Rowland Seeks ‘Deeper’ 3rd Solo LP

Published: Thursday 24th Jul 2008 by Sam
Rowland Wants 'Deeper' & 'More Inspiring' 3rd LP Speaking with the UK’s Daily Star, Kelly Rowland shed some light on the direction of her forthcoming solo LP – her third:

Kelly Rowland has said she would like to collaborate with UK singer-songwriter Kate Nash.

The former Destiny’s Child star also claimed that she is interested in working with Alphabeat, The Script and Guillemots.

“I definitely want a new sound so I am jamming in the studio with amazing musicians who just love music,” she told the Daily Star.

“I’ve asked The Script to do a duet and The Guillemots have given me one of their tracks to listen to.”

She continued: “I would love to do something with them or Alphabeat, and Kate Nash is dope.”

Rowland also revealed that she is hoping her third LP will be “deeper” and more “inspiring” than her first two solo albums. {Source}

Is it bad that, Kate Nash aside, I know nothing of the other names mentioned lol? Anyway, I’m glad Kelly is trying new things this go round. What exactly is meant by ‘deeper’ and ‘more inspiring’ will be interesting to see, however I’m hoping Kelly doesn’t completely turn her back on her inner diva. I’m really looking for Kelly to serve up the same sass, attitude and stage-presence she’s been doing recently and more widely seen during her last Destiny’s Child stint.

Random tidbit: I’ve always hoped Kelly would release something ‘Lose My Breath’-ish on a solo tip…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    the guillemots gave kelly a track on the nokia green room not long back and alphabeat are a little cheesy.. seems shes going back to the “rock n b” roots

  2. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    IMO…I completly agree with you Sam!

    I love Kelly Rowland, and was highly disappointed at how underrated ‘Miss Kelly’ did. The album was one of the best from last year…and it still boggles my mind, how it has managed to slip through peoples fingers.

    Still…I am really excited for Kelly to be getting back in the studio so soon. I thinks it interesting though that she wants the new album to be ‘deeper’ and ‘more inspiring’ because honestly…’Miss Kelly’ was a very deep album from the beginning to the end.

    Im interested in her new sound and wish, as well, that she has some ‘Lose My Breath’ ‘Break the Dawn’ tracks on it. I wish her all the best!

  3. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    this will be interesting!!!
    since many Uk artists are known to be huge hits in america like amy etc.
    i also searched those artist she wants to work with and they are totally different from her style
    ill be looking forward to this

  4. ND July 24, 2008

    Interesting… She needs to go back to the US and work with some Hip Hop producers and songwriters like Sean Garrett and Keri Hilson. Not Kate Nash…..

    Doesn’t she realise her biggest song was WORK a club banger… Chat bout deepish.. Ms.Kelly was deep enough!!!!

    I’ll always support my DC-3 girls and fam but cha…..

  5. ND July 24, 2008


  6. July 24, 2008

    i love her music … but i thought she was gonna step away from the mid’s and the ballads …i want more songs like work and Gosta Go … i wanna see her dance

  7. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    The new album will flop just like the others.. I like the pic tho..

  8. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    i dont see why Kelly cant work with US artists like chris brown, Timbaland, Pharell
    she never does anything different, only what matthew allows her too

  9. jer. July 24, 2008

    all these ho’s poppin out crappy records. they aint no Mariah Carey in the 90’s, sweetheart. Where are the hits? lmfao.

  10. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    OK!!!! Kelly!!!!!! if u read this i just want you to know that i am not a hater or anything. Im a serious fan of you, B, and Michelle!! I dont think i stand alone when i say GO FOR A RNB/HIP HOP ALBUM. I love the fact that you are trying something new. BUT I WANNA SEE YOU GO TO NUMBER ONE aND sTAY THERE FOR LIKE A MONTH. lol. i can see it now!!!! Im talking about a fierce beat. something that will automatically shoot you to the the top. THE VIDEO SHOULD BE MODEL STATUS!!!! My friend would die to see you kill a video!!! I know you can do it cause i seen you do it with DC3!!! I THINK Polow Da Don would take you to a whole other level. Try Rodney Jerkins on a solo project. GIRL DO WORK!!!! AND FOR GOD SAKES!!! PROMOTE IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U dont give us a chance. I actually think you taking the easy way out. Give us the goods first, then service the outsiders!!!!!! luv ya

  11. WALLEY July 24, 2008

    ok the truth is that kelly made a huge mistake by pushing back her album almost a whole year. It was solid like it was. Her style was flawless and her songs her amazing. “My Story…Kelly Rowland” was the perfect title. Still In Love WIth My Ex was the perfect first single and Gotsta Go as the second. She just had to mess it all up by not following her instinct. Trust me if she has released everything like she wanted to SHE WOULD BE NUMBER 1. but she doesnt believe in herself. The only adivce i could give her is that doing this album she should just follow her gut, do whats in her heart, not waht she thinks ppl might like, and i garentee that she will make it to the top. heck that wat michelle and beyonce did, and look at them. bee is a legend and michelle is already number 1 with we break the dawn.

