Aubrey Speaks On Her Future With Making The Band

Published: Thursday 8th Jan 2009 by Sam
Aubrey Talks Her Future With Making The Band recently caught up with Aubrey O’Day, who spoke on a number of things including her future with the entities that made her a known name – Danity Kane and Making The Band:

In October, Diddy very publicly kicked Aubrey O’Day out of Danity Kane during the season finale of “Making the Band.” It had many fans wondering if O’Day would be back for another season of the show — but for now, O’Day says she doesn’t see it in the cards.

“You never know if I’ll be involved in the new season, but as of now, no,” she told MTV News. “I’d really like to just move past ‘Making the Band’ and start making my own career. But you never know.”

While she’s continued to make headlines with talk about her sexuality and rumors of a Playboy pictorial, her musical plans for the new year are more vague, so making a cameo on the show that made her a star may not be completely out of the question. “I have love and respect for the entire situation and if I should need to go back and give a little love and respect to ‘Making the Band,’ then so be it,” she said.

O’Day admitted that she misses her former bandmates.

“I’m sad,” she said. “I think that Danity Kane is an amazing group and I think that we made amazing music. We had great albums.”

She added that things that might not have made it into the show or into headlines made it difficult for the group to go on as it was. “There’s always tons that goes on behind the scenes and that’s usually the part that matters most.

“There’s not much you can do about that situation,” she added. “Puff needed to do what’s best for him, and so now it’s my time to do what’s best for me.”

As much as I like Aubrey, I can’t help but be a little sceptical about her future. A lot of what she’s been making headlines for saying and doing, don’t necessarily fit the mould of one looking to be a big (respected) solo star – something she has expressed her want to become.

Anyway, I guess more light will be shed on what’s next for O’ Day, as she is set to make a special announcement on MTV News on January 14th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Wunsch January 8, 2009

    Daddy is such a dumb person… How could he took one of the best girl of the group out of it? I still can’t believe…

    Love ya Aubrey

  2. Soufian January 8, 2009

    i still feel so sad about the situation, i would have bought any album they put out but diddy ruined it.

    If aubrey releases an album i will buy it solely to f*** with diddy’s head

  3. !watevaisayistrue! January 8, 2009

    w**** next ! ! ! !

    she was known yeah but going out as the s*** who cant sing…..not a good look ! ! !

    And for the nay sayers….Ummmm I recall DC3 Cough Cough…Those above me are dummies ! ! ! !

  4. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    The whole situation is sad, no lies. DK is the only girl group, or group PERIOD to do anything significant in past years besides Destiny’s Child. Diddy oughta be ashamed of himself. But then again girl groups are pretty much cursed since the Supremes and before. If they can’t get along, or if one tries to be too much it falls apart.

    I don’t know how i feel about DK getting back together one way or the other. it might be best for THEM to let it go.

  5. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    hot w****
    she could be p*** actress

  6. Santiago January 8, 2009

    Even if the group mended everything and got bak 2gether idk if all the fans wud be bak.

    Alotta people that loved DK feel f***** over so…

    but i think if they can top their last album that all the fans wud b back.

    PS. I L0o0o0o0ve Me some crazy ass Aubrey!But it is realllllllllyyyyyy hard to translate a group member into solo success… not to mention so many people wanna hate on her.

  7. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    Well I won’t buy another DK album I thought there last one wasn’t all that but I think Shannon, Aundrea and especially Dawn are a bunch of traitors to Aubrey and D Woods, they were suppose to be a group like sisters but Dawn is all about her solo career which won’t do well I didn’t really like her voice and she’s gotten a big head and thinks she’s all that like Nicole from PCD and we all saw what happened to her solo career,

    I didn’t really like Aubrey but hey she and D Woods where Danity Kane in my opinion and it seems they don’t even speak to her remember Dawn said she agreed with Diddy’s position about Aubrey’s image who the fu*k is she? see big headed she’ll flop and so will Danity Kane becuase Aubrey and D Woods had fans and they including me have bounced from DK

  8. Danity Kane Fan January 8, 2009

    F*** all of them except Shannon. She was the only one who was genuine to the group. They all had their own moments of thinking about leaving the group except her. Remember, Aundrea also had thougts of leaving as they said on the show although she did stick around. I’m sorry, I love Danity Kane, but the whole situation pisses me off. Don’t blame it all on Diddy although it is mostly his fault. they all had faults except Shannon, and no I am not showing favortism, I’m just being real and judging based on what I’ve seen.

  9. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    origdjeh1 on youtube. D O N ‘ T G I V E U P ! You are loved!

  10. WATEVERISAYISTRUE January 8, 2009


  11. Anonymous January 8, 2009

    The girls still have a chance to be successful, but i really wonder what this MTV announcment thing is all about. I don’t understand why some of you are dogging on Dawn.. She doesn’t have a big head b****, and on top of that she was one of the more talented ones. In fact popularity wise D woods, Dawn, and Aubrey were the most popular.. but i still feel like they have a chance. HAters fall back on Dawn!

  12. number1k9 January 9, 2009

    Um, Dawn has gotten big headed whether you want to believe it or not. Did you not hear how she was talking to Diddy in front of all the other girls, liek she owned them. She wasn't getting at Diddy, but her tone came off like, I'm the Queen b****, follow me, and I know exactly 100% what I'm talking about. And thats why her solo debut, 'Been A While' didn't hit back in 2005 or when ever the hell it came out.

    I agree as well I do not see Dawn selling crazy and becoming a huge solo R&B act too. She just to me doesn't have that 'it' factor! SORRY!

    I was def .a DK fan and liekd them 2g as a group. I do not know where all the drama came from but it is like this in ALL girl groups, it's almost like name one whose lasted over 5 years without without drama or a line up change, or disbanding.

    ….if Diddy asked Adrienne Bailon of the Cheetah Girls/3LW to join DK since she is 25 and thats the age avg. age the DK members are.

    Anywho to me I think if D. Woods isn't lying about her stance with MTB and DK, she's in the right! How dumb would it make you look to REjoin something you got fired from, ON NATIONAL TV (LOL Heidi Montag & Bolthouse on The Hills). That is not cool Diddy, even if it was a set up and just to boost sales.

    The whole situation is sad, I personally think if DK reunited they could create great music, but it just never will be the same after Diddy made the decision to kick out two members.

    Yes… DC3 did work out after two line up changes, but then you have groups like 3LW who have 1 line up change and end up not releasing an album with the new member, just a single("Feelin' You" Summer 2006)…BS!

    >COME check it out!

  13. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    oh my godness! she looks ugly, dumb ass b****

  14. Anonymous January 9, 2009

    Dawn was the only one who stepped up and told Diddy how their relationship was. She was not big headed in that since, she is about working to make music and simply does that. She does have a chance IMO because overall she is the most talented one. Her image is the only thing that may be a lil difficult, but if she doesn’t have a chance to yall, then i can’t imagine any of the other ones having a chance as well. I agree with the D woods thing actually from the last poster.. but IMHO people are picking on Dawn a little too much.

  15. Anonymous January 9, 2009


    origdjeh1 on youtube. DON”T GIVE UP!


  16. Anonymous January 10, 2009

    Next thing ya know she’ll be rollin with Miss.Hilton and Li’lo..gettin pissed and slutty as hell in some clubs….
    O good lord.

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