Rihanna Brings Her ‘California King Bed’ To The ACMA

Published: Monday 4th Apr 2011 by Trent

There seems to be no place on Earth where we can be safe from Rihanna’s ‘voice’. The vocal nuisance delivered the 1st televised performance of her new single, ‘California King Bed’, at the 46th Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas just moments ago alongside Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles.

Peep Rihanna’s rendition of the song below:

Rihanna actually showed a few brief moments of potential in this performance, at least when her backup singers, collaborator and the instrumental weren’t handling the bulk of the work. However, Nettles clearly had the upper-hand throughout the entire showing, making each note seem effortless as Rihanna generally yelled (flatly) and grunted around the stage.

If this is the best that Rihanna can do after 6 years then it is obvious how little dedication she has to her craft. With her ever-changing hairstyles and trendy fashions, it is blatantly apparent that she is more focused on just being a famous and not bring a true artist.

Maybe Rihanna should just focus on being the next Kim Kardashian because when it comes to displays of actual talent she has continuously been tested and proven to come up wanting.


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  1. tasia ferguson April 4, 2011

    You live off hate don’t you? Wow just wow

  2. Coco April 4, 2011

    but Rihanna..how you let Jennifer outsing you on your own song? lmfaoo. #iCant.

  3. Ashley April 4, 2011

    i was excited that she perfomed this but i wanted more. her voice is getting better!!

  4. GINUWINE April 4, 2011

    sorry riri

    better luck next time

  5. ole skool April 4, 2011

    the GIF looks just like you…great self portrait

    Rihanna did very well Love the song

  6. Coco April 4, 2011

    Beyonce & Sugarland >>> Rihanna & Sugarland

  7. kc36 April 4, 2011

    Yeah I thought Nettles sounded better on the song then Rihanna. Like it fit her more.

  8. CiaraFan April 4, 2011

    oooooooo SHADE!!!!! Rihanna is the worst live!

  9. Couldn’t hear Rihanna April 4, 2011

    The majority of the song I couldn’t hear Rihanna. I don’t think this is a good song for her vocal range. The country singer sung it much better! It was kinda of embarrassing and I felt bad for Rihanna.

  10. Curtis April 4, 2011





  11. RIHLUV April 4, 2011


  12. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 4, 2011

    Trent at this point your just stupid.

    Honestly she started of just a little shaky, but I must say I was really proud of her tonite. She came with it. keep doing your thing. Folks r going to hate. Thats life. Its just proves that they r really sad.

  13. Heyuthere April 4, 2011

    that was ok
    bey and jen>>>>>>>>jen and rih

  14. CRAMPED April 4, 2011

    LOL Some parts were good, some parts were terrible. Its a rihanna performance. Get use to it.

  15. RIHALLAH April 4, 2011

    trent will stay pressed at rihallah because she didn’t want to do an interview with his broke ugly ass

  16. deejaybaps April 4, 2011

    comparing riri to kim is a bit much? LOL riri can sing its just not always good live & shes not the best entertainer but her music is good & she is successful for a reason!

  17. TASHA April 4, 2011





  18. RIHLUV April 4, 2011


  19. uhh April 4, 2011

    it was planned for Rihanna to sing back vocals in certain parts of the song, and she played her position right. When it was her time to take the lead parts, she nailed it and gave a solid rendition of her song. NO need to hate people.

  20. Who’s Cedric? April 4, 2011

    Yess Rihana actually sounded good, the mic was a little low though. Yes that Jennifer woman outsang her but that was to be expected, the main this is Rihanna is clearly improving and her career is just going from strength to strength. First black woman to perform at the ACMA, who’s gon’ follow suit and dew it next?

  21. UGh April 4, 2011

    the gif, the f****** gif……………………LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Tha Phoenix April 4, 2011

    I actually thought this was pretty good and shows substantial vocal improvement on Rih’s part. My one complaint is that her mic was turned way down; you could barely hear her at some points.

    Still, overall, a good performance. Now, we just need more of these on a consistent basis.

    *raises Martini to Rih*

  23. espo369 April 4, 2011

    STAY MAD Trent! She sounded good this performance and yet you fail to acknowledge it! You just live off being shady, and you pick and choose what info you put out there. (i.e. Chris Brown down 17 spots on the U.K. album charts… oh O.K.) 😀

  24. THEMUSICPROFESSOR April 4, 2011

    ok YALL NEED TO STOP she didnt even sound bad..she was NOT FLAT..and when she tried to belt it resonated well and didnt sound forced..GIVE THE GIRL CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE…

  25. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    Rihanna actually did pretty good. She has gain a whole lot of weight.

  26. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 4, 2011

    Yes he does and so do most of the people who comment on this blog. They r soul mates with thatgrapeshit

  27. BEYBOY April 4, 2011

    Trent was right. She had a couple great moments but the other parts were typical R******. 6 years deep & this is the best she can do? F*** that. 6 years into Beyonce’s career she was becoming one of the best in her generation.

  28. Jwellz10 April 4, 2011


  29. Life April 4, 2011

    I loved this performance! They should release this as a remix.

  30. UGh April 4, 2011

    so i do like this song. not sure about it being a single.
    Jennifer sang that song effortlessly like she owned it. Rihanna did an okay job in some parts of the song but other parts it was like she was straining. it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t the best.

  31. Waddie G. April 4, 2011


    Rihanna – STEP YO GAME UP!!!

  32. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    People keep saying Chris dropped 17 spots, Chris was blackballed and not allowed over in that country, he is doing very good in the UK considered he is rebuilding his career. He hasn’t toured over there in years. At least he was on the charts, most of the R & B artist doesn’t get as high as he did on the chart. So you can’t compare Chris to Britney, Rihanna, they don’t have the world hating them because of the incident.

  33. Jim April 4, 2011

    Rihanna needs to sit all the way down. She will never be a diva. Just a girl with hits.

  34. VA STAND UP!! April 4, 2011

    *DEAD* at that GIF! F****** fatality! LMAOOOOOO!!!

    Well….she actually did better than I thought she would ever do! You could barely hear her though, it’s like they had her mic turned down low and the music was so damn loud! Maybe they they did that on purpose! *chuckles*

    Home girl was totally outshining her though. It was like at times Rih just held back and said ‘F*** it! I’m gonna let you take it’! LMAO! How the hell you let someone else outshine you on your own song?! SMH!

    Her hair and outfit were cute! But then again…. that’s what she does best…look pretty! Thank God she let go of that damn big curly ass wig! That s*** was atrocious!

  35. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 4, 2011

    @ The Phoenix

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I actually thought this was pretty good and shows substantial vocal improvement on Rih’s part. My one complaint is that her mic was turned way down; you could barely hear her at some points.

    Still, overall, a good performance. Now, we just need more of these on a consistent basis.

    *raises Martini to Rih*

    ALL OF THAT . An honest fair opinion

  36. RIHLUV April 4, 2011


  37. Coco April 4, 2011


    Yup I do…PROBLEM? last time I checked, its a free country.

  38. bruce April 4, 2011

    rihanna brought it and your mad, i dont blame you, this performance just made your rihanna hate blogging a myth, this b**** could sing and im buying her album s*** face trent!

  39. Beyonce is the queen April 4, 2011

    to be quite honest, i TRULY believe tthis blog has such a bias towards rihanna. Like this performance wasnt that bad but they still had to drag her all over the place. Honestly if you dont like her then dont post anything about her especially just for hits! Thats why this blog will NEVER BE RESPECTABLE OR RELIABLE

  40. tumay April 4, 2011

    Im no Rihanna stan just a casual fan but let’s be honest, she sounded really good in here, dont throw shade just because you hate her.

  41. goser April 4, 2011

    You know I am very apathetic where Rihanna is concerned but I saw Jennifer Nettles trending so I wanted to find out what it was about and I saw that they did CKB together (I have to admit I like the song) So I went and I looked at the video and I was like where is Rihanna in this song, and Rihanna didn’t seem at ease it was like she was concentrating real hard as opposed to Jennifer who was singing effortlessly (and quite frankly I don’t think the song is suited for Jennifer Nettles voice).
    Then again Rihanna is not a vocalist she is an entertainer

  42. REASONABLE VOICE April 4, 2011

    She did so great. And as a fan, I can honestly say, I’m proud. She’s finally showing the world her true vocal talent. Rihanna is amazing.

  43. DION-ISH April 4, 2011

    TRENT….Your Opinion is a NON muthafukin factor, you just dont like that Rihanna’s slaying and its FUNNY as hell to me! lol LOVE IT!

    They both did Great, and everybody’s talking about how great they both were! Rihanna was SANGINGGG towards the middle/end i was like YASSSS!! IDK what was going on with the mics at the beginning but you could hardly hear Rihanna….so it was either the mics or her nerves!?

  44. Tasha32 April 4, 2011

    This was a decent performance and when it started, i liked the way Ri sounded but when Jennifer came out and assisted w/the chorus she completely drowned Riri out cause Jennifer’s voice is much more powerful. I think I liked the performance more than others because CKB is actually my favorite song on that Loud CD next to Raining Men. The words in CKB are very nice IMO.

    This could have very well been Jennifer’s song as she def OWNED it.

  45. KaVion April 4, 2011

    I told ya’ll this was going ot be released!
    I love this song, favorite off of LOUD. It wasn’t that bad, leave her along for once. I mean it makes me wonder, when she actually does kill a performance, will you give her props?

    Lmao @ that damn gif though! LOL!

  46. sane beyhanna stan April 4, 2011

    I missed the performance because the country music awards were too boring to sit through, but from the comments,Mega shade from this site, and reception of other blogs she seemed to have did just fine.

