2008 American Music Awards: Performances

Published: Monday 24th Nov 2008 by Sam
The 36th Annual American Music Awards aired in the US last night, live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Performers on the night, which saw Chris Brown bag the most awards, included Beyonce, Rihanna, Pink, Ne-Yo, Christina Aguilera, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Leona. Check out performances below (review will be up a bit later):
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  1. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Mariah actually put it down! Surprise Surprise…

  2. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Mariah still lipsinking. Beyonce still rocks !!!

  3. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Ne-yo brought the house down!! Great performance!

  4. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Mariah: No… That was.. 100% live… this is her best performnce in 2008… Mariah… Great performance…

    Christina Aguilera : wow… i really like her and her voice

    Rihanna: ok… just Good…

  5. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    I’m sorry to disapoint you but you can clearly see that 75% of the performance wasn’t live. She pre-recorded the live version of the track. I saw it in HDTV and she was miming a lot

  6. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Talking about mariah of coure and the verses on the beyonce song too like she did for get me bodied at the time

  7. Nothing But Love November 24, 2008

    Mariah did good i think that preformance was a slap in the face to her haters, and she was NOT lipsynching it was live just her the instrumentals and her back up singers.

    Rihanna was good her vocals are improving..

    Beyonce same ol same ol…nothing new

  8. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    pink was great.

  9. iamfierceMC November 24, 2008

    i love mariah & beyonce's number!
    They were both great vocally…
    xtina, she's just shouting!

  10. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Beyonce was great.
    And I wanna say how much I love Queen Latifah for always supporting Beyonce :)))) she always has fun when B is on stage and she really seems to love her music. That is so great.

  11. jonnyhco November 24, 2008

    beyonce rocked the house for-real.best performance of single ladies ever.She was the first performer of the night that everyone got on their feet for.amazing

  12. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Now, i always wonder about Beyonce's performances. I think the whole stair issue was that if she didn't get up so fast the pre recorded live vocals would've continued.. but of course i can't prove that. All that dancing and not one bit out of breath… unlike in the video but a very energetic performance. I liked Christina, although Iamfierce says she shouting he/she needs to listen to some Beyonce records and then talk about shouting. Rihanna & Leona's performances were okay but lacked the energy

  13. Jonathan November 24, 2008

    Pink…Love her AND Beyonce does her thing every time but she doesn’t fit at the end of shows shes GREAT at OPENING SHOWS…I just like for her to showcase her vocal ability and its hard to do that with these up tempos Im waiting for her to showcase her range and creativity with her voice…like she used to do! But from what i hear she couldn’t do If i were a boy because all the ballad slots were taken lol

  14. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Beyonce was iite…seen one single ladies performance n u seen em all..

    Alicia Keys and Queen latifah were soooo good. I thought 2 myself o gosh “superwoman” again…but she flipped it..it was great.

    Pink was actually very very good. I havent been keeping up with her 2 much..but she kept my attention

    It seemed like Rihanna and Neyo were on the stage for 45 seconds lol


    Kanye- Stage lighting and background were great, his track jacket even better, his glasses, on point..but im not a fan of that song…it looked like he had no room to move around either..

    I muted Mariah for her sake..cuz i know how bad shes been sounding and i didnt wanna see it so..

  15. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    beyonce was GREAT!
    Mariah- boring
    Alicia okay i did not understand the opera singer
    Neyo _execellent performance
    Rihanna-sub par
    Pink excellent
    Christina okay yes she did alot of dancing and had legions of dancers she sounded not as good.

  16. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Think Beyonce put the pretender (Rihanna) firmly back in her place.

    Neyo is just the classiest entertainer right now, loved the introduction of a balack ballarina taking stage over the r&b dancer chick.

    Leona trumps Mariah

    Alicia always tries to mix her classical side with her performances (shes so much more thean r&b).

    PCD how I wish this spot had been taken by a reformed (even just 4 one night) DK5 (DANITY KANE).*SIGHS*

    Have to admit this was my priority but I will get around to the others…eventually. LOL

  17. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Christina was WOW… great performance
    Beyonce was really good… Rihanna not bad, Mariah kinda boring…

  18. ND November 24, 2008


    Did anyone see her lil mistake doe?? lol

    And I loved the slide prop…

    Can’t wait for her next concert!!! She tears down the house!!

