Beyonce On Ed Lover Show

Published: Tuesday 18th Nov 2008 by Sam
Beyonce On Ed Lover Show Unsurprisingly, Beyonce is touching all bases with the promotional campaign for her new LP ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’, hence is seemingly everywhere. Today, though, she stopped by the Ed Lover Morning Show on New York’s Power 105 radio station for what was a fantastic interview.
Though not anything controversial, Bouncy talked about everything; from Justin Timberlake’s ‘Single Ladies’ skit on Saturday Night Live to the rumors of one of her dancers being a transsexual to Kanye’s comment about Rihanna making her step up her game, the rumored Britney collabo and a whole lot more. Check out the interview below:

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  1. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Good Interview..They asked all good questions that we wanna know, without stickin to the same Jay questions everybody asks

  2. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    omg can we get over beyonce on this site please…..or just rename it ALL BEYONCE 24/7

    this site is gettin ridiculous…..move on from her…

  3. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    why why beyonce beyonce beyonce beyonce beyonce bofffffffff
    im tired

  4. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Thank you! She is all over the place. I used to be a big fan and I respect her talent but it’s like you can’t catch a break from her. There are so many other talents out there, just share all the news, not just BKC

  5. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Why does she look uncomfortable in that pic? LOL!

  6. lisa November 18, 2008

    Is that her real hair?! She is FABOLOUS!!!!!

  7. Corey November 18, 2008

    GOOD interview. I like how how she deferred the Rihanna question. She is everywhere. Lol her nephew is BOGUS! LMAO Solange is GANSTA! Bey is sweet and does give her all. Even if at times she seemed over hyped. But I still like her and Sasha’s dance moves but not Sasha’s arrogant Kanye west “Diva/Ego” Attitude lol naw j/k

  8. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    lol great interview loved it..i like how she gave rihanna her props and how down to earth she is..

    on another note: if u dont like sam posting about bey take yo ass to another blog site dam nobody asked you to c** up here and listen to her interview and then take time out of ur day to comment….there are thouands of other blog sites!!! 1

  9. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    for real. this site is so downhill lately. its only about beyonce. he used to be all about britney and no news on her for weeks and no mention he album leaked. used to post new music and zshare links all the time. now, nothing….just stupid beyonce news….is he gettin paid to promote her???

    this site is start to suck…i want the old thatgrapejuice back!!!

  10. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Please, please go to this link to Say No! to Beyonce performing at the presidential inauguration. We DO NOT want this women to represent women at such an important event. She has become who she is mainly because s** sales and that should NOT be promoted or encouraged in anyway. I would rather have someone who is inspiring the world for change and to do better, not how to become rich and famous in this world. I respect her hustle and her working so hard, but a presidential inauguration of this importance should NOT include this person. Thanks.

  11. MzJGaines November 18, 2008

    Its a good change to see her opening up more . . . even if she is still keeping her personal life quiet (I don’t blame her at all). She is getting her grown woman on . . . Go Girl

  12. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Bunch of racists out here – referring to the dark skin chic as a man. Get a freakin life! They all have the same body size PLUS the camera vertical stretch if yall didn’t notice.

    These racist trying to speak code. Just because she is dark with a wide nose doesnt mean she is a man.

    Probably a no talent skinny buttless chic or her jealous boyfriend started rumor.

  13. mrsjones November 19, 2008

    if there was somebody else with new worth talking about, i’m sure they would post something about them. if it was any other superstar artist’s album release week they would talking about the all day everyday too.

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