Billboard Chart Update; The Game & Solange

Published: Thursday 4th Sep 2008 by Sam
Billboard Chart Update; The Game & Solange There’s no doubt many were checking to see where The Game’s “final” LP (erm…yeh) ‘LAX’ and Solange’s sophomore effort ‘Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams) would chart, following their releases last week. Peep the report from MTV below for the goods:

The Game’s latest enters the chart at #2, selling more than 238,000 copies; his previous efforts sold significantly better. His 2005 LP The Documentary entered the chart on top with 587,000 scans, while the 2006 follow-up, Doctor’s Advocate, sold more than 358,000 units, to open at #1. Rockers Slip Knot narrowly clinched the top spot selling through 240,000 copies of All Hope Is Gone.

A total of 23 new releases crack the top 200, with two others debuting in the top 10. The Now That’s What I Call Country compilation enters at #7 with 50,000 scans, and Solange Knowles’ Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams bows at #9 with 46,000 sold.

Granted tongues will no doubt be wagging about sales, comparisons and whatnot, I think both artists have performed well considering. Put simply music doesn’t sell the way it used to, so both debuts are respectable all the same.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. September 4, 2008

    Solange’s album is amazing and I’m happy for her success, however I cannot bite my tongue. She had the right promotional tour and had her face in the media enough to grasp a debut @ #1. You know this is a direct result of her interviewing attitudes. I know she has her reasons for everything, but theres always a time and a place and professionalism pays.

  2. MzJGaines September 4, 2008

    I have to say I agree, the album is really good and she has definitely been out there. She maybe to much for some people to handle . . . mainstream anyway, they want the sweet little meek person in the interviews and she does keep it real and unprofessional at times, but I like her alot.

  3. Nick September 4, 2008

    yep, sales r sadd now a days, I thnk Solange album is great, its all good/wth sooo much free download sites & stuff leakin, people jst burn cds now, haha, im sorry, i support, BUT hey, times r HARD!! people broke hell 🙂

  4. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    Yeah you can’t sell like before, but she should be able to sell well over Rhianna’s Good Girl Gone Bad re-release. Her numbers are sad being that she was everywhere!

  5. AaronMichael September 4, 2008

    I bet she’s somewhere right now wishing she had used her promotion air time to promote the album instead of coppin attitudes and making a fool of herself. Granted albums don’t sell like they used to, I can guarantee her team was expecting the album to do much better than this. We all know album sales significantly drop off from the first week to the next. It would take a miracle for her to go gold at this point.

  6. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    His album is okay. Solange’s album is different but I’m just not into her or her music..

  7. Anonymous September 4, 2008

    hahahaha good for her. people are beginning to find out the knowles are fake!! Love you rhi rhi

  8. Neva September 5, 2008

    I’m glad to see that Solange debuted in the top 10.

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