Diddy & Danity Kane’s Dawn Perform ‘Last Night’

Published: Saturday 6th Sep 2008 by Sam
In a showing that will unlikely help put an end to the rumours (click here to read more), Diddy and Danity Kane’s Dawn recently performed at the E-Talk Festival party. The pair gave an interesting rendition of ‘Last Night’ at the event, which was celebrating the Toronto International Film Festival 2008. Peep the performance below:

Dawn did her thing; it was cool seeing another take on Keyshia (Cole)’s part. That aside, this only adds fuel to the fire about Dawn (supposedly) receiving preferential treatment over the other ladies. Interesting…

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous September 6, 2008

    Dawn Make’s The Group with out Dawn there is no DK i dont care what any1 has to say

  2. Anonymous September 6, 2008

    Im soooo happy DAWN IS THE BEST ONE. I want her to go solo BAD.

  3. Just B September 6, 2008

    She can sing her ass off! She sounded excellent singing that part.

  4. T September 6, 2008

    i just started liking dawn, and she great however she can’t go solo she could go far behind the scenes but if she leaves solo, she’ll be starting over cuz diddy didn’t promo them right soo why would she think she’d do bigger solo?? and her voice is borderlining on annoying

  5. Anonymous September 6, 2008

    wow, diddy must think dawn has a lot of potential in her (which she does) to risk losing dk for a solo career. however, it’s way too early in the game for all that. she needs to acquire a solid fan base.

    if kelly, michelle and nicole s. have problems going solo and they all hail from platinum selling groups, why does diddy think it’ll be easy for dawn? they have a lot of work to do and he’s going to have to invest a lot in her finacially. we all know how diddy does when it comes to the money.

    she did rip that performance, and i love her confidence. go dawn!

  6. Anonymous September 6, 2008

    well personally i dont think any of the girls are going solo especially not dawn she gets no press but aubrey on the other hand will get somewhere she may not be the best singer but she can hold a note and she is sure as hell the best dancer. lol but overall great performance dawn i loved it.

  7. Nick September 6, 2008

    WELL I MUST SAY DAWN SOUNDED GREAT !!! I honestly didnt expect much of it, BUT DANG GIRL, I CAN HEAR HER SOLO, I felt tht — HOTTTT

  8. Anonymous September 6, 2008

    The performance was okay..

  9. MzJGaines September 6, 2008

    Dawn is one of the best in the group, but I also like Aundrea, her voice is great. Together, they make Danity Kane worth listening to, but I do agree with the others that Dawn does amazing work behind the scenes as well. She has written several of their songs and cordinated many of the arrangements on their songs. The name was from one of her characters that ske sketches. She did an amazing job with this performance and kudos for her stepping out of the shadows of the other girls.

  10. Anonymous September 6, 2008

    Dawn is a beast. Keisha is good but Dawn takes that song to another level. Why didn’t he use her to do that song

  11. ANT FROM CLEVELAND TO CALI September 6, 2008


  12. Anonymous September 6, 2008

    I don’t think any of the girls have solo or star quality and thats why they serve the purpose of a group, i can’t understand the fuss with Dawn or this performance, she’s already singing a song thats been sung, she doesn’t sound that different apart from the “don’t leave me” and a few other ad-lib’s but the vocal tone is pretty much the same as Keyisha’s, diddy shouda tried the 5 piece harmony for some difference or another voice.
    Anyway, didn’t she try the solo thing already?

  13. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    I agree, they may all shine or some may outshine some members of the group as far as talent wise, but none of them have solo star quality. The media in general doesn’t check for Dawn, no matter how talented she is, they just don’t. And the fact that many don’t find her pretty is another factor. She’s only seem to have star quality when she’s been compared to her group members, but to the Beyonce’s, Alicia Key’s, Ciara’s, Brandy’s, she doesn’t stand a chance.

  14. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    and also it was nothing special about that video

  15. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    @ anon 10:43, yes she tried to have a solo career before, but she didn’t have a major label behind her.

  16. MrShady September 7, 2008

    Dawn did aiight…I mean as it has been said…she can sing, the lady is madd talented…BUT she is no solo artist…she doesn’t have it yet…fan base or the voice for a solo album…theres no range in my opinion. She needs to hang in there with Danity Kane…
    And this performance was not as hott as some are making it…she didnt look all that hott, she stomped around stage like a confused pony and grabbed at her dress like men grab their crotch….NOT THE BUSINESS!

