Chris Brown Assault Case: Police Files Surface

Published: Thursday 5th Mar 2009 by Sam

The Chris Brown / Rihanna assault drama is really set to take a turn for the worse, with the police report surfacing on the net and in the media more generally today. You can watch the CNN’s report on the shocking (yes, shocking) content of the affidavit – which describes in detail what exactly happened on that evening in February- or you can read it for yourself below.
Chris Brown Assault Case: Police Files Surface Chris Brown Assault Case: Police Files Surface
Damn!!! Having been one of those waiting to hear some facts, rather than indulging in the unconfirmed rumors, I must say Chris *really, really, really* played himself with this. He’s done, finished, gone IMO. If Ms. Fenty opts to stay with him, as reports have suggested, we can say hello to our next Whitney and Bobby. SMH…
Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    is dis good enuf evidence faw all u RETARDS who said "oh, we dont know da full story, so lets not blame chris brown"



  2. Mr. Mike March 5, 2009

    Yo this is some crazy issh…dude has been beating her for a minute. Rihanna please move on Ma, dude is gonna keep on playing u…..

  3. Anonymous March 5, 2009


    origdjeh1 on utube.


  4. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    Damn dis s*** is sad ….my heart jus goes out to RiRi I mean for him to do this kinda harm to her and she still goes running back to says that she has really low self-esteem, or is really stupid. Either way I can’t help but feel some kinda of sympathy for somebody that subjects them self to this kinda thing

  5. jonnyhco March 5, 2009

    chris brown is a b****

  6. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    i can only see the first page and the last could you please fix it?

  7. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    He's gonna fry & its such ashame becuz for 1, its the truth & 2ndly he really had the potential to be one of the greats… Its just crazy to see a young black man go down for something like this. But he has to pay for what he did.

  8. Anonymous March 5, 2009

    lmao this guy has killed his career

  9. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    To the person who made the comment at 5.36pm, that comment about how the black people treat each other like animals and are doing the job for the KKK, that was completely uncalled for, your ignorance is obvious, if there is any fool its you, because even a child knows that domestic violence is not exclusive to a single race, what has happened to Rihanna is sad, i pray that she comes to her senses, but dont isolate the black community as animals who treat each other badly, you uneducated bigot. And whats that nonsense about, i told you the truth was going to come out, yes we all knew that the truth would come out! dont point out the obvious, trying to make comments like you know what your talking about, grow the hell up!!!!!!!! Your kind are not appreciated in society!

  10. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    It’s sad to see so much crazyness going on in life. You can love someone all you want, but you shouldn’t stay or want to be with someone who abuses you or anyone else. I think Ri need help, and chris need help too.

  11. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    lololololol sam u r tooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    @ March 6, 2009 1:47
    Thank you! You said those comments beautifully. I hope Chris Brown gets more than probation. I like his music, but domestic violence cannot be tolerated. If Paris Hilton can go to jail, then he can too.

  13. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    he didnt do all of dat 2 her because the pics released on tmz hardly showed any black eyes also the pics of her on holiday a few days later disproves dis,. u cant recover from all that beating in a space of 3days n shes lightskinned so we,r supposed 2 c all da bruises.

  14. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    CHRIS BROWN IS SICK SICK SICK!!!! he needs help, he is a MONSTRUM!

    poor Riri 🙁

  15. Anonymous March 6, 2009


  16. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    I am disappointed in Chris. I liked his music and performances. I hope he gets the “help” he needs in addition to serving some time in jail for his crazed behavior. I don’t care what happened, Ri did not deserve to be hit repeatedly or even once. Walk away…hell, call the cops on her if she was the aggressor. Anything, but beat her the way he did. Those who are saying, ‘he didn’t do ALL OF THAT’, etc. He did something. He did enough for her to be bruised and bloodied. That is more than enough. The boy is in bad shape and needs to get help before he ends up on the wrong side of weapon.

  17. Bougie Applebum March 6, 2009

    A hot mess shame. Why would she want to return to this?

