Kanye West – ‘808’s & Heartbreak’: Will You Be Buying?

Published: Tuesday 25th Nov 2008 by Sam
Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak' ReviewThis week sees the official release of Kanye West’s fourth studio album ‘808’s & Heartbreak’. Led by the ‘unconventional’ smash ‘Love Lockdown’, many seem to be giving the album, which West insists be classified in the ‘Pop’ section of iTunes, the thumbs up.

That said, we, here at That Grape Juice, want to know what you think of the album…whether you’ll be buying or not.

Ludacris also dropped ‘Theater of The Mind’ this week…
'Theater of The Mind'

Will you be buying?

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  1. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Sure I will be buying the new Kanye album….
    i love Kanye!!
    The first two songs of the album are great and i think the rest of the album has to be amazing.
    Kanye always did a great job with his albums and this one is going to be a huge success!

  2. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    LOOOVE kanye as a person and a artist…and i love maybe 4 tracks off the project but i cant say ill be buying it.

    Its cool that hes so comfy with the auto-tune thing but i cant listen to an entire cd with that same sound..

    gets annoying…but as always…beats are dope..

  3. jonnyhco November 25, 2008

    hell no.i use to love kanye but everything that he talks about is utter b*******. Im not buying this kanye album or any of his projects in the future.

  4. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    Luda Got My Vote

  5. Anonymous November 25, 2008



  6. Whit November 25, 2008

    Hell yea I’m buying Kanye’s CD! AS soon as I get off work, lol!

  7. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    i’m skipping it. i don’t care what the reviews say. the auto-tune thing gets REALLY annoying really fast.

  8. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    I got it and am loving it how could you be so Dr Evil!!

  9. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    the 808 album is real dope :D. I’ll gonna buy it here in Romania when we get it 😀

  10. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    ummm If anyone has actually listened to this cd…. the autotune sound doesn’t get annoying on it not every song sounds the same and musically its an amazing album Ill buy it support art and music

    and Kanye talks about “utter b*******” Im sorry you see raw emotion as b******* I guess he should probably start talking about all his cars and money … people call him a sell out but how?? guy poors his heart out into a cd I call that art putting your soul into something

  11. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    I will not be buying neither. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  12. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    808 N Heartbreak is awesome… I never even thoght it would be, as I’m used to his hiphop stance in the first three albums. But he did it again! Go kan-YE!!!

  13. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    I already bought it and I love it

  14. Anonymous November 25, 2008

    nope not buying…

  15. anita November 26, 2008

    I already bought KanYE's album and I love it after only listening to it twice. Paranoid & RoboCop are my fav's right now. This is a GREAT album. Everybody who won't listen to it because "he's not rapping anymore" is just stupid, this is great!
    Well I'm off, going to a Kanye show here in Holland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Leona’s.Brother November 26, 2008

    I think the album is great and that the electronics on it do not get boring……No body has said anything about getting bored of T-Pain and his whole career is loaded with these vocals Kanye just switched to for one album. It is still a great work and his lyrical content is still top notch in the game. I am happy he switched it up….

  17. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    i got kanye’s album!!!!!!!!!! i love it

  18. Delroy November 27, 2008

    Had a lil listen on itunes and from what i heard it’s a bit meh. not really feeling it i love the graduation i still listen to it now but with this album it feels like the second one, not in style but with me expecting soo much and then getting very little. so i wot be buying it, i will be getting Luda tho he is one of my fav artists and i like his new with T-pain. Abv mentioned T-pain i have to say that i can only handle the guy in small doses. i really liked his stuff when he came out with Sprung but ever since church came out from his last LP, all i got was annoying main heads (people that only listen to songs that are played on the radio)starting to lap up.and then there was loads of tracks that featured him just made me hate him.

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