  47. W.E. April 4, 2011

    R u f***** me whoever wrote this s***…Rihanna slayed nd u just dnt wanna admit it…Rihanna has a voice nd she can sing live better than a lot of ppl..She might not be the best or she might need backup singers bt at least she delivers good enough perfomances for her to sing twice on X factor nd the Grammys nd to open the AMAs wit a 9 min showing nd for her to be invited to American COUNTRY Music Awards to perform so put the shut to the up nd sit the f*** down u bitchie ass b**** 🙂 RIHANNA SLAYED this S***…ighht Nettles might be a better voccalist nd shadowed in the start of the performance bt Rihanna sang the same parts she sang in a great voice so f*** offf ass wipe

  48. yep April 4, 2011

    I love Rih but really? those notes? no ma’am.

  49. Paigej April 4, 2011

    Jennifer better sing!!! *dead* at that gif… I really can’t… Lmfaooooo but Rihanna did a pretty decent job considering…

  50. Beyonce is the queen April 4, 2011


  51. F*** YOU April 4, 2011


  52. Life April 4, 2011

    It shouldn’t be any surprise that Trent will consistently insult Rihanna on anything she does pertaining to singing. It is clear that he and Sam are biased bloggers (as most are). But its all for hits, because I cannot fathom why anyone who dislikes someone so much create more blog posts on them as opposed to any of their favorites.

  53. DION-ISH April 4, 2011

    I REALLY Do NOT Give a F** What any hater has to say at this point because its pure RUBBISH! …thats just my opinion!

    Rihanna held her own in this performance w/ a singer thats obviously a stronger vocalist…..I Think they fit well with each other and gave a great performance. Loved it.

  54. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN April 4, 2011

    Ugh Trent Is Jealous Again xD
    BTW The Performance Was Okay The Best One From This Era Tho!


  55. RIHLUV April 4, 2011


  56. SirMO April 4, 2011

    I just really can’t seem to understand why you continuously post on Rihanna if you don’t like her. That’s so backwards. You don’t think she should be famous but you keep her famous by putting her on your blog every week. Such a contradiction. Ugh. Get a life.

  57. sane beyhanna stan April 4, 2011

    Can someone please post a vid or something?

  58. Blanco Family April 4, 2011

    you know what! rihanna did a good job! im not gna hate im sorry.. becuz im not. RIHANNA DID A REALLY GOOD JOB! im proud of her! she’s always stepping outside of the box i didnt know she was the 1st black woman to grace the acma stage.. i thought beyonce done did that. but NAW.
    good job rihanna your vocals improved..
    P.S what’s with the ” california” fascination. noticed after katy perry did her jam everyone else is basing songs offa california. why dont rihanna do one about barbados.jus sayin… but anyway. rihanna did a good job.. nice way to promo her single cuz now ppl r gna buy that s***

  59. Rihannalover April 4, 2011

    Rihanna is on Jennifer’s turf at her invitation! It was good she allowed her sing more!!! The mission was successful i.e. Rihanna may just have acquired a new fanbase! The areas where Rihanna sang alone, she sounded GREAT and hit all the notes! That’s all that matters! Next time, we’ll hear her sing it alone! Haters will be haters! They can’t help it!!!:-*

  60. Heaven April 4, 2011

    The Sugarland woman shouldn’t have been singing the majority of that song…no way!That is HER song and the Sugaland woman took it all the way over. Bury your heads all you want other folks have eyes and ears.

  61. MayaForever April 4, 2011

    No! Her hair is short again 🙁

  62. lol April 4, 2011

    i think she did fine Jennifer is older and a pro and knows her voice Rihanna has much to learn just like BEYONCE had much too learn when the was Rihanna age (see Beyonce over used vocal runs in early DC dayz)

    I think she vocally shes sounding alot better than CHRIS BROWN ,CIARA, BRITNEY, KERI HILSON

    cause chris and britney have been LIP SYNCHING AND AUTOTUNING their mics live

    so kudos to Rihanna for keepin it real

  63. ole skool April 4, 2011

    Jennifer has a more forceful vooce than Rihanna but Rihannas is more emotional and better suits this song…. she did great

    Trent ..cute self portrait on that GIF ….very cute

  64. MayaForever April 4, 2011

    It’s because there is a type of bed called a California King bed, and it’s a huge bed. The song is about how a bed is too big for you to be alone. The CKB reference of a huge bed is a metaphor for life being empty without a loved one.

  65. jmari April 4, 2011

    I don’t know what to think um she did good i couldn’t really hear her though she needs more control in her lower register and her head voice belting but she did good i wouldn’t say it was terrible.

  66. RIHLUV April 4, 2011


  67. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As Rhitard The Goat April 4, 2011

    DEAD @ her always puttin her hands 2 her face like she is really singing da hell outta her songs!! Her facial expressions make her look constipated!!! She did kinda good comparing 2 wat she could hav done but dat other chick out sang her on her own song!!! #THATSall

  68. Paigej April 4, 2011

    I don’t get why Rih stans even bother to call Trent out on his shade he doesn’t like Rih and he obviously never will but if you yourself know that Rih did a alright job why b**** and moan about Trents opinion? Rih did a good job vocally and that’s coming from me (and I don’t even like Rihanna) you’ll always have those that fail to see the good in anyone b/c they are blinded by there own hatred for that person!

    P.S Jennifer was doing the damn thing!!!

  69. KENDRA April 4, 2011

    Trent OMG that gif, I swear you aint s*** for that one but funny as hell. Anyway Rhi’s looks great in white and her body is still crazy sic even tho she looks like she put on a litl weight! As for the performance yeah she was overshadowed a bit and she sounded a little flat but atleast she didn’t dance!!!!

  70. Come on April 4, 2011

    Always the same s*** on here when it’s about Rihanna. You’re just f*****’ lame and stupid.

    She did pretty good for a first performance of it.

  71. James April 4, 2011

    I am neither a RIhanna fan or a stan. I can’t stand her. But I will say this.. she finally showed potential in a performance. Don’t get me wrong, most of the song I could barely hear her, her little stupid dances hut my eyes, and most of her vocals were weak. BUT thank GOD she got rid of that weave. just dye your hair black and you might be normal again. This white girl out sang her in her own song. Really RIhanna? Step your game UP!

    For those of you saying “she’s getting better” .. Um last time I check singing, or trying to was her JOB? B**** either slay or sit down. Bottom line.

    @Trent.. that .gif though? #DEAD LMAO

  72. dwaynefighter April 4, 2011

    *sigh* When will this “site” learn to give credit where credit is due? Jennifer Nettles sounded terrific, clearly sounding better than Rihanna, but Rih held her own. She’s not a belter, and even as a big fan, I was somewhat worried this would be a problematic performance for her. But apart from her mic being a bit too low, and sounding a bit shaky at the beginning, she nailed it in the end. I actually like this version than the original and maybe they should look to re-recording it as a single. It could mean another hit for Rihanna. Decent performance, no need or reason for your hate.

  73. KaVion April 4, 2011

    Don’t even come after Trent ya’ll!

    We all know Trent’s just mad because he’s always wanted Chris to f*** him, and Rihanna beat him to it! It’s a known fact, let’s move on.

  74. KENDRA April 4, 2011

    @LOL now look at you tryna start some s***…leave CB out of this and why in the hell would you compare a male vocalist to a female anyway…messy much????

  75. MayaForever April 4, 2011

    Really? I love the long red look.

  76. MayaForever April 4, 2011

    April 4, 2011 at 2:23 am
    Don’t even come after Trent ya’ll!

    We all know Trent’s just mad because he’s always wanted Chris to f*** him, and Rihanna beat him to it! It’s a known fact, let’s move on.
    *Six feet under*

  77. MJSTAN April 4, 2011


  78. Paigej April 4, 2011

    @LOL what has Chris, Ciara and any other artist name you mentioned got to do with this? I really can’t with that BS Rihanna has one ok performance and this goat starts getting ahead of her/himself smh… keep it cute honey just keep it cute

  79. ZANIA April 4, 2011


  80. jmari April 4, 2011

    @Kendra exactly why are you trying top compare a male to a female vocalist especially when there not in the same genre. thats petty and stupid to me.

  81. RIHLUV April 4, 2011


  82. movieman April 4, 2011

    outsung on her own song

  83. Thebest April 4, 2011

    I don’t know why Trent doesn’t like Rihanna,but all I can say is that she did a great job tonite and we need to support our black people more instead of throwing them under the bus!!!

  84. James April 4, 2011

    ATleast they didn’t mess the arrangement of the song up like they did with ‘irreplaceable’ when Beyonce performed with them at CMAs. But Jennifer drowned Rihanna completely out. I remember they had Beyonce mic turned down, but Beyonce was having that she belted to the top mof her throat.

    Anyways Rihanna sounded great.

  85. jmari April 4, 2011

    see why can’t you just give a compliment with out bringing other artist into it now theres about to be another war. you started so don’t get mad. petty all of it

  86. lol April 4, 2011

    @ZANIA and @Paigej

    chill i thought i was keepin it cute

    i was just using example

    you didnt have to drag me LOL

    imma fan of BOTH #no harm no fail no shade

  87. The Truth April 4, 2011

    Rihanna was definitely an afterthought for this performance. It was like Sugarland featuring Rihanna lol.

  88. KaVion April 4, 2011

    Let the stan war begin.

  89. Paigej April 4, 2011

    Still that gif though… Lmfao!

  90. Shae April 4, 2011

    im sorry…all ya’ll up here goin on Trent BUT YA’LL ON HIS SITE? lmfaooo #dead get a life….rihanna TOTALLY GOT OUTSHINED IN HER OWN DAMN SONG. i dont care who is singing wit her…ITS HER SONG SHE SHOULD HAVE OWNED IT AND SHE DIDNT. dont be mad at Trent…BE MAD AT RIHANNA FOR NOT BEING A TALENTED INDIVIDUAL SHE CLAIMS TO BE. #endofconvo….trent wins

  91. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    @LOL I Initially said Rihanna did pretty good compared to all her past performances, but than you had to bring CB in the mix. I am not a Rihanna fan, I like some of her songs, but I can give my true opinion on a performance. She didn’t sound as bad as the last performance at the NBA ALLSTAR, but to be honest the music and back ground singers and Jennifer helped her out. The true test will be if she can sing this song live solo.

