New Song: The Saturdays – ‘Work’

UK girl-group sensations The Saturdays are said to be lining up the roof-raising ‘Work’ as their next single. Featured on their Gold certified LP ‘Chasing Lights’, the cut is a delicious slice of Urban-Funk-Pop, which is does just enough to appeal to each audience. Great production, even better vocals (each member of the group holds their own on the vocal tip). Amazing.
Tidbit: You’ll be seeing a lot more of The Saturdays on That Grape Juice (sly grin LOL)
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  1. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    Sam were they inspired by our Ms. Kelly i know i heard this a while back and loved it but was just wondering.

  2. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    I LOVE ‘WORK’! Excited to see more Saturdays posts, Sam. They’re great.

  3. Jafet March 6, 2009

    I looove the saturdays they need to come to america!!!

  4. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    tis weird man.. these UK artists.. we dont heya bout em in da states… dis is da 1st time am hearin bout “the saturdays”.. wtf!!!

    dat burke chick.. nobody knows her eitha… da only UK artist dat comes to mind is leona lewis… even wit her.. ppl might not know her name, but recognize her music tho… i kno some of ma friends dont kno her name, buh can tell her songs

    US is a tough market.. g’luck to all artists tryna break thru dis shiiii

  5. bajanprincess March 7, 2009

    Estelle, Duffy, Adele, M.I.A, Leona, Lily Allen…plus more. There are lots of Brit girls doing well in the US.

    Anyway. This is one of the best songs off their album…actually the whole album is just amazing! Keep Her, Lies, Issues, Up, If This Is Love, Work, Fall, Chasing Lights…all of it! haha

  6. Anonymous March 7, 2009

    That comment made at 9.36 is ridiculous! There are quite a few UK artists doing well in the US right now ^^^. The Saturdays and Alexandra Burke are NEW artists and are just trying to establish themselves and I am sure they would do well as well. UK is doing pretty well considering that we’re smaller than a US state!!! GO UK!!!

  7. Anonymous March 7, 2009


    haa da f*** u kno haa things r in da US if u dont live heya???? UK artists like Estelle & Leona Lewis mite be doin well in da states music charts…. buh ma point was their popularity among da ppl… ppl have not heard much bout da artists themselves…. they can name their songs, buh cannot name da artists

    so b4 u go on talkin shii… realize dat u aint livin in da US to kno wat da hell goes on heya

  8. SHIIKANEFan March 9, 2009

    GENERIC GARBAGE! At least Estelle, Adele, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen write their own material, these chicks we're put together & manufactured by a management company with their album already written! This is the same garbage preventing REAL girl groups with genuine talent coming to the forefront.


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