Watch Trey Songz Cut His Hair

Published: Friday 11th Jul 2008 by Sam
As some of you may know already, R&B singer Trey Songz recently cut off his braids (which he’d apparently been growing for over 10 years). Check out this vid which captures his journey to the ‘big day’:

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  1. Samantha July 11, 2008

    Trey is so Nice!
    I was so scared when I heard about him cutting his braids but I really love it!
    He’s still s***!

  2. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    He looks better w/out the braids.. I luv it!!

  3. jer. July 11, 2008

    so sxXxy

  4. *Visa* July 11, 2008

    I love Trey he’s always keeping the fans updated…he looked so adorable when he was getting it cut….and the cut looks hella s*** on him! can’t wait for “Ready” to drop!

  5. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    So the-hell what! Trey is whack. He is attractive though (without the braids). I will give him that.

  6. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    hey trey could u bring omarion, allen iverson, carmelo anthony to ur same barber its bout time them mofos cut them braids off

  7. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    Look Its Terrence J !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous July 11, 2008

    See this is why he will never become a superstar. superstar don’t do things like this.

  9. Anonymous July 12, 2008

    Now dude gonna have “mushy head.” Whenever you cut ya braids out the top of ya head be mushy. lol

  10. Anonymous July 12, 2008

    Its nice… mite take some gettin used to but im feelin it. The onli reason he aint a superstar or whateva is cuz he dont use dancin to disguise ACTUAL talent… do ya thing Trey!

  11. Anonymous July 12, 2008

    no cause he don’t sing that good and dancing is a highly indemand talent you have to preform so you can sell tickets even maxell can dance and sing hella better that tre.

  12. musickology July 12, 2008

    lmao!!trey songz cant sing?huh?yeah right….his voice is hella nice and unlike certain OTHER artists,when he sings live,it sounds like the recorded version…he and J.Holiday are the dudes with the real talent..

    glad he cut his hair,he looks like a Man now,not a teenager.

  13. jojo July 13, 2008

    well he looks good with it off …but he was the onli one i thought still lokked good in braids.

    however….hold up “10 yrs” he was growin it for i don’t belive dat i grew out my relaxed hair meaning all of it went to be natural n then grew my hair to a long length naturally n this all took 5 years so what was he puttin in his hair lol

    but he’s skill hot with a nice voice

  14. Anonymous July 13, 2008

    He’s been having braids for 10 years, and that’s as far as his hair has gotten?? My hair get that long in a year!

    His hair look funny at about 2 mins…he look like a mad scientist or something! LOL!

  15. Anonymous August 10, 2008

    Boy u look so sexyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous November 1, 2008

    melo cut his braids off he look like a lil kiid

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