New Song: Se7en – ‘Them Girls (ft. Lil’ Kim)’

Published: Saturday 6th Dec 2008 by Sam

Many of you will not have heard of Se7en, hell I hadn’t until a few moments ago LOL. The 24 year old old Korean star is set to launch an assault on the US charts with the Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins produced ‘Them Girls’, which features Lil’ Kim.

I was pleasantly surprised when hearing this; the beat goes hard and Se7en does his thing on the track that is unashamedly targeted at the US audience. It’ll be interesting to see how this project pans out…

The RAGE directed video for ‘Them Girls’ is set to be shot in Los Angeles on December 8th, and will feature cameos by Darkchild and Lil’ Kim.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    ha ha is he da producer from making da band dat worked with donnie klang’s “album” lmao

  2. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    Can’t wait for the video, sure kimmie go make it Hott!!

    Queen Bee!

  3. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    he’s good…
    let’s see what the results are…

  4. Someone December 6, 2008

    @Anonymous 1: No, he’s a Korean singer.

  5. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    se7en!!! pretty big in korea.
    cant wait for lil kim thoughhhh, i miss her!

  6. SparkD December 6, 2008

    Kinda cute. I’m surprised I liked it.

  7. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    i want this song ! m** anyone?

  8. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    LOL! Se7en is smart.. he’s been for like 2 years announcing US Debut plans.. and when BoA starts doing her thing, he comes.. –“
    He’s really good! nice voice and dancing..
    the song is goooood too! i hope he succeeds! \õ/
    It’s great the 2 of the biggest korean stars r debuting at the same time..

    Check out BoA’s Eat You Up!! IT’S HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!

  9. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    ^ Se7en and his management has been WORKING for 2 years on his debut.. There is no need for comparison.

  10. Randy December 6, 2008

    It’s alright. Maybe the cut down on the auto-tune. Looking forward to the video.

  11. Jackie December 6, 2008

    why is he trying to steal boa's thunder?
    i had no idea he was launching a us career at this time.
    what a scumbag!
    lol kidding, i wish both of them luck, but boa please get on top! haha

  12. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    I love SE7EN! One of my favorite singers. He’s the only one I’m looking forward to debut over here in the U.S.

  13. Corey December 6, 2008

    I like it never heard of them Nice homage to Jay Z, uhm whats its good club banga and nice. Good job Lil Kim sounds good

  14. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    mediocre at best

  15. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    He worked with Amerie last year, hope they have a track together on the album. Can’t wait til she comes back.

  16. Anonymous December 6, 2008

    wouldn’t expect something like this from an Asian, I’ll b looking out for him

  17. Jordan December 6, 2008

    I’m really, hapily surprised. It’s nice an’ smooth, and Kim is actually a nice touch. Nothing amazing, but its good. I hope he finds sucess in the west.

  18. mq1986 December 7, 2008

    Se7en is definitely up and rising; if he plays his cards right, he may be one of the first Asians to achieve major success in the West.

    This song is okay–not bad. But I like his Korean stuff more.

  19. Anonymous December 7, 2008

    7 Aurelius/7 is the producer who worked with Donnie from Making The Band and he is most known for his work with Ashanti("Don't Leave Me Alone," "The Declaration"[song]) & Ja Rule (Murder INC. artists)…

    This Se7en is the one who Amerie was more recently working with. It's funny because when I heard she was working with 'Se7en' I automatically assumed it was a girl….LOL

    And who the hell is Boa????
    I know 1 thing and it's that I've heard of Se7en way before Boa(just now heard of him/her)….


  20. Anonymous December 7, 2008

    Also you can't forget that (mixed) Asians have already been in the Top 10 of The Billboard Hot 100…

    Cassie, who's Filipino (and African American-I believe), in 2006 with "Me & U," which reached number 3.

    Amerie, who's (African American and) Korean with 2005's "1 Thing," reached number 8.

    I must agree I do miss Amerie, and hope her the best with her comeback!


  21. Anonymous December 7, 2008

    yes mixed asians have achieved success but it would be cool if a full asian did. and i agree Mq1986, his Korean stuff is better. I heard he may release Lalala as an english single. that would be great.

  22. SP December 7, 2008

    Can’t wait to see a video. Kim’s part was : \ at best.

  23. aslinn December 7, 2008

    Se7en has the voice, the moves and the presence to succeed here. Even though I don’t understand a word, I have 2 of his albums (the Japanese and a Korean) both great. I’ve been anticipating his American album and while “Them Girls” is good, I prefer his previous work (I know, Passion, Lalala, I’ll do Well etc.) Should release those and others in English.

  24. Anonymous December 7, 2008

    who is BoA? the most influencial asian artist nowadays..

    she was the first korean ever to succeed in the japanese industry.. and will be the first asian to succeed in the US.

    don’t get me wrong, but Se7en in nothing compared to her in Asia.. lol

  25. Anonymous December 7, 2008

    ^ Why are you bringing her up? You seem like one of those fans who have some kind of superiority complex.

    Not cool.

  26. Roo December 7, 2008

    It’s okay. I hope we can hear a studio version of Money Can’t Buy Me Love! Probably his next single..

  27. Anonymous December 7, 2008

    Wow, no way he’ll get anywhere with that accent.

  28. BC December 8, 2008

    What? Did I listen to the wrong song or something? Is there a legion of stans on this blog? I’m just curious because I had to turn the song off. I couldn’t even make it through the entire thing before A) I forgot I was listening to it and then once I remembered I was listening to a song B) I was annoyed. Cliche after cliche. Lazy writing. BUT maybe he’s got other songs that are hot. I’ll Google him, but as of right now, he’s not going to go anywhere on the US charts with this song.

  29. Anonymous December 8, 2008

    ^ lol did you misread other people’s saying his other songs are better? And there are people who like the song aren’t all stans either. Reality check, please.

    I think Darkchild could have made a better song. I also don’t know why American lyricists think that poorly written lyrics are great :\

    Money Can’t Buy Me Love (produced by Teddy from 1TYM) should have been his debut single:

  30. Anonymous December 9, 2008

    He’s got the voice (that’s not to be argued about), he’s got the moves (s*** and full of energy), he’s got the looks (he’s just drop-dead gorgeous) and he doesn’t ever lip sync. Having said that, Se7en will have to succeed in-spite of “lil kim’ and a mediocre song. Can anyone say sabotage.

    There’s no comparison to his previous exceptional work. Check out I Know, Passion, Lala, Crazy, I’ll Do Well, etc. I’ll still buy and support his album here.

  31. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    I really like this joint. Kim is coming back strong and different

  32. Anonymous December 10, 2008

    nice finally a mv,I have been waiting for ever ! ah stop comparing boa with se7en, se7en is doing his own thing, of course I want both of them to succeed, but im rooting for se7en more ^^ and the colab with lil kim wasn’t such a bad idea she brought a lil something to the song nice!cant wait till the album drops and like he said in his song you can google him if you dont know who he is

  33. gckun07 December 10, 2008

    yeah… i love money cant buy me love more and more than this song….
    hope will become another single for his album

  34. Anonymous December 11, 2008

    not bad

  35. Anonymous December 12, 2008

    Lil Kim ruins this song. Her english is harder to understand than his.

    Anyway, I hope Se7en is successful. It would be a shame if his talent was only recognized in Asia.

  36. Anonymous December 17, 2008

    song is tight, wish lyrics in chorus woulda been a lil more original. Lil Kim’s hot in it. and yeh se7en over rain anyday alright? koo glad everyone agrees. hahahhha

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