Leona Performs ‘Happy’ On America’s Got Talent

Published: Thursday 17th Sep 2009 by Sam

UK singing sensation-turned International star Leona Lewis performed new single ‘Happy’ on the finale of America’s Got Talent last night. Sans the high-notes and vocal prowess, this was a pretty unremarkable affair. Evidently opting for the ‘safe’ option with this Ryan Tedder produced track, I’d like to see a bit more versatility on Ms. Lewis’ part with her future releases and performances. That is, granted she is actually versatile…?
What do you think of the performance?

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  1. ThatMangoJuice September 17, 2009

    Lol what do you want the girl to do sam..jump through burning hoops? Havent seen the performance yet (mobile) but they could get a little more creative.

    She did 'forgive me' which is a dance track and she even moved a little..so thats different for her. And 'nowhere left to go' which was more urban than what she did on spirit.

    What im trying to say is yes with the song they could push it more but everything else is just .. Her.


  2. Anonymous September 17, 2009

    i can't believe he is putting his own down,
    like this girl is repping for the UK she's done alot of big things
    .This is her thing
    Mariah carey made her way to the top doing ballad after ballad and then switched it up, when your new, you stick to what your good at untill you've earned the right to chance something, you dont wanna chance tanking so early in your career.

    but afterall what do you know, your justa t*** blogger in diapers.
    The music industry and how it works, is something you dont know the fullest about, yet you comment and comment on peoples choices, these people know what they're doing, they've been at it for years.
    what the hell have u contributed??

  3. Craver September 17, 2009

    I've never really been a fan of Ms. Leona, but that doesn't mean I can't deny her skill. She has a very rare kind of voice; crystal clear even like Mariah's used to be, but I usually prefer singers with a bit more huskiness in their tone, as far as stand-alone singers. She's slowly coming into her own I guess, but I'm not so sold on this one.

  4. ThatMangoJuice September 17, 2009

    anon 6:31, although i completely agree with you about leona, but you're reading sams blog. This is where he is going to state his opinion, if you come here just for the news then comment on the news and shush up about what he says.


  5. Anonymous September 19, 2009

    at "That Mango Juice"

    its a blog, people comment on the content period

    no just a picture, not just a video

    people are going to comment on the info around it also

    hence my comment on sam's comments,
    simple as, opinions were shared and i raised an opposing one.
    so maybe more "shushing up" from you?.

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