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Published: Sunday 26th Apr 2009 by Sam

Amid rumors that lead (and only) singer Nicole Scherzinger is set to leave the Pussycat Dolls soon, hence why the group’s latest singles are being officially billed as ‘Pussycat Dolls (ft. Nicole Scherzinger)’, tensions appeared to come to an all-time high during the group’s recent show in Phoenix, Arizona.
When it came to Melody’s turn to introduce herself to the audience (Melody being the darker skinned member, who can *sang*), the 24 year old proceeded to thank her fans for supporting her, even though she’s ‘never featured on any songs’ (her exact words, not mine) LMAO. Further adding, that she and Ashely Roberts (the long-haired blond, who can also hold a note) were examples of ‘never giving up on your dream’ and that ‘don’t let anyone put you down’. My girl sounded heated. This was then followed by Nicole screaming ‘say Nicole’ several times over. LOL.
Regardless of what they or their PR will say, there is clearly drama behind the scenes – and rightfully so. It’s beyond pathetic, IMO, that a voice such as Melody’s should sit wasted, regardless of whether Nicole was always meant to be the ‘star’ or not. After digging up this 2006 Blender magazine quote from Melody, I can’t help but think after 4 years she’s feeling the same thing:
How did you feel when they told you Nicole was going to be the lead singer?
How can I put it? I have an idea of what I want out of this, and I think that it’ll definitely come. I’m biding my time. Whether they want to admit it or not, we all see this as a springboard for something else. Some girls have said, “It’s my dream to be in a pop group,” and I’m like, “OK, because I want to be Mariah Carey.”
Gotta love the ‘realness’. It’s just a shame that the labels and teams which surround a lot of these groups fail to see the benefit of shining the light on more than one person. The music industry is a business, and as with any business it’s about making money. Surely, by promoting more than one talent in a group scenario, the group’s profile is made even bigger and more money is to be made via solo projects? Industry politics. Tut.
Your thoughts?

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