iTunes: Mariah Carey Soars With ‘Triumphant’

Published: Tuesday 7th Aug 2012 by David

With a career spanning over two decades, Mariah Carey‘s run – albeit at times turbulent- remains untouched by even her more promising competitors.

A run, kept alight by an ever loyal fan base and the material they just can’t seem to get enough of.

Now find out how that fan base is supporting her latest single ‘Triumphant’ on a digital front, below…

Released on iTunes earlier this morning ,‘Triumphant’ crept into the chart at a disappointing #99.

However, perhaps as more music lovers became aware of its availability, it rose by 20 spots in the space of an hour and held court at #79 – indicating it would ascend further throughout the day.

As it stands, the number resides at #55 and is set to continue on its climb to the top as fans continue to purchase the Rick Ross and Meek Mill assisted release, as documented in the Tweets below:




Get the single here!

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  1. Reece Davis August 7, 2012

    I bought my copy, i hope it continues to climb!

    • Realist : Navy-Nazi August 7, 2012

      me that two. i have pay my respect to the greats.

      • GLITTER WITH THE ‘G’ August 10, 2012


      • Hahhahaahahahah August 10, 2012

        Soars= flop!!!!!

    • Lily Gaga August 10, 2012

      this ugly has -been cant make a break… Monsters will make her flop!!!!!


      • You & Flop August 10, 2012

        yeah…please retire, grandma!!!!!!

  2. MIMI August 7, 2012


    • R I P August 10, 2012

      Queen of failed buzz single.. 🙂

  3. S****** Blonde August 7, 2012

    This song can go #1 on the bilboard hot 100 and i still don’t like the song, i’m sorry, i’m not gonna say i love the song just for a few likes.

    • ty August 7, 2012


      • S****** Blonde August 7, 2012

        Sorry i just don’t like the song, what is your problem, just because she is a legend i don’t have to kiss her ass and talent is on what you like, my friend, everybody is talented in one way or another.

    • Noel August 7, 2012

      Then why are you always stanning for Madonna. She may be a legend, but her latest album was utter garbage.

  4. That Guy In Chicago August 7, 2012

    The song will be #1. Trust.

    • MC August 7, 2012

      I love your name and avi lol

    • bLaine kelley August 8, 2012


      • MC August 8, 2012


    • Billboard Expert August 10, 2012

      yeah right…Bubbling under it seems…Good luck.

  5. LOL August 7, 2012

    I laughed when i saw “Soars”
    The song is flopping HARD

    • TIMMI August 7, 2012

      Much like your life!

      • Todd August 7, 2012

        guys,how is that a flop?it premiered 4 days ago,its realeased in itunes today,its #1 in half of asia….

    • Mariah Does Glitter Era again August 10, 2012

      thats is the joke of the year!!! mariah soars? just like saying Ciara’s album will sell 10 million copies… 😉

  6. HOTSTUFF August 7, 2012

    i hope she slays!!! but if not, i know that second single will !!! GO MC !

    • bLaine kelley August 8, 2012

      just like the 2nd singles from her last 2 albums did?

      • MC August 8, 2012

        no just like her 18 #1 singles

  7. Gigi August 7, 2012

    I love Mariah, but the song sucks. Worst song she’s ever put out.

    • BillboardWinner August 8, 2012

      you suck!

  8. Ernest August 7, 2012

    That’s great. Wish her well with this project. I still think tho they could have chosen a better first single. She sounds like a feature on her own song.

  9. MC August 7, 2012

    Congrats Mimi

  10. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) August 7, 2012

    She is #1 at Thailand, Philipines, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Venezuela itunes. At least that I know
    And yeah I don´t need anyone replying this comment saying those countries doesn´t count, the USA are the ONES that counts. I know it. I´m just saying

    Anyway, focusing too much on a new single in its first week from an act who has been in the game more than 20 years, it´s more than 40, it´s not dance pop and has been out of the “itunes map” for 3 years is not knowing this industry. To see if this single and album are a success you´ll have to wait weeks. If people like it once they hear it, if radio decides to play it, if the general feeling about the album is good, etc. You could do that with acts like Rihanna, katy, etc. Mariah (or Madonna and the rest) are not in that kind of moment. What fans and stans buy on itunes first week is irrelevant when it comes to the success or not success of the single and album. Just my point of view guys
    Love u all

    Hi! Have u heard the song a second time at all? Cos in my opinion it is truly a grower. Thing is if u don´t like hip hop then it´s obviously difficult. But hip hop is not my favorite genre either and I´m loving it. You are not expecting Mariah to do pure pop, or just ballads or funk or heavy metal at this point right? 🙂

    • S****** Blonde August 7, 2012

      I don’t expect her to do Pop, she has some good R&B/Hip Hop songs in the past but i’m not feeling this song, it’s not that i dislike her it’s just that there something missing.

