Keyshia Cole – ‘Playa Cardz Right (ft. Tupac)’ Video

Published: Friday 31st Oct 2008 by Sam

Keyshia Cole’s video for new release ‘Playa Cardz Right’ made its debut today. Featuring the late great Tupac, the song will serve as the lead single from her forthcoming ‘A Different Me’ LP (due December 16th). Despite how the collabo looks on paper, I still feel it’s lacking a certain something – most especially as lead single. Keyshia’s lead single’s usually have that ‘umph’ which this simply doesn’t. It’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out for her this go round.

What do you think of the song?

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  1. Anonymous October 31, 2008

    The reality is we only want to hear love songs like “Love”, “Heaven Sent”, and “I Remember” from Keyshia….she should stick to that.

  2. Anonymous October 31, 2008

    Don’t hate me keesh I love you to death! But anyhow i think she’s being LAZY this song was released so long ago and she just picked it up and the Akon song sounds like doo doo, same akon s*** nothing different Doesn’t stand out.. I’m already over it and the album isn’t even out yet.. COME HARDER KEESH DONT GET COMFORTABLE!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous October 31, 2008

    I don’t care if the song is old..I love this song. It brings tears in my eyes when I hear Tupac’s voice and I see his mother though.

  4. October 31, 2008

    I’m definitely not feeling this song at all.. 🙁

  5. Mark October 31, 2008

    I LIKE IT!!!

  6. Nick October 31, 2008

    man, I dnt knw wat this song doin, BUT IT AINT DOIN NUTHIN 4 ME!, boring-boring video, u said it rite: "Despite how the collabo looks on paper, I still feel it's lacking a certain something" I liked hr n the beginnin, her 2nd cd (gooood), BUT aftr that BET show & all the drama-ghetto ness, IM JST OVER HER!, this is wak & def gna end her career, it was nice knwin ya Keyshia! …

  7. Anonymous November 1, 2008

    Stop Hatin! I love this song. The collabo is unique . Tupac would be proud ! The song has meaning, and Keyshia is featured on many rappers albums. She is doing her thang! Much love to those who strive to keep our late, great rappers alive.

    Keisha, S.Valley, N.Y.

  8. possenti sikosana November 3, 2008

    i think its a powerful track. cant wait for the whole album.

    possenti sikosana

  9. Anonymous November 3, 2008

    the song is dope, no doubt.
    but why wait SO LONG to come out with it?
    i was expecting something brand new.

    but cant hate cause miss keyshia is doing her thing.

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