Lady GaGa Hits #1

Published: Thursday 8th Jan 2009 by Sam
Lady GaGa Hits #1 It’s been a long and slow ascend to the top for newcomer Lady GaGa’s debut single ‘Just Dance’, (indeed the song was officially released last May). This week, however, the song finally clenched the coveted #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, jumping #2-#1 knocking off Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ in the process. What’s more, mid-week sales show the song to be on course to land the top spot here in the UK this week as well. {Source}
I’m real glad to see this young talent finally garnering the recognition she deserves. It kinda has me hopeful about the future of the industry; as in the face of the samey uniformity of many of the artists/acts that populate the music scene, a genuinely unique talent can emerge and be successful.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    good for her. glad to see someone knocked that heffa out of that number 1 spot. and i’m hopeful too sam about how the industry is going and what’s in store. 09 will be a big year for new and artist that haven’t been on the seen for a minute.

  2. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    young talent? hahahha
    have u ever seen her live? talent? ahaha
    she sucks and she is ugly too

  3. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    Wow! I’m glad to hear it! That’s fantastic! And yeah, she’s very very talented and BEAUTIFUL ! ! ! 🙂

  4. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    why don’t you ever post aboiut whats number one on the u.k charts youre too focussed on america

  5. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    LMAO shes a unique fresh talent?? LOL
    She does dance thats what RIhanna has been doing since S.O.S. and then with DOnt Stop the music and DIsturbia.
    Sorry Sam but she aint diffrent at all.
    And talent aint that hot…i ahvent seen her dance and vocally she no whtiney.

  6. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    i love her song poker face hopes that makes no.1 an yes she an bee could compete for no.1 i don’t mind at least it’s real talent on top of the charts.
    rih rih better stop feelin herself cuz lady gaga doing some big things now

  7. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    Lady GaGa is well different from rihanna how can you even compare the two.
    listen to their albums & u'll see a clear difference.
    go lady gaga that glam rock hottie 😉

  8. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    one hit wonder

  9. Richard January 8, 2009

    Some of the posters need to get a grip.. one hit wonder you say? Two numbers ones in Canda and Aus, numba 1 in uk and USA, number 1 in new zealand, pokerface hits is hittin up everywere. Poker face her second number 1 in aus has been number 1 for 7 weeks. yher albums crazy and sucessful, she’s touring with big names like herself.

    Another says she cant sing? go on cherry tree record and listen to her live accoustic sessions…

    i cud go on. tards

  10. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    you know some of the posts up above, want to go get a grip and a life at that, just sad if all you can hope and talk about is beyonce, i like her but come on, when a new talent emerges your hot on their back to knock em down and talk trash about them, which aynt effin true. pisses me right off, you either like it or you f*** offthis post. stop comparin and stop goddam hatin. everytime, its beyonce beyonce bey-on-ceee, there are more artists in the industry other than her goddddd!!!

  11. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    she’s beautiful, she has such a great voice, she can actually sing, her fashion sense is odd but she is still unique
    i love that song and her other sings
    she can sing better than beyonce but i know everyone is going to disagree
    but i still like lady gaga
    she remains herself no matter what and she always try to remain herself
    one thing i can say about akon’s record label is that he allows people to be themselves
    for once true talent wins over selling sexuality or commercialize cookie cutter wanna be singers

  12. yay January 8, 2009

    Yes! I love that song.

  13. UGH January 8, 2009

    Great for her….


    It’s your typical POP song…

    but then the author of this site is always hatin on Miss Mariah…when she at least writes her own damn songs and can SANG!

  14. Santiago January 8, 2009

    Look up the lyrics while you listen… the lyrics are not typical nor is she. GaGa is pop but she has a very unique writing style. Quirky, clever and sexed up to that max!

  15. Juztoon January 8, 2009

    Mariag could sang…i wouldnt say she still can. New version of Hero = Fail!!

    Love gaga, Pokerface was bigger then just dance here in New Zealand where its still sitting at number 1 after a continuous two months…people love that joint!!

  16. ..:: J ::.. January 8, 2009

    that took way too long. the song was realised in may??? 8months for it to go #1 and it was and still is on tv non stop.

  17. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    LMAOOO she cud sing better then beyonce???? I almost has a heart attack reading that. Lady Gaga is a worse singer then britney spears and rihanna. Her songs are good but she has no real talet. It's all manufactured. Her looks, her style, everything is made from A&R's. Have u heard the girl sing live? Its almost horrifing. No matter how many lace-fronts and ideas she takes from others; the one thing that no one can argue is that beyonce can actually sing and is an amazing performer. She works hard. Whoever disagrees is just ignorant. This will be lady gagas only hit in the US. Her 15 Minutes will be over soon. P.S. – FYI, just dance is one of my favorite songs of the moment. Im not knocking that, im happy its #1. But she has no talet and I stand behind that.

