Ashanti Performs At Six Flags

Published: Wednesday 6th Aug 2008 by Sam

This past week, R&B star Ashanti performed at Six Flags new Jersey. Check out her performance of current single ‘Good Good’, which featured a medley mix of Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’ and ‘Grillz’. Check out the performance below:

Good performance.

What do you think of ther performance?

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  1. Tay Tay August 6, 2008

    Cute concept, stiff performer!!!

  2. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    that was hot! major props to ashanti

  3. JAZZII August 6, 2008


  4. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    What a talentless s***. That song is bland no matter what spin she tries to put on it.

  5. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    I love me some Ashanti, but Six Flags?? Where is her next performance…..Chucky Cheese?

  6. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    hahahaha!! @2:40

    you know whats funny, how sam doesnt mention 6 Flags, but if it was Mariah at Six Flags in Jersey it would have been over!!!!

    the performance was alright… it did nothing for me. she did the same “drop, pop” move and that was about it. i was a little bored.

  7. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    thumbs up from me i guess….but is she stuck down to the same spot…just move round the stage a little..wouldve annoyed me if i was in the audience

  8. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    Sam you hate on Rihanna so much ,but you call ashanti piece a garbage good performance GTFOH.This b**** is using backing tracks and sytill sound like garbage. This b**** is not better than Rihanna I saw ashanti in Jamaica @ reggae sumfest when she was on top and this heffa cannot perform or sing on stage and she was using backing track there also. You may not like Rihanna , but that girl sings live with a band and sound way better that ashanti finally I don’t think you will ever see Rihanna @ six flags performing. she did that when she started out

  9. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    clearly u idiots have the game f***** up.
    have yal not noticed that all the biggest names are doing six flags now!
    danity kane and gym class just did it.
    regular ppl arent buying cds these days, but regular ppl still go to six flags

  10. ND August 6, 2008

    Lovin’ my baby wit dis one… SHE NEEDS TO DO MORE TV!!!!!! ASAP

  11. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    Again… F*** the Haterz… Ashanti Did it Again in the F***** 08 for all u Haterz… Get off her Steez for Real… THE DECLARATION!!! U DID DAT SHAN… Love the Dance too!!!

  12. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    I am Ashanti fan… I liked the performance…. Cool how she broke it down with the other beats. Course it coulda been better but what performance can’t be better?

  13. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    Ashanti is that chick right now!!! I was there and the energy was krazy!!! Day 26 was great to but Ashanti tore da house down!!Hot mix and she do got dat good good!! Hataz fall back!!!

  14. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    ^ at the person who referred to Ashanti as a “talentless s***.” How can you degrade a woman out there who is working hard and on her grind. You don’t know about who she is sleeping with so you have NO basis to call her a s***. You need to be b**** slapped for that one.
    As an Ashanti fan, I love the mix.. She could have brought more creativity to the performance though.

  15. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    I mean it was a six flags performance and when you doing a performance like dat ya main thing to do is hype the crowd up!!! You not got be doing no hard down choreography and dat’s not what Shanti about anyway!! If yal want to see a stage performance go watch her do her thang at Jay Leno!!! Otherwise… I love the mix and Ashanti got swagga for days

  16. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    Danity Kane & Gym Class Heroes are big stars now? ….Okay……

  17. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    six flags?? artist perform there when they first come out LOL..i remember when DC was @ six flags in wouldnt catch B @ six flags. Ashanti..sit yo wack ass down.

  18. Phil August 7, 2008

    Ashanti still sounds great, but she maybe on the decline. Not a knock on her ,but Ive been listening to this new artist shire and she’s got some pipes.. She sings with soul.. Im not hearin that soul with ashanti anymore

  19. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    ^^ Yea… Beyonce is to busy trying to change her race…. If Ashanti is wack than damm, I guess dat make she should just quit because you said she is wack…. Get the f*** out of here… With her accomplishments, looks, talent, and money… Far from wack sweetheart!!

  20. Anonymous August 8, 2008

    It makes NO sense to keep going back and forth with people that dis-like her…I love her and for the millionith time yall loser’s need to find another hobby becuase if yall REALLY think rihanna has talent…Then this world is gonna end sonner then expected. Rihanna has a GREAT little voice as far as SONGWRITING…ACTRESS…HUMBLE shes the wack one…Ashanti has money when its time to cut the checks she gets most of her money back becuase she WRITESSSSSS She doesnt need Ne-Yo repeative ass SMH…OH but please don’t stop hating on Ashanti…we need you guys 🙂 f****** pricks

  21. Anonymous August 8, 2008


    Lol No comment on Beyonce “I wanna look extra fake” knowles You stans KILL me…

    “Ashanti has 14 hits over 65 awards and sold over 23 million albums worldwide” YUP from Page Six Magazine so she’s “Good Good” lol DONT DENY THE FACTS YOU CAN GOOGLE THAT GET OVER IT!!!!

  22. Anonymous August 8, 2008

    it was wack. i dont care for ashanti its like this time around for the new album shes trying tooo hard everytime i see her she has on some shorts that look like they giving her a yeast infection. even saw her on regis with some on, nelly is the bread winner of the couple she might as well take it home and stay there. not hating but lets be serious i can guarntee half of the people defending her didnt even cop the album so blah !

  23. Anonymous August 8, 2008

    yep, Ashanti again in these yeast infection tight shorts. yuck! No respect for this chic who was f*cking a married man (Irv Gotti) for tracks, and no respect for Irv Gotti either. It does go both ways.

  24. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    Ashanti is a has been…google that.!!! LMAO

  25. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    @ anon 10:52, I wish a motha fucka would. State your opinion and move along okay. Do you not see her ass hanging out? Walks like a s***, looks like s***, my god it is a s***. And honestly did I degrade her? Did you forget that she slept around with married men all in her record label crew? You’ve got to be kidding me. Mothafuckas like to forget s***.

  26. Anonymous August 11, 2008

    Ummm… No this pefromance was awful, she didn’t even sing she talked threw the track, then she witched the background music still sucks.. She is horrible live she should just feature on songs then it wouldn’t be as bad, plus this song has no meaning it’s just there

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