That Grape Juice To Interview Dawn Richard

Published: Monday 26th Jan 2009 by Sam
That Grape Juice To Interview Dawn Richard
That Grape Juice are pleased to inform you that we will be interviewing Danity Kane’s Dawn Richard during the latter part of this week. Richard is set to star in the forthcoming new season of Making The Band 4 along with fellow Bad Boy artists Day26 and Donnie Klang. 
With the dramatic events which saw the ousting of original members D. Woods and Aubrey O’Day last year and the uncertainty surrounding the group moving forward, we’re sure many of you will be eager to present questions to Dawn. As I’m sure longtime visitors will know, we here at That Grape Juice do not shy away from asking the questions you really want answers to. Therefore, please drop any questions you have for Dawn in the ‘comments’ section below. Remember only genuine questions will be considered. Thanks guys 😉

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  1. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    ahhh this is sooo cool..
    so…here’s ky questions..omg i wish iwas doing this interview i have a million of them

    so obviosuly WTH is going on lol..where DK (well drea and dawn by the looks of it) is and are going

    ann WTH happened try and get some info on what went on between drea and aubrey and if that was the root cause of the break up

    is she still speaks to anyone from the group (like aubrey, D and shannon)

    when things started to go down hill..

    lol so basically alot of stuff
    (p.s tell her to tell drea that i love her!)

  2. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    Okay.. here's my question:

    Dawn, as you may've heard there were some roumours about ur relationship with Q beeing a cover up to the fact that Q is gay/homosexual. How do you feel about these acusations?

    *Media take out had a roumour out before the official band was made. They said that Q was on the "DL" & that diddy din't want him in the band because he was gay. So Q said that he could cover it all up and when the boys were send back home he broke up with his boyfriend saying he wasn't into all that gay stuff anymore…

    [iknow my english ain't perfect(A)]

  3. Soufian January 26, 2009

    wow i’ve never heard of this up here^ it looks extremely far fetched though

    Wow i’m so happy you’re doing an interview with her, she’s one of my 5 favorites lol .. i cant pick one.

    Ask her: If you could go back to change something, what would you change so that DK could continue to make music together.

    In your own words ofc but what would she have changed .. ANYTHING

  4. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    u were/are the most talented member imo do you see yourself goin solo in the future

  5. nishea January 26, 2009

    how long do you think its gna b till we get your solo album now that there is no DK

  6. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    What do you see in Q?

    He’s so lame and unattractive and it was so gay the way he was all in the ‘he said, she said’ on the reunion show. I was like wtf, is he seriously acting like a little girl like this on tv? Anyway, they didn’t need Aubrey, she’s super fugly.

  7. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    Anyway, if you had total control what would be the outcome of the group?

    Also, did d. woods and you have a problem with each other?

    Do you feel like there is a possibility for you guys to ever get back together?

    If you had the power what would you do about this situation?

    SAM what happened to the D woods interview? you have a tendency to say things like “review up in a bit” which just never happens, and what happened to that interview. Sorry but that isn’t right, stop promising things that you won’t do, you need a team or some other people to help you out with the blog i see

  8. Ms Keia January 26, 2009

    Ask her if the rumors are true in regards to Sean John Combs . . . I hear that he charges his artist when he appears on their songs and in their videos, as well as for the use of his cars and other possessions that he suggest they use?

  9. Manuel January 26, 2009

    YAY!! Another interview that will never happen!!!! ::is still waiting for D-Woods interview::

  10. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    My questions are blunt:

    1. When is the third DK album coming out, because clearly this ish is a publicity stunt and yall h*** are gettin back together at the end of the new season? Duh!

    2. When is DK contract up with Miss Diddy and her Bad Girl Label because yall are being scammed.

    3. What record label do you feel will better promote you ladies because yall have talent no doubt about it. (Side Note I’ve seen you ladies live at Gay Pride in Atlanta minus Miss O’Day, loved loved loved it)

    4. Do you feel you ladies were shut out from the 2009 Grammy noms, because Welcome to the Dollhouse was a masterpiece ( Should have received noms for Best Pop Album, Group or Duo w/vocals, Single and Song for Damaged etc.)

  11. Anonymous January 26, 2009


  12. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    Ask her if she feels the fans will still check for Danity Kane after D. Woods and Aubrey? (I personally won’t)

    Also ask her doesn’t she feel any loyalty to the ex members, and what she was thinking when she said she agreed with diddy?

    Also ask her if she planned the whole thing after she started the rumour about them leaving before the Welcome to the Dollhouse album on myspace?

  13. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    This is my only question…where the hell is Shannon?!?

