Pussycat Dolls – ‘I Hate This Part’ Video

Published: Saturday 11th Oct 2008 by Sam

The video for the Pussycat Dolls latest international single ‘I Hate This Part’ made its debut today. I’ll fast forward to the crux of the situation; put simply, the song and video are utter crap. Complete and utter crap. This may as well have been the ‘Nicole & Co Show’ as, as usual, she had too many scenes alone and, again, is the only one singing.

I maintain that the girl’s latest release ‘Doll Domination’ would actually be performing better (as opposed to flopping all over the place) if they switched it up dynamic-wise this go round. I mean, does anyone think Destiny’s Child would have been as big as they were if Beyonce carried on singing everything ala ‘Say My Name’ days? I don’t think so.

Anyway, for those who question why I insist on querying why the other chicks don’t sing, check out Melody from the group (the brown skinned member) giving a rendition of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Hurt’ earlier this year:

My point exactly. SMH…

What do you think of the song/ video?

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  1. Soufian October 11, 2008

    i’m not checking for them anymore unless i see the others sing

  2. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    i agree

  3. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    I like the video! very nice! The girls are beautiful.

  4. Yinka October 11, 2008

    Ok, so its officially Nicole Scherzinger and the Dolls…but what about Melodie cuz the girl aint ur average singer…NOT COOL!!

  5. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    i love pcd but i dont really like this video i like the song, love the song but they shud make videos for the songs that have more than just Nicole singing and Nicole is my fav btw but i still think its crazy the other girls dont sing much becuz i kno Melody has a voice and so does the red head Jessica right? plus the dancin was a lil wack i want them to do a vid for Magic or Love the way you love or sumthin wif another voice in it

  6. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    i’m getting sooo tired of the nicole show. is there even a point in the other girls being in the vid?

  7. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    This is one of their best videos no doubt.
    Everything was just perfect/

  8. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    the other girls were in the video for 2 seconds….. Nicole is all over the place….WT!!!????!!!!! sell image much

  9. Soufian October 11, 2008

    I just don’t understand their management,don’t they do market research? Why not find out what the customer wants and then adapt to that. I mean the internet alone, the blogs, websites .. everywhere people are saying we wanna see the others sing as well. But nope they just shove nicole (there’s nothing wrong with her, i love her)in our faces. The sales are down because they are not listening to what we want..

    Too bad, i like them

  10. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    CRAP?? were talking about the video which is obviously created very well not about the spotlight sharing. PCD is a burlesque girl group, even when they were just performing on the Pussycat dolls lounge only a few of them sings and most of them dances.
    PCD is a dance group, its a brand not like them other groups these days.

  11. Soufian October 11, 2008

    ohmygod at that video of melody!!! that’s freaking brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    Melody leave the dolls and go solo !
    there holding you back !

  13. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    I hate that b**** – Nicole
    I’m tired of her nasely, whining voice. If she’s so good, how come she couldn’t make it on her own?
    She had to come back to PCD to start earning $$ again.
    Nicole you suck as hell

  14. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    hi sam, please can you change the video link for I hate this part it doesnt work anymore and WOAH at melody shes awesome
    her vocals are as powerful as christina !
    much better than nicoles

  15. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    i love this song but why no one else in the group sing. some times you hear melody with some ad libs but can they really sing. its like nicole is the artist and she has four backup dancers all the time. Girlicious might ake over if they keep this up cause all of them sing and there songs are acutal good

  16. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    I really LOVE this song. The vid was IMO, a damn good effort. Melody would’ve slaughtered this song if given the chance. Her and Nicole going back and forth would’ve been awesome, but hey you get waht you get with PCD.

  17. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    Although you have a point sam the other girls choose to stay in the group, one already left maybe the others are not confident or talented enough to be the lead thats why they are not. Melody sings better and on the original preview of “take over the world” Melody shared the lead, on the album version she has a smaller part, she is now established enough to leave if she wants to.

  18. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    Love the video and song. Nicoles vioce is always amazing thats why they picked her to be the lead singer. But i can’t wait till a video for Elevator comes out, melody rocks the song and we’ll finally get to see her sing. ALOT!!

  19. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    Melody sings so much better than that pointed-nose witch Nicole.
    There’s noone else in the video other than Nicole. Give me a break. She cldn’t even make it on her own. F*** nicole

  20. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    Melody can blow, and what I have noticed about their videos is that they never tape her doing the runs. Melody did crazy runs in that video with Missy, but they taped Nicole doing her runs, a shame mess! Melody should definitely go solo

  21. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    Honestly, the video is pretty. I kind’ve like it. However the dancing at the end in the rain really eliminates any emotional impact the song could’ve had. It was too sexual and they really could’ve done without the wet-tshirt contest! My other gripe in the video is the desert…they make it work but the song talks about “driving through the SNOW on 5th avenue”…and its like their driving through Arizona on Route 66 or somethin in the video…I don’t get it.

    Also Nicole could’ve shared this with Melody. Honestly, the two of them could’ve gave this song what it needed to be a SUPER smash…however, Nicole’s vocals here are superb…Can’t even lie

  22. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    sam you are on crack. how the f*** can you say that this song is utter crap?! you are so bias. we get it, YOU LOVE BEYONCE!! but isnt it funny that you talk so much positivity about destiny’s child, and blah blah just so you can get an interview with Michelle Williams… but isnt it funny that you still cant get an interview with Beyonce?! So do what you gotta do boo. kiss Michelle’s, and Kelly’s ass until you get to finally interview/meet beyonce! but dont knock other Good artists in the meantime!

