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Published: Monday 29th Sep 2008 by Sam
Check out the trailer for Will Smith’s latest effort ‘Seven Pounds’. The movie sees Oscar winner Smith reunite with the directors of his hit ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, for this tale of man who changes the life of 7 individuals (hence the title…lol):

I’ve always admired the fact that Will is versatile with his craft…a true actor. The movie’s concept, granted a little hard to grasp, seems like it may be worth a look-see. What you think?

‘Seven Pounds’, which also stars Rosario Dawson and Michael Ealy, hits theatres December 19th in the US and January 16th in the UK.

Will you be going to see ‘Seven Pounds?’

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  1. Anonymous September 29, 2008

    he lost a couple of pounds as i can see. he was diesed in i am legend and a little thicker than this in hancock.

  2. Anonymous September 29, 2008

    Okay, I'm about to rant for a minute and I don't mean to be well, mean. You know about music but acting and movies umm noo..

    Okay when did Will Smith become an Oscar Winner?? You mean Oscar nominated.

    I like Will Smith, but Versatile he is NOT. He has the same personality in EVERY movie. Denzel Washington a much better actor than Will, in not considered very versatile. You want versatility try Don Cheadle, his characters in Crash, Hotel Rwanda and Talk to me are all extremely different that's versatility. Not playing different characters but having the exact same personality for each one.

    Will is a movie star. True underrated actors are Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, Viola Davis, Don Cheadle, Chiwetel Ejiofor & Nate Parker. Those are underrated TRUE actors that will blow mediocre talents like Gabrielle Union, Will Smith and Sanaa Lathan off the damn screen.

    It saddens me that these actors get such critical acclaim from critics, but not so much from the BLack community who rather praise the likes of Gabrielle Union, Will Smith and Sanaa Lathan.

    Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington are two of the best actresses of their generation and they don't get many roles because they're Black, but what's even worse is that Black people don't recognize how talented they are.

    Where are the Black film sites? I feel like Blacks are soo interested in music that they don't pay attention to other art forms like Reading and Films and praise mediocre BS like Tyler Perry or some Hood Book.

    As for the movie it looks like an average melodramatic sentimental film.

    I'm done ranting now.

  3. Anonymous September 29, 2008

    I luv me some Will.. Movie looks interesting..

  4. Shae Mechelle September 29, 2008

    when did Will Smith, Sanaa Lathan, and Gabrielle become another race besides BLACK. Your rant was a little judgmental towards these actors/actresses as if they have no talent at all. I feel your frustration but don’t shoot down the people who have made accomplishments thus far in an effort to uplift the ones who have not come up yet! 🙂

  5. Anonymous September 29, 2008

    I never said they weren’t Black I just said that they were mediocre and they are. Gabrielle and Sanaa plays that same damn character in every freaking movie? That is called MEDIOCRE. Don cheadle besides he is more famous than both Gabrielle and Sanaa and has more respect and critical accalim than all three of them put together. So haven’t came up yet?WTF apparently.lmao. you don’t know s*** about acting either.

  6. Anonymous September 29, 2008

    To be honest, Kerry Washington and Taraji get better roles than Gabrielle and Sanaa. So I think that Gabrielle and Sanaa are the ones playing catch up i.e. Stuck doing shitty movies.I think what Anon meant was they don’t get the love in the Black community, but they do get better roles and are better actresses. Taraji is on so many Oscar sites this year for The Curiosu Case of BEnjamin Button and she always have critically acclaimed performances and so does Kerry. So in the Mainstream film critics world they are a LOT more popular than Sanaa and Gabrielle. As far as coming up that’s like saying that Cate Blanchett hasn’t come up to the level of Jessica Alba. That’s a WTF statement. Jessica is known more for her looks, but she is a terrible actress. Whereas Cate is known for her talents. Cate is the one getting critical acclaim and getting great roles while Jessica much like Sanaa and Gabrielle are stuck getting shitty roles. I do think that Cate, Taraji and Kerry would rather get decent roles than be on Sanaa, Jessica and Gabrielle’s level. That’s just my opinion though.

    Viola is a great actress she’s in Doubt with Meryl Streep and is currently the frontrunner in the Best Supporting actress race for the Oscars this year.

    Don Cheadle is the s*** nuff said and he is VERY famous. So I don’t know what you meant about him having not come up yet.

    Chiwetel is also the s*** and a very versatile actor. He is making some major moves in Hollywood

    Nate Parker is a newbie and is just getting started.

    I love Will Smith no he isn’t the most talented and HE said it himself but he is very charming.

  7. Anonymous September 30, 2008

    how much does Sony pay you to write this stuff about their stars.

  8. Anonymous September 30, 2008

    i’d like to see will play a villain…see how he handles that kind of role…versatility… please…

  9. Shae Mechelle September 30, 2008

    lol u people are too much 4 me! 🙂

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