  18. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    to the person who posted @ 1:47 AM

    i kinda agree with the person who posted a comment @ 5.36pm.. if you go on black sites & read the comments there are alot of people especially women or girls rather who support chris. thats not the case on more main stream sites.

    futhermore black kids are killin each other at an alarming rate. atleast in my city. not a week goes by without someone being shot. its really sad.

    i dont think she meant all blacks but somethings wrong and the problem needs to be addressed

    im leaving it in obama's hands

  19. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    At 10:04 AM……it takes each individual to control him or herself as well as to take advantage of ALL the sacrifices made by our ancestors to get us some footing after having been conditioned into animals given scraps less that hogs or dogs as sustenance, being robbed of our language, our land, our identity our families. To stop perpetuating the Lynch letter and hating one another and to undo the effects of slavery, which haven’t been fully understood, that have sons mating sisters, fathers mating sisters/daughters and witnessing the killing/quatering/lynching/burning and attempt to remove any semblance of humanity from us. We can’t continue to blame, but, as mentioned, slavery has affects that are sooooo deeply rooted and not understood, not minimizing our responsibility to not squander what we can now take advantage of. Not to mention that there is a covert war against us by denying us our 40 acres and mule and attempting to pack us atop one another in boxes/ghetto similar to how we were packed as sardines on slave boats. Well-placed distractions we sooooo easily fall into s**/music/liquor stores every second street/drugs and weapons to feed into what such things incite are all part of the effort to keep us from remembering WE WERE… ARE..CAN BE QUEENS and KINGS. Let’s not forget we are more fertile than many other races, that our melanin gives us advantages, and I am not calling us superior, but adaptable, etc. This nutritional war against our babies/our races adds to stunting our melanin, our growth, attention span, impulse control etc. We are lab rats being tested upon and still given the scraps. Food and functioning and educational prowess and excelling and thriving go hand in hand. There is soooo much more, but what is the excuse for some races who are more prone to chop up wives/significant others and do crazy s***? If they have been given/taken all the resources the Lord gave humanity and claimed it for their own, but still have a high-rate of muderous/bloody rampages, what of that?

  20. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    @ March 6, 2009 10:04

    The people who write on the blogs predominately read by black people only represent a small percentage of that ethnic group. Not everybody in every ethnic group participates in blogging. You cannot judge an entire ethnic population based on one or two blog. You can only learn about different ethnic groups’ culture by interacting with different types of people in that culture (young and old). Different blogs attract different types of people (interest). You cannot judge an entire ethnic group by reading a couple of blogs, because then you are stereotyping a group of people. You were probably reading blogs that attract readers from the hip-hop culture. Some people on those blogs do not take domestic violence seriously unless the person is dead. I am not saying everybody in the hip-hop community do not take domestic violence seriously. I read some post where people did not take Rihanna’s injuries seriously; they thought her injuries were superficial. For example, she is light skin, so her bruises will show. However, they were many posts on those blogs where people were outraged about Chris Brown beating Rihanna. In addition, many young girls love Chris Brown on those blogs, and they cannot think of Chris Brown beating Rihanna so brutally. IMHO You have to remember domestic violence happens in all ethnic groups. This time it just happens to be a famous black couple. Many young girls are brutally beat by their boyfriends in all races. Many of those domestic violence incidents are not reported, because people do not take those situations seriously to report it to the cops. Nobody has the right to hit somebody because they are mad or frustrated.

  21. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    I see Sam you have officialy join the I hate Chris Brown club, well I still think Chris can make a come back, after he takes a break and gets help, his young, so why should he give up his career over Rihanna, in that case she should be done too, I still don’t believe she is 100% innocent, only two people were there, she could say anything as she got the bruises, I am not saying what Chris did was right but people always take the woman’s side straight away and women do lie in some cases, I really do hope Rihanna hasn’t ruin Chris career he is very talented, needs help and deserve a chance, there are loads of people who have done worse crimes out there, why is all this a big deal because the woman is Rihanna.

    So now Sam are you gonna go from Rihanna’s no1 hater to no1 lover now
    we all know you hated riri, i bet you change your tune now

    I really hope CB proves the haters wrong and bounces back, what don’t kill you make you stronger, look at Mj, Britney and R kelly they’re still in the biz, they had scandal and got through it, so can Chris, give the guy a break

    Rihanna has forgiven and move on, so there is no need to remain feeling sorry for her, she obviously feels no harm with being with Chris again, don’t act like your all perfect when your not, we are all capable of doing bad things

  22. Anonymous March 6, 2009

    f*** chris brown…. if i see dat b**** ass CB, am gonn beat down his ass

    dis ain’t no race issue.. domestic violence happens everywheya…. we all humans.. n we have da same tendencies

    dat it…. f*** CB.. he’s a punk ass b****!!