    No wait there’s more:

    1. Dawn, how did u deal with D. Woods and Aubrey departing from the band? How much did it impact you?

    2. The songs on your myspace (which are amazing by the way) are they for you to keep or are you hoping other artist comes and swipe them up?

  14. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    Hey Dawn. I have a few questions.

    1) What is your ultimate goal, whether DK(3) is together or not? I know you have great writing skills, so has writing & starting a production company ever been part of your goal besides singing/performing?

    2) Although, all the MTB viewers have seen you and Que's love blossom on television, can you explain to us what it's like to be in love with such a great [and cute] man (Who obviously isn't gay! That question above is so disrespectful!!!)?

    3)Most [loyal] fans do believe that all of the members, including you, had a hand in the demise of DK, but how does it feel when certain people make it seem like it was 100% your fault? And what would you say to them?

    4) What would you say to Aubrey and D.Woods right now, if given the chance?

    5) A lot of people have followed Diddy's career and track record. It's no surprise that most of his artists, especilly solo ones, aren't as successful as they should be. What would be your terms & conditions to him, if he was to give you a solo deal [if he hasn't already]?

    stylishjoy (of DRO)

  15. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    1) A lot of fans of Danity Kane believe it was not Diddy’s decision to split up the group. Danity Kane consists of 5 parts: you, shannon, aubrey, aundrea, and d.woods. If Diddy threatened the group’s existence, why didn’t you ladies just leave together and find another label to work on?????

    2) Danity Kane has had two #1 albums, but only two top ten singles. It seems like Bad Boy Records doesn’t know how to promote 2nd and/or third singles. What is your take on this?

    3) I enjoy your solo stuff that has leaked on the web (such as “Falls Away” and “Under Arrest”). As you are working on your solo career right now, what do you think your future is or will be with Danity Kane???

  16. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    What do you think about the image of the group ? I mean do you think that the group can't exist without the s*** image ?

    What do you think about the fact that only Nicole sings in the PCD ? Do you think that r&b groups have to have a lead singer such as DC, TLC or PCD?

    What's your opinion about the new first lady Michelle Obama and the new image of women she is brigin in the US and all over the world ? Do You think it can change anything on Danity Kane perception of class ?

  17. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    1) How often do you get to see your family since the whole situation with Danity Kane went down?

    2) What is your favorite album out right now?

  18. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    THIS INTERVIEW, ain’t never gonna happen! If you couldn’t get the axed member D. Woods, what makes you think that you can get an interview with Dawn, AKA what Diddy thinks will be his future money maker….

  19. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    THIS INTERVIEW, ain’t never gonna happen! If you couldn’t get the axed member D. Woods, what makes you think that you can get an interview with Dawn, AKA what Diddy thinks will be his future money maker….

  20. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    THIS INTERVIEW, ain’t never gonna happen! If you couldn’t get the axed member D. Woods, what makes you think that you can get an interview with Dawn, AKA what Diddy thinks will be his future money maker….

  21. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    Ok..i have some questions but first let me address some the comment about was very disrespectful and should NEVER be asked to her because its hurtful to not only Que but Dawn as well because she loves him and he is talented and hott!!!(to answer what she sees in him)Now ?’s

    1. what is the best gift Que has given you? it could be anything:)
    2. where do you see yourself in five years as an artist and as a women (personally)?

  22. Sharmela January 26, 2009

    Hey Dawn,
    I just want to say that your such an inspriation and we love you. But I have two questions…

    1 – Do you feel Diddy is pushing you harder because he sees that you are still trying to make DK work?

    2 – Is there any song out right now that describes you emotions right now?

    Thank you for answering my Question… Sharmela (Melababy622 from DRO and VIP)

  23. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    Hi Dawn!!!
    ok here is my question:

    what do you think has changed you the most throughout the whole Making the Band experience???

  24. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    1)Have you been to New Orleans since Huricane Katrina

    2)Did you go back to college to get your degree like you said you were on the Tyra Show a few years back.

  25. Anonymous January 26, 2009


    At January 26, 2009 10:57 AM, Anonymous

    LAUGH MY ASS OFF-Those questions were funny as hell, and should be asked!

  26. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    Hey Dawn…

    1) Is your boyfriend Que gay?

    2) Is is true your mom was yelling at Aubrey backstage during the last making the band finale? and why?

    3) Is it true that you have been caught many time by the girls taking s*** about them to your parents?

    4) Is it true that you…. had already signed a solo deal with bad boy before “Welcome To The Dollhouse” was released on March 18th 2008 to payback a buy out fee BAD BOY had to pay to release you from your previous deal????



