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Published: Friday 5th Dec 2008 by Sam

Brandy finally seems to be amping her promo spots ahead of the release of ‘Human’ – her hotly anticipated ‘comeback’ album. The 28 year old songstress stopped by The Today Show earlier this morning to perform her hit ‘Right Here (Departed)’. Great performance!

In other Brandy news, she is set to appear on the Tyra Banks Show next Monday. Check out a preview of her on the show talking her brother Ray J’s infamous ‘tape’ with Kim Kardashian:

LOL. ‘Research purposes’…ok Tyra.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tia December 5, 2008

    LMAO!!! tyra is a mess,she will tell yo ass the truth though…gotta love b-rocka…and i wish they would stop askin her about her darn brother,i thought tyra was supposed to be the chick that ask all the different questions lol

  2. Anonymous December 5, 2008


  3. Anonymous December 5, 2008


  4. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    Great performance, she was feeling that s*** lol.. Go Brandy, can’t wait to get the album on Tuesday.

    Btw SAM Brandy is 29

  5. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    OK LIke how do People Say this chick is ugly??? She Looks awesome sitting next tyra..ANd her performance was off the chain..i hope this time around she gets her due credit…

  6. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    You must have hit your head!

    “Right Here (Departed)” WAS not, IS not, and will most likly NEVER BE a hit single. And thats just the truth.

    LMAO, you thought it would be an internation Pop crossover success. Brandy does not have that appeal-never did. “Have You Ever,” was big because it was a ballad.

    Any who, this album is NOT, I repeat NOT going to sell well! The truth.

  7. La’Wayne December 5, 2008

    wow…what a hater dude…if ur not a fan and dont have anything positive to say then keep it to yoself…Bran is really what it is…THE BEST IN THE GAME

  8. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    Glad to hear her sang live & on point. Still don't like the song. But, wish her the best!

  9. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    She really did good not a brandy fan but im not going to hate she is a good singer

  10. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    lol @ the lone depressed f** who comes on here to hate… Brandy’s purpose has never been to “cross over”, but she did it effortlessly. And she has AFTER “never say never”..

    Anyway, that performance was THE BIZZNESS and she looks so gorgeous on Tyra!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    Live..Raw..and Amazing..

  12. Ms Keia December 5, 2008

    I love the album . . . and yes Ms NOrwood can blow

  13. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    Its seems to me that Beyonce only does these movie to be the 1st woman in history to win a grammy and a oscar.

    But Beyonce is not a actress at all, she really cant act to save her life. With J-Hud on the hills to be the very 1st woman to win the grammy and Oscar b4 Beyonce.

    J-Hud already upset Beyonce 1 time will she do it agian???

    Beyonce seems to rush at all the movies b4 any one else get to them. Beyonce name alone will draw money, but if she cant act y keep givin her roles to a movie??????

    Beyonce can sing her ass off, but the point is that every movie she has done its been about singing, if she is already a singer tell me where the hell the acting come in at????

    Singer playing a singer???
    A gay boy play a gay boy??
    A teacher playing a teacher???

    Where the hell is the acting in that??? Thats not acting at all.

    Beyonce is not a actress till she do somthing outside of her own box!!!

    J-Hud I’m rooting 4 u, J-hud u already won the oscar, now win yo Grammy so u can be the 1st girl in history, to win a Grammy and A Oscar!!!!!!

    Go J-HUD!!!!!

  14. Ms Keia December 5, 2008

    Okay . . . Anonymous 2:39 . . . the post was about Brandy . . . why the sad song about Beyonce and Jhud and acting and grammys . . . . Who cares . . . Beyonce did a very amazing thing . . . her earnings from the movie Cadillac Records was donated (in its entirety) to charity.

    Can we please stick the subject of the post . . .

  15. Anonymous December 5, 2008

    The Brandy performance was raw and on point all in one. The Tyra interview seems like the ladies enjoyed one another, Like two old friends.

  16. suga brown December 5, 2008

    Bran Bran can’t wait 4the Album

  17. Anonymous December 6, 2008


    People are really taking what I said to heart! Great, that just shows that you also believe in my opinions, otherwise you would’nuv made a big point to point it out, or call me a hater.

    I am not hating on Brandy, she was a great singer of the 90s, I do like her music, I do like “Right Here (Departed),” I just KNOW a hit single from a single that’s not.

    Me saying her album is not going to sell, as for that… Let’s just wait and see.

    The responses don’t understand that, WHAT I WROTE, was MAINLY A RESPONSE TO Sam, and what he had wrote in his description/summary.

    Get a life, if your getting mad over Brandy not being as successful as she once was!

  18. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    to the person above sayin about beyonce wanting to be the first girl to win oscar and grammy. um hello? its been done too many times before! barbara streisand? audrey hepburn? damn do your research.

  19. jiovanni December 7, 2008

    Wow, that was a great performance. I think her voice has gotten better over time. In my humble opinion, Brandy is one of the most underated R&B artists out right now. She has been consistently putting out great records. I will say, however, that this new record has to grow on me a bit which never was the case with her past records but I still have love her and her voice.

    And Tyra, that was the dumbest question you've ever asked on your show. And you've asked quite a bit of dumbass questions.

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