  23. Anonymous March 7, 2009

    Rihanna cannot ruin Chris’s career. He is capable of doing that alone. He issued an APOLOGY for his behavior not a DENIAL, so evidently there is some truth to the story. Ri may not be 100% innocent, but the incident that “transpired” was uncalled for regardless of the circumstances. Yeah, she has seemed to have moved on but as far as the rest of the world being as nonchalant about this is another story. Britney’s break down, Michael and R being accused of child molestion are different from this case. Michael and R denied their involvment with such hideous behavior and were not found guilty in a court of law (even though I do believe they are guilty…just my opinion). However, Chris admits (basically) that he beat Ri. No excuse for it even if she was the aggressor. He is stronger than she is naturally and hey…he could have called the cops on her or just pushed her. Trust, she would have gotten the message. Instead, he showed his issues and repeatedly hit her to the point that there was bloodshed. Ridamndiculous and she is a real fool for taking him back. If he goes to jail, he is subject to receiving the same treatment and will have a better perspective as to how she felt.

  24. samia March 8, 2009

    all this talk rihanna loves him and married him.

  25. Anonymous March 8, 2009

    it’s retarded as f*** for rihanna to go back to him! this has nothing to do with color! its about CB being a p**** ass n**** who can’t hit another n**** unless that have a **MEOW** i can’t stand b****** like him, gon somewhere CB!!! s***!

  26. Anonymous March 8, 2009

    LMFAO! If people can forgive Michael and Kelly (Who did something WAAAAAAY worse) they can forgive Chris. He’ll be fine.

    Please don’t believe Rih’s statement, it isn’t the truth, it’s her side of the story and there are WAY too many holes in it.

    Law student here, I know.

  27. Anonymous March 9, 2009

    What people (and the law student above me) are failing to realize is that Michal and R. Kelly were found NOT GUILTY – and thus that is why they were let free.

    Chris Brown pretty much ADMITTED he beat Rihanna in the courts. It’s not as though she was making all these claims of abuse (all the GRAPHIC DETAILS regarding the way he beat her), and he defended himself by denying the claims. It was the opposite of that, in fact.

    I honestly don’t know how many “holes” are in RiRi’s story, but from what we do know (the graphic, brutal details of that night, the reasoning behind her beating, the fact that this isn’t the first time he [a male] laid his hands fists and teeth on her [a female], and the fact that he not only doesn’t defends himself against these accusations, but shows absolutely no remorse for the situation at all (jet skiing in Miami, hitting up bars after court, living it up like nothing is wrong), I’m really not so sure that he will be forgiven (or, to give it a better term, make a “comeback”), from all of this.

    I mean, the dude really has hurt his image so much, to the point where radio ain’t playing his s*** anymore, he’s losing deals (well ALL his deals), he’s losing fans, people are wanting to do harm on him – honest to god, this kid is done. I think it’s safe to say that it’s “wishful thinking” from his STANS that are making them think he can actually come back from this hot mess.

    Those of us who aren’t wishful thinking stans (the majority, thank goodness) can see that it’s just not going to happen. And it shouldn’t happen. He doesn’t deserve it. Men who are cowards and physically abuse women do not deserve success, they only deserve one thing – JAIL TIME. And that’s exactly what Woman Beater – I mean Chris Brown is going to get. Period.

    On another note, look at the dumb ho at March 6, 2009 2:20 PM, I swear his fans are some of the most uneducated individuals I’ve ever seen/come in contact with. May god help you heathen asses…

  28. Anonymous March 9, 2009

    you’re hoping and that’s all your doing blowing smoke up your ass. He hasn’t been found guilty either. And there is two sides to every story whether you like it or not. We don’t live by vigilante justice in America although you folks are kind of use to that type of sh*t.

    It won’t happen to him. There’s another story out today. I won’t bore you with it. However, he does get to put on a defense and that’s the law. I’m not a fan, or stan. But I don’t believe in lynching even the High Tech kind.

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