Omarosa: "I Knocked Wendy Out"

Published: Wednesday 30th Jul 2008 by Sam
Reality TV star Omarosa has declared victory over shock jock Wendy Williams, following their spat on Williams’ talk show recently:

“She’s been talking smack about me for the past five years and she thought I’d go on her show, forgetting about it? She’s been so vicious, she couldn’t have expected a tea party!”

“I had some expectation that she would try and up her game, but she lowered it. I find it ironic that she would beg and plead me to come on her show and then be rude and unprofessional when I got there,” says Omarosa, who thinks she won this fight with the radio shock jock. “I knocked Wendy out. She’s so used to bullying people, but for the first time, she met her match.” “She definitely has a face for radio.” {Source}


Do you agree with Omarosa?

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  1. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    get her omarosa lol!

  2. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    hate this b****
    and wendy killed her ass
    when she said “Thanx for coming 2 MY SHOW”
    omarosa’s 15 minutes are up!!!

  3. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    Why is this bith even relevant? What has she done besides appear on The Apprentice and lose twice? I can’t stand her ass…

  4. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    i can’t stand wendy or omarosa…BUT…in this situation…i would have to go with omarosa simply because i hate wendy williams so much more…hopefully her show won’t get picked up nationwide…there’s enough ugly, unecessary, trash-talking, meaningless, far from innovative, non-thought provoking…fake ass b****** to say the least on TV…goodnight wendy and omarosa.

  5. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    omarosa is a man
    and omarosa is just hating because she cant have her own show like wendy.
    wendy was being professional because if she went out on omarosa
    wendy’s show could have been cancel

  6. Walley July 30, 2008

    why is Omarosa tryna act like shes the only person that has stood up to Wendy. Whitney stood up to her a long time ago and Wendy didnt even know what to say. Wendy didnt meet no match, she deff. was more professional then omarosa. idc. as much as i dont like wendy, i hate omarosa soo much more because WENDY aint fake, she might be a b****, but shes real with it. Omarosa on the other hand, is one of the fakest ppl ive ever heard of.

  7. caprikorn313 July 30, 2008

    Im really glad that she thinks that she out did Wendy……because thats only in her world. On Earth everyone knows that our favorite drag queen Wendy gave it to OldmanRosa. She clearly let her know that she was on her show.

  8. Jay July 30, 2008

    Yes of course I agree with Omarosa!!!

    Wendy Williams is a mean, rude, cold-hearted b*tch. She definately met her match with Omarosa…

    Get it Omarosa!

  9. fernie July 30, 2008

    Omarosa you 15 minutes are up

  10. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    Hey, cant say i like either of these b****** but Omaron had Wendys ass! Wendy has needed a kicking since whenever and it was good you saw it on T.V because you couldn’t hide Wendy’s reaction.

  11. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    Omarosa ATE Wendy UP!!!! LOL

  12. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    She has some nerve speaking in regards to someones face. Omaroacha is one unattractive t***** looking Hemale. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Granted, Wendell looks like a horse, but ol Wesley Snipes look a like here is nothing to brag about either and she has an attitude to match and that is quite UNATTRACTIVE.

  13. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    girl,wendy killed that girl with her comebacks on that couch!!!! she looked and sounded weak when she tried to come back right at her!!!!Wendy knows how to talk her down!!!

  14. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    OMAROSA KILLED IT on Wendy! Wendy totally got hers. What goes around does indeed come back around… and when it does, makes fun of your wig on live television!!! HAHA!

  15. Anonymous July 31, 2008

    No No No

    Ain’t nothing wrong with Wendy, at least she says what she is thinkin’

    Her interviews are always funny and interesting

    I dont even think Wendy was going to trash her during the interview, but Omarosa came in with a defensive attitude from the start, because she thought Wendy was going to ‘straight’her out, while Wendy said ‘smooth her out just a little bit’, which she always says , the realy Wendy fans know that

  16. Anonymous July 31, 2008

    OMOROSA all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She cooked that fat nasty goose with a face for radio.

  17. Anonymous July 31, 2008

    Im not a big fan of either women but all the people saying Omarosa was the victor really didnt watch the whole show or hate Wendy so much that they did not see the reality in what happened. Omarosa came off as an angry women with a grudge trying to stretch her 15 minutes to a half hour, love her or hate her Wendy made Omarosa look stupid without really having to say a word which proves who really won the battle.

  18. David July 31, 2008

    Team Wendy!

  19. melissa August 1, 2008

    I wish this b**** would shut up about that s*** already!

  20. melissa August 1, 2008

    I wish this b**** would shut up about that s*** already!

  21. Anonymous August 2, 2008

    I would rather be an Angry Black Woman than a Buffoon. Classic line. Go Omarosa! Put that line on a bumper sticker or t-shirt.

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