That Grape Juice To Interview T.I.

Published: Monday 24th Nov 2008 by Sam
That Grape Juice To Interview T.I. That Grape Juice is pleased to announce that we will be interviewing Hip Hop superstar T.I. via phone this week.
The Atlanta native, real name Clifford Harris, is currently promoting his latest effort ‘Paper Trail’, which after just six weeks on the charts, was certified Platinum by the RIAA. ‘Trail’, his 6th studio album has spawned two #1 singles with ‘Whatever You Like’ and ‘Live Your Life’.
Please drop any questions you may have for T.I in the ‘comments’ section below. As usual, only legit questions will be considered. Thanks guys 🙂

*It’s worth stressing that plans can change at anytime for many a reason. However, at present, all systems are go!*

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  1. Davide Laffe(david laugh) November 24, 2008

    1.what are the next singles/videos are u releasing from this album..
    2. besides promorting this album what other things are u doing before your time in prison(spending time with family/extra curricular activities)?

  2. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    1. You are promoting your album, so I want to know when do you come to Europe (I mean Germany…) to promote this incredible album?
    2. With who do you still want to collaborate?
    3. Can you imagine to work with a pop/rock artist?

  3. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    hey what happened to promoting ti vs tip

    u only realised one song, one with wyclef

  4. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    if you could say one thing to someone wanting to achive your sucess what would you say

  5. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    lol sam u aint have ta be a b**** and remove my kmmnt…i love that grape juice dot net i was just suspicious because i am still waitin for dat d.woods interview…other than that ya site is hot and i visit it every day…gosh

  6. Anonymous November 24, 2008


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  7. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Who cares . . . next . . . he has been everywhere and interviewed with everybody. What is he going to tell you that we haven’t heard him tell anyone else. I know, why he continues to have kids out of wedlock . . . I mean seriously how long is the ugly chick going to be his fiance? It’s been what five years now?

  8. Anonymous November 24, 2008

    Fan from California:

    Would you ever consider doing something with Mario?

    Isn’t Chelsea Lately hilarious?!

    Have you ever consider leaving out the cursing from your shows, music, and everyday speech?

    How do you maintain acting like a normal personYou never seem too full of yourself, or big headed, and that’s impressive for such industry you’re in.

    What’s your favorite food, rapper (MC), song of the moment, hottest WHITE chick in the game?

  9. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    How did the collaboration with Rihanna come about?

  10. djbaps November 25, 2008

    T.I. Fan from New Zealand

    1. Are you already working on another album?
    2. Is there going to be a video for swagger like us?
    3. Is he touring? If so would he consider coming to New Zealand?
    4. What is his favourite song on the paper trail album?
    5. Which producer does he feel is the best in the game right now?

  11. xXx R xXx November 25, 2008

    Heyyy… 😀

    1) Which rapper inspires you the most?
    2) Who do you think is the hottest chick on the game at the moment?
    3) Name one thing you like and dislike about yourself?
    4) What did you think of the Chelsea Lately interview (His Laugh Is 222 Funny)

    Ya Site Is Too Gud…Keep It Up!!!

  12. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    1. Will you have a concert or will you visit Czech republic? You have fans here, too!
    2. Whats your favourite music artist, film and book.
    Thanks 🙂

  13. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    what a sado deleting my comment because i was speaking truth- you don’t deliver what you promise hence your lil note bwt plans cud change with this 1

  14. xXx R xXx November 25, 2008

    ^^ Chill!!! ^^

    1) Whats your take on the hip hop industry today?
    2) Who do you think is the most underrated artist in the hip hop industry?
    3) Which artist would you most like to collaborate with and why?


  15. Anonymous November 29, 2008

    1. How is it working with Jay-z? (I love him)
    2. Who is your favorite hip hop artist besides you?
    3. What are your goals for the future?
    4. Would you consider yourself as Jay-z from the south?
    5. You and your family have to live together with another celebrity (male), which one would you pick?

    I hope sam you read my questions
    All the best, 🙂

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