  27. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    F*** dawn where is D.woods

  28. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    dawn how often do you see you and ques family

    Do you have any rituals before you go to bed or when you wake up

  29. dawn/satanfan99 January 26, 2009

    HI DAWN.
    thanks for answering our questions.

    1. If u can go back in time, which four girls would u have picked to join u into Danity Kane?
    2. What ever happened to the rest of Danity Kane's first album, i mean, why wasn't it promoted longer.
    3. Who would u like to collaborate with on your future album?
    4. Do you personally think that Bad Boy Records is the best?
    5. Who in your opinion think is Bad Boy's biggest artist presently, that is not of National Television?
    6. Why do u think U have so many fans, than the other girls?
    7. Why do you think Aundrea & Shannon, and Aubrey & Wanita, split up into cliques, and left u out?
    8. Who do you think, personally, will have an amazing solo career, out of Danity Kane?
    9. Why didn't Danity Kane, fight on camera, like Day26? we would have respected u more, and understood.
    10. Do you think the MTB curse has hit Day26 and/or Donnie or will it hit them in the future, like it did DaBand and Danity Kane.
    11. IS this really Dawn, or is this BS of a website, lying to us again, like always??????????

  30. Just B January 26, 2009

    I have a few questions for my favorite member out of DK!

    1. Dawn do you feel like Diddy should have given you girls a chance to work out your problems before he kicked Aubrey and D Woods out?

    2. Where is Shannon? I heard she was still a part of DK, but she just didn’t want to be on MTB4.

    3. How do you feel about some of the “fans” that think your relationship with Que caused a big problem with the group? Some of them think that you chose him over your group mates.

    4. What is up with DK? and we want the honest truth.

    5. What are your plans for the future? Whether with DK, or solo.

  31. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    1-Is there any chance that DK could leave (if not already) badboy, and reform and try get signed on another label.

    2-Why would diddy let you all sing songs like Bad Girl, and Striptease and Ecstacy, but then why Aubrey played her image in line with the songs you were singing find her too provocative? You said so yourself that you were doing a signing one say with little girls, well little girls shouldn’t be listening to some of the music you are making. Maybe Aubrey IS just a “bad girl”.

  32. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    How do you feel about the state of the group currently? where is shannon?
    How does the trio, or maybe additions added, plan to move ahead.
    I think that if D. Woods came back or was still there, there would be a much better chance of survival.
    what have you been doing on your second hiatus?
    COuld there have been a better/earlier time to have prevented all of this? weren’t yall good friends before especially in auditions.
    Have you seen Aubrey’s upcoming pictures?
    what happened to Aundrea and Aubrey’s relationship?
    Did Diddy handle the situation in the right way for the group? what would you have done?
    Can Danity Kane leave BadBoy and find another label?
    How do you feel about Day26 longevity, with this so called BadBoy “curse” or so to say “history”?

  33. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    Q is such a hideous f**, why are some you mad like he’s YOUR man?!!!

  34. Anonymous January 26, 2009

    With the entertainment industry being so cut-throat and ruthless, how does Dawn remain so humble and grounded?

    What other profession(s) would Dawn be engaged in if she wasn’t an entertainer?

    What are Dawn’s thoughts about all the nasty, negative people out there who never have anything good to say?

    What is Dawn’s favorite restaurant?

    What is Dawn’s favorite gospel/inspirational song that she listens to to get her through tough times?

  35. Sam January 26, 2009

    Okay. so Dawn, in the trailor to the never-ending Making the Band 4, you told Q that the way Day26 was physically fighting, that the girls from Danity Kane was fighting too. REALLY? who was the first to throw fists?

    Do you think you have the best vocals and ad-libs outta the remainder of the group, from Danity Kane? the honest truth. please.

    Do you ever think Danity Kane will ever re-unite?

    Did Q, interfere with Danity Kane, cuz i think so.

    Why were u the 5th wheel?

    Have u and Q done a s** tape?

    Why does Q have huges cakes?

  36. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    So my question is directed at YOU Sam, where is the interview w/ D.Woods after she was booted from DK? I waited & waited & I've NEVER seen it on

    So before I ask Dawn anything where is the D. Woods interview & will it take months to finally appear? I'm just saying Sam, I'm just saying.

  37. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    ^^^^^^I SO AGREE!!!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    DAWM LOOKS LIKE A T*****…..


  39. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    TOTALLY AGREE WITH Anonymous 11:22pm!!

    WHERE IS THE FRICKING D.WOODS INTERVIEW???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  40. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    There was a video on starqtv of you doing a photo shoot. Can u tell us what magazine it was for?

  41. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    1) It seems like Que truelly does cause tention and problems with not only Day26 but with all members of MTB, to me he seems very immature and takes shots at people intentionally and is becoming extremely disliked but former fans. How do you view that??

