Hilson’s Debut Pushed Back

Published: Friday 15th Aug 2008 by Sam
Hilson's Debut Pushed BackIt as been confirmed that Keri Hilson’s much anticipated debut ‘In A Perfect World’ has been pushed back from its scheduled release date of September 23rd to October 7th. Here’s hoping the already overdue LP doesn’t receive the push-back treatment hereafter.

Randomness: Michelle Williams’ ‘Unexpected’ also drops October 7th.

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  1. Jordan A. August 15, 2008

    I had a feeling this would happen. Talent just does not account for that much now a days. I knew in the back of my head when I first heard “Energy” that it wasn’t going to impact the way it should. My boo Keri gets shoved down while…you know what, I’m not even gonna bring Rihanna into this. Battle of the underdogs between Keri and Michelle come October; I’ll be supporting both, for sure.

  2. Anonymous August 15, 2008

    her album has been pushed back 3 times now! it was originally slated to be released my 2007……..will it ever be released? She’s cute but not everyone is supposed to be in front of the camera

  3. Shane August 15, 2008

    It’s probably so they can promote Return the Favor. Seriously, Energy is not the club-banger opening-lead track that they NEED to make this album a hit. She needs to recruit everyone who helped her to promote the s*** out of this. This NEEDS to be a success–she’s such a great artist and it would be a waste to see this album not do well. Timbaland needs to get his ass out of the studio to help Keri because she has been such a benefit to him and so many others as well.

  4. TheHypeFactor.com August 15, 2008

    They’re just holding it back to release it at a better time.. I’m guessing the single didn’t take off like they wanted to, (yet?)

  5. Anonymous August 15, 2008

    She should’ve known it was going to be pushed back.. Isn’t that what these record companies do?

  6. Anonymous August 15, 2008

    i don’t get it. was “energy” ever even sent for adds? I’m a radio regular and never even heard it once on any platforms.

    timbaland has a whole million cd sales to thank Keri Hilson for cuz he couldn’t have sold it without “The Way I Are” being a huge smash thanks to Keri.

  7. Cathy August 15, 2008

    ENERGY is still being promoted as lead single.
    It just hasn’t been sent to POP/TOP40 formats yet, which is weird as the song’s already climbing Rhythmic/Urban.
    I think they wanted it some more time to grow.

  8. Anonymous August 16, 2008

    actually sam the two albums are released on tuesday october 7 not on a friday

  9. Anonymous August 16, 2008

    This doesn't surprise me at all.
    She's an OK singer/talent, but I kinda get the vibe that people behind her mainly Timbaland & Polow Da Don, kinda bite Ashanti's route to success. Having her be featured on tracks, then have her drop her single and then CD…. Maybe I'm wrong.

    As for push backs, wasn't it suppose to be released September 2007? But these things seem to come every other day. It's just kinda sad when the push backs end up not boosting sales rather diminishing them.

  10. Anonymous August 16, 2008

    She was pretty whack on the BET After The Awards thing, she just didn’t seem natural up there.
    “Energy,” is a good song, but she needed to use her backbone (Timbaland, Polow Da Don) to help push her debut single, even though she didn’t want to.

  11. Jackie August 16, 2008


    i think energy was chosen since it had nothing to do with timbo or polow and she wanted to show that she didn’t have to rely on them to make it big.
    but come on, she needs them to promote her like crazy or this album will FLOOOOP.
    unless i tell all my friends to buy her cd 😀

  12. Jinette Lopez ([nette821@gmail.com]) August 17, 2008

    wow…. battle of the underdogs indeed.. i will be suppporting her AND michelllllle on the 7th…. we shall see but for really, this gets me sOo madd.. f*** a fe-fe dobson wannabe rihanna… this MuSIC industry is TAKING ALL OF MY ENERGY! (lol… not really)

  13. Katherine August 17, 2008

    it’s pretty certain that keri will sell more than michelle on the week their cd’s come out, promo or not.
    michelle needs to fire her management like NOW!

  14. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    This is prob cause PCD is comin out the 23rd now too much comp for a new artist

  15. Anonymous August 18, 2008

    what an absolutely awful picture of keri
    shes beautiful but that picture makes her look disgusting !!! she looks washed out and ill

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