  12. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    She needs to work with BIG producers. Danja, Rodney Jerkins, and Stargate. Make some hits. Then when shes successful record a deep inspiring album.

  13. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    just cause “we break the dawn”
    went #1 on some chart
    dont mean she made it
    but it hasent enter the top 100 which is a damn shame.
    so nope, she hasnt made it
    as matter of fact “like this” debuted higher :]
    but matthew should be doing his damn job as a manager now michelle is going down the pipe just like kelly and solange :[

  14. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    i suport my wifey in watever she does – i hope she keeps that confidence that she showed at t4 cuz that was fire but for the record i know shell do fine – i loved her first 2 albums and i cant wait for the third cuz i know she’ll do it justice – ps that pic is str8 fire – broken th single lets get it!!

  15. WALLEY July 24, 2008

    To the person who reponded to me. Hit me back up in a couple of months when michelle releases her album. She already has a strong fanbase and With HELLO HEARTBREAK and THE GREATEST being released as singles at the same time, shes destined to make it big. im not saying shes made it yet im saying its working for her. Number 1 on the R&B chart is a big deal for "The other member of Destinys' Child". Im sure shes gonna be more succesful then kelly, and im almost positive that her album will sell much more then kellys. like i said, Kelly didnt believe in herself and that went against her. Michelle believes in herself and its gonna show. michelle aint going down no pipe, trust me, you'll change your opinion in october.

  16. Brandon July 25, 2008

    I lost faith not in her but her record company, something seems fishy about it..

    I´m crossing my fingers,

    Good thing fer her to try something different. I must say that both her albums were pretty deep.

  17. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    By working with pepole such as Kate Nash etc i hope she is not taking an Indie root. It’s fine that she wants to change up but if you look at it so far she is only appealing to her UK audience. Her most succesful i guess. What she needs to work on is her urban audience more.

  18. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    well i am fed up of the same old rnb so im happy she is trying somthing new

  19. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    that picture is horrible…….kelly is beautiful and that pic makes here look like a more fab eryka badu………….

  20. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    Kelly Rowland, Needs to work With, Danja, Polow Da Don, Darkchild & Neptunes, Just Does Producers No More, Her sound suites PERFECT with them, she needs to seperate herlsef from beyonce, as good friends as they are, if she wants to see more sucess as an artist then she needs to do so

  21. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    “She needs to work with BIG Producers”

    HELLO, Polow Da Don did Like This, aint he the Hottest right now! And That S*** was a FLOP!

  22. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    LMMBAO @ Walley I didnt know Bey was a legend

  23. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    michelle will not have big numbers trust me,
    why do you think her label moved her back to october???
    they saw the same mistake they did with kelly so dont blame s*** on kelly like its all her fault she didnt sell.
    and by the way the grestest is an amazing song but i dont see it no where near the top 100 in the U.S. lets see about that then come and tell me.
    oh and also “we break the Dawn” did not chart well in the U.S. as a matter of fact I dont even hear it on the radio or nothing.
    but its funny how people say she has had more success than kelly LOL

  24. Fernie July 25, 2008

    ^^^ AGREE WITH U Anonymous

  25. WALLEY July 25, 2008

    yes Beyonce is a legend. and whether it was kelly’s or her label’s fault the point is, she said it was her idea to push back the album because she felt she needed something more s*** and more dance songs and she felt the title wasnt right. if you dont believe me look it up. Their label is working more with Michelle then everyone else. I dont see them pushing back solange’s cd. they are tryna help michelle. Im not even gonna respond again, i know whati know, and michelle will be more successful then kelly.

  26. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    I have both Kellys albums but why Kelly never made it is because she lack personality, can’t dance and always seems like shes trying to hard! I think that her and Michelle spent so much time as he underdogs in destiny’s child that no one really cares what she does cause they cant see past Beyonce. Also, Kelly doesn’t have that appeal that Rhi has. As for the Kate Nash comment, she’s just lissing U.K a***!

  27. Anonymous July 25, 2008


  28. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    First of all, I think Kelly needs to take a break. Just a short one, she needs to get things right with herself. I loved Ms. Kelly and wish it would have been a larger success. But I hope she does well she has a great voice, just do better than Ashanti, come on.