  19. Anonymous November 24, 2008


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  20. Anonymous November 24, 2008


  21. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Beyonce was really good! Her best “single ladies” performance of them all!

  22. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Beyonce: Im going to need Beyonce to stay in the middle so you won’t bump into her dancer lol. Wasn’t all that, same ol same ol, nothing new, nothing special.

    Mariah: Boring, NEXT








  23. Joe November 24, 2008

    Go ahead Queen Beyonce ROCKED THE HOUSE!!


  24. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    As usual Alicia put it down. She covered all genres R&B, Rap and Classical. Best of the night. I love Queen Latifah's shout out to Presidential Elect Barack Obama and to Jennifer Hudson and her family. Alicia raises the bar yet again. This is the lady that when our song comes on the radio 20 years from now we will say turn that up ya’ll don’t know nothing about this. Like our parents do us now. Keep it up Alicia!!!

  25. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Beyonce was okay

    I liked Pink

    Mariah did great

    Alicia and Queen w/ Kathleen Battle were awesome!

    NeYo did good as well

    Leona was okay

    Rihanna was kinda boring but she sounded decent

    NKOTB surprised me in a bad way lol

    PCD danced okay but sounded awful

  26. !watevaisayistrue! November 24, 2008

    Beyonce kept f****** up. She was trying entirely to hard.

    Alicia always delivers love her !

    Rhi suprised me she did good !

  27. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    WHERE IS MICHELLE WILLIAMS?????????????? such is life!

  28. MRSJONES November 24, 2008






  29. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    If Rihanna plans on singing anymore ballads at these award shows. I’ma need for her to step her game up (vocal lessons/training) or COMPLETELY avoid any events where they list Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and/or any other singer with superior vocal abilities as performers. Definitely not a good look on her image. But I must say, no matter how good or bad her performances are, chick is ALWAYS looking fly!

  30. tia November 24, 2008

    Rhianna was so fricken boring i just wanted to slap some energy in her ass…she was able to sing ok because her ass didnt move…ugh and the song is nice but it is not an awards show performance

    bey did good as ususal,the only one to have everyone on their feet,she had a mistep but recovered quickly and her performance wasnt lip synced,its just that her backup singers do all of the chorus,bee only does the verses,she stays with the live band and live vocals

    kanyes set was the dopest set i have ever seen in my life,but once again,that song is NOT an awards show song…idk what else he could of did but heartless just didnt get it for me,and i’m a huge kanye fan,he still did good,but it was a lil boring

    i didnt see the rest…but i must say queen looked so darn pretty, regardless of her size she still has a great shape

    i would just like to put it out there that next year these awards shows better step it the hell up i am sooooo dissappointed at these awards shows this year, after the bet awards i thought they had nowhere to go but up…but it only got worse and thats a shame,you mean to tell me that the bet awards was the best this year??? the vma’s was the absolute worse because it was soooo hyped up,and for what,the bet hip hop awards was just as bad…i’m mad lol.

  31. Slim Kim November 24, 2008

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  32. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Even after all these years Mariah still manages to not only stay in the game but also deliver great performances such as this one. No dancing, no choreography, no heavy lights or added stage settings. Just that incredible voice and that wonderful smile. Nowadays, people seem to think that it’s not enough. Well, I don’t.

  33. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    pink looked and sounded great
    mariah did good, but she always does the same thing on stage/loved her dress and microphone
    neyo did great
    rihanna looked beautifu, the dress was crap
    she sounded good compared to other days
    she really should do modeling and become a fashion designer or something
    pussycat dolls danced well but sounded terrible, nicole s. should really become a solo artist
    beyonce had a nice song but she needs to be beyonce on stage not sasha, sasha didnt give you the talent GOD did, she can sing but she always tries to hard
    she’s been here for years and no one knows who she really is yet

  34. Anonymous November 24, 2008


    Whoever says that Mariah lip-synched this whole song is just nothing but SH!T!!! She just had some backvocals on tape. That’s all… JUST DON’T LIE ABOUT IT!

