Randomness: The ‘Other’ Pussycat Dolls Sing (Solo)

Published: Friday 24th Apr 2009 by Sam
Regular readers of That Grape Juice will know that I’m none-too-fond of the current dynamic of The Pussycat Dolls; IMO the one-singer/nameless back-up dancers/’singers’ format is not the business. After all in you’re in a singing group, surely you should be able and given the platform to…erm…actually sing! 
While PCD’s team etc seem to be slow to hipping to the fact that people aren’t feeling the ‘Nicole & Co’ set-up (See: ‘Doll Domination’ sales), they do seem to understand that we do want to hear what the other girls are working with. So, on the ladies recent European tour, each ‘other’ member (basically everyone but Nicole) got to perform a cut solo (their solo cuts from the ‘Doll Domination: Deluxe’ edition). Peep the professional clip from this January’s Glasgow, Scotland show to see all 4 of the other girls perform:

After watching this, it’s kinda easy to see why some of the other ladies aren’t singing lead (aside from Melody, as she actually nailed her performance. Did you check the whistle note?). However, the odd line to sing here and there for the other ladies would not go amiss. Hearing Ms. Scherzinger on every single track is beyond jarring IMO and is probably the reason her solo album is still sitting somewhere unreleased. Equality, people, equality. 
Your thoughts?

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