Beyonce Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson

This past weekend saw two of music’s biggest acts pay tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. During Madonna’s show at London’s 02 last night, the 50 year old and her dancers gave an uptempo nod to MJ (which you can watch above), while Beyonce gave a touching rendition of ‘Halo’ (which you can see below), changing the words in honour of Michael. Good stuff.

Randomness: I must have randomly been walking through London Bridge today, stumbling upon a dance showcase (presented by Scoop). After the performances the hosts gave a speech about Michael and went on to give a master class in the classic ‘Beat It’ routine. I was so surprised to see hundreds of people of all races, ages (young – elderly), genders etc join in honoring Michael. This really brought a smile to my face and put me in a celebratory mindset about Michael’s legacy for the first time since his untimely passing. Only he could bring together such a diverse mix of people, who united in their love for his music and dance. Definitely brightened up my day. The vid below doesn’t really do the event much justice, many folk were in the house, and everyone from toddlers to pensioners got in on the ‘Beat It’ routine:

What’s more, there’s not been a time that I’ve been out since ‘that’ sad day, that I’ve not heard someone blaring out MJ in their car. I literally mean everyday, multiple people. Anyone else noticed the same thing?

Long live the King!

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