    And I REALLY WONDER why from all these videos here ONLY Mariah’s is with such a POOR AUDIO QUALITY??? I won’t think it’s put like that ON PURPOSE… But STILL… I AM…

    Cuz here’s a MUCH BETTER AND CLEARER ONE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0OaF6TghHk

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-


  35. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    If Rihanna had of done anymore moving her vocals would’ve been worse cause this chick can not move and do anything else at the same time..Her distracting outfit was something out of Prince’s closet. She is just a boring girl. She done let all these cute remarks go to her big head.

    Beyonce worked it, that’s why the crowd was up an popping and she got an ovation also..Something riri might not never see until she announces she has left the singing business for good..

  36. Garret November 24, 2008

    Beyonce was amazing, As usual, Her vocals and Choreography were on point 100%. Best Of Night.

    PCD were abysmal, I mean awful. Nicole was screaming all of WIGU and did no justice to I Hate This Part, All I’m saying is thank god those girls can dance or else they’d be talentless!

    Leona was an angel, Falsettos were flawless.

    Mariah, Well yes it is easily her best perfomance in a VERY long time but really think, THIS i sher best in a while?
    That is just awful, She barely moved and that song is not a fraction of what she can/could do, The end was nice but she looked like had to really force it out, Where oh where is Mariah who sung that great performance of Emotions gone to?

    Rihanna, Well her vocals were actually good, Not amazing but good while her stupid outfits I’ll never know?!

    Christina was awful, She must have had a bad night, Beautiful was amazing but as the meledy went into it more her vocals got much more strained and weaker.

  37. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Mariah — so good, this and x factor were both phenomenal, hopefully album sales may increase but I doubt it

    Alicia, Queen, Battle — good until the opera, that was just a horrible hot mess

    Beyonce — Who told Beyonce she can dance?

    Xtina — good performance, would have preferred more vocals and less grunting but still good

    ITA with the person who said Brandy should have been there

  38. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Best perfomance: Mariah Carey – I Stay in Love

    Worst performances: All (except Mariah)

    F** the haters! F*** the haters!

  39. Ju November 24, 2008

    Mariah received the "Honorary Award" for most #1 songs by a solo artist & most weeks at #1 by any artist – her 12th career American Music Award! The inscription on the trophy reads:

    "The American Music Awards honors Mariah Carey for surpassing two of the longest standing records in music history, formerly held by Elvis Presley. In 2008, Mariah Carey became the solo artist with the most number one hits of all time. In addition, Mariah has now spent more weeks at number one than any other artist in the history of recorded music. Congratulations!"

    So, who is better??????????? Mariah Carey, the most sucessful female recording artist of all time!!!!

  40. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Ne-Yo performance was well entertained. Gotta love the mini tribute to James Brown. The Band was wonderful.

  41. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    I agree with Anon 8:06 & 10:35. Those two par non were the best performances of the night.

  42. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Neyo was aiight.

    NKOTB — no comment.
    Same goes for the Pussycat Dolls.

    Alicia rocked it out once again. Her stage performances are always very eclectic and versitile!

    As a non-Beyonce fan, she was amazing (mis-step and all).

    Pink was great. People need to remember that this girl can SING!

    As a major Kanye fan, what the hell was he thinking singing that song on an awards show???

    Leona Lewis has great vocals, but totally lacked energy.

    Rihanna — what happened? Boring song, boring performance.

    Too bad Mariah pre-recorded her vocals. Otherwise, she would have been amazing.

  43. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Beyonce a.k.a Beyaki – If you’ve seen one performance of single ladies you’ve seen them all. She messed up and her white dancer messed up. They should’ve gotten Shane Mercado as one of her dancers. Even the TRL performance was better than that. The worst single ladies performance to date.

    Mariah Carey – As usual, she was boring as hell. How can someone be in the industry for so many years and never learn how to perform. And please, please, please someone tell me that was NOT Nick Cannon helping her down the stairs and then scurrying off like a hunched back gremlin?? Can someone please help me out with that one there?

