Rihanna To Star In ‘Bodyguard’ Remake?

Published: Monday 16th Mar 2009 by Sam
Rihanna Talks Money, Relationships & New LP
According reports, Rihanna is being lined up to play Whitney Houston’s role in a remake of ‘The Bodyguard’:
Battered singer Rihanna could soon be singing ‘I will always love you’ but not to bad boy lover Chris Brown, instead for a new acting role in Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard. Insiders claim Rihanna’s return to the public eye in New York over the weekend was not only to party to but to discuss acting work.
She has been linked to talks to star in a ‘younger and sexy’ take on Houston and Kevin Costner’s 1992 box office smash. The 21-year-old is reportedly poised to take on Whitney’s role while G.I Joe heartthrob Channing Tatum could take on Costner’s role. ‘Before the situation with Chris, Ri was getting a lot of scripts. She’s been wanting to do movies for a while now,’ a source claimed.
She is also linked to a new Charlie’s Angel film, while she works on her new album. Her team are currently dismissing acting plans. Houston, 45, reached out to Rihanna, telling, ‘Don’t make the same mistakes I did’, following claims the Barbadian star was hit by Brown before the Grammys in February. {Source}
This one would be real interesting to see. I’m constantly left scratching my head as to why success on the chart is supposed to translate into great acting ability. I mean from what I’ve seen, Ms. Fenty isn’t just lacking in the musical talent department, her acting skills leave a lot to be desired. While I’m really not big on directly comparing artists, I genuinely feel someone like Beyonce (whose acting has been at best ‘so-so’) would be more suited to the role. I sure as hell know the soundtrack would be ALOT better. Granted the film would likely come with new tracks, Rihanna’s take on ‘I Will Always Love You (Eh Eh Eh)’ would be a must see.
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