  92. Paigej April 4, 2011

    @LOL girl/boy whatever…

  93. Keesha April 4, 2011

    Finally a performance of Rih’s that I could watch all the way through! She’s showing potential! 🙂 That’s good! I just wish she didn’t look like she’s forcing the notes out of her, like in the beginning. Jennifer was absolutely flawless though. 🙂 It’s weird how you can tell who has the natural talent and who has to be taught how to perform. The thing about it is, I’m not sure if the next time Rih performs this song she’ll sing in tune or she’ll be lazy and have a wack performance. She needs to work on consistency with her performances. That’s why I’m not a fan of hers. I like this song though. Seeing this performance made me wish that the song was Jennifer’s though because her voice is so powerful. And that red hair will look ridiculous for all eternity. I just hope she realizes this.

  94. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As Rhitard The Goat April 4, 2011

    I personally think da CMA’s had her mic down low on purpose, bcuz of her previous performances. #THATSall

  95. sane beyhanna stan April 4, 2011

    Ok I finally saw this performance and I was definitely shocked! I thought rihanna would struggle with this one but she’s improving and this is a HUGE step forward compared to the shambolic Allstar, and Brits performances

  96. Shae April 4, 2011

    and all you rihanna fans need to stop wit that ‘HATE’ s***….first of all…just be’cuz ppl dont like her or her live performances doesnt mean they hatin on this girl. GET REAL…others are entitled to their opinions…i’ve seen rihanna do WAAAAY BETTER THAN THIS. second rihanna knows DAMN WELL SHE AINT GOOD AT SINGING BALLADS…she needs to stop tryna do s*** she cant do and ppl wont crucify her a**. i like rihanna to a CERTAIN degree but this right here…MADE HER A** LOOK BAD. u think anybody who collabos wit other artist lets them OUTSHINE them in their performances HELL NO. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSE TO…this was an EPIC FAIL for rihanna..and u DELUSIONAL fans are enabling her from being best she really can be. this was not good and she needs a vocal coach and she needs to learn how to ENTERTAIN ppl on stage….#theend

  97. lol April 4, 2011


    Let the stan war begin.

    a stan war was bound to happen

  98. Keesha April 4, 2011

    “Rihanna was definitely an afterthought for this performance. It was like Sugarland featuring Rihanna lol.”

    I agree. Her hair stood out more than her voice did, and that’s NOT good. But this performance is still better than what she has done in the past. At the same though, this wasn’t a flawless performance from her, which lets you know that she has much more work to do.

  99. Robier April 4, 2011


  100. lol April 4, 2011

    #teanmbreezy i meant no harm ignore that first comment

  101. Shae April 4, 2011

    @LOL ……………….O_o…..did you just say she sound better than chris brown? i give you keri hilson and britney ‘cuz britney NEVER sings live and keri hilson can barely carry a tune live…BUT CHRIS BROWN?….dont let the autotunes fool you hunni…and rihanna has used autotune before on stage as well. dont EVER get it twisted…CHRIS HAS VOCALS LIKE R.KELLY AND DANCE MOVES LIKE MJ…RIHANNA CAN NEVER COMPETE…GET IT TOGETHER BEFORE U MAKE DUMB A** COMMENTS LIKE THAT. #THATISALL

  102. lol April 4, 2011

    (movin on ) how yall doin tonight ?

  103. KaVion April 4, 2011

    This is sadly true.

  104. Oceanmate April 4, 2011

    @VA Stand Up,,,Wow Jen Nettles blew that song away and Ri had two or three outstanding moments. It’s actually a pretty song. I’ve never seen a singer let another singer control such a commanding lead vocally on their song; while performing live, maybe Ri had a cold. So all and all it was pretty good and great to see a black female artist sing on ACMAs.

  105. Shae April 4, 2011

    NOOOOO im sorry….rihanna been in the game 6 years now…she should have BEEN got her s*** together. ya’ll giving her credit saying ‘oh she still have some work to do’….HELL NO! THIS AINT HER FIRST TIME PERFORMING IN FRONT OF PPL! HER S*** SHOULD ALREADY BE TOGETHER BY NOW! I WILL NOT ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY FROM RIHANNA AFTER 6 YEARS IN THE GAME! …im not a rihanna fan but im not a rihanna hater either…im callin it like i see it…..IF SHE AINT GOT IT BY NOT DEF JAM NEEDS TO DROP HER ASAP! say what you want…

  106. lol April 4, 2011

    chill i like chris but lets be real hes vocals cant compare to Rkellys (rkelly slays the majority of RNB singers)

    but he is a good sing like Rihanna

  107. Sisa April 4, 2011

    I could hardly hear her at times. 🙁 But she did better than most people expected! Jennifer was amazing, she sort of stole the performance. For a bit it seemed like Rihanna wasn’t present. But I’m glad her vocals are improving. 🙂

  108. Keesha April 4, 2011

    Why are other artists being brought up in this post??? That is definitely how mess gets started. The person who posted it knows what they were doing, so they can stop trying to act so innocent.

    “For those of you saying “she’s getting better” .. Um last time I check singing, or trying to was her JOB? B**** either slay or sit down. Bottom line.”

    I do agree with this. Even though I said that she’s progressing, for her to even have gotten a record deal, I would think that should have sounded better then than she sounds now.

  109. RIHLUV April 4, 2011


  110. itaploy April 4, 2011

    oh trent
    get over it !!!
    rihanna refuse 2 b interviewed by u!!! it was not the end of the world!! geeez!
    r was it for u?hmmmmmm

  111. KENDRA April 4, 2011

    @SHAE let it go babe we all kno this but leave it alone, lets not fight today.

    @LOL ur opinion not saying I agree but one thing you can say is Chris has shown growth over the years.

  112. itaploy April 4, 2011

    oh btw how the hell u’all know rihanna every move when u’all don’t care for her?
    y aren’t u posting about ur fav?
    just curious!!!!

  113. lol April 4, 2011

    *Grabs popcorn and waits for the overzealous fans to react

    its not that serious

  114. Judge & Jury April 4, 2011

    OH S***!!!!!!!!! B**** puleeez, Rihanna got her usual lip syncing ASS shown to her. Damn, Jennifer should have sung this song.


  115. uknowumad April 4, 2011

    Well it was definitely better than what her fellow pop tart counterpart Ms. B.S has doing lately far as “live” performances. Rihanna needs to step her game up if she ever want to be in Bey lane though

  116. Keesha April 4, 2011

    @RihLuv Why the yelling dear???

  117. lol April 4, 2011

    EXACTLY all i was saying is that chris and rihanna are young stars and they will grow as artist eventually

    his stans act like i said hewas 2011’s milli vinilli WTF!!!

  118. Hasaan Fitzgerald April 4, 2011

    I thought Rihanna did well from what she normally does, not well and not great either but it wasnt terrible… she is still perfecting her craft and she will get there one day… and no im not a rihanna stan!!!!!! #Team Beyonce all day everyday!!!!! LOL

    Follow me @ Who_Is_Hasaan ill follow back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. mesa April 4, 2011

    I agreee@ keesha she needs to be more consistent,one minute she sounds ok the next she sounds horrible but she did sound good and I love jennifer nettles her voice is amazing and yea she deff outsung her on parts but I think the real test is gonna be when she sings the song solo will she able to do that,who knows if we will get the chance to see and who cares if chris browns cd drop 7 spots on the uk charts, his album Is still number two on the world charts, sooo your point is pretty much irrelevant whoever decided to bring that up smh let’s stick to the topic at hand at hand at that is rihanna lol

  120. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    LMAO @ you pathetic Rih-Ho fanz are too stupid to me.You get mad when people like TGJ point out the obvious and that is that ole stank Rih-Ho can’t sing.You idiots act like she is a singing diva.I didn’t even look at the clip because I can’t stand to watch a no talent ho!

    It’s as if you Rih-Ho foolz camp out on this site to throw shade at Trent and Sam because they tell the truth about that no sanging bird which is funny to me because most sites tell all kindz of lies about her supposed talent and you Rih-Ho idiots could go on those sites and hear all the lies you want to about her but Sam and Trent have your azzes pressed because this one of only a few sites that don’t kiss that bytch very used up a**!

    Trent….Now you know you was a fool for that GIF but it sure as hell fits!!!! I laughed my a** off at that GIF!

  121. Keesha April 4, 2011


    *DEAD* #UAintRight I HATE the arrangement to this though!

  122. True Blue April 4, 2011

    Not bad considering what we usually get from her. If her voice being barely audible at times was the worst aspect of her performance, then this performance is a success.

    I love Jennifer Nettles’ outfit, though.

  123. KENDRA April 4, 2011

    @LOL well actually ur original comment was unnecessary CB shade so of course that was going to ruffle some feathers. Im not here to argue with anyone today, Rihanna IMO should be further along performance/vocal wise but I dnt stan for her so it doesn’t matter to me whether she ever gets better, but I do stan for Chris and he is someone who appears to be working to master certain aspects of his craft, his performances are always topnotch and vocally you can tell he is getting stronger….Rihanna not so much, it’s not shade it just doesn’t seem that way to me I kinda agree w/ Keesha but like I said it dnt matter to me.

    Also ur gravatar is confusing me, same username diff pictures *kanye shrug*

  124. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ April 4, 2011

    Nothing was as flat as Trentisha made it sound.