    Rihanna – Her vocals on the Rehab performance was outstanding. The best by far. The showcase could have been better though. Note to Rihanna: Fire your stylist TODAY!

    Christina Aguilera – She had the most going on in her performance so you would think that it would be one of the best performances at the AMAs. It was not even good. People have been saying that she can sing. Shouting and trying to sound like something that does not come out sounding genuine does not constitute talent or singing. Christina, give up music (and stop tryin to cop other people’s styles) and go into the p*** business. You’ll do much better there.

    Alicia Keys – Alright.

    Kanye West – Alright.

    PussyCat Dolls – I cannot tell a lie…. The most Boring A** Performance of the evening!! PCD usually can perform their a**es off. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it the boring a** songs they chose to perform. They shoulda just stayed their a**es in their seats the whole night.

  44. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Pink can sing. Love her. I felt her performance the most out of all these artists. Pink rocked it as per usual and she sang her heart out. Is that her new single “SOBER”?

  45. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    I must be blind cause I have yet to see where Bey missed a step… not saying it isn’t so I just didn’t catch it… Rhianna’s fashion game is just un-deniable but damn her performance was boring as s*** she really need to fix that!.

  46. Terrispeaks November 24, 2008

    I fell asleep after Beyonce last night so I just watched Alicia and them this morning – yo my eyes started tearing up; the operea singer gave me chills when she hit that high not! Beautiful performance.
    NKOTB – OMG I was so embarrased for them watching them perform. I physically cringed at one point.
    Ne-Yo – Good all-around entertainer as usual.
    Pink – Girl can blow! Sounds just like her CDs if not better.
    Kanye – I could only watch 40 seconds. I respect his creativity but I am over his auto tune phase.
    PCD – A voiceless shame (but they can shake & shimmy).
    B – Fun performance.
    Leona – zzz…
    C. Aguilera – The opening singing showed why she is so great. The rest of the vocals were to overdone for me.
    Mariah – I thought she was lipsyncing too but maybe I'm wrong. Either way it hurts me that she's lost about 50% of her vocal ability. I wonder what happened. But I love her cuz she's so doggone quirky and unpredictable.

  47. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    In contrary to popular opinion, overall the awards and performances were all great. Yes, I admit. There were a few dull moments, but, hey, what awards show now adays doesn't have its typical "delayed reactions

    I'm a fan supporter of most of last nights performers including Christina A., Bey, A.Keys, Rihanna, Neyo, PCD, & Leona.

    I do however, want to highlight how people r calling this RIhanna's best perforance vocally. When, in fact, Rihanna has always and will continue to deliver Rehab Live to her best. I feel like she has always connected with the song (the lyrics evoke an experience that we all can relate too or have been through) I suggest you viewers who don't know, or maybe on the fence about rihanna to youtube rihanna's performance of Rehab over the last year, and I guarantee you, that most of you will be blown away.

    Quick Example
    Rihanna Rehab Live

    It will give you goosebumps

    Also, Christina, still and will always be my fav. pop artist, hands down. And Leona, I will definitely be keeping my eyes out and wide ear open for this one, I can see her doing big things to come

  48. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Rihanna pre-recorded a ‘live’ version of Rehab methinks.. even so her performance was the best I’ve seen of her vocally.

  49. BellaHoney November 24, 2008

    I’m sorry ….am I the only one who was listening? Leona was terrible..hittin all the wrong notes and…oh my…

    What’s worse is I kinda like her so I am not hating on her at all.

  50. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Ok….well this is how i’m gonna break it dwn like this.
    Beyonce- was a great even with the little mess up that she had….she still delivered a killer performance.

    Mariah- I though that she was live. I mean some pple may disagree, but i thought that it was song live.

    Alicia Keys- although I didn’t understand the opera singer Queen Latifah did her thing. I like the collaboration.Alicia and Queen Latifah)

    Christina- she did very well. I mean she was actually performing and singing live at the same time. So I give her 2 thumbs up.

    Pink- Pink did good on both of the songs that she did.

