)
    bow wow (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Fresh Azimiz and Shortie Like Mine)
    missy elliott (UPTEMPO; Best Best)
    omarion (SLOW JAM; Ice Box)
    outkast (UPTEMPO; Hey Ya)
    destiny’s child reunion (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Lose My Breath and Say My Name)
    pussycat dolls (UPTEMPO; When I Grow Up)
    danity kane (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Bad Girl and Poetry)
    day26 (SLOW JAM; Since You’ve Been Gone)
    jennifer hudson (SLOW JAM; Spotlight)
    ll cool j (UPTEMPO AND SLOW JAM; Paradise and Luv U Better)
    soulja boy (UPTEMPO; Crank That)
    usher (SLOW JAM; Burn)
    ashanti (SLOW JAM; Rain On Me)

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