    Anyways, this was a very good performance from both women. Way to go Rih. She s*** too bui!

  125. Dave April 4, 2011

    Honestly, it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe it’s just Rihanna’s “voice” he means. But, then again it’s her voice, she’ll always have it.

  126. lol April 4, 2011


    your right in hindsight that first comment was unnecciary

    im not here for fight just music

    and typed in my website wrong several times thats why my gravatar keeps changing

    this is how it should look though

  127. RIHLUV April 4, 2011


  128. KYLE April 4, 2011




  129. KENDRA April 4, 2011

    hmmm interesting…so you shade CB but use a pic of him in ur gravatar. seems a lil fake but okay.

  130. KENDRA April 4, 2011

    last comment for @LOL

  131. KYLE April 4, 2011



  132. Dane April 4, 2011

    I think Rihanna really did good she coulda sang this song alone and we could see how her vocals got sooo much better…alright RiRi

  133. Paigej April 4, 2011

    “Rihanna has snatched Beyonce’s wig this era” *dead* at that comment I seriously can’t… Bwahahahahaha what a load of BS lmfaoooooo

  134. lol April 4, 2011

    @KENDRA my gravatar has been this pic of chris for a while now

    you can scroll back a couple chris brown posts and see my my gravatar has been this pic

    since chris bleached his hair afew weeks back…and truly i didnt mean to shade imma fan

    i ACTAULY BROUGHT FAME i was just makin and observation when it came to his live shows

  135. I GOT 99 DONUTS CUZ A B*TCH ATE 1 April 4, 2011

    All I have to say is that GIF LOL

  136. matt April 4, 2011

    i loved the performance from both stars (:

  137. xedos April 4, 2011

    Comparing Kim and RI. fail Ciara had that job already ciara music career is over she’s a socialite now

  138. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2011

    That hairstyle/cut was supposed to “hide/downplay” her forehead, but with the ‘Fire-Engine Red’ “hanging-low-enough-to-cover-her-eyebrows_over-hangs,” they only accentuate the height of her forehead. ( I mean she’s got a really tall forehead – that’s the first thing that grabs your attention; nothing else!)

    So Rihanna’s NOW trying to “get in” with the Country-Music Folks (…we DO live in “interesting times!”)

    She absolutely REEKS of “a stale desperation!” She’s quickly fading – and she knows it!
    (Nicky Minaj came for AND TOOK HER! Her leaking those “2-year-old Pity Party Pictures” were ignored because…no one cares! Chris Brown has the #1 Top-200/R&B Album/CD and #7 Top-100 song)

    …Rihanna’s finished! She knows it, Def Jam knows it; even her best-friend, Melissa, knows it!
    The next stop for Rihanna is “Reality TV” (…Meh, even then, she has Zero personality: no one will watch)

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!

  139. Blanco Family April 4, 2011

    everyone seems to be doing THE MOST cuz they know beyonce’s coming back

  140. lol April 4, 2011

    @X,Y,”and Z”
    rihanna and Nicky Minaj no comparison

    go back to bed

  141. None Ya April 4, 2011

    Not bad! Jen really outsang her own track! This hairstyle is the one I wanted.

  142. DanityKiWi April 4, 2011

    I think Nettle out-shined Rihanna in this performance, but I don’t think this was the worst performance by Rihanna. Nettle has had much success collaborating with R&B/Hip-Hop artists (i.e. Keri Hilson, MC Lyte, and Beyonce), but this one didn’t live up to the before-mentioned, and it wasn’t Nettle’s fault.
    And when looked at in comparison to the Tyler/Underwood collaboration, this performance fell flat.

  143. Anasha1 April 4, 2011

    love rir

  144. Eric April 4, 2011

    she did great! 🙂
    keep it up riri!

  145. Y’all are too fake April 4, 2011

    The GIF!!!!! Lol. Ahaahahahahaha yes.
    Rihanna sucks, her Team is Epic though, they write her s***, tell her what to sing, give her clothes to wear, this lil Island Robot is tired. Where’s Gaga & Beyonce?

  146. Y’all are too fake April 4, 2011


    Yes why dont you Stan for the most unfairness b****** in the Game right now. Rihanna & Britney. Autotuned Robot Whores. Tired of this lack of talent getting so much appreciation. What the f*** did she SLAY?? Seriously? Sit down. Beyonce kills Rihanna, even Ciara kills Rihanna, even Kelis kills Rihanna

    Lindsay Lohan’s Career > Rihanna’s “So Called” Talent

  147. Jamie April 4, 2011

    Boring, and LOL @ her trying to force sass.LOL!!! She needs a vocal coach and a stage presence coach because she sucks BIG TIME!!!!

  148. Hail Legendtina April 4, 2011

    I thought Rihanna sounded ok not great,but as an artist yoy grow and I do hear growth in her voice because unfaithful killed my ears,she getting better though. Maybe it was just me but towards the beginning when jennifee came and drowned Ri out, Ri looked over like b**** but tgen she smiled,Lmao.!!!

  149. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2011

    @LOL re: 4:04 am —

    Glad to see YOU finally understand: Rihanna and Nicki Minaj there’s ZERO comparison…

    Hype vs Talent
    Gimmickry vs Artistry
    Pretense vs Reality

    “Go back to bed” ….?! <– I just CAN'T sleep: 'F.A.M.E' #1; 'Takers' #1 Two-LONG years of toil and tribulation..!!! ("Long is the way, AND HARD, that out of hell leads up to light.")

    Hey 'LOL,' how do YOU like your 'Humble Pie'? EAT-UP…!! (Not to worry, I made enough for ALL of Camp-Fenty)

    X,Y,"and Z"

  150. BeeMichael April 4, 2011

    That .gif makes me laugh!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  151. LOW April 4, 2011

    So I’m a Jennifer Nettles stan now.

    She did make the song seem a little more effortless than Rihanna.

    One good note at the end does not make up for mediocrity throughout the whole performance, and frankly her whole career.

    Rihanna needs vocal lessons. I think she has the pipes, she just needs the training.

  152. B is coming back April 4, 2011

    Aww RiRi did a nice job. I’m not even a fan but that was a cute perfromance

  153. QueenBey April 4, 2011

    Chris Brown fans do to much. You are aware that Rihanna has more vocal range then Chris right? When has he ever showed actual vocal growth? Yes he can dance but don’t give that boy to much. In singing Rihanna is over Chris. NEITHER ONE ARE GREAT SINGERS AT ALL!

  154. gotintoririfever18 April 4, 2011

    stfu homos! rihanna is the best!

    [✔] youngest black female in vogue cover
    [✔] 9 o2 dates
    [✔] 9 numbah 1 songs! (soon to be 10 with s&m)
    [✔] Number 1 album for 4 weeks worldwide
    [✔] rolling stone cover
    [✔] 4 grammy awards
    [✔] sold out shows!!!!!!! $$$$$$$

    what u looking 4 motherfucking haters?

    where ur faves at?

  155. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2011

    @Queenbey re: 5:29 am —

    Why are YOU so concerned with what Chris Brown can or can’t do? So you’re a Beyonce fan, are you? …You do realize that Lady Gaga is now coming for your precious Beyonce, don’t you?

    (Maybe you didn’t…) But only, in 2-short years, Lady Gaga has accomplished what it took…”Machine Beyonce” over a decade to gather. (gross-concert receipts, Brand recognition/chart presence, niche market/demographic ALL WITHSTANDING)

    What YOU should ask yourself (after all that has transpired in 3-years) “What’ll become of 30-something Beyonce in 2-years from now?” (I suspect, if current-trends hold, Lady Gaga will have an extensive collection of Lace Fronts; and you’ll then, roam the earth – bitter, angry, forsaken – trying to grind concrete into similac)

    X,Y,”and Z”

  156. Nick April 4, 2011

    Man y’all hating, Rihanna is gettin better! That was really good, they sounded nice, I loved it!!!

  157. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2011

    @GOTINTORIRIFEVER18 re: April 4, 2011 at 5:31 am —

    [✔] youngest black female in vogue cover <–You meant Beverly Johnson, didn't you..??
    [✔] 9 o2 dates <–2-for-1 tickets anyone?
    [✔] 9 numbah 1 songs! (soon to be 10 with s&m) <–Er..but after 6-years, not-a-one #1 Billboard CD/Album. (Those 9-charting songs ARE U.S. Billboard charts, no?)
    [✔] Number 1 album for 4 weeks worldwide <– They don't know any better! CBreezy is about to kick-off HIS World Tour. He's about to bring down a GIANT Eraser upon Rihanna's forehead!
    [✔] rolling stone cover <– U.S. circulated magazine, but yet she STILL can't sell in The U.S.
    [✔] 4 grammy awards <– POLITICS!
    [✔] sold out shows!!!!!!! $$$$$$$ <– So sorry, 2-for-1 ticket-sales DON'T count!! (and what little Def Jam didn't take, Dave LaChappelle will take!)

    what u looking 4 motherfucking haters? (haters?!) <– The TRUTH/no hype/no gimmickry (concepts so foreign to you, it'll take you lifetime to begin to grasp)

    where ur faves at? <— CBreezy is chilling in HIS million $$$ L.A. Condo (NOT in a Hotel. HE didn't have to make up stories 'bout buying $10-Million L.A. Mansions..!!)

    X,Y,"and Z"

  158. MISHKA April 4, 2011

    Not a Rihanna stan but she did kinda good. I have lowered my standards with her a while ago.

    Although she belted some notes towards the bridge, Jennifer Nettles proved that the song is really good and deserves a better vocal performance. How come you get outshined by someone else on your own song, Rih-Rih? You’re not a rookie anymore, come on now. This is the kind of tune which deserves a Grammy for best vocal performance but then again, she’s going to blow it.

    And that gif *so wrong lol*

  159. Kathy April 4, 2011

    I’m just super happy this is the next single! I <3333333333 the words, and meaning in this song!

