New Song: Day26 – ‘Stadium Music’

Published: Wednesday 11th Feb 2009 by Sam

As the premiere of the newest season of Making The Band draws nearer, ‘Stadium Music’, the lead single from Day 26’s forthcoming  sophomore LP (due April 14th) surfaced today. The guys have gone on record to say that the new album will offer a much more uptempo sound, something definitely evident with this track. For all it’s ‘umph’, the club-friendly cut kinda falls into generic territory; it’s simply a matter of other artists having released similar sounding records, which, put simply, were better.
Hit or Miss?

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  1. djbaps February 11, 2009

    i love day 26 & this song i hope they make a hot video to suit the song they should release favourite girl aswell i hope its on there new album its a hot track too

  2. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    naa man…. dis song sucks

  3. Soufian February 11, 2009

    I like it, but i like them way more in ballads … roberts voice is going to waste in a song like this.

  4. you already know February 11, 2009

    I agree with Soufian

    I like them doing more ballads. But hey you gotta try something new. So they making it work for em’. GO DAY 26!!!!!! =P

  5. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    the song isn't necessarily generic; the group's entire sound is. nothing separates them from every other r&b boy band. no worries, they'll be gone by the end of this year anyway. it happens with every diddy artist.

  6. BC February 11, 2009

    I agree with the person that said their entire sound is generic. They all have that typical R&B voice so this song could be any of the Trey Songzs, Bobby Vs, etc. And why does everybody think all they need is a good similie and BAM they have a hit? The theme of this song barely even makes any sense. Considering they were only in the spotlight(ish) while the show was on, they probably shouldn't expect much this time around.

  7. Anonymous February 11, 2009

    Although I'm not sold on this song. I do own and love Day 26's debut album. It is hotness. My favorite song from them is "Don't Fight the Feeling". This new song is just O.K. I wouldn't buy their album based on this song but I would buy it based on their talent. While their sound may be a bit generic,their voices are not. These boys have immense talent and I'm so happy they're bringing r&b back. Personally,I'm routing for them. They are exceptional vocalists and I really hope they make it.

  8. the-coolestperiod February 14, 2009

    I agree with the person above me. They're album is bangin! I can't wait to hear their new one. I'm not basing their new album off this one song because I happen to be a huge fan of the group AND the debut album, so I know pretty much know what to expect. I can't wait to hear new stuff from my boys! I <3 DAY26!

  9. Mellie Mel February 16, 2009

    Um….I dont know what to say about this song besides…NEGATIVE.
    I’m a HUGE fan of these guys and the first album is THE BOMB but THIS song….Negative!

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