    2) When demos began leaking in o7 people gave you the benefit of the doubt that they were just that “demos”, and then on the finale Aubrey called you out on it, why weren’t the other members informed on your career decisions from you, it appeared to be completely shady and disloyal on your part

    3) Is it true you have been writing for Amerie’s 4th album??

    4)Will the next season of MTB bring closure to fans who don’t believe DK will be together anymore??

  42. Alex January 27, 2009

    Are you writing for Jordin Sparks or any other artist?

  43. Alex January 27, 2009

    1.Why did Shannon quit?

    2. Is it true Danity Kane is no longer and that you are signed to Bad Boy as a solo artist?

    3. Why is it that Shannon never got as much parts as the rest of the Danity Kane?

    4. If there is a Danity Kane, have you guys began recording you 3rd album and does it have a title/release date/genre?

  44. Jazzy D January 27, 2009

    Do you think it helped the situation of the group split up, by you going and having interviews right after it happened?? I mean no one else was going out having interviews except you.

  45. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    my only question for the dawn is could the ladies try and work it out not for diddy or for bad boi but for there fans that have been there with them since the beging?

  46. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    What is up with Danity Kane comics? How many total issues do you plan to have out?

  47. Anonymous January 27, 2009

    What do you and Aundrea plan to do with your careers at Bad Boy Records, now that Danity Kane has seemingly dismantled. Is their any talk of having another show and auditioning for new members?

  48. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    dawn i luv u

    but why the hell do u sing more than the rest of dk

    ur not the lead singer so ler others have more of a chance to sing

    if u r still singing more on the 3rd album (if there is one) than the rest of dk im not even gonna f***** like u no more

  49. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Dawn: The fans would liek to know if it was diddy that aired your head up with a solo deal thats why all the problems started in danity kane?

  50. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Question for D woods:

    How long after the meeting with puff did all five members sit down with eachother and speak about the situation.

    You had mentioned that after speaking with the girls again after, some were not willing to band against puff, how do you feel about the situation?

    Is there any hard feelings towards any of the girls?

    Would you be willing to collaberate with any of the girls (OTHER THAN AUBREY) in the future?

    are you still in contact with anyone besides, Aubrey and Shannon?

    Is there a possibility for a reunion in the future?


    During/after the meeting with Puff, why not band together and stand up for Danity Kane?

    What are your and Aundrea’s plans?

    Do you still keep in contact with Aubrey and D woods?

    Is/was there another solution, in your eyes to fix the situaution before it grew into what it has become?

    Would you stick in DK if new members were added?

    For BOTH: Do you feel this was intended for TV but became something more much to Puffs dismay?

    Is there a chance for a reunion in the future?

    Lizzie (DKlove4ever) [AOD/DRO/SBX/MDW]


  51. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Did the groups breakup negatively affect all or any of the relationships you've had with the other girls?

    Do you think that it was the best decision Diddy could have made by firing both Aubrey & D Woods, or should he have done something different?


  52. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Will this upcoming season answer and fan questions…or only make them ask new ones?

  53. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    If you could turn back time would you change the fact that you stabbed aubrey and d woods in the back?

  54. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Do you feel like you should thank Aubrey for any fame you have since danity kane would not have made any media without her since she is such a star?

  55. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Are you having a sexual relationship with Diddy? Are you only with que as an attention seeking thing and to try get the interest of the blogs?

  56. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    1.Is danity kane working on a third album, if so when will it be released????

    2. how is ur relationship with aundrea since audrey & d. woods left????

  57. Anonymous January 28, 2009


    HARVE PIERRE (president of bad boy records).


  58. Anonymous January 29, 2009


  59. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    Do you think the last group meeting should have been held off camera? Do you think Danity kane would still be a group if Diddy did not decide to kick Aubrey and D. Woods out of the group? Do you think the group could have worked out their problems without kicking some members out of the group (counseling or group meetings)? Do you think Diddy divided the group instead of helping to solve the problems within the group during the last group meeting? Why were cliques formed? What were some of the problems between the members in Danity Kane? Did Diddy ever consider finding replacements for the two girls who were kicked out of the group? What goals did you have for Danity Kane? What do you think Danity Kane would have accomplished if the group had not broken up? Are you happy to be the remaining member of Danity Kane on Bad Boy? Do you see yourself remaining a bad boy artist in the future (five years from now)? What type of music will you be singing has a solo artist? Would you do a reality show that shows you being a solo artist?

  60. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    Oh, I forgot to ask this question. Why you were the only member of Danity Kane offered a solo deal?

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