  160. TaTa April 4, 2011

    People on here are stupid! No matter how many accolades Rihanna has, or how many arenas she has filled she was out sung!
    The problem with these stupid lemming super stans is that they have no perspective or grip on reality, you can love an artist but they should really need to stay in their lane, and although Rihanna made a lane to drive in she shouldn’t have someone else drive in it.

    There are artists that i like but am aware when the vocals are not on point or songs are rubbish.

  161. JuanR April 4, 2011

    It’s Jennifer Feat. Rihanna! LOL

    I can’t even hear her voice…

  162. lol April 4, 2011



    When Nicky chart in EUROPE holla at me

  163. theman April 4, 2011

    Trent needs to get over this Rihanna stuff. He complains about her every chance he gets. This to me was one of Rihanna’s better vocal performances. She didn’t say that she was a perfect vocalist. But she did do good here. She didn’t shout, rather she was in tune. Sometimes she sung a little to low, and it was a little off. But she showed vast improvements with this performance. She was enjoying herself. So for that congratulations to her.

  164. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2011

    @LOL re: 6:32 am —

    “When Nicky chart in EUROPE holla at me” <– 0_o You do realize that Rihanna has 'been-been-been' touring Europe for some time now, don't you? When Nicki starts to tour the European circuit, she'll do to her THERE, as she's done to her HERE, in the U.S. – MADE RIHANNA IRRELEVANT!!!

    Rihanna's on-stage performance…

    1-part screeching/screaming into the microphone
    1-part soft-core p*** (The Obligatory Microphone Thrust into Vajaja)
    1-part side-walk fashion-fair extravaganza
    …Now vigorously mix and add liberal amounts of back-track vocals/back-up dancers dancing (that's the only "dancing" you'll see while she's on stage), and her nauseating predictable prancing-about to her predetermined/precaulculated "stage marks"

    … VOILA – The "Rihanna On-stage Show! Makes no-matter whatever album, it's been the same and will never change…

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT…!! (gotta catch a flight. pulling my feet outta sand and water – sorrow..!!)

  165. joyce April 4, 2011

    um.. idont get some of you, bcos as much as ilove 2hate on celebs including rihanna… i really think she held her own.. :\
    imay b a hater but i aint a liar ! she was v.good !

  166. whystillinbusiness April 4, 2011

    I’m sorry that was an embarassment for her label, ROC nation and her fans, how you let someone on natinal television take over your song? This chick is placed and she dont care how she sells her self she will do it. This is the very reason she can walk around naked and feel no different from any w**** on the street, get some respect Rihanna cause you are played…And the sad thing you play yourself stupid and you actually think you are better than everyone in the music business. I see that Carter guy has you fooled it’s going to take a lot more than looks!

  167. Truth April 4, 2011

    Jennifer and Rih sounded good even with Rihs mic low…but have u guys thought about the possibility that CKB has a country flavor to it-and Def Jam is possibly trying to market it as such? Hench Jennifer’s voice resonating over Rih’s…they’re selling it to the country market to be played on country based radio stations…great marketing ploy or that song….Rih’s mic may hv been turned down purposely for that reason..clever

  168. Truth April 4, 2011

    Meant FOR that song..typo

  169. Bubbles April 4, 2011

    I am in tears!!! My princess held her own, some moments were fantastic, some not so much. Jennifer did a great job, and outsung but the one moment near the end when Rihanna saaang and even Jennifer felt it. I think they both showed how great this song is. I want ri to perform this again and for the mic to be a bit louder, so she can truly slay. Oh and she stays making moves, first black woman to hit the stage at this award show. Who gon’ check her? Certainly not the person above me or XYZ.

  170. Bubbles April 4, 2011

    The person above me being WHYSTILLINBUSINESS

  171. TheRealBabyDre April 4, 2011

    Rih’ just needs to deliver more performances like this one !
    I liked it !
    But the hair is NOT ! lol

  172. BENJAMIN April 4, 2011

    The song doesn’t sound that good sung in that low of a register. She shouldn’t have let Nettles take control of what should be the song to really showcase Rihanna’s vocals. But she looked great though minus the wig, classic Rihanna from 08.’

  173. shimmycocoa April 4, 2011

    I don’t understand why Rihanna’s fans complain about Sam and Trent shade towards Rihanna yet they still visit the site. Y’all do realize that y’all are still supporting them by continuing to visit the site, right? Web hits = support. I thought that was common sense…

  174. Yellow Gorillah April 4, 2011


    I love dit it might hav enot been amazing bbut I love how rihanna gave me some LIFE!

    it just shows that rihanna has soo much potential she just needs that vocal coach for a couple of months an dthe BANG she is done.

    And Thank you to everyone who gave credit when it was due something this site struggle sto do =/ Rihanna need sto stop complaning we know this site hates her but we all know they post in her every day so yh.

    And please can the chris brown fans keep it cute or you will get dragged and to be honest yes you b oy can dance but rihanna out sings him so take a seat. And why people bringing beyonce into this let’s just

  175. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    Have you ever hard people complain about Chris performance or singing like Rihanna. So Rihanna doesn’t out sing him. Only complaints you get sometimes from Chris is when he concentrate on more on a heavy performance and he do lip sing, But CHRIS SUNG FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, AND GOT GREAT FEED BACK.

  176. ZANIA April 4, 2011


  177. royalkev April 4, 2011

    Rihanna was pretty good here! I think this might be my 2nd favorite live performance by her (the first is Take a Bow on the Bet awards). I see that Rihanna is improving and you have to give her some credit.


  178. Arthur April 4, 2011

    OMG! You’re the biggest hater I’ve ever seen. You just hate Britney and Rihanna and I really don’t know why. It’s just sad because I’m from Brazil and I came here cause’ they said it was a famous blog and what I see is a f*****’ hater doing his job. Brit and Rihanna are putting on a show, just live with that. HATER!

  179. TRUTH TELLER April 4, 2011


    REALLY? RIHANNA can sing better than CB???? The girl who talks through the American Cancer Society commercial??YOU MUST BE DELUSIONAL!!!



    Now when she gets on that level get back to me!! But in the meantime STHU FOOL!!!SMHHHHH!!!

  180. gus April 4, 2011

    I do not understand that hate rihanna. she does very good music and Loud is # 1 in worldwide. get enough of her. we love mariah, we love Beyonce but there is a small space in our hearts for Rihanna

  181. KD April 4, 2011

    Wow Rihanna got easily outsung on her own song…when Jennifer opened her voice, Rihanna just disappeared into the background, there were times whereas I could not even hear her.

  182. almostpia April 4, 2011

    @Shimmycocoa Thank you!! Trent and Sam are winning regardless if the stans agree or disagree with their opinion.

    Rihanna looked pretty as usual but she was outsung by the other lady. Rihanna didn’t sound horrible but she isn’t a belter of notes.

    Also there is no need to compare her and Chris based on talent because Rihanna is a singer and CB is a singer/dancer. Rihanna (Only Girl) and CB (Yeah 3x) both use autotunes in their songs. And many singer/dancers use background vocals because you can’t dance rigorously and then try to sing a song without sounding out of breath. Also their vocal range are totally different from the other.

  183. lol April 4, 2011

    that was not a good clip of his voice he was just in lower register

    surely you have better clips of him belting

  184. kody3x April 4, 2011

    has r**** ever had a number1 album breezy slays her

  185. Laurie April 4, 2011

    She did good for once ! not super exciting but it’s good some kind of improvement lool actually those type of songs suits her voice better. My ears are not so damaged as usual lool

  186. crazyfan jlo April 4, 2011

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    #1 Canada (#1)
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    by JenniferLopezVEVO – On the floor
    1 month ago


  187. quanberg April 4, 2011

    Just my opinion I think she sounded GREAT wen she did sing !!! Jennifer did out sing her, but she did good considering

  188. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    I finally stomached it and looked at the video and the white woman killed the bytch and I assumed it’s supposed to be Rih-Ho’s song.The funny thing is to see the bytch make hand gestures like she is A SINGING DIVA! I CAN’T and I just WON’T!

    @ X Y and Z…..You are so right,the bytch is fading fast because now she’s trying to sing country music.Those white folkz will never accept the bytch!

  189. Ayo_Ronnie April 4, 2011

    I f****** can’t with that gif! This site is like a new guilty pleasure.

  190. lax April 4, 2011

    the haters do the best job ever of keeping rihannasnavy entertained.
    rihanna and jennifer did a great job, and standing ovation and great
    exposure for rihanna, history making because shes the youngest black
    female to appear @this award show.

  191. Neickha April 4, 2011

    I like this performance. Thought they did Great!

  192. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011


    Why did the country singer smash R******’s single?

    *Nicki M voice*

  193. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    April 4, 2011 at 11:01 am
    Have you ever hard people complain about Chris performance or singing like Rihanna. So Rihanna doesn’t out sing him………… But CHRIS SUNG FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, AND GOT GREAT FEED BACK.

    THANK YOU!!!

    P.S. Chris Brown sings over a track like all artists who are heavy dancers e.g. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, etc. HE DOES NOT LIP SYNC!!

  194. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    LMAO @ Billy,it’s indeed a Traaaaaaaaaaaaaagedy!

    It’s an insult to compare that goat to Chris Brown or anyone with real talent but haven’t you notice how her stupid stans never want to compare her to GaGa! This shyt just DO NOT compare to what Breezy did last week,that boy was awesome as hell on DWTS and ABC loved the ratings that kid brought!

  195. TRUTH TELLER April 4, 2011

    @LOL!! MWAHAHAHA!! Ask your fave to do that!! I BETCHA SHE CAN’T!!!! Please don’t compare CB’s vocals to this young lady’s it’s an insult!!!CB can naturally sing my dear!! There are many other videos of him singing live!! YOUTUBE IT!!! FOOOL!!SMHHHHHHHH!!!