    Michelle is going to be HUGE. Her music is so hot and the dance sound is gonna come back huge. She’s releasing “The Greatest” as her second single and you KNOW that’s gonna be EVERYWHERE. She’s gonna have a big year.. as long as Bee don’t spoil it.

  29. fernie July 25, 2008

    the n**** that said kelly can’t dance is the same
    riyawna stan LMFAO 😀

    have you ever even been to the destiny fulfilled concert if you havent keep your mouth shut stupid s***!!!
    kelly dance the same maybe even better when i saw them.
    don’t take s*** out on kelly just cause you know she more talented than that boring b**** rihanna 😛
    michelle will flop hard
    anyone who is related to beyonce will flop harder except for beyonce

  30. Anonymous July 25, 2008


  31. Guadalupe July 25, 2008

    Unlike most of you i never liked Ms Kelly. There was a few songs on there that i liked and they were the ones she removed for the re-release!
    I felt like there were no stand-out songs like Stole and a lot of the songs were album fillers.
    I fully encourage this new direction. I dont think shes going for a whole new style but i think she is trying to be creative in her own way and getting out of all the rnb chicks shadow. Shes done the whole “whats hot now” thing with Ms Kelly and it didnt work. We all know shes not gonna make an indie album. Of course its gonna be rnb but just something a little more experimental. And i dont really like Kate Nash all that much but it sounds like an interesting collab. Shes got some really good music and i can see them coming with something hot.
    I hope she infuses the different styles togeather to create something HOT!

  32. Anonymous July 25, 2008


  33. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    She usually takes MUCH better pictures. 🙁

  34. Malik July 25, 2008

    KELLY IS S***!!!

  35. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    Y’all need to calm down! Some of the comments are too personal and un-called for. Can’t you guys have a conversation without cussing? Whoeversrunning this site needs to take hold of these childish situations. Some of you are talking about these artists like they are your friends, a bit sad really.

  36. Anonymous July 26, 2008

    ^^^^^^^^ I totally agree.

  37. Anonymous July 26, 2008

    kelly just let Danja produce ya album
    and you’ll have a #1 album!!!
    let haters Hate

  38. Anonymous July 26, 2008

    Ithink in that picture kelly rowland is trying to look like letoya

  39. Anonymous July 26, 2008

    i think she plans on just making a 3rd abulm for the UK,cause the states are definetly gonna dismiss s*** like that…i dont even no the names she’s mention

  40. Anonymous July 26, 2008

    For those of you who really believe that Kelly should work with U.S. producers like Polow Da Don,Sean Garrett and Pharrell. SHE’S BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT. Not to mention it’s what every other urban recording artist is doing. One of the things I respect most about Kelly is how innovative she is. She dares to be different. She could care less about musical trends and that’s the first sign of a true artist. Even as a member of Destiny’s Child,Kelly was always the one who was willing to experiment;with her hair,with her sound. She’s never afraid to try something new. She tried to do what she thought would appeal to every one and her label let what would’ve been a well recieved album slip through the cracks. Multiple release date changes,six months between singles,bad single choices,limited album distribution. Let’s face it,Columbia did a bogus job of promoting and supporting “Ms.Kelly”. My hope for Kelly this third go round is that she will TAKE CHARGE of the business aspect and make sure her album recieves the treatment it deserves.

  41. :] July 26, 2008

    ^^^i so agree with you!!!

  42. Anonymous July 27, 2008

    ^^^ Agree with you too!! She always have been the one to take risks and change it up. I’m tired of hearing the same ol same ol. From the same played out people. She is pretty so I can see why she doesn’t need all that weave like most Fems out today. Kelly will always be FIERCE!!

  43. realtalk July 27, 2008

    ^^^^In case you haven’t noticed Kelly ALWAYS wears weave dumbass. She is not even that pretty or that great a singer. People don’t care about Kelly. Plain and simple.

  44. Anonymous July 28, 2008

    i agree with all walley have sayd :p

  45. Anonymous July 30, 2008

    sam she never at all said shes going to work with them so get your facts right you big hairy white c***

  46. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    kelly should have more songs like broken, still in love with my ex, comeback, work, stole, dilemma, love, this is love, flashback, the show, lose my breath, cater 2 u, survivor, say my name, etc.
    she should work with stargate, bryan michael c**, diane warren, solange, timbaland, danja, polow da don, sean garrett, darkchild, soulshock and karlin, etc.
    she should collaborate with t.i., usher, chris brown, rihanna, young jeezy, michelle williams, beyonce, monica, brandy, lil wayne, nelly, and jay-z
    i hope there is a dilemma part 2

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