  17. tia September 7, 2008

    actually i prefer dawns voice in the group,i wouldnt be mad if her and aundrea sung all the verses and left the other parts to the rest dawn has a beautiful tone and i love her song “release me” she has a sick ass voice,i mean i dont know what many expected because it wasnt her part to sing,she added her own little flavor but she didnt go over the top with it….and aubrey is not the best dancer in the group dawn and d.woods are the best dancers,dawn hits that s***,if you watched the last episode of mtb4 you will see that.

    anyway i dont think she’ll have much support as a solo artist either but as long as i get to hear her voice i’m cool.

  18. NicNac September 7, 2008

    Dawn best bet is to stay with the group. Like someone mentioned in comparison with the rest, she may be crowned the most talented, but the solo game is another thing. let's break in down…Dance wise Ciara>>>Dawn. Singing wise Beyonce>>>>Dawn, look wise Rihanna>>>Dawn. Diddy aint crazy, that's why I think it is just a rumor.

    The performance was lame, Dawn marched thru out the whole song lol

  19. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    did someone just say that aubrey was the best dancer…do you have eyes? anyway..dawn killed that she's doing her thing…and this doesn't mean DK are splitting up..she was just the best voice for that song..it is was come to me aundrea would have kiled that 2!! <3 <3 dawn and aundrea

  20. antertain September 7, 2008

    Dawn is made for DK that’s her home…
    Nothing wrong with doing a solo project but since she’s such a big influence on the group creatively already i don’t think there’s any need to go solo.
    She makes most of the harmonies sound on point with the group and her sound fits in.
    She writes good and has hot vocal arrangements

    Don’t change whats not broke…
    DK and sum BIG WorldWide promotion will help em break through…

    Making the Band is funnily enough now holding them back from steppin out properly..

    Always felt Dawn from day 1 vocally…
    Her Solo Song Called “Tip Toe” was da bizzness

    With Bran Bran back and Keri Hilson bringin the heat with the songs she has 2 keep with the Group and make fire there…

  21. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    well thats was a mess , keyshia cole can SING DOWNEE , Dawn is aight but she couldn’t deal with the belting cause she doesnt have the pipes , keyshia made that song and you felt the emotion , Dawn didnt try to make it her own she just sang the notes she could just about hit , i think Aundrea or even D.woods would have done a better job , or da fool could of got the group to do it .

    And to Dawn going solo , SHE WOULD FLOP SO HORRIBLY. I’m not hating but she’s not the best looking girl , shes an ok singer , a good dancer but no1 in DK would make it solo even Aubrey ,yes people know her , but shes as famous as kim kardashian or any oter reality star that wouldnt make her successful.


  22. Anonymous September 7, 2008


  23. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    Well I saw DK LIVE at that NY concert and Dawn STOLE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!! LIVE SHE SHUT ALL OF THE OTHER MEMBERS DOWN

  24. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    Dawn can absolutely go solo. People kill me with the “she not pretty” so damn what she don’t look like Rhianna or beyonce. She has a great voice, she can dance, and she has stage presence. I have to believe that their are still people around that respect and support talent over how somebody looks.

  25. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    liked the performance!!! go head dawn

  26. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    DAWN #1 BABY!! Ok…maybe I shouldn’t say that. All the girls Shannon, Andrea, Aubrey, D.Woods do great job, BUT DAWN #1 BABY! Her take on Last Nite was good. Dawn is the best performer out of DK. Dawn would make it as a solo artists regardless of appearance cause I would like to think some fans aren’t about image and more about talent. I still don’t want DK to break up tho. I LOVE THEM!

  27. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    Dawn will do a flippity flop solo, of course, Danity Kane fans like to big her up, but non fans aren’t checking for her like that.

  28. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    I thought she didnt have any stage presence, the performance werent exciting or anything, shes a good singer but couldnt make it solo and why she keep doing an amy winehouse pulling her skirt up all the time?

  29. Katebozz September 7, 2008

    I love Dawn. All the girls are great but I think she has the most unique and distinctive voice in the group.

    It sucks Diddy doesn’t promote them well. Welcome to the Dollhouse should have been there breakthrough album.

    And she can sing Keyshia under the table anyday……

  30. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    1) Dawn’s sound is good. Couldn’t hear her that well though.