    The DELUSION of you r****** stans!!!

  196. Trac-E April 4, 2011

    Could of swore this was a RIhanna post…

  197. Infamous Doll April 4, 2011

    Of all songs on the album, this crappy song sees the light of day smh

  198. bey’knight April 4, 2011

    seriously ri fans what do uexpect when tgj posts a rihanna update?

    all ur justifications wont change a damn thing. sam n trent will still shade her in their next rihanna update, why bother?

  199. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    Have anyone seen Chris sing NO B******* acapella live at his shows? If he can’t sing he would sound awlful without music, he has always sung acapella at his concerts.

  200. carmen April 4, 2011

    Damn Rihanna those arms are HUGE girl put on a whole lot of weight! I guess she’s eating those bajan monkeys and as for the singing? I just can’t…

  201. Heaven April 4, 2011

    I swear that politically correct do do is for the birds. She cannot sing better than any of her peers, if you like what she does fine. Why compare her to Chris this is not a Chris Brown thread? He’s an ultimate entertainer and there is a difference. Spend your money on who you like but stop lying about it. She was owned on her song by Jennifer and that’s all there is to it.

  202. WHITEJESUS April 4, 2011

    wow ri loved it.

    and lmao @ these bitchbrown stans.

  203. Hazel April 4, 2011

    Sorry, but Rihanna recovered towards the end. She was well controlled and in pitch. I was actually impressed.

  204. RosaRubbel April 4, 2011

    The performance was cute, but the sad thing is, this was her first live performance of ‘California King Bed’ and Jennifer Nettles completely killed Rihanna’s own song.

  205. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice
    April 4, 2011 at 2:26 pm
    LMAO @ Billy,it’s indeed a Traaaaaaaaaaaaaagedy!

    Indeed! 🙂

    Why did the country singer just blow her the hell up on her own track? Let me guess she has taken 3/4 weeks off to recuperate but is still suffering from that “phantom” case of BONCHITIS right?

    And please, these ppl must be out of their mind trying to compare her lack of vocal ability to Chris Brown, an actual R&B vocalist! His in concert acappella performance of CRAWL alone, will leave you breathless!

  206. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice

    IKR… they don’t compare her to anyone in her lane. Chris is a male R&B superstar and this billy goat is suppose to be a Pop-tart…oops I mean star! Why is it that they don’t copare her to that awful singer Naked Perry? Why did Kesha and this new nit-wit Jesse J’s CD’s go platinum before hers?

    DWTS ratings said it all! They never had ratings that high for an eliminatinon show or any other! President Obama and the First Family even sent well wishes so there! *sticking my tongue out and rolling my eyes like a 10 yr-old on these fools* 🙂

    P.S. TeamBreezy we LOVE SHERRY SHEPARD from The View. She’s got Chris’ back these days! She mentioned him today, showed him fancy footwork from DWTS and said ppl need to shut up and not try to take this away from this kid who has the #1 CD in the country!!! POW….Go Sherry Go!

  207. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    And…..*DEAD at that gif….LMBO! 🙂

  208. SWEXY April 4, 2011

    Rihanna keeps yall up at night… she is doing everything right

  209. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Billy,chile I don’t even know what that song is but I even the Billy Goat was mad as hell for that performance.Ole gyrl really thinks she can sing,pressing her hands to her chest like she Christina Aguilera or somebody,I’m like bytch please stop the presses.

    Chile they are delusional as hell,they know any undeserved success she has is tied to Chris Brown so in all their craziness they link that bytch to Breezy.I saw some pictures of him and his little girlfriend and they looked so cute together holding hands.I never saw Chris with other girls since he split from forehead where he was seen holding their hands,they so cute…

    Chile lately the tramp has been talking shyt like” she never needs to speak with Chris again’ as if he want to be bothered with her ,I will say it again,Rih-Ho seems like she is mad at Chris because he has truly moved on and the boy never speaks of her in interviews and if he does he make it clear that he don’t like talking about him.Rih-Ho needs to get over herself quick .

  210. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    he don’t like talking about her

  211. Furious Styles April 4, 2011

    Whatever! Rihanna blew everyone away with her vocals!!! Best perfomace in history! This even surpasses Whiney Houstan singing the national anthem and anything aretha franklin could belt out!

    She just sold 10,000,000 copies of LOUD this week ALONE! hahahahahaha
    Stay MAD!

    Rated R just went DIAMOND! I can def see why you guys are salty.

  212. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    April 4, 2011 at 1:57 am
    People keep saying Chris dropped 17 spots, Chris was blackballed and not allowed over in that country, he is doing very good in the UK considered he is rebuilding his career. He hasn’t toured over there in years. At least he was on the charts, most of the R & B artist doesn’t get as high as he did on the chart. So you can’t compare Chris to Britney, Rihanna, they don’t have the world hating them because of the incident.


    Chris is going on tour in a few weeks and his CD was only released in 6 countries outside of the US. The rest of the world has yet to have a chance to purchase his CD! Chris is doing damn well for a R&B STAR who was BLACKLISTED and who the RACIST AMERICAN MEDIA continues to HARASS while letting CHARLIE SHEEN and his 20 yr history of WIFE & GF ABUSE slide; actor SHIA LABEOUF who has now started 8 to10 different BAR FIGHTS, beating down innocent ppl and completely destroying each bar but he just slides by; & DAVID HASSELHOUF who beat the s*** out of his wife and his a horrible drug/drug addict yet Burke’s skanky ass didn’t have a problem with him being a CONTESTANT on DWTS!!

    GO CHRIS BROWN GO BABY! We got you and TeamBreezy will be there when you come to their country, city and town! DAMN these haters!

  213. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    I believe Furious Styles works for Rihanna camp, because her mission and job is to boost Rihanna up on the blogs. She is such a delusional fan. I giving you the benefit of doubt that you work for Rihanna camp, becaus if you don’t, you are one scary and sick girl.

  214. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Billy you know you are a fooI sticking your toungue out at these fools.I didn’t know Prez Obama sent well wishes.I keep watching and I also loved the little kid that danced too,he is a showstopper! I had never seen that show and the ONLY reason I watched last week was because of Chris Breezy!

    My Grandmother called me and told me that Sherry Shepard was talking about Chris too,I am too done.It’s time for people to understand that sometimes a GOOD person can be PROVOKED to do something bad and that boy has put up with too much damn shyt from these human beings that think they can judge him.I think more people who had been deaf and dumb are slowly waking up to what Rih-Ho is….

  215. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Billy……Are they going to release F.A.M.E. in more countries beside the 6 countries they have released it in?

  216. Furious Styles April 4, 2011

    @ zania

    you don’t know me bish! you just mad because your faves perfume isnt sold out in every store! Rebl Fleur will make your skin glow and make you rich!

    Hate on b****!

  217. jmari April 4, 2011

    @Furious styles 10 million Really??????? stop lying. and how are ya’ll going to compare a female voice to a male and i’m sorry but i have ever heard chris be as flat as she is most of the time.

  218. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice
    April 4, 2011 at 4:22 pm
    .I saw some pictures of him and his little girlfriend and they looked so cute together holding hands.I never saw Chris with other girls since he split from forehead where he was seen holding their hands,they so cute…

    AHHH, you have to send me the link to the pic! I think they are so cute together and he seems really happy and calm with her. That’s all I want is a chick who is not out to use him to gain some measure of success! If you don’t wont little handsome slide your ass to the side, there are many other who would love to take your place……you heard!! 🙂

    And you are so right about constantly linking R****** to Chris. She and her PR team know that the only way to keep this non-talented w**** popular is to constantly have her WHINING about Chris Brown and ancient damn history. I’m just happy that real ppl are finally willing to move on past that crap! Every site that I’ve seen where ppl have left comments are pretty much saying the same thing….”S*** is old, who hasn’t made mistakes in their youth?”…ewww” Rihanna’s a skanky, kninky H**”…..”leave Chris Brown alone and let him thrill us”!!


  219. Furious Styles April 4, 2011

    yes Jsari

    really! rihanna is slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying!

  220. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice
    April 4, 2011 at 4:32 pm
    @ Billy you know you are a fooI sticking your toungue out at these fools

    LOL…..Well I thought pulling my pants down and wiggling my “tail-feather” at the computer screen would have been a bit much…LOL! 🙂

  221. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Billy,I believe I saw it on cbreezy.com but I can’t find it now.There were like 15 pictures of them and there were a couple where he was holding her “little hand”,they looked so cute together and he seemed so happy!I agree she has a calming effect on Chris and that is what he needs,he does not need another dramatic filled bytch watching him like a hawk.

    Now we got a MASSIVE A** fool sitting up on their funky a** lying and saying Rih-Ho sold 10,000,000 of her latest coaster, I CAN’T and I JUST WON’T!

  222. kody3x April 4, 2011

    chris brown slays rihanna she not even relevant anymore

  223. Kenny April 4, 2011

    Yay Rihanna!!!!! California King Bed is a good song and also Man Down, cant wait for radio to release.

  224. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    Right @ Kody3X!

  225. Kenny April 4, 2011

    … um if Rihanna wasnt relevant than you wouldnt be here, you would be somewhere doing something with more relevance. Stop being dumb on Monday, at least wait until Tuesday.

  226. Truth April 4, 2011

    @i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!)

    April 4, 2011 at 11:01 am
    Have you ever hard people complain about Chris performance or singing like Rihanna. So Rihanna doesn’t out sing him………… But CHRIS SUNG FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, AND GOT GREAT FEED BACK.

    THANK YOU!!!

    P.S. Chris Brown sings over a track like all artists who are heavy dancers e.g. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, etc. HE DOES NOT LIP SYNC!!

