Michelle Williams – ‘The Greatest’ Video Preview

Published: Tuesday 7th Oct 2008 by Sam

Check out this preview of Michelle Williams’ latest video, ‘The Greatest’.

Michelle’s new album ‘Unexpected’ in stores now!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous October 7, 2008

    WOW I can’t wait. BUY HER ALBUM TODAY!!!!!!!!

  2. ND October 7, 2008


  3. Anonymous October 7, 2008

    lol sam obviously thinks the video sucks as hes given no opinion on it at all ! whereas for ciaraz video he has !!!

  4. Anonymous October 7, 2008

    cant wait for the full video!!! album is hawt

  5. chad October 7, 2008

    wow. she looks gooood.
    its another number 1.
    get it chelle..

  6. Anonymous October 7, 2008

    oh god
    so the theme is Michelle in a hotel in a bunch of rented dressed woven in with some stock footage from Nike commericals?!?!


  7. Anonymous October 7, 2008

    She looks great!!! I see she’s copin Rihanna’s style now.. LOL… anywho she looks hawt!… wish she chose a hotter single though 🙁

  8. Anonymous October 7, 2008

    i luv u Michele – u look a lil too skinny – put some meat on those bones girl n do ur thang!

  9. Anonymous October 7, 2008

    it looks nice, but nothing too special.

    i might change my mind once i see the full video.

  10. Magver October 7, 2008

    wowwwww….i cant wait the full videos….she looks amazing

  11. Nick October 7, 2008

    1st off, SHE LOOKS GREAT !!! this song is BEAUTIFUL! & I luv her album-frm 1-finish… NOW who says she copyin Rihanna hair? LORD if anythng, KELLY ROWLAND had short hair 1st, thnk u/I get so sik of the comparisons, y cnt people jst enjoy things?? GO MICHELLE !!! this is hottt…

  12. Anonymous October 7, 2008

    She looks good..

  13. Anonymous October 8, 2008

    What’s up with Michelle and them hot guyz in her videos?? LMAO

  14. It’s Lewis, B****. October 8, 2008

    Whoever said about Sam not commenting on this video preview is exactly right – he doesn’t want to criticise it because he knows Michelle visits this site and he did interview her so therefore, has to bum lick her. I admit, Michelle brought it the best she could with ‘We Break The Dawn’ but this?! This video looks wack! She is completly destroying such a great song, I wanna see huge theatrics and power to go with this song, but instead just seeing her sitting around looking pretty and an American football team. Not good.

  15. Anonymous October 8, 2008

    This video could have been a lot better…i totally expected more from michelle this is not what i wnated to see. I wanted to see a powerful an inspirational video not a fashion video!!!

  16. Anonymous October 8, 2008

    Exactly this is what the song represents, I want to see Michelle expressing strong emotion and power.. not rolling around on her bed.

  17. Anonymous October 8, 2008


  18. Anonymous October 8, 2008

    So Pretty! She def. has a hit with this one! Love her.

  19. SG3 October 8, 2008

    PPL it’s a clip, a little over a minute. Wait to you see the whole thing to pass such harsh judgement.

    IMO, nice simple song, nice simple video, more is less.

  20. Anonymous October 8, 2008

    She looks beautiful.

  21. Anonymous October 8, 2008

    She looks beautiful.

  22. ethan and eva October 8, 2008

    You can’t said that she’s destroying a good song…I think this is a Compilation of Promotional shoots video, I don’t think that is the original video, And please put some extentions to your hair, I don’t lik your look now

  23. D October 9, 2008

    I LOVE this song and Michlle looks very pretty BUT I hope there is an actual point to this video. It just looks like random shots of her looking s***. The athletes look out of place. I hope there is a connection and an actual storyline. Somehow I envisioned a love story. I thought it would either have a wedding theme with a bride reflecting or even a family / friendship situation where they reflect on the “highs and lows” of the relationship and show how they came to realize that their loved one is “the greatest”.

    This song is powerful and needs an engaging video so we feel the person’s story. If it’s just pretty/s*** shots who is going to watch it? There are a million of those from more popular artists. So like Kelly she won’t get any airplay. Videos also need to draw people..make me want to watch again. This song should definitely be a movie-type video.

    I realy hope Michelle hasn’t gotten discouraged because of the poor promo. Just keep praying girl.

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