  18. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    whyy the f*** does beyonce have to be bought up in EVERY GODDAM POST. does my f***** head in, no one is saying she is an amaazzzing singer n performer, its like beyonce has to be f***** every where. gets on my nerves man, leave new talent a lone, and that is aimed at the above posttt ^^ !

  19. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    I like lady gaga and I’m a huge beyonce fan….@ 4:41 the reason beyonce is brought up so much is because she is the artist to beat…she is number 1 no matter how many ppl hate on her she is a beast and the best so to be the best you got to beat the best thats why…and im glad gaga is number 1 and doing her thing no matter how long it took she got there and sum ppl neva reach number 1 and as for her singing gaga can blow not better than bey but she can hang wit her i bet….1

  20. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    origdjeh1 on youtube. D O N ‘ T G I V E U P ! You are loved!

  21. fernie January 8, 2009

    You know what I love beyonce more than Lage Gaga. Lady Gaga has the voice but she just doesn’t show it off like Beyonce does all the time.
    You people say she sucks live look at beyonce’s live performances when she first came out with destiny’s child she was horrible and Ms. Gaga as an upcoming artist is doing good live and puts on a great show yes waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Rihanna.
    Just let her be in the industry a little longer and she willl show who she really is.
    by the way she looks ugly with that damn blonde wig of hers she should go brown/black again

  22. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    Mariah Can still SANG, best believe it.

    Just watch 😉

  23. number1k9 January 8, 2009

    I must say it's great to see an new act, take out Beyonce and earn the number 1 spot on themost credible US chart: Hot 100.

    So to and for that, props to, "GaGa…" from "Konvict…" music! The song is catchy as hell, but I do not like the break down section, where she's saying how hynotic… or whatever-that could have been left off the final cut of the track.

    Sadly I don't think that "Just Dance" wil lchart for multiple weeks. She does seem like a unique talent, so maybe she will break out- rather becoming a 1-hit-wonder!
    >Check it out!

  24. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    for all you people who think she can’t sing, have you actually seen her live? I just went to the cherrytree website and saw her sing and now i like her even more. I first saw her perform on some show and she sounded good. She sounds damn near verbatum from the album, just like Beyonce. So all you people talking about how Beyonce is talented and Gaga isn’t, SHUT UP and do your homework. watch her performances. Shes turning in consistent performances just like Beyonce. She deserves #1. especially if it took this long to get there.

  25. number1k9 January 9, 2009

    It is crazy that “Just Dance” was released in April of 2008, and it reached number 1 in January of 2009…

  26. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    ^I don’t think it’s that crazy. I had never heard of Lady Gaga and I bet a lot of people hadn’t before this song started to catch on. Sometimes it takes a while to pick up steam. The song is very deserving of #1 and I truly believe she’s a unique talent. After hearing her live vocals and other tracks from her cd, I think I will be purchasing The Fame.

  27. number1k9 January 9, 2009

    ^ Well see the thing is I saw her name and the title of her song “Just Dance” during the summer of 08 but I never bother to listen to the song.

    I understand that it only started to pick up in 4th quarter of 2008, but many songs don’t get “a 2nd chance like that.” If you get what I mean.

    Hope your purchase, of ‘The Fame,’ is well worth it!

  28. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    I am so thankful that someone anyone knocked that circus, elementary, kiddie pop disator call a sung from the fake Beyonce stealing people styles (RIRI) off the number one spot. The song and the album is garbage!! Some people will by anything!!

  29. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    Whoever is saying that Lady Gaga has no talent and can’t sing is a f*cking R*****. Listen to her album before you start making false accusations dumb a**. Also, this lady can sing her a** off while performing live too. Lady Gaga keep workin’ it girl! I am so happy for her.

  30. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    How come because beyonce got kicked out of the No. 1 spot by Lady Gaga some idiot still finds room to bring up Rihanna??? Sit the f*ck down somewhere with dat sh*t. This is not about Rihanna, the discussion is about Lady Gaga. Get off her nuts biyatch!! lol

  31. Fernie January 9, 2009

    ^^^ are you talking to me you dumb b****
    fuckn skonka

  32. Sasha’s Love Chile! January 11, 2009

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! GaGa’s album is the HOTNESS!

  33. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    Only people that matters is Beyonce Ciara Britney and Rihanna!

  34. Anonymous January 12, 2009


    (origdjeh1 on youtube) DON’T GIVE UP!


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