    Rihanna- I really on the oust about her performance. I mean she did have some good parts but in the beginning when she was kinda throwin me off. I guess she was trying to change up but other than that it was good. Boring but good.

    Neyo- Did very good, No complaints 2 thumbs up.

    PCD- Athough it was all about Nicole and Melody (my girl) was struggling with the jacket the performance was pretty good.

    New kids- They actually did pretty good. I liked it.

    Leona – I thought that she was doin a little bit too much with her movements to the song. I mean it seemed a lot like it was forced and not natural.

    So those are my opinions feel free to comment….


  51. mrsjones November 24, 2008

    LMAO if that performance gave you goosebumps. lol

  52. La’Wayne November 24, 2008

    Rihanna………WOW..LOVED it….the vocals are CRAZY!!

  53. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Ne-Yo gave the best performance of the night . . .
    Beyonce, okay but once you’ve seen her perform the song once, she pretty much does the same routine from that point on . . .
    Alicia / Queen, Latifah definitely put on spin on it . . I’ve seen Alicia perform many times live and she gives so much raw energy it takes it to another level
    Rihanna, she could have kept the squealing to a minimum . . . too much for me
    Leona Lewis, great voice
    Mariah, best performance of 2008
    New Kids on the Block, took me back to my high school years
    Christina Aquilera, good vocals, a bit stiff on the dance moves
    Pink, good job, loves her
    PCD, it would be nice to see the other girls shine, I mean it’s Nicole and the PCD, so give someone else there 15 minutes
    Natasha Bedingfield, huge fan and she can sing

  54. MrRihannaFenty November 24, 2008

    Rihanna: Simply amazing. She proved everybody that she could sing and hit notes flawlessly. I mean, she looked beautiful, then she sung “REHAB” and her vocals were on point. They continue to improve with every performance. 5/5

    Beyonce: Uew, um, yeah. Kinda boring. I mean, the only thing I love is the dancing. The dancing makes single ladies an amazing song. If she didn’t have the dancing, it wouldn’t be a great song. But i mean, it looks just like the video. So whatever. 4/5

    Mariah: Vocals- AMAZING. Performance overall- BORING. I mean, she just stands there flicking her hair and whatnot. She is so prissy but her voice was amazing. 4.5/5

    Miley Cyrus: AMAZING. Simply amazing. I never liked her until I saw that performance. 5/5

    Overall, Rihanna had the best performance

  55. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    whatever to the comment above me! it took rihanna 3 years to prove that she has an OKAY voice.

    BUT BEYONCE is amazing talent!

  56. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Beyonce- She hyped up that BORING audience even though she messed up lol but I still give her a 5/5

    Miley Cyrus- That little girl can perform to only be 16 her performance was energetic I give her a 5/5

    Rihanna- Her vocals improved and she looked pretty but she still puts on a BORING performance, I liked the fire behind her. 3/5

    Ne-Yo- He was okay to me, but he went wayyyy overboard with it all lol.

    Leona Lewis- I like her and she can sing but she had a boring performance too.

    Pink- She was good and her background singers were really good. I give her a 4/5

    I don’t feel like reviewing everybody else, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus had the best performances to me. I see everyone has their own opinions about their fav. performer.

  57. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Rihanna: Wow, Someone please explain to me why she is so popular.
    Beyonce: great performance as always.
    Pink: ok
    Mariah: AMAZING!!! I was blown away.
    Miley: Great
    leona: Tryin way too hard, but good vocal.
    Christina: That wanch needs to go sit down lady gaga wanna be.

  58. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Leona great! Rhianna good! Mariah Great! Beyonce Good (but nothing short of the usual) and everyone else did their thing

  59. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Rihanna totally shocked me by her vocals. You can really tell she is improving her best performance to date.

    Beyonce on the other hand did disappoint me because she has set the standard so high for performances and to do the same performance she has been doing was not what I expected nor what I believe she was capable of. But you have to give her props cause even when she doesn’t go all out she still manages to bring the crowd to there feet.

    Leona beautifully sung but also beautifully boring.

