That Grape Juice To Interview Solange

That Grape Juice To Interview SolangeThat Grape Juice has received word that we will likely be sitting down with Solange in the coming week(s).

With the her current single ‘I Decided’ generating a buzz on both sides of the Atlantic, and sophomore LP ‘Sol-Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams’ out this month, the singer/songwriter looks set to be one the year’s breakout stars.

Do you have any questions for Solange? As usual, drop them in the ‘comments’ section. Remember, only appropriate questions will be considered. Thanks guys 🙂


Interview Updates
Ashanti: Still awaiting slot. Bear with me guys 🙂
Ne-Yo: Will be posted shortly; there’s a very specific reason why it has yet to be – which you will learn of soon. Once more, please bare with me.

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  1. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    i love solange
    i have a question:

    “What songs on the album are most likely to be Singles?”

  2. Bradley August 4, 2008

    How do you feel about being number 1 in the r’n’b charts,when you don’t class your music as r’n’b ?

  3. cococure August 4, 2008

    you obviously read blogs and keep up with the online community,what are your favorite blogs and since you have that F-you mentally,could u mention your least favs too? lol

  4. cococure August 4, 2008

    how do you look back to your first album and that experience?

  5. cococure August 4, 2008

    although you stood model for dereon,it doesnt seem your type of clothes,would you ever start your own line of clothes etc with that certain solange ‘i dont like to match my clothes’ style?

  6. cococure August 4, 2008

    what reality shows are your guitly pleasures? we all have a few lol..

  7. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    What made you want to become a singer and what sound of music can we expect from you as an artist, as your latest is very 70’s?

    lol Lets hope she not in a bad mood, when U interview her

  8. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Could you ask her about the video for Sandcastle Disco?

  9. fashionmanifesto August 4, 2008

    “What is your insipration when it comes to fashion? I noticed you are very fashionable and your mother also noted in an interview that you style yourself”

  10. fashionmanifesto August 4, 2008

    “You are a very hands-on artist (i.e. styling your self, writing your own songs, directing your own videos and coming up with the treatment) how are you so hands on when your Dad is very “hands-on” as well– and he is your manager? Is there ever a conflict with what you want and what he thinks is best or will equal success?”

  11. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    ask if she wants to work with the producers (Stargate) that gave Beyonce Irreplaceble in the future?

  12. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Congrats on landing another great interviewee lol..

    You will need to check her if she decides to be rude lol. I’m playing

  13. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Do You Think You Dad Is Promoting You & Kelly & Micheal Fair Like Beyonce ?

  14. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    What is her favorite song on the album?

    What other artists does she listen to?

    What other artists she would like to work with in the future?

  15. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    my name is Jodeci and can u ask her why she put I decided part 2 as a single. In the UK but not in the US because I like part 2 better the beat is crazy on that track

    And also ask her since Beyonce is putting an album out this year and going on tour would she be joining her as an headliner or opening act or something like that

  16. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    congrats on this interview! =D

    *Why is she so anti-Beyoncé,and rebelling against the industry[when she chose to be a singer]?

    *Is she “hands-on” with myspace..such as replying to messages?


  17. tia August 4, 2008

    you can keep the rest of those interviews because this is the one that will be entertaining,knowing solange she will have some interesting stuff to say

    i cant wait!!

  18. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Are Wanna Go Back and White Picket Dreams on the album?

  19. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    will she be touring the uk? london, in particular.

  20. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Q: You have created some controversy so far, being the outspoken member (of your family) and you mentioned in other interviews, you told your mother that you were drinking at your birthday despite her asking you to just have one glass… Have they made any other comments about your media persona and what have you got to say about people who critize you for using the F word where as you are a very strict Christian.

  21. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    What do you say to those who think that your personality is contrived or that you have it easy because of the fame within your family?

    Does your family support your being so outspoken?

    When or if you return to movies, do you think you’ll take on more daring roles, like maybe indie films since your music has developed a more “indie” sound?

  22. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    oooh, i have a few questions!!

