Have Janet and Def Jam Reconciled?

Published: Tuesday 15th Jul 2008 by Sam
Have Janet and Def Jam Reconciled? There is mounting speculation that Janet Jackson and label Island Def Jam have put aside their much publicized differences and have opted to continue working together. The news comes as Jackson’s previously scrapped new single ‘Can’t Be Good’ was officially sent to Urban Adult Contemporary radio for adds by Def Jam this week. {Source}
A reconciliation? Hopefully. A final parting shot? Maybe. I’m still not entirely sold on ‘Can’t Be Good’ getting the single treatment ahead of cuts from ‘Discipline’ such as ‘2Nite’, ‘The 1’ and a more proper release of ‘LUV’. If there’s no promotion, I really can’t see this making much of an impact. Still, I’m hoping Janet and Def Jam have patched things up, the ‘Discipline’ project really is too good to go so un-supported IMO.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    ‘Cant B Good’ brings nothing new from Janet, ‘LUV’ should be the single that they would be focusing. It’s catchy, summery and a “feels so good” song. This CD is sooo good, shame IDJ left Janet in the cold.

  2. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    c’mon janet. I think LUV would take off with a summery s*** video.

    like her All for You one.

    I’m rooting for her.

  3. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    I prefer LUV and I’m rooting for her too.. Go Janet!!

  4. topopMAC1 July 15, 2008

    Her record company seriously don’t have a CLUE! “Luv” and “2Nite” have far more potential than “Can’t B Cood”… as does the underpromoted “Rock With U”.

  5. Aaliyon July 15, 2008

    I belive “Cant Be Good”, “Luv”,
    “2Nite”, “The 1” are big hits from the “DISCIPLINE” CD, and i would really be dispointed to see them not promoted, they need to be promoted and all need ot have a music video shot for before this album comes to an end. Come on! ISLAND DEF JAM better get their act together and stop kissin Mariah’s ass, its time to focus more on MISS JACKSON!
    “LUV” AND “2NITE” ARE BIG HITS! They need to be seen to the light!
    I believe they should start off with a music video for “LUV” then
    “2NITE” which happens to be my favorite and then get to “Cant Be Good”

  6. David July 15, 2008

    ‘Can’t Be Good’ should be saved for the fall/winter season. “Luv” is the song that should be pushed; it is so obviously a summer song. IDJ really don’t have a clue.

  7. geri July 15, 2008

    while i do love ‘can’t be good’, ‘Luv’ should definitely be the focus. IDJ has already made money and sales off mariah and rihanna’s albums; i don’t understand why they don’t start pushing Janet now. her album is just as good, if not better, than those 2 combined.

  8. Anonymous July 15, 2008


  9. keith July 15, 2008

    While I agree with you guys that “Can’t B Good” shouldn’t be a single right now, I hope they can produce a decent video and some payola (let’s be real) to get some airplay. My wish is that they realized its time to get off Mariah’s CD cuz its toast now and support Janet whose CD was under-supported to begin with. I hope Janet also realizes that she has to make some concessions because her older fans really don’t dig the fact that her music isn’t what it was before…and this is from a Janet fan who is her age and has tickets to the RWU tour.

  10. Mia July 15, 2008

    I agree that “Discipline” deserves a 2nd chance to get its shine. It’s one of Janet’s stronger albums in recent years, and I was disappointed when I heard that her record company was acting shady and refusing to release any more singles. Although “Luv” is my favorite track on the album, “Can’t Be Good” has great potential to catch on with the “grown & s***” audience, and to spread from there across all formats. With the right support from Island Records, a strong video, and some payola to get radio on board (you’re absolutely right, Keith), CBG could do big things. Here’s hoping that the release of CBG will pave the way for a re-release of the album, and a 2nd round of promotion by Janet … this time, supported by the label.

  11. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    CBG is a great song but I agree with everyone else that it shouldn’t be the single to focus on. If they really want Discipline to shine, they should have released The 1 with a strong video. To me The 1 is the song that would make people want to hear the rest of the album. After The 1 release Curtains. Curtains is an awesome song and would draw a lot of attention. Then release the song 2nite. Discipline could do well if they promote it the right way. BTW, does anyone else feel this little fight between Janet and IDJ was just a fluke?? Funny how they are making up just before the concert begins, since Janet’s concert tickets sales are doing pretty good, funny IDJ wants to release a new single. I don’t know something smells fishy to me..

  12. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    def jam is probably doing it only because her tour is selling and shes still getting media attention without their help. but i agree luv should be properly released with a video, this is the best time to release it. the album can still go platinum if promoted right its already at 400k

  13. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    Discipline is a nice album with SEVERAL potential singles…I just wish radio would embrace Janet again. I miss hearing her on the radio. I hear some of the music and wonder how the heck can they play that stuff that gonna save the damn world in 4 minutes!!!! Oppsssssss…Did I accidently slip and say something wrong!!! LOL!!!! You all know what I mean!

  14. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    Discipline is a GREAT CD with MANY single choices! I really think for the summer 2Nite, The 1, or even Rollercoaster are better single choices than Can’t B Good… maybe they’re thinking UAC will embrace her and she will crossover to pop/hip-hop and they can release other singles for those formats. I have no idea what they’re doing, but LUV (or the other songs I listed) should be the single being released now.