    • S****** Blonde August 7, 2012

      And i love hip hop, Eminem is my fav. rapper.

  11. Your P**** Latino August 7, 2012

    once you flop, you can’t stop

    • Famekso August 7, 2012

      hahaha lol

    • BillboardWinner August 8, 2012

      you know how it feels right? 😉

  12. Sean August 7, 2012

    MY GIRL!

  13. Alex T August 7, 2012

    Being at #55 more than 12 hours after being released is not “soaring”. Most singles from big artists, like Pink, hit at least the top 20 after a few hours. Triumphant is #flopping.

    • mimi2 August 7, 2012

      But what other 42 year old woman in the music biz, do you know that climbs up iTunes that fast?

    • Benron (In Rihanna’s panties) August 7, 2012

      *Most debut singles

  14. Letruth August 7, 2012

    Of course they wouldn’t post the people saying they weren’t buying it & that the song sucks! biased ishh

  15. FAF August 7, 2012

    I wish rick ross wasn’t on the track #ijs
    Mimi should’ve had atleast an ENTIRE VERSE !

  16. FanOfMusic August 7, 2012

    Mariah’s single was not available to download for ALOT of people until about 20 minutes ago. It keep giving people error messages. Mariah just tweeted about it and said “my new single is FINALLY on itunes”. Anyway it’s top 50 now.

    Mariah is a legend, she doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody. She has enough hits and money to last her many lifetimes.

  17. NT August 7, 2012

    The Billboards real singles Queen , lessors watch how it’s done.

  18. mc the place to be!! August 7, 2012

    Oh man please the single was just released even though I like pink come back to me when she’s number one in Asia and south America!! Just cuz y’all want mariah to belt on every song she does doesn’t mean we all do!! If you don’t like the song fine don’t leave your two cents on something you don’t care 4 just leave us lambs to do the work on making this song a hit and don’t come back and try to hop on the bandwagon when’s she’s successful in the words of Will Smith “if you wasn’t present during my fall/struggle don’t expect to be present during my success.”

  19. soulmusiclover August 7, 2012

    i love you mariah!

  20. ty August 7, 2012


  21. Jer August 7, 2012

    Sorry Mimi but im gonna have to go in. So let me get this straight. Mariah doesnt want to appeal to mainstream and wants her R&B songs to NOT have to crossover. Yet she is tweeting for people to buy her song and recorded multiple dance versions of the song? B**** please.

    Truth be told nobody is checking for another TIRED Jermaine Dupri and Mariah track in 2012 and she knows its gonna flop. So shes pullin this cop out ahit “ohhhhh my mediocre song doesnt need to smash, its just inspirational for the R&B fans btw go buy it on itunes” 😐 Mariah you are not as slick as you think you are.

    Im tired of this cop out b*******. Today everytime a song flops or a song gets bad callout scores or doesnt do well on iTunes “noo noo that wasnt a single IT DOESNT COUNT” or “no i filmed all those videos for my singles because i wantes the album to flop because its a personal album” CHILLE pleaze.

    • soulmusiclover August 7, 2012

      you know what? go f*** yourself!!! you are disrespecting one of the few real artists left!! this song is wack i have to admit , but i’m sure she will have better songs on the upcoming album!! she s one of the few artists whose lyrics have true meanings, plus her voice is outstanding!!! she s a legend whether you like it or not! she belongs with the greats: whitney, aretha….

    • Triumphant August 7, 2012

      u can screw urself this is about MARIAH she gonna slayy with this song and YOU be better eat your own d*** or your c*** you W****!!!

      • JER August 8, 2012

        GO MARIAH SLAY THAT #42 position on iTunes!!!!

    • bLaine kelley August 8, 2012

      co-sign =)

  22. Bey Fan August 7, 2012

    glad its climbing. Just not too happy with the single. Maybe its because Im tired of Rick Ross and Meek Mills…..

    I know she has some smash hits on the album, so I cant to hear the rest on the songs.

  23. MusicBoyKameron August 7, 2012

    Maybe I’ll like this song more once I hear it a few more times. Based on my feelings now, I don’t really care for it. The lyrics are amazing but the music on all mixes that I’ve heard of the song aren’t that great too me. Nobody is hating on Mariah just because they don’t like this one particular song by her.

  24. Galuda August 7, 2012

    The SHADE on this site. About “Soars” LMFAO

    • Triumphant August 7, 2012

      Did u mean your Queen GAGA Who wear MEAT to gain popularity on chart?? sorry my girl mariah is the ony talent we had left no ither is even CLOSED!! GET IT!!!!! and OOPPPSSSSTTT she had 9 #1 in other countries and US is climbing up the chart! GET IT??

