Chris Brown & Rihanna Drama Update

Chris Brown & Rihanna Drama Update
Peep the pic above of Chris Brown and Rihanna leaving Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy party on Saturday, just minutes before the drama unfolded…
It appears the ‘squeaky-clean’ image Brown and his handlers have carved out for him since he burst onto the scene 4 years ago is disappearing with much swiftness as a result of the serious nature of the assault charge levelled against him. It’s now being reported Wrigley have dropped him due to this all:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Chewing gum makers Wrigley on Monday suspended a commercial featuring Chris Brown after the popular R&B singer was arrested on suspicion of attacking a woman widely reported to be his singer girlfriend Rihanna.
The clean-cut Brown, 19, one of the fastest-rising stars of the last two years, was free on $50,000 bail, a day after the couple hurriedly canceled separate performances at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
Both the Brown and Rihanna camps were silent on Monday. Police sources told the Los Angeles Times and celebrity Web site that the woman who reported she had been attacked by Brown in the early hours of Sunday was 20-year-old Rihanna, singer of hits “Umbrella” and “Disturbia.”
Wrigley said in a statement it was “concerned by the serious allegations” made against Brown, who was booked by police on suspicion of making a felony criminal threat.
The company said that while Brown should be afforded due legal process “we have made the decision to suspend the current advertising featuring Brown…until the matter is resolved.”
Brown, who was competing against Rihanna in a Grammy category, was a spokesman for Doublemint gum and his hit song “Forever” was part of that advertising campaign. {Source}
There’s no doubt the sudden uncharacteristic nature of this all has rocked the industry. I’m still very keen to hear the specifics of the case, before passing full judgement. I guess in time we’ll have the answers…
Your thoughts?

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  1. the-coolestperiod February 9, 2009

    People haven’t heard his side of the story and nobody has actually seen these “bruises” that Rihanna supposedly has. All eyes are on him right now, which isn’t fair, but I guess that’s just how it goes when you’re the male in a domestic dispute. Poor Chris. 🙁

  2. Nothing But Love February 9, 2009

    Chris needs a PUNCH in the face for hitting a woman what a looser, i hope rih is ok…

  3. Jonathan February 9, 2009

    Well you cant possibly think Rihanna is going to let people take pictures of her looking beat down like that do u? Anyway, access hollywood already confirmed that it was infact Rihanna

  4. Anonymous February 9, 2009

    Boo Chris Brown. Shame man u was my boi, but aint no sorry ni*** who hit a woman my boi. I’m sorry without any full specifics he had no right to hit a woman.

  5. Anonymous February 9, 2009


    So there you go, the POLICE REPORTS will NOT lie, so Chris Brown is absolutely guilty. I don’t care how mad he was at her (OR HOW JEALOUS!!!!!) that does NOT give him a reason to hit her. Chris Brown’s career is ruined, and it’s such a shame because he had so much potential. But who cares about him now, I DON’T…U DON’T GET NO SECOND CHANCES BRO!!!!!!

    And Rihanna is MUCH SMALLER than Chris, that is ridiculous. I hope the Rihanna fans BEAT HIS A**

  6. Anonymous February 9, 2009

    Damn some ppl kill me going at him like this just because she is the female dosnt mean she iisnt guilty either it takes 2 to fight and I dont think ppl should be judging him till you hear both sides of the story you are only hearing 1 plus what makes you think she didnt put her hands on him first and pushed him to that point ?

    My thing is if you dont wanna get hit then keep your hands to yourself
    just becuasse your famous and a male doesnt mean you dont have the right to defend yourself

  7. Anonymous February 9, 2009

    i say wait till the facts roll in.
    IMO things were going way too smoothly to b normal anyway, mayb they were hiding their quarreling for a while. No woman deserves that tho,
    dear dear me

  8. Anonymous February 9, 2009

    I don’t care what she said or did or how much she provoked him IT IS NEVER EVER OKAY FOR A GUY TO HIT A GIRL! All you saying that there are two sides to every story and bla bla bla it means you condone this behavior and that’s a DA*N SHAME

  9. Anonymous February 9, 2009

    But its ok for a Woman to knock the hell out of a man…nah yo…those are excuses…where I grew up…the girls were as tough as dudes..starting crap or whatever. IMO a man should not hit a woman, but if he is defending his self, trying to stop someone from hurting him, than all bets are off. I don’t care what anyone says, people can be vicious and some women start crap and slap and push the dude, and expect him to take it, well newsflash not all men are built that way. Bottom line keep your damn hands to yourself. If the man wants to walk away let him, get out his face. Don’t be throwin s*** at him. Stop threating him,calling your family over a relationship spat…P*ssy is not a license for automatic respect…sorry it aint.

