‘Jennifer Hudson’ Album Cover

Published: Wednesday 9th Jul 2008 by Sam
'Jennifer Hudson' Album Cover The above pic is said to be the official album cover for Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s self titled debut – which is due September 30th via J Records. I like…

What do you think of the cover?

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  1. T July 9, 2008

    FIERCE, photoshopped but soooooooo fierce!!!

  2. BEBU July 9, 2008


  3. Anonymous July 9, 2008


  4. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    LMFAO!! Yeah right. Jennifer’s waist hasn’t been that small since she was a child. They know they are wrong for chopping half of her body off!

  5. Mina July 9, 2008

    What’s the point in looking slim on an album cover if you are not that slim in real life? If her camp wants her loose weight, or if she wants to loose weight….Loose Weight! This is the same lady that wears spandex with no shame! Why try hide your weight now? That gives young girls the wrong impression.

  6. DaTruth July 9, 2008

    She looks damn good….And if you look at the Spotlight Video she really is losing weight! Keep it up JHUD!

  7. iRvy_iRv July 9, 2008

    ^^^I love the album cover and can somebody tell me WHEN an album cover is NOT photoshopped??? all ya’ll stop haiting cuz no matter photoshopped or not, she still looks pretty damn good!

  8. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. July 9, 2008

    all of you negative Nancies are all haters who are sitting behind your computer screen eating your feelings away and watching your weight (expand, that is). Lay off of J-Hud. Pay attention to the “Spotlight” video and remember the camera adds ten lbs, then pay attention to her red carpet appearance at the most recent awards show (which was aired on TV live after she recorded the video) and tell me she didnt look slimmer than in the video. Yea, the powers @ be altered the photo, but stop freakin hatin cuz she can still pull more than any of you cellulite packing losers while wearing her spandex fiercly. You wish you were J-Hud. Each of you anonymous negative Nancies can rename yourselves accordingly; Cellulite Sally, Tammy the Talking Tummy, Thunder Thigh Tina & Fatback Betty… The cover is hot, J-Hud is hot, and each of you are hot messes. She was on the cover of Vogue, what have you done lately?

  9. DJ Triumph July 9, 2008

    looks good to me.

  10. jo July 9, 2008

    any uk people out there????

    did you se the alicia dixon shot on retouching they can do anything now a days and people are fooled by what they portray as perfect which is not ….this is an example she does not look like that … it’s not hating its telling it how it is.

    your guna get girls out there thinkin how did she all of a sudden get that slim and their going to be doing some ridiculous diet …

    retouching is needed sometimes but not if their changing your whole body shape or everthing about you.

  11. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    great pic, but i agree, too much airbrushing.

  12. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    i do not like it,she should just be herself i like her that way.

  13. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    I’m really diggin the album cover. She looks great on it. Yeah I know extremely photoshopped, but so what? It’s an album cover, how many other album covers or even magazine covers aren’t photoshopped to the max? Just let it ride, its a better looking album covers then a lot of recent ones.

  14. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    She WISHES her waist looked like that. Her waist has at least two spare tires around it in reality.

  15. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    LOVE IT!!!!! And everyone photoshops, please believe it so stop it okay.

  16. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    Sure everyone photoshops but why are people getting salty when its called out in this case? Every cover Mariah does is photoshoped to death and so is this one

  17. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    My problem is the laziness of the photoshop job. Like they didn’t even attempt to make it look real. For example look at her *neck* it is way smaller than her arm, how funny looking is that? And then the right side of her face is completely blackened to make it look slimmer and you can see where her real face starts and her left hand is also cupped where her face starts. S***** job J Recs, s***** job! Let her be a proud big girl!

  18. Anonymous July 10, 2008

    She looks good but I hope the editor of this site starts doing homework before posting stuff. I like the site for the music reviews but don’t become mediatakeout because then you will be posting fake b.s.

  19. Anonymous July 10, 2008


  20. janfan_48 July 10, 2008

    Cute! Yay Jen.

  21. Anonymous July 10, 2008

    I like the picture but I don’t understand why there is still a certain “image” that the entertainment world feels they should uphold. Take this picture for example… Even though Jennifer looks damn good, in my opinion, the whole world knows she is not this thin. This is exactly the reason why we hear stories about celebrity breakdowns and have non-celebrity people who are trying to fit this “image”. Why continue to promote and be something that we are not?

  22. Anonymous July 10, 2008

    wow yall are haters on my girl jennifer………..tv always add tens pounds and yall forget she did gain a lot of weight for dreamgirls and has lost a lot of weight since then……..this picture has been retouched but not as much as you guys make it out to be…….she looks good and prolly be smaller than that come next year.

  23. Anonymous July 10, 2008

    wow if you look in her music video she sooooo lost weight. so stop hating.

  24. Tiffany July 12, 2008

    Just because she looks thinner in her video doesn’t mean she is. Technology allows you to airbrush videos now. Sure it takes a couple of 10K but I’m sure it’s not a problem for Miss Oscar-winning singer/actress here. I like the cover as just a cover but it definitely sends out a bad message to young people. If she had no say in the album cover then she should be FURIOUS about this. The editor of the cover needs to clean out his/her desk because J-Hud is so not about this. But if she did have a say, then there’s something fishy going on here…

  25. Anonymous July 14, 2008

    i do not cear what no one of yall gat to say she is off the hook

  26. Anonymous September 19, 2008


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