    Christina made two major mistakes first of all wrong shoes she couldnt dance full out, and to much going on she gave out and her vocals truly showed that and imo she has not been out long enough or established herself enough to be coming out with greatest hits.

    Pink sounded great.

    Neyo all I can say is Micheal Jackson wannabe and keyword is WANNABE.

    Kanye was just Kanye.

    Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus both need to stick with Disney channel.

    Mariah best performance since the release of her latest album.

    Pussycat Dolls was just not really hitting on anything for me from nichole’s horrible singing to medley distracting me trying to get the coat off

    And last but not least Alicia there is no denying that the woman is a great singer but her performances are just so predictable because you know she is always gonna bring somebody out. But I didn’t really enjoy the opera singing but Queen Latifah is truly a multi talented woman. And I guess her doing that would have been better then her just sitting at the paino and singing

  60. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    as much as I love Mariah, she pre-recorded the track then lipsynched it. I can see it.
    Beyonce rocked and so did rihanna!
    I didn’t like leona’s performance, but I don’t like her at all so perhaps that’s why haha

  61. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Bey was so good minus the mistep she reminds us everytime what a real entertainer would do on stage. Shut it down. She had almost the whole audience on there feet from start to finish. Rihanna was a little better but the same boring performance as usual never anything special or standout about her performance. Alicia was good but with every performance she always brings someone on stage. I want to see her work it for once on her own without any help. Mariah was alright. Pink was good that girl can sing. XTina I’m sorry being 100% she sounded off that night and a hot mess. Overall okay not great show thanks to Bey, Pink ,and AKeys.

  62. antertain November 25, 2008

    OMG everybody must cater to different artist Mariah & Leona are NOT Dancers so it will come across boring they should be judged vocally rather than overall performance.

    Beyonce is the business even when routine mucks up abit she's still the ultimate performer and life of the show.

    Ne-Yo is a guy who may not be the hottest male vocalist out there but knows how 2 combine singing and dancing to make a show.

    Mariah was real good and its the best i'd heard her in a while. WASN'T LIP-SYNCH of that song.. She seems ultra stiff this year on stage for some reason mayb she jus lacking a little confidence(it happens to every1 even the most seasoned pro's) but she still great for all her achievements.

    Loving Pink she does her thing and does it well and has fun with her performances..

    I think Leona is a hot vocalist and she sung great. Just because she didn't sing the song bit for bit as the record doesn't mean she missed notes she just varied it up abit which is cool for a live performance. She moved alot more than usual so i give her props.

    Kanye jus has that great stage presence so although not loving his songs too much right now he does what he does very well..EXCEPT SINGING NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    A.Keys always has something up her sleave and it was a dynamic performance of Superwoman. Queen La is fire bigging up Obamas and Jen. Hudsons Momma real heartfelt and thoughtful. Opera woman was hot vocally lol well she blended in alot of parts..

    PCD & NKOTB WOW what happened to Nicole & Jordan in particular HOT SOUNDING MESSS OUCH!!!
    New Kids sound wasn't blending vocally and PCD back up dancers/singers need to do more with live performances. Where's the singing harmonies(THE LIVE ONES)
    [Sidenote: My gosh DK are so much better live singing wise and just as good dancers.]

    X-tina not at her usual best best still kills most singers and is finding her way back in2 the music scene so she done good imo considering those things..

    Rihanna i'm guessin she was focussing on the thing she's most bashed for, and thats her vocals. She still improving to me and i must say that it was 2much stage 4her to sing that kind of song when she not quite locked down stage presence as yet.
    [NOT COMPARING!!! She coulda done something like what Beyonce did with "Boy" at the EMA's in terms of performin that song Rehab] Keep it simple and keep confident is my tip for Rihanna cus no matter what any1 says shes still a big selling artist, so its all good 4her…

    Review/Essay Done LOL!!!

  63. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Miley Cyrus and Mariah Amazing???!! wtf?? LMFAO!!!!

  64. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    And why oh why did Christina come out with a greatest hits medley?? She ain’t even that popular nor has she been out long enough to pull that crap. I for one liked none of the (minus Genie in a Bottle) songs in the medley. And poor NKOTB. They need to go sit down, drink their Geritol and call it a day. It’s a Wrap!

