Brandy Performs In Philadelphia

Published: Tuesday 18th Nov 2008 by Sam

R&B songstress Brandy recently held a private live session for her fans in Philadelphia. The 28 year old, whose latest effort ‘Human’ hits stores December 9th, performed acapella renditions of earlier hits such as ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’ and ‘I Wanna Be Down’ as well as giving a live showing of current single ‘Right Here (Departed)’.

Watching this really does remind me as to why Ms. Norwood continues to be held in such high regard by many. Nearly 15 years in the game and getting better. A rarity. Here’s hoping ‘Human’ does major things for her.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Yep…this just really makes me get to this…her album will be the best of this fall…Beyoncé released a "too over the top" album…and Circus is an amazing pop album…though for those who really love r&b & soul…Brandy is the one…an album full of mid-tempos & ballads…she prob won't sell as many as Beyoncé or Britney but she should get some attention…oh n btw Toni's comin strong too…

  2. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Not a fan but I kinda like her new single.

  3. Anonymous November 18, 2008

    Brandy is Back!!!! I must agree, she may not be Beyonce or Britney, nevertheless, she has an artistry ALL HER OWN. I think we tend to forget just how much her signature sound (with Darkchild) has truly made it's mark on r&b & soul music. Her art in vocal production and writing is truly amazing. I'm so glad that she is back on the scene. Not only is she a beast in the studio, but with this comeback, she is proving she can give a great, vocally sound performance as well!! Can't wait for the release!!

  4. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Love her.. December 9 can’t come fast enough!

  5. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    Beyonce Brittany and some of them others count on sxy appeal and catchy songs to make them number1

    Yall r stupid or something????????????

    Brandy depends on lyrics and soul of her song, them other h*** depend catchy s***, and thats y Brandy is number 1

  6. Anonymous November 19, 2008


  7. tia November 19, 2008

    why we cant just comment on the video lol….

    she sounded wonderful,everything that she sang just came across effortlessly…i wish she hadda sang brokenhearted…or have you ever i think i would of fell out like some teeny bopper lol…It makes me mad that someone who has been the game soooo long is all of a sudden underrated and people dont act like they know,but that video brought the old days back,she made n***** remember why she was #1 and LMAO at that comment about ray-j not finding love on tv,she keeps it real when it comes to his ass lol,and i didnot know best friend was about him,that is too cute because me and my bro can hardly stand the sight of each other LOL! i mean i love the boy but he get on my damn nerve!! anyway much love b-rocka,you can bet i will be copping the album,no questions about it..luv ya….oh and sam if at all possible try to get a interview with her,i would love that so i can send in a question or two lol

  8. Terrispeaks November 19, 2008

    My best friend doesn't understand why I stan for brandy…she don't have to. When I watched this performance I was smiling the whole time – that girl emits a genuine quality. She doesn't come off as a gimmick or fake. Her live vocal performances have improved so much. Remember recently when she cried on 106 & park? THAT is why her fans like her. That's our girl. Can't wait for her album!!

  9. Anonymous November 19, 2008

    I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to compare a female artist to Beyonce. Beyonce is a powerhouse of her own and Brandy has her own style. You do not have to down Beyonce in order to enjoy another female artist. The Beyonce bashing is getting tired and old. Let the sistah BE!!!

  10. Rashaan November 19, 2008

    Who cares about Beyonce (I love her) but I stan for Brandy much harder! This is why I love Brandy because she never has to over do it, everything she did on that stage came out effortlesly! She is one of the best singers of this generation. I love her so much! It is great to see her out doing her thing. I cannot wait for the album. Be sure to download a deluxe copy on ITUNES to get the extra songs, I know I did! Any by the way Sam she is 29 🙂

  11. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Dang! She sound better live than she does on the record! Way to go Brandy!

  12. MzJGaines November 20, 2008

    Brandy has always been one of my favorite artist . . . the girl can blow . . . and that’s exactly why she is a veteran in the game . . . every since she was singing on Thea

  13. Anonymous December 3, 2008

    omg this lady is amazing!
    she has a song on her new LP called human omg this song is so wonderful i telling the way she singz on this track is amazing u can fill the pain in her voice this track is hot, im telling you go on youtube and listen 2 it, she sould make it her third single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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