  10. Anonymous February 9, 2009

    ^^The sort of ignorance you just spewed is what lands you in jail. Go ahead and try that on someone, no court in the USA is going to stand behind your justification.

    Besides Chris ran from the scene of the incident which is suspicious(in nature). For the Police to say he’s WANTED, and there are eyewitnesses that saw the act of violence, must indicate the the issue is serious and there’s enough evidence to charge him with a felony.

  11. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    good thing he didn’t have a gun.

  12. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    And to think he was all “i would never put a woman though that”-talking about the abuse his mother suffered by an ex-lover while he was growin’ up on a Tyra Banks interview,What a fu*ckin hypocrite!!!!

  13. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    i agree wit yall… dis was wrong wat CB did no matter wat the circumstance

  14. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    ::The latest::

    US media outlets are reporting that Chris Brown allegedly bit Rihanna's hand. Also, Rihanna has suffered serious facial injuries

    Chris Brown has hired Mike Geragos – a prominent attorney who has in the past represented clients such as Michael Jackson & Scott Peterson. Court date set on March 5.

    Rihanna's family are in efforts to get her back to Barbados & away from LA & Mr. Brown

  15. the-coolestperiod February 10, 2009

    I think he was provoked and I saw a picture of him getting out of the car and it looked like he had a black eye. If you put your hands on somebody, you should expect to get hit back. And the idiots believing the TMZ reports and everything need HELP. Everybody’s getting on his case and they haven’t gotten his side of the story yet or Rihanna’s for that matter. These are all “reports” from various people. God knows whose lying and whose telling the truth. Just because he turned himself in, doesn’t mean anything. They were both in an argument and it got out of hand. People act like he was the only one in the argument, putting all the blame on him. That’s b*******!

  16. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    Violence should not be condoned regardless of who is the aggressor, but some people seem to think that Rihanna should AUTOMATICALLY be innocent because of her gender. Surprising, in this day and age where more and more mothers are killing their own children. My point is, we don’t know what happened. She could have been hitting the -ish out him while he was driving and he finally defended himself. Ladies, stop using the rational that because men should not hit a woman it’s an excuse to beat on them w/o retaliation. EVERYONE should keep their hands to themselves. And to the person who said Rihanna is “little”, she’s 5’9 for goodness sake!

  17. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    Next cd : Good Girl Gone Broke

  18. Anonymous February 10, 2009


  19. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    let’s be honest we as women know what to say and do to get a man pissed off
    we attack them and think that it’s okay to do it
    especially when you’ve done it before and the guy dont react
    but his only human
    celebrity or not
    do i think a man should hit a woman no
    but i also dont think its fair to cast judgement on both parties
    until we know the facts
    and the truth of the matter is
    too much assumptions, rumors and here say are going around for us to even pay attention
    for a person to think that rihanna was all innocent in the matter is in denial
    she’s from barbados and was raised with brothers
    there is no way that she just sat there and took it
    and there is no way that chris brown would just hit a girl out of no where
    it’s funny how it’s a big deal when its celebrities but how many of you know friends, relatives and even neighbors who go through stuff like this everyday and dont say anything or dont even do anything
    no two people are alike
    your ex boyfriend may have tolerated the hitting and the degrading but your new man may not
    either way its sad cause they are still young and have their whole lives ahead of them
    this will teach them a lesson to avoid listening to their publicist when it comes to doing stupid things like attending the grammy parties together when we broke up
    people have already mad up their minds of what happen
    in a few more weeks another scandal will arise
    and they will be focused on that
    but both their names have been tarnished
    but in no way is their fame and music career over
    look at ti, he lost some endorsements and is doing his thing but he still has to pay the consequences
    we act like b/c they are celebrities they cant commit no harm or make mistakes
    we are all human beings the only difference is that our deepest and darkest secrets are not being exposed
    they are being exposed by idiots who focus on spreading rumors rather than getting the facts its better to get a negative reaction and add dirt to a story then to tell the whole truth
    besides each artist’s camps,lawyers, label, publicist will try to spin this story
    let them deal with their embarassment and go on with their lives

