Rihanna Gucci Commercial

Published: Thursday 20th Nov 2008 by Sam

Peep Rihanna’s new commercial for Gucci’s GUCCI Tattoo Heart Collection to Benefit UNICEF. She looks great.

This got me thinking though…Isn’t this the idealist of scenarios? Being able to watch Ms. Fenty without all that jarring pig squealing she does.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    i love how there is so much ish talked about rihanna on this blog and yet, she still seems to get promoted all the time. everything she does is posted.

  2. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Just Like Beyonce…

    Rihanna is getting a lot typical lately though if your truthful..

  3. Matt November 20, 2008

    Rihanna is just great, so beautiful. Love her and her music, even though many don’t seem to

  4. Meanshots22 November 20, 2008

    lol. u got the p** squeeling part right. i refuse to watch this broad live. but she does look pretty. i think she needs to stick to modeling

  5. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    wtf. dumbest commercial ever. her arms look wierd as hell the first 11 seconds of the clip. it looks like her under-arm meet is flapping. she’s growing tired very quick

  6. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    I agree with the anonymous above me, I hated the commercial, I love Rihanna but this was a dumb ass concept, a waste of 1:57sec

  7. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Rihanna can do no wrong

  8. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Sam is gone always post Rihanna cause she’s the “it” girl and you see when he post the rehab video it received over a hundred comments

  9. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Rihanna can’t sing live. Not while she’s moving around, at least. True statement. But there are very few who can. I don’t see a point in downing the chick on this fact until we start talking about Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Fergie, so on and so on. Yes, Beyonce and Alicia Keys can. That’s what separates them from the rest. But Rihanna is still a talented artist.

  10. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Rihanna can sing live, Her concerts are amazing I just cant wait to see her perform rehab, and i dnt know y she doesn’t dance at award shows but she can dance she dance all through her concerts

  11. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    I just cant wait for Beyonce and Rihanna to do a song together cause we all know its gone happen sooner or later.

  12. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Sam ur such an asshole! U constantly post the girl just to throw salt, how ignorant of you. That’s why Rihanna is that chick!

  13. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    lollllllllll kinda harsh
    she just sings off key through her nose thats the problem she needs lessons.

  14. vj November 20, 2008

    ok seriously WTF is she doing…that was THE most pointless commercial ever. but i must say i agree wit u about da whole squealing like a p** thing lmao

  15. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Walking back and fourth, then stop, turn around shake so called booty is not considered dancing.

    She lip syncs, 10%, backup singer 50%, backtracking through out, pre-recorded vocals 40%, how do you get live out of this..

    Go watch the video of her when she has the stomach problem (put inot evidence 1) after that her mic (suppose) was messed up but she kept singing again (put into evidence 2)Just listen when you here no nasal sound (put into evidence 3)..

    Rihanna is far from doing a live concert, she entertains a lot of screaming very young children…

  16. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    yes sam u r so rite! this is what she needs to be doing…not singing, not squealing, but just doing commercials like these.

  17. Corey November 20, 2008

    LMAO Sam i wont say I disagree…. RIHANNA LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!! Great commercial she is the black Tinkerbell!

  18. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    This site is a hater and RIRI looks so beautiful!!!!

  19. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    haha rihanna’s not really model material like beyonce is
    she looks so akward…

  20. WHAT THE HELL November 20, 2008

    This commercial was BLAH. I didn’t see what they were trying to accomplish, but it sucked.

  21. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Sam someone needs to fire your a**. Any hoot, I’ve seen Rihanna perform and sing live and she definitely can do both. Love her and she is definitely very, very beautiful. Stop all the hating haters.

  22. MRSJONES November 20, 2008


  23. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Sam shut Up!!! Goodness you constantly have something negative to say about her voice. We get it IT IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA!!! Well, for many she is their cup of tea so get over it. NOONE is EVERYONES cup of tea. (YES INCLUDING YOUR FAVORITE SINGER Lol)

  24. Fernie November 20, 2008

    yeah shes pretty
    but she still has this alien look on her
    LOL 😀

    only talented people I like are kelly rowland, beyonce, lady gaga, eminem and so on
    but rihanna would be my last choice

  25. Anonymous November 20, 2008

    Kelly Rowland… talented? (giggles)

    I hope Sam doesn’t plan on being a sucessful, mainstream reporter like he acts he is. Because hating ass comments like that will get you fired in a heartbeat.

  26. Kenn November 21, 2008

    Rihanna… talented? (giggles)

    sam this why I love your site
    you only respect talented artists who deserve the fame.
    anyways beyonce is to debut at #1 this upcoming week
    and anonymous 10:09 yeah kelly is talented im with fernie on that one <3

  27. kelvin November 22, 2008

    sam i love u for being real.

  28. DeeDee1Whoa November 23, 2008

    That was awesome!

    She is really beautiful!


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