  227. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice
    April 4, 2011 at 4:32 pm
    My Grandmother called me and told me that Sherry Shepard was talking about Chris too,I am too done.It’s time for people to understand that sometimes a GOOD person can be PROVOKED to do something bad and that boy has put up with too much damn shyt from these human beings that think they can judge him.I think more people who had been deaf and dumb are slowly waking up to what Rih-Ho is….

    As we bow our heads all over the CHURCH this morning, let’s hold hands and say A..M..E..N! 🙂

    After this latest stunt she pulled in RollingStone magazine, ppl are done with this chick! She can be placed on any award show the “powers that be” can use to prop her up but REAL PPL are looking at this broad as being a skanky, sleazy little s*** bag real talk! I’m not sure what she was thinking when she did that interview but DAMN, SHE SCREWED UP BIG TIME!

  228. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    @FURIOUS STYLES , Stop the lying you are pathethic and so obsessed with Rihanna that you be saying some crazy sh*t comparing her to legions and icons. You are a psycho and need medicine, If Rihanna reads these blogs she probably would be scared of you if she saw you in person. Rihanna is an industry gimmick, point blank, nothing else to say.

  229. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @Billy you are so right….The article in Rolling Stone said a lot! Now here you this ho that loves to hit men and that includes her brother whining because she got a few lumps upside the head after she tried to fight Chris while he drove now saying she loves to get beat up in the bedroom,chile she is as dumb as it damn gets!

  230. Me April 4, 2011

    Rhi has to be one of the most elaborate and successful frauds perpetuated by the music industry, since Milli Vanilli. At least they tried to entertain though, lol.

  231. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Ingrid Okonta…They dogged ole girl out and I love it! Now I’m willing to bet that many of those people are not Breezy fanz but they dogged her a** like she stole their bones or something.

  232. kody3x April 4, 2011

    chris brown is here to stay r**** cant compete with gaga, spears, beyonce, and katy perry

  233. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    April 4, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    I REPEAT……P.S. Chris Brown sings over a track like all artists who are heavy dancers e.g. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, etc. HE DOES NOT LIP SYNC!!

    Damn, if only you knew the TRUTH and was willing to TELL IT!!!

  234. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Me…Chile let me say this,Chris is two years younger than I am,(Aries shout out) but anyway I see him like he’s a little brother because he and my little brother are the same age although both are bigger that I am (stomping my foot) but chile lately that boy has been looking REAL GOOD! Cougar alert!

    I always thought Chris looked kind of ackward at one point but baby that boy has really GROWN into his looks and baby when he was on DWTS he was looking REAL DAMN GOOD!

  235. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Ingrid Okonta,


  236. Adele April 4, 2011

    It wasn’t that bad, Rihanna actually sounded decent. That other lady killed it though, effortlessly.

  237. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice
    April 4, 2011 at 4:36 pm
    @ Billy……Are they going to release F.A.M.E. in more countries beside the 6 countries they have released it in?

    Yes, its how they do some artists. Bey, Britney, Gaga etc their record labels release their CDs to a wider audience at one time. That’s one reason why they tend to have such great 1st week numbers. However, Chris did extremely well considering everything like the fake as* media bullsh** for 7 days about 1 window (did I mention that Charlie Sheen destroyed the entire penthouse suite and broke every window at the NY Plaza but got 1 day news coverage). He was not on every day, midday, evening or late night TV program like his contenporaries! Coupled with the CD only being released in UK, CAN, IRE, AUS, NZ, Malaysa I think. I don’t believe it was released in FRA, ITL, BRL, AFR, The NETH, etc. total 1st week sells 576,000. That’s pretty good considering all the obstacles! I think he will do very well once he starts touring!

  238. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    Hold up @ Billy…Are you saying that even with limited release that Chris sold 576,000 copies,Hot Damn!

  239. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    April 4, 2011 at 9:17 am
    Jennifer and Rih sounded good even with Rihs mic low

    LMAO NOW HER MIC WAS DOWN TOO LOW……..LOL you R****** stans are killing with these crazy excuses! While you are talking about someone lip syncing maybe baby girl should have pulled on of her usual tricks out the bag!….Oh but wait, she was performing with someone else and unfortunate for Rihanna that person could actually sing. If she had pulled that little trick out a bag, it would have blown her entire singing scam now wouldn’t it???

  240. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ BILLY….Guess what,she also couldn’t run out on that stage in front of those white folkz wearing no damn bandage dress to distract from the FACT that she has no talent! Her stans are just too stupid to me but they are comic relief!!!!

  241. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011


    Yeah, this is still early yet so we’ll have to wait to see how its all shakes out. I hate the 2 weeks worth of negative media, it just serves to hurt his CD sells which I know was its intention! I hate the corporate own lying american media!

    I was expecting Wiz Kalifa to do much better though…damn! Britney looks like she’s going to pull down Chris’ numbers from last week. Good for her!

  242. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011


    Per Yahoo music site here just a snippet of what they had to say:

    Rihanna Falls Flat, Underwood Steals Show At 46th Annual ACM Awards
    Posted Sun Apr 3, 2011 9:32pm PDT by Wendy Geller in Our Country

    Although the 46th annual Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday evening boasted an unusually rich list of interesting moments/personalities/collaborations, there were two performances that took up the majority of preshow chatter. One of these was non-country superstar Rihanna dueting with Sugarland frontwoman Jennifer Nettles. The other, Carrie Underwood with a tantalizingly unnamed “surprise” partner on stage..

    Needless to say, only one performance lived up to the considerable hype. .

    I won’t keep you in suspense. It wasn’t Rihanna’s. Unfortunately, the pop diva’s duet with Nettles–a rendition of Rihanna’s ballad “California King Bed”–felt leaden at worst, overwrought at best, leading mostly to a sense of wondering who on earth thought this would be a good idea.

  243. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ BILLY….Yeah they ran her a** down.Those people don’t give a damn about Rihanna and they don’t want a “no sanging bird” contaminating THEIR music if you get my meaning!

  244. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice
    April 4, 2011 at 5:22 pm
    For all the lies the media told about Chris being snubbed by all of the contestants @ DWTS, check this shyt out,LMAO!



    You mean to tell me they spent all that time on HLN flapping their gums about how bad a person Chris is and that the DWTS cast members snubbed him. They especially singled out Kirsti Alley! Others reported that Tom Berger was going to say somthing insulting about the kid and that ABC had a plan to plant ppl in the audience to BOO HIM! I mean these rumors and vicious lies ran the gamut! Only to discover that all that was COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSH**!


  245. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice
    April 4, 2011 at 6:35 pm
    @ BILLY….Guess what,she also couldn’t run out on that stage in front of those white folkz wearing no damn bandage dress to distract from the FACT that she has no talent!

    LMAO!! IKR the only thing I can complement her on is her outfit. She actually looked decent for a change. It funny how her house of cards is about to come tubling down. They can talk about her rigged chart entries and #1’s all they wont but let the media stop favioring her and see how quickly she would fall!

    They can say what they want about Chris Brown but that young talent is the truth and shines even when the entire fake american media is lying on him! I wonder if she could last through a similar storm???

  246. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Billy …I can’t stand the media either because not only do they corrupt minds with lies told they also corrupt with what they omit.For instance,now if we all know about Rihanna’s very violent nature,then they do as well but they don’t report it because of their agenda against Chris but it’s good to see more people waking up to the bullshyt! Oh yes the media are big liars,Chris got 2 ovations for his stellar performance,so much for the booing!

    Oh yes,Miss Alley wanted to pull a cougar on little Chris Brown,LMAO!

  247. CHACHAH April 4, 2011


  248. lisa April 4, 2011


  249. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Billy….No she can’t last without the media because she has no talent!Chris got talent,even my pops told me that he feels he’s like a apprentice of Michael Jackson….

    Billy can you tell me something…Are you female or male because I wanna say certain terms to you but I don’t want to assume you are one s** or the other…..

  250. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Lisa,I live right up the street from where that even took place because I think it occurred @ The Fox and I live right near V103……

  251. Truth April 4, 2011

    @S&MWhatever….Sit ur delusional Rihanna hating Bitchass Down and drink a Coke….u dumasses are the first ones to come on a rih post and spread ur idiotic venom..SIT THA PHUK DOWN…!!!

  252. GTFOH April 4, 2011

    And phuk karridbbs Tran…If CB was soooo intersted in her I guess thats why he was hanging and getting groupies numbers last night…Ohh u didnt know….Damn Delusionals…Rih Slays..!!! STAY THE PHUK MADD!!! B******!!

  253. AuntieJackie April 4, 2011

    She yelled at some points, but this was not as bad as I thought it was going to be! I usually cringe when I hear her sing, but this was O.K. Now, they girl isn’t a good singer to me, but she didn’t completely embarrass herself. Jennifer is SUCH a good singer, it was kind of hard to watch Rihanna get drowned out (felt bad) but when Rihanna sang she didn’t mess up.

    They are trying to follow in Beyonce’s footsteps and make that girl a superstar. Singing with a country singer? Now that’s some cross-over….

  254. Kenny April 4, 2011

    Chris Brown fans are mad….

  255. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice I know this is Rihanna post, but I am curious why did Jive remove Chris album from itunes and released it as new album?

  256. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Secret Voice, @ME, @Kendra@ Blue Kid, @James, @Ingrid Okonta @plain and simple
    @XYandZ, @Zania and @Every TeamBreezy Member I failed to mention!!