    I do love this site, but stop bashing artists with talent (ie. Mariah, PCD, etc)! just post what you need to post and keep it simple!

  23. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    I dont think that Sam is bias..Ur attack is a bit rude if u dont like it dont read it!! Anyway u need to open your eyes and see what is in front off you which is the management letting Nicole shine and leaving the others in the shadows..Wake up, smell the coffee!

  24. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    4 THE RECORD!!!… Doll Domination peaked at number 4 in both UK & USA album charts. I'd hardly call that tanking, come on? Seriously doubt Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland or Solange will b hitting top5 anywhere in the near future. This is a very decent song & video!

  25. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    they look nice
    i like them, but this song is ehh

  26. tia October 11, 2008

    yeah i didnt know she could sing that good,i mean granted she was yelling at the top of her lungs, she still is really good…its not understood why nicole sings everything when there is someone who can sing just as good as her and looks just as good as her, idk maybe its the bad girl rebel thing that nicole does thats making her the leader…..but at least give the girl a verse damn! lol

  27. Anonymous October 11, 2008


  28. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    Melody is adorable, but she didn’t have her own style, she only try to copy Xtina’s singing and even expressions (the way she moves her head). She should grow and find another to express herself.

  29. PrincessRi14 October 11, 2008

    melody has a song off of doll domination called space she can sing her ass off go check it out

  30. Anonymous October 11, 2008

    @ anon 2:53… duhhhh. duh nicole is the shining star in PCD! that was the whole entire point of PCD to begin with… just like Destiny’s Child, The Supremes, etc… there is always ONE shining star in a girl group. so whats your point? i dont understand.

  31. LoveKelly.com October 11, 2008

    some of u r so lame he says one thing u don’t like and u have 2 bash ppl that aren’t even relevant to the post

  32. Anonymous October 12, 2008

    WOW melody is surprisingly good!!!!
    she definetly is a better singer the nicole, although nicole does have a certain star quality, but they really should be trading those verses

  33. Anonymous October 12, 2008

    I hate this part is amazing and is going to a mega smash !!!!!

  34. Suga Brown October 12, 2008

    I actually think melody does more than we think on tracks with certain harmonies you know its not jus nicole doing them, even though the camera stays on her.
    Melody is all over the harmonies in this song..

    I guess the label think it will inbalance the group to have just two main singers in the group so they stuck with one.

    The reason they originally searched for a new pussycat doll was so they could have 3 strong singers which would’ve been Nicole, Melody and Asia(if she didn’t reject the prize of becoming a doll).

    2b honest if all the girls could sing there would be a few more harmonies in their songs. U hardly hear more than 2-part harmonies sometimes 3 in the songs they sing.
    Alot of backings live are in unison or just melody harmonising with Nicole…

    Nicole is not great with harmonies as u’ve heard from solo projects but good with leads, so Melody has that main job unfortunately of gettin harmonies on point.

    Video cool and song nice actually

  35. Anonymous October 12, 2008

    I am tired of just hearing one girl from the group all the time. Atleast Danity Kane all the girls sing so there is a balance. The only problem they have is a crapy label and management. With PCD they have a better machine backing them up but with them not switching it up and still making this about one person more than a group, people are growing tired of it.

  36. Anonymous October 12, 2008

    yo i agree comeplete and utter garbage i wanted nicole slingshot or whatever the hell shes called to get hit by lightning when she was shrieking at the top of her voice. the b**** needs 2 sit the hell down!

  37. Anonymous October 12, 2008

    Did the others sing at all in this video, that aint right! and people went on about how bad beyonce was, these dolls dont even do harmonies together, nicole recorded this track alone. I hate this whole situation, melody should leave and do her own thing or simply teach this heffa nicole how to sing….

  38. Anonymous October 12, 2008

    it is a lil weird that only nicole is the one singen but did you know that she had a solo deal b4 she joined pcd? she only joined them for one album, but since her album didn’t work out she decided to come back to them. all of the girls CAN sing, really, the only one i’m not sure about is kimberly I’ve never really heard her sing but for rest they all sing, ofcourse Melody’s voice is stronger than the oters. so i can’t see why they woudn’t change it up a bit and have more of the girls sing

    And I think Melody or any other girls won’t up and leave just like that because we all now how hard it is for artists these days, even with all the talent and beauty and starpower they can still flop. labels are not willing to take big chances on ‘new’ artists, so the girls might think it’s saver to stay with pcd.

  39. Anonymous October 12, 2008

    the dancing was a wack, it looked af if they only got to rehears ones or twice.

    btw melody has a solo song called Go to far


    it’s a cool song yall should check it out

  40. juper October 14, 2008

    nicole is gorgeous, nicole can sing, nicole can dance, nicole write and produce. YES i too hate when groups have only one or two lead singers, but i think the girls of PCD knew what they were getting into when they became a music group, one lead singer and backup. The only singers in the group were NIcole, Melody, and Carmit. Since carmit left, it’s now just Nicole and Melody. And MElody can’t even really sing all that, or if she can she doesn’t know how to control it or tone it down well enough, which is why she’d never be a lead singer of a group. All Melody does is yell and screech and wannabe Christina Aguilera, case in point: her video of her singing who else but christina aguilera, and although she sounds great, she’s still yelling throughout the song. and EVERYTIME I have heard MElody live, she has sounded absolutely AWFUL, EVERYTIME. and it’s funny that the link your provide is of the 3 girls singing Sway, b/c that IS the only link that Melody has ever soudned good live, and even THEN she’s still trying to be christina aguilera.

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