New Song: Mario – ‘Promise Land’

Published: Monday 21st Jul 2008 by Sam
With R&B crooner Mario hard away at work on his forth studio album, a new cut from LP’s recording sessions titled ‘Promise Land’ has surfaced. Check out the Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins produced track below:

Good stuff. I’m really hoping Mario garners the success he deserves this go round; as I’ve said many a time, his last LP ‘Go!’ was criminally underrated, as is Mario as an artist too.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    his last album(go)was fire, it sucked there wasnt one bit of promotion regarding it

    and people janet was in a mess

  2. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    Go was the business and Mario is a great singer.

  3. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walks off singing “Welcome to the promised land…”

  4. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    Love this little boy. Love his voice. =)

  5. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    This is sweet…Darkchild is one of the best producers out now…every artist is still going to him because he always make different beats that is not out here.

    Too bad Scott Storch doesn’t have a long lasting career like Darkchild…he’s been around and used since 90’s!

  6. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    I like Mario and his GO album was highly underrated.. I hope he gets success w/ the next one..

  7. fashionmanifesto July 21, 2008

    Sam Said: "as I've said many a time, his last LP 'Go!' was criminally underrated, as is Mario as an artist too."

    THANK YOU SAM!!!!! Finally someone said it, IMO he is the best male vocalist of this generation (sorry Chris & Ne-Yo) and he gets so over looked it's criminal! This just goes to show that talent obviously doesn't sell records. He is my favorite male singer, I heard Music For Love late last year and fell in love and it just got released a few weeks ago!!!!!!!! seriously?? i heard it MONTHSS ago. *sigh* Jesus Take The Wheel

  8. I love Bey July 21, 2008

    Mario is one of the few artist that actually shows growth with each album. His vocals are amazing and i effin love this song!

  9. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    YES YES YES!!! No doubt that the boy can sing! One of the best male vocalist of all time (Imo) better than usher, chris brown, and neyo vocally!! Other than that, can’t wait for the new record. I think this is going to be his Best album yet. HOT SONG

  10. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    Oh yeah!! this song is fire!! Mario is a great singer the next album is going to be fire!!!, This song is in my top 5 on my ipod

  11. La Marie July 21, 2008

    Mario’s wack!

  12. Anonymous July 22, 2008

    ive heard quite a few new songs from Mario lately and he's coming back stronger than ever!

    Go was an amazing album but from what ive heard so far, this next project is going to knock it out the water.

    Sam, check & Post some of the other newly leaked mario songs:

    * I Choose You
    * Do For Love
    * Step Out

  13. Anonymous July 22, 2008

    HIs last album was way better than chris brown’s..and i love both but the truth is that mario is the better artist! they better be no lacking on his album promo this time around

  14. Anonymous July 22, 2008


  15. Anonymous July 22, 2008

    I like! But he sounds a lil’ like Usher in the beginning (from Moving Mountains).

  16. jademz July 22, 2008

    Mario is one of the best male singers in the game. It’s a pity that he doesn’t have better management behind him to help him get the success he deserves. Go was the truth! I love this song.

  17. Anonymous July 22, 2008

    this song is fire!! If your a Mario fan check out: I choose you & stuttering. I choose you is another stargate production. w/ its similarity to irreplaceable, it still is a good track. Stuttering is also produced by Stargate, and it has that international pop sound that a lot of artist are goin' for. Despite hopping on that bandwagon, Mario holds it down.

  18. Anonymous July 22, 2008

    This song is hot his other songs by stargate surfaced too in their hot I choose you is a beautiful slow song and Stuttering is just a great club banger. Mario has improved each album creatively more than any artists. This time around he’s going blow it seem his team is on it this time around seen him on the six flags tour he is a great all around entertainer he has a great voice and can dance.

  19. Anonymous July 22, 2008

    Standing Ovation!!!
    Damn Mario you bring tears to thy eyes.
    I mean for talent like this to be so underrated right along wit Brandy. Like the last ablum GO! OMG was awsome. But i think everyone can agree they did no promotion @ all for him. How can you Promote others like Cassie and thangs and not real talent. I pray that he makes it to where he needs to be BACK ON TOPS!
    This one song hands down… Blows Ushers entire LP out the water( im not even gonna get on that mess!!!). But i love it. Great production and lyrical content. Claim your spot my brutha.
    Much Love and Success, Fb4music

  20. toons July 22, 2008

    Mario is effin consistent. with every album his music matures and his vocals get better. i love this song. mario sings from his soul and heart, like you really feel it when he sings. keep making music mario, even tho the indudstry sleeps on ur talent!

    I dig this guy. he's actually my fave younger generation r&b singer. my fave male singer is Joe, another selpt on talent.

  21. Maja July 22, 2008

    Good song but sounds like Usher!! I was like… who is singing it? Usher or Mario??

  22. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    out of all the young r&b singers out 2day, theres not alot that can actually sing.
    Chris Brown

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