  15. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    Def Jam seriously had no clue from the start, they waited too long to release the vid for “Feedback” and “Rock With U” was promoted way too late. IDJ needs to get their timing right and stop focusing on others sending them to Hawaii to shoot clips for their vids when Janet is getting pushed in the dark (no names needed here, blah). 😛

    Back to Janet–(:P) “Luv” IS a definite winner for summer (like alot of the readers here suggest). Janet’s team and IDJ should get-together and really look at what her fans are saying. These are the people who have loved her throughout these years and who should be catered to.

  16. Anonymous July 15, 2008

    I 100% Agree with all of you guys. IDJ was clueless from the start and they worked on Mariah more than they did Janet, or should I say barley did anything at all, but sow up t a few show, and did few performances. I know I was proud of her when she was promoting her tour on her, and at least let the fans know what was up when we were in the dark so long, she knew that we knew something was up and she had to tell us, scheduling her shows on her own, she has complete control over her career when IJD wasn’t doing jack. But I do hope that IDJ is mature enough to promote her album along with the single tat is going to be released, Discipline was her best in YEARS and they let it off the band wagon. I was crushed to see it fall, and album that has so much potential. Now that her tour is selling good, they are like “ohh s***…..she selling….time to make up!” when they should have done that a long time ago. I hope they re-release the album and that it gets the right promotion from IDJ, that means traveling and showing up to talk shows etc, she didn’t even did to travel he way she wanted to promote her album. And Feedback was released waaaaay to early I don’t think that Janet is at fault at all over this I could tell that something wasn’t right when I didn’t hear from Janet in like 3 weeks. BUT maybe this is a good sign that after the tour she will make another album. Because this album was Brilliant. IDJ needs to get there head out of there asses and start doing some work that is Loooooong over due

  17. JoeJoe July 16, 2008

    IDJ needs money from Janet’s album cause right now Mariah has hardly passed the 1 million mark for her album. That whole label is messed up and they know they can’t just survive off Mariah especially when it comes to selling tour tickets. Janet’s ticket sales are doing great and they know that will help her sales.

  18. Anonymous July 16, 2008

    Whatever they do they need to release LUV as a single

  19. Sean July 16, 2008

    I don’t know one person who doesn’t like LUV, Rock With U or 2nite. Rock With U is an amazing track but not totally single material. It would have worked beautifully as a later single after she saw more chart success. If anything, like most of ya’ll are saying, LUV and 2nite would make much better single choices than Cant B Good. She needs to keep up the energy. The more I listen to 2nite the more I think it would be a great, super radio freindly single. It’s fun and flirty, like most of Janet’s successful singles (Someone to Call My Lover, Escapade, When I Think of You, etc)

  20. TG July 16, 2008

    It must be “LUV”
    Nothing else !!!
    What would happen if every one of us send an E-Mail to Def-Jam to let them know what we think about their Descision !

  21. mark July 17, 2008

    “Luv” needs to be the single. It is the only song that both Janet fans and non-Janet fans unanimously like. When I play the Discipline album, it’s the song that grabs people’s attention.

    “Can’t Be Good” should be a companion piece that can be played on Adult Contemporary/Adult Urban stations.

    Soon after, “2Nite” should be released. Followed by a slow ballad for the fall/winter season.

    It may or may not be to late to save this album, but hopefully Island Def Jam gets off their asses and do something.

  22. Raft3r July 17, 2008

    anything that may help resurrect this project is good enough for me.
    janet deserves our support.
    no matter what.

  23. Anonymous July 18, 2008

    Can’t Be Good and a great single choice, as it differs from Feedback and Luv. Also, there needs to be a ballad approaching the tour for people to connect with I think. DISCIPLINE really is a GREAT album!

  24. Anonymous July 19, 2008

    release “luv” “2nite” and “The 1”. the cd will boost in sales

  25. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    So Much Betta, Luv, The 1, What’s Ur Name are the hits of the album (besides Rock With U). This is a dance album so fast tracks will boost sales.. Can’t Be Good is great but brings nothing new of janet..

  26. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    I luv me sum Janet, but I feel that only the songs produced by Rodney Jerkins Clicked with her "Pop" style. I know she loves Jermaine and he is talented, but be like Madonna (dont mix love and business together) he works best wit hiphop artist and im madd crazy about Neyo but his style hasnt blended with her on this disc either. The Greates Ex is awesome is shows her at her Vocal Best (clear and firm). Next project should be collaborated with Janet,Jimmy&Terry and Wil-i-am.. that would be sooooo hotttt!! o yeah part 2: Gil is a very talented dancer but i need Janet to get back to those New Dance moves that no other artist has done before.. you set the trend for two decades.. and i know you cant be #1 forever but mix in a new choreagraher..

    Order of Releases from DISCIPLINE:
    Feedback (poppin first cut)
    Luv (feel good summer Jam)
    Greatest Ex (Awesome Vocals)
    Rollercoaster (that new year jam like Together Again)

  27. Anonymous August 10, 2008

    I totally agree that 2nite should have been promoted right after feedback. Then Luv. Then i also believe that she should or should’ve made videos from these songs as well. I hope the concert helps promote the CD.

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