    ROSIE O’DONALD…..yes, you hold me Rosie, just put her FOOT on the NECK of Robin Roberts regarding her treatment of Chris Brown during that GMA interview. She said that she wants Roberts to review video footage from that interview and see if she can see her part in creating that entire fiasco! Rosie said she felt bad for Chris during that interview which was clearly a set-up and that she feels bad for him today. She went on to say that she could name at least 25 ppl off the top of her head, who had trashed dressing rooms, hotel rooms, etc and nobody in the media gave a rats ass (my words) about, yet they are running this kid down for the same thing! She said could not understand why he is being held to a different standard then anyone else!

    POW B****** ITS ON AND POPPIN! 🙂

    Its just a damn shame that it took Rosie to stand up and publically criticize Chris’ treament by the media!!!

  257. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011


    Sit your delusional as* the hell down! This chick can cause ear cancer simply by the sound of her howl! Just face facts, Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles murdered Raggedy RihANNa on her own track! #thatisall

  258. Kendra April 4, 2011

    @IMAS&M I saw that two nights ago and I see the rest of the media is finally catching up to it. dnt kno if you heard the actual audio but Rosie put it out there on the for real for real and I damn near choked hearing her say the things she said about Robin and that setup of an interview. Im so glad Chris is keeping his mouth shut and s*** is just falling into place as it should.
    And Kenny no CB fans are not mad for what cause Rihanna got upstaged on her own song…nothing for us to be concerned about hell it’s more funny than anything.

  259. Kendra April 4, 2011

    @Zania whatutalkinbout Jive removed FAME and did what? *confused*

  260. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011


    Wow, I just saw it today on Inside Edition! It shocked me to my knees that one Rosie said it and two a tv news source actually reported it! Well all I can say is good for Rosie! Its about time that someone steps up and says something worth while.

    I am also simply amazed to discover that all the hype and foolishness surrounding his apparence on DWTS was all BS created by the hateful media! Ppl are really a damn trip!!

  261. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @Zania,I don’t know gyrl,I was reading that on twitter….

  262. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    @ Billy,I saw that and I retweeted it…….It’s good to see a white person actually call out racists on their bullshyt!Miss Rosie is BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE….

  263. ZANIA April 4, 2011

    @Secret voice, On twitter they were saying that Chris album was re-released.

  264. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    Yes @ Zania,they were saying it was re-released on itunes…..

  265. TR April 4, 2011

    *News flash..Teambreezy..NOBODY CARES!! This is about rihanna, and artists that are actually RELEVANT!!

  266. Secret Voice April 4, 2011

    Gotta go get my “Paper Scissors Rock ” on while I do exercise! Peace

  267. I GOT 99 DONUTS CUZ A B*TCH ATE 1 April 4, 2011

    I’m kinda a new commenter here and I’ve visited here sometimes just to read the comments. I can see that the rihstans don’t know how to stay on topic.

    They resort to bringing up how many #1 singles she has and how many albums she sold and bring up other artist to shade them in order to try and make their queen look better when it only makes her look worse.

    Why compare rihanna to Chris Brown [the most talented male in the industry]? The rihstan compare rihanna to Chris because they know that rih can’t compare to Bey or GaGa because they know that both Bey and GaGa can sing circles around rihanna. I know a girl that’s 10yrs old that can sing circles around rihanna.

    I Stan for NO ONE and I mean NO ONE but I will say that when Bey comes back rihanna and her stans better hold on to their wigs because Bey is gon snatch them on the way to the top.

  268. Kendra April 4, 2011

    @IMAS&M all I can say is God is good! esp. for the DWTS victory, over 19 million ppl tuned in with some saying they turned it off when CB was performing and what not like it mattered cause if they tuned in at all that went towards the ratings when are now being accredited to him. Chris needs to keep letting his haters be his motivators cause they are the ones pushing him right back to the top and they dont even kno it. I like what Rosie had to say esp the part about not being surprised that Chris has not taken up GMA’s offer to come back on like b**** why would he want to come back there. I liked it and I am so glad other outlets are chiming in, fans been saying this s*** for two years and Rosie said it right when she said “why is THIS KID being held to higher standard than everyone else”, maybe now we can get past the b******* and he can finally get back to doing what he does best and that is entertain us.

  269. TR April 4, 2011

    Chris Brown, the most talented male in the indusrty?!! Amazig!!

  270. I GOT 99 DONUTS CUZ A B*TCH ATE 1 April 4, 2011

    NO Chris Brown stan here but how is he not relevant with the #1 album in the country something Ms. rihanna don’t have.

    No shade I’m just saying

  271. Kendra April 4, 2011

    @TR exactly this is a Rihanna post and since there is so little that can be said about Rihanna it has all been said above…now get out of Teambreezy’s conversation.

  272. TR April 4, 2011

    9 Donuts* The reason he’s not relevant is becuase outside of his group of hardliners, he’s not gainning anything!! Look at all the stops he had to pull just to get to #1

    Kendra, this is a rihanna post, so why infect it with Talk of C.Brown? Nobody cares about him except you obviously!!

  273. I GOT 99 DONUTS CUZ A B*TCH ATE 1 April 4, 2011

    Whether you like it or not he’s still relevant

  274. Blue Kid April 4, 2011

    @ I’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!)

    Thanks for including me, I’m always on TGJ, sometimes I just don’t say anything, 🙂

  275. Yo April 4, 2011

    This is better than how she usually sounds but it’s nothing spectacular. I love Sugarland and girl obviously has way stronger vocals than Ri without even trying. I think they just made a really odd pair. Maybe someone that was around rihanns range would have been a better fit. maybe taylor swift……

  276. I GOT 99 DONUTS CUZ A B*TCH ATE 1 April 4, 2011

    Rihanna has no talent and sucks major a$$. All she is, is a pre-packaged record company, eye-candy bimbo. She CAN’T sing, ever heard her try acappella? Her voice could crack glass. A deaf person would tell her to shut-up.

    LOL this is what someone said on yahoo

  277. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    April 4, 2011 at 9:27 pm
    @TR exactly this is a Rihanna post and since there is so little that can be said about Rihanna it has all been said above…now get out of Teambreezy’s conversation.

    LOL….BANG, BANG!! 🙂

  278. SWEXY April 4, 2011

    lololololol *sips tea while minding the children*

  279. TR April 4, 2011

    Rihanna has gotten a standing O..at the AMA’s..forgot? Unlke him, she’s actually a credible force industry, and doesn’t have to resort to school yard tactics to be repected!!

  280. i’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!) April 4, 2011

    @Blue Kid
    April 4, 2011 at 9:51 pm
    @ I’m a s&m loving bill goat (smack me up, yes!)

    Thanks for including me, I’m always on TGJ, sometimes I just don’t say anything,

    LOL…Girl what are you talking about? Don’t be afraid to come out and play! 🙂 This is a time of celebration and I’m going to dance on the ceiling as well as the neck and backs of these haters….LOL 🙂

    You remember the “Chris Brown is a FLOP” crew?

  281. I GOT 99 DONUTS CUZ A B*TCH ATE 1 April 4, 2011

    So taking off your cloths to be respected is cool with you.

  282. Bruce April 4, 2011

    This girl does not know what to do with her body. When her dance steps aren’t choreographed she is so awkward but then again she is awkward and stiff even when they are. I don’t know what to say. She has all this swag and by the way she acts you would think she was the greatest performer that ever lived but lazy stage presence says it all. Honestly, how much further can her career go with side boobs and ass shots? Yeah I guess this performance was better than the other hundreds of horrible performances she has done only because the CMA’s showed pity for us and either cut off or turned down her mic. We tend to say oh well she’s getting better but at this stage in the game…REALLY? Oh yeah S & M is laughable because she wants everyone to believe in her sexual prowess like she is some big freak yet her awkward, stiff, lazy body proves otherwise. Yeah I said it, she over compensates because she is sexually inadequate.

  283. Karole April 4, 2011

    Damnn you mean to tell me this is Rihanna song and that country woman out sang her. I mean she really sang it just like it was her song.

  284. danny b April 4, 2011

    i wish Sugarland would just sit somewhere and let the divas sing THEIR songs . Just cuz they’re hits might be country-inspired does not give you the automatic “ok” to sing along (i.e. Beyonce “Irreplaceable”….ugggggghhhh.

    anywho, i wish Rihanna had sang this ALONE. because those the band/or her pitch was off in the beginning, she vocals were on point with this song. girl was belting. Lawd knows she’ll tear it up once she sings this live by HERSELF. she slayyyyyed.

  285. uhhh April 5, 2011

    that white lady did not have 2 play rihanna like that…. isnt that rihannas song?? uhhhh smh.. riri youll get it next time s***….

  286. Karole April 5, 2011

    ha! that big mouth b**** that was talking s*** with Cheryl about Chris fell while dancing. My sister called me screaming that fat b**** fell down.

  287. Oceanmate “FAME” I told U So! April 5, 2011

    @Bruce LOL

    @Kendra and @Billy Dayum! TeamBreezy holding it down up in here!

  288. Karole April 5, 2011

    @ingrid Okonta

    No it was Chissy that other fat white b**** that was in the back with Cheryl Burke saying that Chris should not have been on DWTS. Wendell lol I think did not dance tonight her feet are all mess up with her 15 points.

  289. imanni April 5, 2011

    @Im S&M and @Kendra
    Do you guys have the link or article that has Rosie cooment. I didnt hear about that

    On the topic: It wasnt bad. She actually did better than I expected

  290. imanni April 5, 2011

    OOOPS I meant comment lol

  291. sjourney April 5, 2011


  292. gotintoririfever18 April 5, 2011

    @X,Y,”and Z”

    u homo! ur just jealous because riri is way more successful rather than breezy! b****!

  293. gismaro April 5, 2011

    i’m actually very impressed. Rihanna did amazing, not in every note ofcourse.
    But she was really good! Really good!
    Her long notes were so beautiful.
    But the other one, has an anoying voicce.

  294. dapope9 April 5, 2011

    I Actually Liked This….

  295. imanni April 6, 2011


    Thanks =)

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