    2) Didn’t think the dress was performance quality. Think about it. I would not feel comfortable in that dress. And she was holding the dress like it was going to fall off. Not that classy.

    3) Diddy (or whatever his names are) needs to stick with rapping.

    Thoes are my thoughts and I am sticking with it.

  31. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    I loved the performance, sound much better with her, think it is too early to consider a solo career, but her and aundrea would do an excellent job together, that would be priceless.

  32. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    Dawn was amazing she sounded great and looked great. A true performer shined through, this is what she was meant to do. I like her in a group and I like her when she’s solo. So it doesn’t matter she has already MADE IT in my book. Dawn is offically a SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!

  33. miim September 7, 2008

    wow she sounded good live she definately should go solo

  34. Anonymous September 7, 2008


    See I like DK together as a group. But I do not think I’d like any of them solo except mayber Aubrey. Thats me being real. She’s interesting, and I could see her be a [solo] popstar.

    Dawn’s voice to me is kinda weird. I do think for an entire solo song, it would really annoy me. For some reason. She seems like a nice person though. So for her going solo now-2009 to me is NOT a good look.

    Also Keyshia sang it better in my opinion. More flavor!



  35. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    peep the peformance LOL who the f*** does sam think he is an american gangster ?
    peep !
    sam im from the UK and so are you, your not american so give it a rest with all the americanisms

  36. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    ^^^^ LOL very true !

  37. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    Im from the UK too I dont know anyone who says peep, maybe sam thinks hes american or something ?
    all I know is hes an ugly ass n*****

  38. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    so what if sam does only post american stuff obviously hes just ashamed of the UK ?

  39. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    Aundrea would have done a lot better

  40. Anonymous September 7, 2008

    dawn’s awesome and she’s not leaving dk
    aundrea doesnt have a low enough voice for it

  41. Anonymous September 8, 2008

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! why is she grabbing her crotch? Are the crabs making her that itchy?
    anyway, hmmmm dawn, don’t think she would make it as a solo artist, her voice is amazing, but for a full song it is boring as hell. one verse is enough. The show business is too concentrated on looks anyway for her to get famous.

  42. joshua September 8, 2008

    Well i think anyone who is negative about Dawn s just a hater all of your points are not valid, she is very talented and she tried the solo thing but she got NO publicity. It is damn near impossible to get the right advertisement and publicity in America because there are too many artist out there. They said the same s*** yall sayin to. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter Nichole Sheri wha ever the hell , THEY ALL had haters just like you. Thats how it is DK is going through the same transitions ALL other groups go through so DEAL with it Dawn is going to ba a very successful artist! go cry a river or better yet you go and sell more records then her!

  43. joshua September 8, 2008

    btw Keysha Cole sucks not because she really cant sing, but she has a very bad personality complex!

  44. Anonymous September 8, 2008

    We should really stop this dark is not pretty stuff. Maybe Diddy chose her to perform wit him because she on her game and comes cheaper than calling Keyshia. She did well considering I wans’t expecting much.

  45. Anonymous September 8, 2008

    Dawn, I am so porud of you you represting the N.O. so well. Keep up the good work and good luck on whatever your future endeavors are….and tell everyone with a negative comment…”Hi HATER!!!”..lol. Good Luck!

  46. Anonymous September 9, 2008

    DK would be big if they were promoted right, the ladies are good, the next DC with the right promotion.

  47. Anonymous September 9, 2008

    Dawn did GREAT! She is vocally talented, as well as a terrific performer. Get over the Beyonce and Rhianna comparisons. She is her OWN women!! Maybe some should look at this dark skin beauty as a reminder that the music industry needs to portray more images of black beauty such as herself. Go ahead Dawn!!!

  48. Anonymous September 9, 2008

    Dawn did qood but Keyshia is better. she makes you feel the emotion and pain. I like Dawn&&DK and all that but I think Keyshia is better.

  49. Tré-Anthony September 10, 2008

    She did all right. I wasn’t blown away, but she sounded good. Now if she could just work on getting that dress to fit…

  50. ND September 10, 2008


  51. Anonymous September 10, 2008

    Dawn did an excellent job, you can not compare her performance to keyshia cole, because of preparation time. Plus Dawn live version sounds better than Keyshis, Keyshia recorded version sound better.

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