  20. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    I saw Chris brown on the Tyra show and I was impressed he seemed very mature and spoke about the domestic abuse to his mother at the hands of an abuser and claimed he could never do something of that nature. I liked chris brown but im very disappointed. As posted in some of the comments before…if they were quarrelling if he was the man he claimed to be he would have walked away from that situation and never let the devil possess him to strike rihanna the way he did that night. He’s a big GUY and rihanna did NOT deserve the attack regardless of the circumstances. He’s now on my shitz list. I have no respect or tolerance for that type of behavior. PERIOD!! stop making excuses for men to violate women. That’s a big problem..and the dudes on these posts that are blabbin off about women being as tough as men and yadda yadda physically we all know who is stronger and capable of doing harm. It would be a different story if it was that persons mother, girlfriend, wife, sister etc. Wake up people. Boys should be raised to see violence against women is an abomination.

  21. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    a man shouldnt hit a woman but then again a woman shouldnt provoke it. but it was more than just a slap or a push, she had a bloody nose, bite marks, now thats more than abuse man, disgusting, and im not sayin rihanna is totally innocent, but to have that done by another man, famous or not, is SICK…

  22. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    PAss full judgement, are you kidding me, A MAN SHOULD NEVER HIT A WOMEN, this site is whack!!!

  23. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    whatever, that h** gave him h*****! she needs her b*** whipped! and evryone is taking her side about it, they didnt even here his story. she should get in trouble for giving him the h*****. no its not okay to beat a woman or anybody as bad as he whopped on her. but still when you someone an s** they have to live with for the rest of their life somebody gettin whopped on.

  24. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    It doesn’t matter if she provoked him or not…you’re just not supposed to hit a woman. Yeah a woman shouldn’t hit a man either, but it’s common knowledge that men can do more damage (especially Chris’s big ass). There’s not much that can justify what he did.

  25. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    I hate Chris Brown!!! What an asshole…

  26. Amanda February 10, 2009

    Dont.. be getting on my boy.. Hey she tried him like a sucker. You cant handle yo own he aint whoop her a$$ that bad.. If a ni99@ hit me Imma hit his ass back.. We gonna be fighting… Thats that.. She hit him he trying to drive he got pissed off.. They fought it out.. Its a differece between getting yo ass whooped and couples fighting.. . Her Tall a$$.. I would got wit Chris A$$.. He aint no Shug Knight

  27. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    Speaking as a police officer who has dealt with domestic disputes. Sounds like there is something that hasn’t been found to prove that he actually beat her up. Normally in an abuse case the facts are recovered at the scene and that is usually what makes or breaks the case. Seeing as how they are still investigating shows that they are still looking for what really happened. Also, I’ve seen bite marks on women in 6 cases and in all six cases the women was trying to gauge the man’s eye out or slapping and hitting him. All judgment should be placed after the story comes out. I remember when Kobe was accused of r*** everyone crucified him and the woman turned out to be a liar and had been loose. Don’t pass judgment just yet.

  28. mq1986 February 10, 2009

    It is not okay for anybody to hit anybody–doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, old, young, male, female, or whatever. Violence ultimately begets more violence–always. We see it all the time and many of us experience that personally, and we should take that lesson to heart. If you’re being provoked, then get the hell away from whoever’s provoking you. If you’re being attacked, then defend yourself and get the hell out of there. I’m not going to make a judgment on who’s guilty or innocent in this case; that’s hard to say, even in the light of the best evidence. But I will say that everyone just keep in mind that it is not okay for anyone to hurt anyone else–in any way, physically or emotionally.