  25. Adrian August 7, 2012

    Butterflies are soaring all over today! It’s Mariah’s time 🙂

  26. mc the place to be!! August 7, 2012

    Its #48 now these haters will just deal that’s all I have to say.

    • MC August 7, 2012

      its at #46

      • MC the place to be!! August 7, 2012

        its at 41 now!!:)

  27. Adrian August 7, 2012

    MC is the best! We all need to support her like we have the last 20+ years! Triumphant will reach #1 in no time!

  28. TeamBreezy August 7, 2012

    What is this a Support group?

    • MC August 7, 2012

      N boo boo this is the wrong forum. I think the one you are looking for is the one with Chris Brown…….

      • Triumphant August 7, 2012

        Trueness go n f*** chris brown!!!! this si about MAriah!

    • bLaine kelley August 8, 2012

      LoL, “support group?”

      YESSS, they’re all coming together to make up excuses N comfort eachother about the non impact that the song is making.

      • MC August 8, 2012

        I see you commenting on everyone’s post. What are really desperate for attention and comfort? Maybe you should go find your boss. You don’t have to like Mimi, but b**** know you also don’t have to comment on her post.

  29. N**** What N**** Who August 7, 2012

    The song s wack, which is why its charting poorly. I can’t believe she chose this song as a lead single…such a shame.

    • MC the place to be!! August 7, 2012

      yea someone dont know how to subtract i guess 50 to 42 is falling but okay in your terms its flopping and i guess #1 in Malaysia Philippines hong kong and Nicaragua is flopping in your terms…

      • Triumphant August 7, 2012

        Not to forget Singapore 2 days in the row now ooppst Taiwan, Thailand Costa Rica, Venezuela nake a few #1 now hmmm is that a flopped??? ooopssst..

        for the record she had #1 in 9 countries oooppssstt!!!

  30. Triumphant August 7, 2012

    Its # 43 now in US!! it keep on climbing without any promo…and for the record Triumphant had f****** 8 #1 all over the countrys and keep on counting and it not a FLOPPED as what u wanna claimed!!!
    she is a QUEEN OF DIGITAL CHART TOPPING and always been!!!


    • B. Hill August 8, 2012

      “Without ahy promo,” my ass. This song is plastered all over her website and other social networking accounts and has been previewed at every music blog. Stans KILL me when they try and claim something is doing well with “no promo.” Lies. There’s no such thing as “no promo.” Hush.

      • MC August 8, 2012

        Really internet promo? Whoever got anywhere with that? Proper promo would be going on talk shows, performing the song live, going to GMA etc etc etc…

  31. Shaquiniqua-rose August 7, 2012

    And make em all fall down…That’s right Mimi!!!!

  32. Rob August 7, 2012

    Yasssssss! MC!

  33. Anne August 7, 2012

    Good for her-her fans are showing support. We’ll see how far that takes it. I think she’s gonna need a lot of airplay to make this grow on non fans. I appreciate Mariah and the great work she created in the past with her gift but I don’t appreciate this song. Waiting to hear something better from the album.

  34. mc the place to be!! August 8, 2012

    If ppl are buying this single without promo I wonder how its gonna be once her album drops that’ll be lamb stampede!! Mariah ain’t worried about these haters she’s sitting at home with nick and taking care of dem babies while her lambs slay iTunes 😀

  35. Malinda August 8, 2012

    Thanks for featuring my tweet! Lol I had to go off at iTunes -__-

    Triumphant is a smash! x

    • MariahSLAYS!!! August 9, 2012

      yasss!! hot tamale

  36. Gr3g August 8, 2012

    Not bad but I still think that the Pulse Remix of this song should have been the official version. Meek was cool but adding Rick to the song was overkill.

  37. MRDIVABITCH August 8, 2012

    As a lamb, I can admit that the song is TRASH!
    I really like the dance remixes though, was gonna buy them on iTunes, but they were not available to purchase, so I had to download them illegally instead. And that’s how you create a flop = release a wack song + don’t make the good stuff available for purchase or legal download.

  38. JER August 8, 2012

    Just saw this sitting DOWN at #46 on iTunes. i can’t. LMFAO

    • LiCari August 8, 2012

      Check again 🙂

      #21 baby!

  39. LOL August 8, 2012

    #51. #FLOP

  40. MariahSLAYS!!! August 9, 2012

    To say this song was not at all promoted and it is sitting at #53 on iTunes in the US and hit #1 in other countries is damn good. Whether you hate the song!! It is doing damn good considering it’s little to no promotion. Mariah’s fan base can’t be fawked with!!! #Triumphant !!

  41. I Stan 4 Instagram Celebrities August 9, 2012

    iTunes is nice but the Hot 100 is where it’s at.

  42. mido August 10, 2012

    FLOP OF THE DECADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. mido August 10, 2012

    #70 on itunes

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