    1)You’re an amazing writer. What do you do when you want to write but writer’s block hits?

    2)If you could have any legends first comeback single, who would it be?

    3)What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

    4)Can you explain T.O.N.Y.?

    5)Will you be touring?

    6)Back in the day, you used to come and do chats at the DC site…any chance you’ll be creating a chance to talk to the fans?

    7)Will you be getting your own ‘fan'(a.k.a. supporters) club?

    8)You mentioned that you were rooting for Obama. What things that he wants to do make you want him in office?

    9)What was the toughest part of being pregnant? What was the best part of being pregnant?

    10)What’s the craziest thing Daniel has done/said?

    11)If you weren’t doing music(writing, singing) what would you be doing?

    12)What’s the worst trouble you’ve gotten into as a kid?

    13)What’s your favorite food?

    14)What’s your favorite song at the moment?

    15)Your shoe game is SWEET! What do you do with shoes once you’re done with them?

    16)Do you cook? If so, what’s your best dish?

    17)What’s your fav Jay-Z song?

    18)What’s your favorite TV show?

    19)What do you do in your off time?

    20)What’s your favorite vacation spot?

  23. jordan ette August 4, 2008

    love solange. 🙂

    Hey Solange, I was just wondering if you have had an previous T.O.N.Y experiences?

    Which version of I Decided do you prefer, Pharrells or the Freemasons?

    I heard that the freemasons have remixed another song on the album, could you tell us which one if this is true?

    Is your son Daniel musical or as artistic as you?

    Tell us more about your forthcoming mixtape?

    What happened to the song you did with Estelle and howcome it won’t appear on the album aswell as Wanna Go Back?

    Would you ever work with Timbaland/ Danja etc. aka “Producers of the month” or is being a creative artist trying to develop an individual sound very important to you?

    Any plans on a UK because I would be booking some tickets to come see you no doubt?

    sorry it’s alot, i could go on I LOVE THIS CHICK!!

  24. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    What was the recording process like for your album???

    what inspired alot of the songs???

    Why do you seem to throw shade at your sister??

  25. melissa August 4, 2008

    Cool! Can’t wait!
    My question is:
    Would you ever write a book about your experience growing up as “Beyonce’s little sister” and becomming a young mother?

  26. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    Could you ask her if she’ll go on tour in Europe?

  27. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    Can she rap?

  28. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    Are there any songs that you recorded before that now when you hear you think “what was i thinking?”

  29. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    On your tour will you perform any songs off the first album like my favorite “Crush”?

  30. Anonymous August 7, 2008

    On your first album you and beyonce did a song together will you ever do one with her again. Or are you only gonna write for her and not sing with her because yall are so different

  31. Anonymous August 9, 2008

    what will you perform on fashion rocks
    what will be the singles after “sandcastle disco”
    are you going on tour
    will you ever record some songs with michelle williams, kelly rowland, or beyonce
    do you anything about a new destiny’s child album
    who are your favorite singers and rappers
    will you do anymore acting
    i hope you recieve some grammy nominations for your songwriting, your album, and your songs

  32. bajan_princess August 25, 2008

    YAY!!! Great interview! Sam I think this is an interview where you can ask things and she’ll easily answer!!!

    1) What inspired the change from the teen pop “Solo Star” to the more electronica/motown SoL-AngeL?

    2) Are you dissapointed with your UK charting position, considering that most Freemasons songs are huge hits?

    3) Are you effed off that Radio 1 kept you in the upfront playlist?

    4) Is this direction you’re taking on this album one you intend on keeping for future albums, or is it just something you’re experimenting with this album only?

    5) Do you prefer songwriting, singing or acting?

    6) Does your up and coming mixtape feature more songs like F*ck The Industry?

    BTW Solange Sol-AngeL and the Hadley Street Dreams is my favourite album of 2008!!!

  33. bajan_princess August 25, 2008

    Oh sorry i forgot!

    7) Are you still planned to be CEO of Music World Entertainment when your dad retires?

    8) Will there be a re release of the album featuring the Estelle and Duffy duets?

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