  29. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    wth is going on here??? Are people actually supporting this act of violence??? are you people serious? IT IS NOT OK FOR A GIRL, GUY OR HERMAPHRODITE TO HIT SOMEONE ELSE FOR WHATEVER REASON! Not taking sides but if he didn’t do anything wrong why the initial run? oh someone said he appeared to have had a black eye da*g! it’s been only 48hrs and I’ve heard all kinds of things already all I’m saying is that I hope the girl doesn’t stay with the dude cos this is so messed up

  30. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    Rihanna deserves to be hit =) i love chris brown and I always will lol. U go Chris~

  31. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    Latest re-worked ’09 Song Titles from Chris Brown.
    ‘FOREVER’ (in the slammer)
    ‘WITH YOU’ (sharing the prison bunk)
    ‘RUN IT’ (after i beat her ass down)
    ‘KISS KISS'(cell block b****)
    ‘WALL TO WALL'(r**** in the shower)

  32. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    ^^ You straight up WRONG for that, LMAO!

  33. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    u people are so ignorant..some said Rihanna hit Chris first..Do u honestly think that is logical??..Even if she did hurt him but how bad could it be when a girl as soft as Rihanna was the one…Even if she did slap him or something,..does that mean Chris has to beat her so severely..Chris Brown is a jerk..I’m no longer by ur side…A woman is created 4 a guy to protect not hitting her…I wish all STUPID-LOYAL fans of Chris would get beaten by him someday..Then u’ll see y u shld not support him ever again…

  34. Anonymous February 10, 2009

    Get well soon Rhi…Show him what he had just lost!!!
    Hate Chris…All girls out there, can u imagine urself being beaten by ur boyfren, hubby or brother??
    I was once in that situation..and it’s horrible=(

  35. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    Why are people saying that the woman who accused Kobe of r*** was lying? There is no evidence of this. It was settled out of court. These cases are so difficult to prove in court.

    Rhi Rhi needs to keep her head high – be strong! I’ve deleted all of CB songs from my ipod. A man should never hit women. I’ve seen it before even when the women ‘started’ it! But a guy can beat a woman more severely and therefore can never be justified!

  36. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    f*** CB
    he aint nothing but a piece of garbage

  37. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    Beaten severally???? How exactly do any of you know this? Seen the pics, let me know, because last I READ her own grandmother said she does not have a busted nose and she is fine. Yet some of you make it sound like she got beat up by Tyson. Have you ever thought that the bruises she sustained were from Chris blocking her punches or trying to subdue her. And of course there’s the ole’ “she stayed at the hospital” what was the hospital supposed to do when a celebrity comes in…tell her “girl, get a bandaid and go home!” And if Chris was so called “fleeing” from the police, then why did he turn himself in to LAPD. (A police force known for it’s kind attitude toward black males). Because he didn’t know how the situation was being played out and he most likely did not want to give the image that he was fleeing. Stop the judgements when you don’t know and haven’t seen the ANYTHING!

  38. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    I don’t know there’s something kinda strange about this and there is really two sides to a story…i love both of these artist so much….but whatever the case maybe…he shouda neva beat up de gal like dat…a idiot ting dat…im fi becareful a de caribbean di girl come from….fyyyaaa bun!!! fi all woman beater and heartbreaker….unu waan put inna waan barrel and roll down waan hill….HHEEEYYY da bwoy CB better watch yuh self…A wah di bloodcloth this….mi maaad right now

  39. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    ofcourse that’s why she was taken to the hospital right???

  40. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    Like someone else mentioned earlier, its probably better to wait for cold hard facts to roll in rather than argue over claimed eye witness reports and stuff those gossip magazines are putting out, they live for stuff like this. This is a serious issue in our society and no doubt something happened between them, all I’m saying is everyone reserve your judgment on either of them till an official statement is made. But I would like to add that if Chris Brown did actually hit her, I sincerely hope his career goes down the drain. People in the public eye know they are being watched and should do their best to set an example, if they can’t they should be made an example of.

  41. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    whatever she did obviously made him mad, she deserves what she got. did she really give him h*****?

  42. DeAndrea February 13, 2009


  43. Anonymous February 14, 2009

    Yeah! So many rumors are going around and no one knows the truth. Don’t pass judgments until we know the whole story.Something doesn’t seem right with this situation. Something is not adding up. No one is really telling anything so maybe there is something that both Chris and Rihanna are hiding. If someone did give some h*****, I don’t believed that will be revealed to the public.

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