Soulja Boy – ‘Donk’ Video

Published: Friday 11th Jul 2008 by Sam
Soulja Boy is still cranking out them video’s (had to get that one in lol…), the latest being ‘Donk’. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. Check out the mess below:


What do you think of the song/video?

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  1. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    ^^^^^^^^ I agree..

  2. Anonymous July 11, 2008


  3. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    hatin ass ho’s this song jams

  4. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    Song:HOT. Video: A rachet HORRIBLE MESS!

  5. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    That’s horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible!!!!!

  6. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    funny how if you dont like something people think your hating, its my opinion the song is corny and the video is even worst….

  7. Chase July 11, 2008

    Eh, the video fits the song, just summer fun… the kids here (Florida) love it, and it’s a good club track… everyone acts like the kid said he was the savior of hip-hop, he’s not.. but this isn’t half as annoying as his debut single and follow-up.

  8. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    Arab is like Soulja Boy’s lil biioootch


    gets 5secs of camera time


    eew that fat chik’s ass is gross

  9. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    I really don’t like the song!

  10. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    I’m not that fond of the song either but when this song comes on in the clubs in the South the girl go crazy! You can’t knock Souljah Boy’s hustle!

  11. Barry July 11, 2008

    Well…it’s better than the Thong Song.

  12. Kid Alien July 11, 2008

    I agree with anonymous above me. The song is musical garbage, but if it comes on in the clubs, everyone (including myself) climbs the walls. It’s not good music; It’s good entrepreneurship.

  13. Anonymous July 12, 2008

    i guess he only doing what he know and that is make up dances with some mediocre beats…he hustling alright, but its wack and its hurting the drum in my ear.

  14. Anonymous July 12, 2008

    As bad as this mess sounds, the kids will flock to this and say it’s hot. This is a hot ass mess. I’ve already heard kids hyping this ish up.

  15. Anonymous July 12, 2008

    OMFG this is f****** terrible !!!!!
    this is such an insult to the music industry…..
    theres unsigned artists out there who would love a chance to be signed to a record label and re_lease songs and this scrawny ass n***** is just messin up the music industry !!!!!
    this is f****** GARBAGE !!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    the pathway of generic hip-hop…
    anyway, i can’t believe soulja boy keeps on releasing this f***ing garbage…it’s hella funny to frickin see soulja boy do some type of line dance in all of songs, but i don’t know if that’s just me, anyone else agree? anyway, he needs to just drop out…it’s not even music anymore, what a effin gay bee-och

  17. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    Piece of shii… f*** soulja boy.. he gotta go back n pass high school

  18. Zeph July 15, 2008

    This song=Hot s***** garbage… no, I’m not hating. I’m just stating what’s real…

  19. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    this song is hot i dont car3 wut no one say i like this

  20. Anonymous July 24, 2008

    hi haterZZZZ yall hatin this song is hot this is going up on my ipod lol…♣♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  21. Anonymous July 25, 2008

    omg this is so wack come up wit sumtin new stop waisten yo money on lame videos u c it on bet or mtv dis is da worst video he made juss stop cant even rap

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