New Song: Solange – ‘God Given Name’

Published: Tuesday 25th Mar 2008 by Sam
Solange - 'God Given Name' As Solange Knowles preps the release of her sophomore effort ‘Soul Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams’ (due in August), another track from the set has surfaced. Titled ‘God Given Name’, the soulful jazz-inspired cut sees the youngest of the Knowles clan delve into more personal territory lyrically. With lines such as ‘I’m no sister…I’m just my God-Given name’, the song does provide an interesting listening experience. Saying that, I’m still undecided as to whether I’m sold on this ‘Solange the Soul Angel’ idea just yet. I guess time will tell. It’s also worth noting that Michelle Williams is also set to drop her album ‘Unexpected’ in August too…hmmm.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. kiki March 25, 2008

    This girl is a no talent no singing flop, who needs to sit her tired ass down. SMH.

  2. Anonymous March 25, 2008

    Kiki, this looks kinda funny you write this about solange as the post above Solange’s is about Cassie.
    Did u make a mistake and comment on the wrong post?

  3. Anonymous March 25, 2008

    I actually like it. Kinda breathey and earthy. One of the best ones i’ve heard from her.

  4. eddie ruku March 26, 2008

    her voice is awesome~
    both songs are great~

  5. Anonymous March 26, 2008


  6. Anonymous March 26, 2008

    wow…ok now i kno its only solange…but wow..
    now i can honestly say that she writes better than beyonce. The lyrics are incredible. The track is so dope..i mean the way she experessed herself about not being like her sister…i have a new respect for her. I love this song and white picket dreams. Actually anticipating her project. Kudos Solange!…lets see how many people admit that.

  7. Anonymous March 26, 2008

    I’m really surprised at her vocal ability….not bad at all…the first song to me didnt accomplish that.for her…looking forward to her cd.

  8. Anonymous March 27, 2008

    Okay, the song may be written just a bit better than Bey’s work, but Solange should have DEFINITELY sold this song to someone else with better vocals and speaking abilities. She just doesn’t have the speaking voice or singing voice for this song. Sorry, and I like Solange’s hustle, but no.

  9. Anonymous March 29, 2008

    i’m sick of bein force fed the knowles family and their money grabbin ways.

    wot makes them think ANYONE wil b interested in this tripe. i’d rather listen to beyonce’s toenail rubbin against her shoe

  10. Anonymous March 29, 2008

    Great sound; great voice. I wish her the best. You have got to admit she got talent and her lyrics are interesting!

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