  65. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    And why oh why would Christina come out and perform a greatest hits medley?? wtf? She is not that popular and ain’t even been out long enough to pull that crap. I for one didn’t like (minus Genie in a Bottle) any of the songs in the medley. And poor, poor NKOTB…. They need to go sit down, drink their Geritol and call it a day. It’s a Wrap!

  66. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Uhhh….Mariah’s been ultra stiff for too many damn years. She is BOOOOORING as usual. At least she’s consistent. lol And Yes! That biyatch was lipsyncing like a MOFO.

  67. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Lip-syncing MY *SS!

    Why are you making fun of yourself? Ha-ha…

  68. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    I totally agree with MrRihannaFenty. I’m a fan of both. When I first heard Single Ladies I was like, ‘This is sh*t I’ve already heard before.’ Then I saw the video and started to like it. Bottom line: the dancing on the video is selling the song. Without the video, and performance overload thru the media, the song would be nothing.

  69. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Yes the biyatch was lipsyncing. Even a dumb a** can see that sh*t. Read the blogs r*****. The majority of us saw this sh*t. hahahaha Big Dummy!

  70. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    every time mc does good youll feel she is lipsyncing, that s*** was 100% LIVE, , STOP hating, yes she stands in one place,thats why u have beyonce, she is the entertainer that runs around like a FOOL, at the end of the day b says she WANTS to be an icon, but mc is ALREADY ONE, and she aint get there by running around on stage, so b get yo pen and pad and take notes, from a REAL diva icon, mc

  71. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    p.s she also aint get 18 #1 singles, and become the BEST SELLING ARTIST OF ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIME, by gyrating the stage(beyonce)

  72. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Mariah, is my girl. always has been, always will be. time to be honest though. She sounded good and wasn’t lip syncing. you can tell when she is, when anybody is, and she wasn’t here.

    As far as the performance overall, you can’t use her vocal ability as a reason to just stand there. Old Mariah didn’t just stand there, she worked the stage. Songs like Hero you can just stand there because it’s voice and message driven. This song isn’t She needs to walk back and forth or do something.

    This album she hasn’t disappointed me with her voice, just her lack of movement. Mariah, baby, next time i see you standin there i’m gon light ya dress on fire. Maybe then we can get something out of you. lol.

  73. Anonymous November 26, 2008

    Christina Aguilera – For doing 6 songs in only 7 minutes, she did a great job! Vocals were excellent as always. She seemed a little off, especially with the dancing, but that probably was because she was performing 6 songs in a small space of time with minor costume changes. I’ve seen her live in concert twice and the girl is AMAZING!

    Mariah Carey – Good vocals (although I’m not sure if they were live) but a boring performance as usual.

    Alicia Keys – Best performance of the night hands down! Amazing vocals as always. I went crazy when Queen Latifah came out (even though her mic wasn’t working for those first couple seconds). Not an opera person but it worked out well overall. They saved the best for last. I’ve also seen her live in concert twice and she puts on a great show!

    Pussycat Dolls – Exactly what you would expect from them. Nicole was the only one singing live vocals as usual. I was glad they included ‘I Hate This Part’ but I’ve had enough of the ‘When I Grow Up’ performances. Choreography was the best thing about it.

    Ne-Yo – A good performance for an ok performer. I was glad he performed ‘Miss Independent’.

    Rihanna – Vocals seemed pretty well-polished but she still is a boring performer. The eye patch has got to go!

    Leona Lewis – Amazing vocals! Love this girl.

    Natasha Bedingfield – Surprisingly good.

    Kanye West – Love the song and the set. Pretty indifferent to the rest of it.

    Beyonce – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Had to be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Who knew someone could make dancing so obnoxious and she seriously thinks what she’s doing is hot. Could not stop laughing at her. Even worse than the video!

    New Kids On The Block – Never was a fan but I like ‘Single’ (well, Ne-Yo’s version of it). Their vocals were terrible and the entire thing was cheesy bubble gum pop. Terrible!!!

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